NFL General: combine please hurry

HOU:Texans inform LB Brian Cushing of his release
NYJ:Jets view Powell as a 'complementary back'
CLG:Report: 49ers interested in WR Marcell Ateman
MIN:Vikings still the 'favorite' for Case Keenum?
CIN:Report: Vikings to 'consider' A.J McCarron
WAS:Browns expected to pursue Terrelle Pryor
NE:Retirement on Gronk's mind for 'some time'
KC:Chiefs sign ex-Raiders CB Amerson for 1 year
FA:Report: ESPN pursuing Peyton Manning for MNF
CAR:NFL closes investigation on Marty Hurney
FA:Vontae Davis visiting Cleveland on Friday
OAK:Derek Carr: Amari Cooper played hurt in 2017

mock draft

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Illegal formation. Take the score off the board.

>Chad QB catch/Beta QB drop

>Giants fan living vicariously through an Eagles Super Bowl victory
unironically disgusting tbqh






Hard to win when the refs don't help you isn't it patsfag?

Easy to win when the refs help you isn't it igglesfag?

If foles can a win a sb, stafford can win one too right?

put your trip back one Brady'sKnee

Nope. The Lions supporting cast is shit unlike the Eagles.

not unless they sign Le'Veon Bell (Michigan State product)

>Pats fans baited out the Eagletards
>Eagletards keep posting when no bait is near

I regret telling my ref crew to throw out the rulebook and not call back all the illegal touchdowns

Tom Brady needs his own Space Jam movie for the kids

Seriously? Oline/running game is all thats missing on offense


Where he loses and doesn't congratulate the opponent or shake his hand?

>Seriously? 6-8 players is all that's missing on offense

>Brady congratulating multiple Eagles Defenders
>Foles doesn't follow post game QB protocol

>The outcome of Super Bowl LII was never in doubt, with the Eagles winning 41-33 over the Patriots. But there was a little controversy after the game, with some folks wondering if Tom Brady snubbed Nick Foles on the handshake.

>Surely it wasn't the case; Brady is a good sport and he was spotted later hugging it out with other Eagles players. But the Eagles backup quarterback, appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," said he still hasn't heard from Brady, even almost two weeks removed from the Super Bowl. "I haven't heard from him yet," Foles said when Kimmel asked about it. "I know he's busy. I know he's got a lot going on."

Try 3 or 4 friend. Defense has some holes too but its not out the question >we can be legit dangerous next season. Not holding my breath but ive seen crazier shit happen, like seeing the eagles win a super bowl

>Chiefs sign ex Raider cornerback David Amerson

>Try 3 or 4
"Offensive line". that's 5 players. "Runningback" that's 1-3 players. Ergo, 6-8 players

Why would Brady need to call him, this is fedora levels of creepy.

>Fletcher cox presses the issue by chasing down Brady
>Hours after cooling down he finds 1(one) defensive player and says some words

>Brady didn't congratulate Foles
>"uh yes he did??"
>prove he didn't
>"uhh why would he need to??"

>Foles doesn't follow post game protocol
prove it

>theyre going to throw everyone away
They keep 3 or 4 starters on the oline from last season
Riddick stays, i can see abdullah go tho

Brady was waiting with the QB Protocal CameraMen and Foles never showed so Brady left

Just watch the footage again and you'll see Foles has no idea what to do after the game, he's supposed to go meet Brady right away

>The offensive line is a problem
>Okay so that's 5 new players
>Nah dude the line is staying

Detroit is not going to be a threat if Stafford has to run for his life every play. There's not a single team that's been a legitimate threat with a shit o line like Detroit has right now.

The same footage that shows Brady immediately heading to the locker room?

At least you get to exploit him twice a year like they did to you

I don't really care about whether he wanted to or not. Just saying it's disingenuous to say that he did congratulate Foles when it's obvious he didn't (and hasn't since). Is it really that surprisingly to think that someone who's ultra-competitive like Brady might be a bit of a sore loser?

