This sounds amazing while high

This sounds amazing while high

sounds amazing no matter what though

everything sounds amazing while high u fuckin dingus


this is my favorite album by a longshot
i fucking love music but vdc is the conclusion to my music taste. like it's just perfection and music has nowhere to go from it. i want to listen to new stuff but i just go back to vdc

it's pretty generic and boring to be sincere

what about when you are low.

it sounds even better sober because drugs are bad for you


no shit

d a m n

Nothing fucking sounds like it
I've only listened to it like 4 times because I don't want it to be spoiled, but next time I'm gonna make sure I'm stoned

nice meme!

it's not a meme fuckhead

what it is it then..

sounds great during a sweet trip.

:/ budum tshss

drugs are actually bad for you retard

sounds better after seeing these sweet trips

I dont see any/


I really wanna take this dweeb’s lunch money

You won't be able to because you'll be all drugged out and slow while I'll be fully aware, fit and with great reaction time

poopy butt

nerd ass bitch i fucked your mom

Is Cred Forums the most underage board?

You are so drugged out that your insults are not even at a first-grade level while I will make intelligent insults and laughing as I continue to beat you up

Baby smoking baby’s first drug, listening to baby’s first glitch album

fuck off dweeb

Suffice to say, yes.

How the fuck is this generic in any way?

But dude do you see how cool the cover looks?


>people on Cred Forums hate sweet trip now
Oh for fuck's sake.

I never took the time to listen to this album until now, but it's fucking great. I didn't know it'd be so in my wheelhouse of electronic music taste. This sounds like a more colorful, less robotic squarepusher


Well no shit

Nah. Not true. Nah. Not true. Nah.

But what about BoC

what about bbc

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