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that's our yerin


just got my first smcoin desposit, i'm off to buy the tao version of exodus

jessicunt leaving snsd to become a no name fashion designer



don't do that



Don't waste your coins on uggos

that's our frogfuggo

who the hell is this? looks spooky af

do my shineecoins still have any value

sehun a sehun

lackstink don;t click

dance practice for boss soon



shame about the face

key is an angel

why did he make himself uggo with that cheap bleach job?

my hopes

Baby think about me all night long
uri hamkkehaneun i shigan

kai almost looks as tall as he does

it lost a 5th of its value recently

watching that diamond sky fancam makes me cry

I've totally never been here before guys. please show me how desperate you are to shill your group by giving me yous

really cute songs, loved them


heh heh user, why are you lying down there?

Dawon bro [email protected]?

hah sulli

which kpop groups can win an award sponsored by Tostitos?


bacon cut off my legs and now i'm trapped


i'm standing, idiot

good boy groups: svt, nct
average: everyone else

he looks so retarded

i'm gone

f(x), or more specifically, luna~

choa leaving aoa because of d


the perfect height


OMG's real magnus opus:

good boy groups: shinee, exo, bigbang
average boy groups: monsta x, ikon, winner
shit boy groups: everyone else


monsta x and ikon are shit

good boy groups:

how old is he now?

delete this and never post here again

>shit boy groups: everyone

hot goddess
cute kid

good boy groups: a dead boy group

good boy groups: snuper
garbago: everyone else

>boy groups

magnum even

does shinee count

shilling cherry bomb at every moment i get

think I'm buying an air purifier

we're shilling boss now dumbass

tail is a hot uggo

but it isn't a good song

It doesn't need shilling
it's so catchy it just stays in your head

shilling mad city

To the bang bang

boss doesnt have taeil


word they're great

who that on the left?

nice taeil

taeyeion fucking jessica over

have you heard their discography

would you kiss him, kpg?

they're the best boy group right now desu

no id ask where ksoo is


no, he's too stupid

could you imagen

it won't help, it's your lungs which corrupt the air you breathe

seulgi will never love me because i'm a beaner
what do
so is it supposed to be a continuation of beautiful liar symbolizing self-acceptance or is it soulmatepop

oh my

jungwoo might be sm's best vocalist.



he's been touched by that slut though

magic is the choice of binnie, arin, seunghee


there's always luna
don't cry... it's not so bad...

what about chen


doesn't that say 'speaker' tho?

this sounds like awkwardly translated kpop lyrics

>implying sehun and bacon aren't kissing right now

everyone has

jonghyun is sm's best vocalist

i hate the fact that every time i browse kpg i risk having to see this guys face

nct have some good songs dbh

요짐에 여기에 너무 많이 화내는 사람들 있어요

no one in nct is suju/shinee vocal line tier

think its an air purifier with a speaker

every song on the limitless album was good, it's their best album so far



i saw it on instagram this morning. i started talking about air purifiers with my parents over breakfast before realizing it was because i watched the cf like an hour earlier

>not falling for the egg shilling
you're stronger than i am

Kyuhyun is sm's best vocalist


anyone could fall for his singing voice, it's so smooth
NCT has been going downhill.
heres the cf if you haven't seen it


pcy is sm's best vocalist!

yojim huh
go ahead, delete your post in shame. we've all seen it.

word, but unironically

what the hell is that

taeyeon is sm's best vocalist

>i love the fact that every time i browse kpg i have a chance of being blessed with our god's face

Boss is a straight up banger

seulgi is brown too
don't worry we're going to make it wey

they've been getting better since firetruck

luhan, crying

whose busted chinese granny is this

i have a feeling loona are gonna be a massive flop no matter how much money spent

ojalá hermano

we'll get 5 more songs next month, please anticipate

Magic is cute and classy just like binnie
sort of

its pretty much guaranteed unless they put more arms money towards their debut.


seulgi would be cute if her smile wasn't EFFED UP

kyuhyun > taeyeon > (jonghyun) > chen



i'd just give it give it give it all to jungwoo

sowon is on kpg

I want to wrap Top in a blanket and tell him everything will be alright.

delete this

it's a bit awkward seeing bbc spend so much money on them when their singles sell 20 copies a day

NCT U was their Peak

내 친구 짐씨한테 말했어


looks like jiho but i dont think it is

catchy as fuck
good song
It's a nice song, but I like the previous Oh My Girl songs better

i gotta get one of these

>i will never feed eggs to egg
why live

i'll do that for you.

boss is nowhere near as good as t7s and without u was alright but forgettable so u is just average when you account for all of it

limitless >>>>

he doesn't need to eat more though

Can someone redpill me on loona? who are they? I always people shilling them on twitter, but apparently they're not even that popular?

switch >

I want to correct his fucked up smile!