Health/coaching was more of a problem. Which is what im hoping gets fixed

Nobody said he did congradulate Foles

HELLO and welcome to today's edition of PTI. I'm Tony Kornheiser (and I'm Mike Wilbon), and today we discuss: IS OP A FAGGOT
Mike: Huge faggot
Tony: I agree
Stat Boy: No errors.

The implication is that the reason he didn't congratulate Foles is that he missed him at the game. He hasn't contacted him since, so that's incorrect. Not gonna get into it any further, because it's not really something anyone has to care about.

>HOU:Texans inform LB Brian Cushing of his release
Sigh; it was about time.

Who retires due to concussions first:

Gronk or Luke Cucumber?

Wasn't the same without the roids.

Where’s he going now, /nfl/?

Don't forget the Overtrained Athlete Syndrome.

Reminder that this literal cuck doesn't know that four is less than five

>getting to the owl and losing is better than not making it at all.



Or after two knee surgeries.

what episode of the Simpsons was that from?

A coffin

Brian Gaine freein' up more cap space to make moves in FA, nigga. McKinney and Cunningham are the future at ILB for the Texans, and Dylan Cole can provide depth. The biggest concerns for the Texans on either side of the ball are O-line, corners, and safeties. FA class for O-linemen not lookin' great, but maybe Gaine can get some people. That or maybe he scores on someone in a mid to late round of the draft that slides. Idk how the FA market for corners and safeties is right now, though.

Whats the word on nacho fries? Any good?

Here the one for dealing with Aussies

57th for DA BILLS

>post yfw da burrs will win da superb owl

>call him
What year is this? All he has to do is send an email, DM, or something.

>me on the right

Me in the back.

go pack go

damn he's definitely gay


those should be our alternates, not the black ones

It's from Harvey Birdman

I agree, they're fucking wet

*subtracts 7*
Hmm the Eagles still win

You only subtract 4. Eagles still win by 4, with Brady’s failed Hail Mary.

The cleared illegal formation wouldn’t even had happened if the refs called a blatant DPI on the play just before it.

I know, I was just subtracting 7 to be generous and show how fucking unreasonable P*tsfaggots are being

This pretty much confirms for me that Danica is a raging dyke. Rodgers realized that having a beard who's also in the closet is a better way to go than a straight chick who will eventually want a real relationship.

But with 1 point, Brady would have only needed to get into field goal range.

>Thinking the Eagles kicker would miss a FG from that distance
Even IF you took all 7 away, Brady didn’t get into FG range on the last drive, making this discussion irrelevant

>HOU:Texans inform LB Brian Cushing of his release
RIP Brian Concushing

I literally just said you would take off 4 points, not the whole 7.

>Brian Cushings to be released

Where will he land?

Also, he wouldn’t be airing it out on a Hail Mary, he could’ve slung it shorter with time for a field goal.

>2 weeks later
>false flagging continues

You faggots need to get a life

I will miss the good roided Cush, but not the post-two-knee-surgeries, all but useless Cush.

Who’s false flagging, my friend?

You have never interacted with a P*ts fan if you think this is false-flagging

Green Bay so he can share his PEDs with Clay Matthews

Why are you losers such conspiratards
>The NFL is out to get us!
>Goodell hates us!
>The Eagles only won cuz refball!
>Any Pats fan who acts retarded is a false-flag!
I’m almost inclined to believe you’re false-flagging yourself, no one can unironically be this stupid and paranoid







There is a house


In New Orleans

>tfw 2018

what? hueston gonna go 8-8 again?

Heres some news on the Jags new uniforms
>All black gloss helmet and facemask. Player number in gold on the back, logo on both sides. Basically the same helmet as 90s helmets
>The jerseys are teal with black numbers similar to the current alternate jerseys. Otherwise they look a lot like the 90s uniforms. Nothing groundbreaking
>Away uniforms have white numbers with gold trim. Again, looks a lot like the early 00s versions
>The alternates are the craziest things. The pants and jerseys are this dark teal-black and if you shine the light on them a certain way they're a very visible vibrant teal. It's easily the coolest thing I've ever seen. I don't know if these are Color Rush or their alternates but they look awesome

I am a choreographer for the 2018 NFL Draft this year. I'll get to see the Titans' new uniforms possibly sometime this week too. But they tell us this stuff early because we HAVE to design our graphics, and since EA Sports is also partnering with us, and they also need to be able to design the new uniforms for their game.

Also the Madden cover is allegedly going to be different for each system. Xbox One is getting Jalen Ramsey, and PS4 is getting Antonio Brown

And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy!

Join my NCAA 14 dynasty pl0x

Brady will retire with 7 rings

5 on his fingers and two around his eyes as he gets smashed in the postseason year after year until he doesn't have any more gas in the tank.


So we all agree that NFL history would be ideal if all Owls were reversed, right?

>Sexy Rexy has a ring
>Tim Bradley loses 5 owls
>Joe Montana is a huge choker
>Jim Kelly is the unanimous GOAT
>Marino has rings
>Flaccofags shut up finally
>85 bears choke massively
>Vikings are the equivalent of the Steelers

Is he worth the money?

>that anti pats fear

negative ghost rider


>Hasselgod, Alexander and Hutch get their ring
>LOB still get one, franchise has 2 overall
>Broncos have 5, Elway is seen as a god in his younger years, retires washed-up after losing 2 in a row

He’s going to lose in the AFCCG nect year to the Jags. Next year he’ll lose to the Stoolers in the divisional. Then he’ll choke in the WC to the Razorcakes, and then go 9-7, and then go 7-9. He’ll be traded to the Chargers, and he’ll make the playoffs again, only to be eliminated early on. Then he goes 6-10, and is traded to the Seahawks as a member of the practice squad. He throws ten passes in the preseason and three of them are intercepted. He’s cut before the regular season starts, and spends two years as a free agent before unceremoniously retiring, his name tarnished and his legacy ruined. But hey, he played ‘til he was 49!

Fucked up the post, but TLDR i'll take it. Could only get better if the '83 or '84 Hawks got there too.

If they can draft properly and secure some top tier FAs yes


where he kisses them in the mouth for 5 seconds and acts like its normal?

Tarkenton deserved a ring honestly. Too bad he kept playing for the Vikings.

after Jacksonville and Tennessee debut new uniforms next season, who do you think will be the next to do a uniform overhaul?

I think the Raiders and the Jets.

post hot takes

Nick Foles pulls a Kurt Warner in Arizona, falling just short of bringing another team their first ever lombardi

>those black alternate Eagles uniforms

2017 regular season week 6 lifelong eagles fan here, we all want foles to start here in philadelphia

>those black alternate Eagles uniforms

This better be a hot take.

You false flag, but these retards do exist. Fucking pathetic excuses for human beings.

all I remember from that week was ELITE VON MILLER


>tfw no lead is ever safe

Foles would unironically be really good fit for the cards

They run RPO's and shit?

>Wanting the P*ts to win any Owl
>Wanting to deprive PeyPey of his only Owl with the team that built him a statue
>Caring at all about “Flaccofags,” who I don’t actually think exist
>Wanting Minnesomalians to be happy

>Hurr I’m just gonna assume Brady would’ve won the game automatically if the call went the way I thought it should have
Not how hypotheticals work

>philly trades foles to a contender
>foles wins another owl
>wentz goes on to have a hof career but never wins a owl
How upset would iggles fans be?

Wouldn't his scenario mean PeyPey beats the Aints though? He still gets one with the Clots.

>2-0 in owls
>panthers would be the new 18-1 except we won the owl
One can dream

You guys think obj and Ramsey take turns juicing Landry in the ass? Yes me too.