Then I will cuddle him to sleep.

there's nothing wrong with his smile

i don't really care about loona but this song bangs

Listen to their singles

$3m for all the debut content they've put out doesn't seem that bad for a subsidiary for an arms contractor


shut up we like them thicc

it's not fucked up idiot

switch is great but jaehyun's verses are too high and he sounds kinda stupid

i'm going to do that can stand in the corner.

that's what happens when you sing with a mouth full of food

that eggo is preggo

boss sounds like a nct127 bside. i thought the units were supposed to sound different

they're flops but we still love them

this meme won't fly


Nct dream is purepop
The rest are just the standard nct sound


jaehyun's dimples are the only thing keeping me alive

I will kiss him goodnight, you go do something else in the meantime

whats wrong with his face idiot

when will lose his baby fat?


i just ate an entire packet of sour skittles
i was enjoying it for all of 30 seconds before i wanted to rip my tongue out


why is everyone hyping up black panther so much

i want a unit that's just the u vocal line + taeyong for harmonies because he sounds good with doyoung/taeil

loona is a money laundering thing for arms

wrong thread breh

why are his eyes following me

it's amazing how average he looks, he looks like someone you could meet in your school until you realize how uggo everyone else would look compared to him

they have a good amount of songs that suit different peoples tastes


eotteokhae na coo oo oo oo ooooool

his baby fat is cute

that's the stuff

kyla is ug-

someone stop taemin please

post it



there isn't a soul alive that could stop taemin

kyuhyun still exists



say something nice about my grandma

literal goddess

jesus christ


binnie is perfect

>winwin, where are your lines?

he's friends with xiumin

2nd best singer in exo

he's not even that old

gaypop hour is the best

i literally wouldn't mind if SM just released choreograph MVs instead of actual MVs for their group's singles

She's not as ugly as Jimin.

haechan looks like taeil now

your grandma is a slut

are these the same people? i honestly can't tell one way or the other

Thats Slug.

stop what?


she doesn't deserve it unless she can rap or dance

we love sluts here

she's not a slut, she just had a lot of fun in her youth



this is creepy desu


Taeil is my fav nct 127 member, he has a nice voice.

man she looked great during russian roulette

nah he's still ugly, apologize

cute ear

i still can't believe they went through with these concerts

what do i have to do to marry binnie
i’m willing to do anything

post your favorite gaypop fancam

i need it for scientific research

the move choreo is so good that it fools me into not caring that taemin is as flat as a board while i'm watching it


wtf that finger

she always looks great outside

jump from mapo bridge while pronouncing your love for binnie

say something nice about my great grandma

i hope she hears me
wish me luck

he's loosing his baby fat. soon he'll be a visual.

reminds me of kota ibushi

don't get me wrong i love her voice but that song isn't very difficult. I would go with Wendy

that's a nice hat

jesus christ spoiler that

hwaiting user

would pipe

your great grandma is a nice person and i appreciate her despite her questionable visuals

Everytime we leave a thread topless we stray further away from God's light.

nice, adding this one to my pout folder


jesus christ exo is terrible at dancing their own songs

fucking delete this and then find the person who uploaded it and make them delete the video

my soul for 진솔



[HANTEO] @ (180219)




>jin saved this photo to post it on jhope's bday
based jin

pfft Momoland sold that much in one day.

when will he unify the koreas and return from the army victorious



gaypop pedos...


cait sith? more like straight shit lmao those numbers are terrible


can you imagine how powerful seventeen would be if their songs weren't fucking shit

Has Jellyfish considered sajaegi?

i-it's not that small

>3 weeks to sell what momoland sold in a single day

it goes down down baby


this is all i needed to know about nct
enjoy your flop groups sm

how many white people post in kpg?

they're great at dancing, what are they missing


isn’t it?

they've had some bangers though, it's just that boom boom cursed them or something and now they can't make good singles


im as white as can be

why is he so thick

we're all average korean girls here

its not them this choreo is just shit in general

97ers are cute

it's just the dream unit, the others are pretty cool

im half white

i'm a white man, and personally,

I'm not a pedo, i liked the choreography and how he moves...

hi somi

there's me

ch-ch-ch-ch-chew ing gum

cute chimp



a lot of us are trainees actually

Whenever Kyungsoo is posted you know a white man was behind it

based vernon always posting on kpg

we are all indian desu
it's not
these are the choreographers


i'm a white girl

this is us


that is a fine slug you got there

which one is kasper?

WORD except for that one roastie who is always mad

Why do blinks have more of a god complex than onces?