Offseason edition

>your team
>your prediction for who your team picks up in free agency
>your prediction for who your team picks in the first round of the draft

He was beyond the line of scrimmage

I think this place is full of retards, honestly. I never said he would’ve won, I was just explaining why the 4 points wouldn’t change the outcome at all. Fucking retards, I’m an Eagles fan who said the illegal formation was cleared, meaning that Alshon checked with the line judge. I also said that the Patriots got away with a DPI the play right before the Philly Special. God damn.

>Dorsey will definitely pick up at least one or two big names. Jarvis Landry and AJ McCarron or Case Keenum are the two I'd bet, and then maybe Trumaine Johnson, Terrelle Pryor, or Kyle Fuller after. I'm pretty excited to see what he does desu
>First overall I'm gonna say Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, then at 4, Minkah Fitzpatrick or Saquon Barkley

9001. SUPERB OWL 37
9002. SUPERB OWL 38
90001. SUPERB OWL 39

>some depth guys, see us more than likely moving players, getting some picks
>a LB, maybe Vander-Esch, or trading out of the first

It would be nice either way. 5 is 5.

It would be helpful if I used the right image.

Shut up cucklord.

We'd be talking about the Stram Trophy
>This team only has 3 Stram!

>uniform overhaul?
>Raiders and the Jets.

>flacco becomes a career backup and never gets his 120 million
>Harbaugh stays in San Fran and Kap never starts kneeling

so when Br*dy retires which LA team are you going decide to hop on the bandwagon?

Yeah I saw that too. Too bad there's no black line on the fields for the refs.

Kek good point

We need to develop Case Keenum ffs

...And taking away Brees' only Owl in the process.

None of them. Sticking with the Pats.

One of the big-name wideouts. Robinson is the pipe dream but Jarvis Landry is far more likely. A WR corps of Hilton, Landry and Moncrief with a healthy Luck would be close to the top of the league. We also need at least one big signing on the OL. Norwell and Pugh are good candidates. I'd also like to see us pick up a veteran corner like Trumaine Johnson.
I can almost 100% guarantee that Barkley is the pick if he's still on the board. Ballard drafts BPA and he is obviously BPA no matter where we pick. If we trade down, I'd like to see Quenton Nelson. Bradley Chubb is extremely overrated and I'd only want him if we're outside the top 10.

Is Baker Mayfield dare I say?
[spoiler] the next Johnny Football?

"It's a little bit different," Foles told "Jimmy Kimmel Live" this week. "My safe spot to always go was Whole Foods. No one cared, no one recognized. But I can't go into Whole Foods now. I knew when I went in there things had changed when I started getting recognized."
When Kimmel asked Foles what Eagles fans do when they see him, Foles revealed that most of them cry.

he was gonna get paid that much regardless, so yes.

>tfw winning division 3 years in a row

Wait is he a cowboys fan?

and not winning anything else ever

the Eagles are STILL living in the NFC East's shadow
>Cowboys 5 rings
>Giants 4 rings
>Redskins 2
>Giants 2-0 against Brady in Owl, Eagles 1-1
it's funny they think they aren't the runt of the litter anymore cause they have something the Bucs have

the real question is would tom brady be the goat with 3-5 and 19-0

it wouldn't matter
he'd always be the QB that lost to JAKE DELHOMME in the Super Bowl

Weekly reminder that 18-1 happened and the 2007 won't be remembered as the absolute best team all time, and that Eli Manning made the Patriots his bitch not once but twice.

You know whats funny about going undefeated?
It could literally happen in a fluke year
Were the Panthers good enough to go 15-1 that year? Were they as good as the Packers, Steelers, and Bears teams that did it before them? Fuck no.
The only game they lost came cause of a fumble at a horrible time by a rookie RB, they had a big shot at going 16-0
look at the other 15-1 team's losses
>1984 49ers lost earlier than the Panthers
>1985 Bears got BTFO and lost earlier than the Panthers
>1998 Vikings lost earlier than the Panthers
>2004 Steelers got BTFO in fucking week 2
>2011 Packers lost a week before the Panthers
the 2015 Panthers were the closest team to 16-0 that failed but they are the worst one by far.

Still funny.

oh god, that's worse than losing to Capt Autism

will never stop being funny

How does a 5th year option trade work? The money is guaranteed, but can the new team take over the payment?

>being this rectally ragnarok'd about Flacco's GOAT playoff run

t. Salty Patsfag

Everyone laugh at this brainlet too dumb to understand Roman Numerals

>losing to the Steelers

I don't think Brady's eligible to be on a practice squad anymore

the only one true there is 38
that was a hell of a game

How much $ could RB Deion Lewis from Patriots realistically earn this offseason?

What kind of offseason job is he qualified to pick up?

>Your Team
>Nicest Team
>Meanest Team

>No SB50
C’mon, PeyPey may not have had referee assistance during the game (so much), but he wouldn’t have even been sniffing the AFC Championship if it wasn’t for them.
>huffhblurff salty CARguy

>CAR: Julius Peppers “leaning towards” playing in the 2018 season
>CAR: Marty Hurney reinstated as General Manager
>CAR: Seat prices will go up $1 to $6 depending on the seat. Stadium consistently sold out and a playoff appearance for the fourth time in five years cited as reasons.
>CAR: Ben Navarro reportedly looking to bid to buy the Panthers

>skeeeeuuuuups ur path

>>CAR: Julius Peppers “leaning towards” playing in the 2018 season
is he still playing well?


Does your team have degenerate fans?

The dude from Jane's Addiction is going to buy the Panthers?

Very well for his age

Navarro is the CEO and founder of Charleston-based Sherman Financial Group, a consumer debt collection company. A South Carolina and Charleston billionaire native

horrible joke, horrible attention whoring tripfag, horrible white trash Eagles fan girlfriend

>packers. They’ll even shit on their god QB if he dares does something against emporer trump.
You people are trash incarnate and I now understand the things My Viking friends say about you.

Yeah. One of them posts frequently in these threads making the fanbase here look bad because he posts like a retard.

I forget Charleston is in SC. Great food there

Oh thats cool. Always nice when a local guy owns the team. Us Raven fans are glad we have Steve Bisciotti.

lighten up Francis, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?

Reminder that the Pats had a one point lead with five minutes and change left on the clock. They had the Eagles with fourth and one at mid-field and blew it.

>ESPN's Rich Cimini reports the Jets are "willing to pay whatever it takes" to land Kirk Cousins.

he's coming home!

You guys are going to give a QB who has a habit of going Chernobyl in the 4th quarter over 140 million dollars, dont do it man.

What’s your team, Anonalon?

Redskins have 3.

Will the Jets ever find a QB? Enough is enough.


Do Americans really break their TV when their team lose?

>New England Patriots

>Implying the Carolinas weren’t a part of the 13 Original Colonies
>Implying South Carolina wasn’t the very first to rebel as She’s prone to do
>Implying the Southeast and Midwest aren’t the only remaining bastions of patriotism in modern nu-America

No. Do Turks actually live in an autocratic theocracy?


sadly yes.


Who are you talking to?

eat shit homo

I like Bisciotti because he lets Ozzie do his job.
at the same time I think he's a cunt because of how he handled the Ray Rice situation

>muh patriotism
>literally the home of the first battle of open war against the United States
Makes me think.


without the off the field stuff. He's a better passer than Manziel, too. I don't think he'll be very good, but he'll be a hell of a lot better. Best case scenario is his peak is as good as Brees with the Chargers

not as bad as Iran but give erdogan couple of years, we will be worse than Iran.

>Patsfags say how the Philly Special should've been called back
Well this one should've been as well desu

In order of loyalty for a Southerner:
Family/God, friends, community, state, country.

In order of loyalty for a New Englander:
Money, sex, Social Justice, friends, United Nations, Country, Family, ((power gap)), state

Your Soldiers were shit in the war. Its a know fact that Marylander's were General Washington's most reliable troops.

>Family/God, friends, community, state, country

These are some very nigger tier loyalty rankings

>loyal to family

Well maybe nogs are onto something if they value family, Country, state and a religion above all

Thats all they are loyal to, why do you think they call each other F.A.M.?

>Family/God, friends, community, state, country

>Family/God, friends, community, state, country.
And they wanted to make a country of their own. With this list, seems like that wouldn't have worked out very well even if the south had won the Civil War.

Post yfw the jags superbowl window is smashed by blake bottles

Brady kiss his son with more passion than that

>Wouldn’t do so well putting state before country
>Confederate States of America
>What is a Confederacy?
B-but Confederacies don’t w-work!
>What is Switzerland

Ow the edge

He'd be the LeBron James of football

Well he's no Jim Kelly that is for sure

The CSA wouldn't have held together, even as a loose confederacy, simply because southerners wouldn't hold much loyalty toward it. They would've treated it as a pragmatic affiliation of like-minded states, to be ignored/discarded whenever it didn't suit them. It's like you're dividing your own country and thus making it easier to be conquered by some other country.
>le Swiss model can be successfully applied to other countries that aren't Switzerland
Please. Anyway, this is off-topic, so I'll leave it here.

Confederacy works, but not the type the southern states envisioned. They were a financial mess because they couldn't tax the states to fund the military. It made them debt addled so badly it was a factor in England not wanting help them, lest they be stiffed for the bill like the Bourbon family was by the Revolution.

But you’re right about it being off-topic, so we’ll agree to disagree, Yankbro I’ll just say one thing.

I disagree, because, like Switzerland, every homestead needs to be conquered because of our omnipresent gun ownership in the South. The purpose of the Confederacy was mutual protection too





>all these underage edgelords who hate their families and God

OK this was good. And yes, I'm unironically complimenting a tripfag on a joke.

Why is everybody so obsessed with that faggot Tom Brady, everytime i get nfl treads most of comments are firm Bradyfags and Brady haters fighting each other. Fuking forget about that old faggot let's talk about the new goat Jimmy g.

obvious samefaggotry. Cred Forums is cancer


You're retarded. Confederate soldiers froze to death because Cinfederate governors wouldnt give cold weather gear to out of state troops. Atlanta had a warehose full of wool coats but wouldnt send them to Lee's army as they froze on the Rappahannock. You niggers would uncapable of working together at all.

Fuck outta here with your lost cause revisionist bull shit rebel scum.

Why does is Tom Brady living in this argie's head?

Odin is pleb tier too. Hades is GOAT dead god

thanks for the (You)

Wow, a brand new infant country didn’t function like a well-oiled world power.

Which was why it had to be aborted.

1. Allah
2. Thor
3. Odin
4. Zeus
—Power Gap—
5. Hades and other Greek/Roman gods

>I rate Norse Gods
Literal cucks

Where would Aaron Rodgers
, Carson wentz and Jimmy G strings go

Elaborate vile fiend

The only Southerners that still believe in the CSA are subsistence farmers/hunters in the mountains that don’t have birth certificates or SSNs anyways

t. Brown

He lost a lot of his hotness, he's in the NFC so he won't have a near guaranteed path to the SB. 49ers fanbase is a bunch of illegals and his gf is a plastic surgery goldigger.

Nigger, is the idea of properly equiping your troops with supplies you already have available your idea of a "well oiled machine" ? Thats pretty basic

Why there are no lefty quarterbacks anymore?

Because college coaches aren't recruiting them or are switching their position.

Surve: Offseason Sucks Edition
>Your team
>Sports you’re watching in the offseason
>Something interesting your team did so far you’d like to share with the class

>Signed a CFL player

>Soccer (Hertha, Arselel, Atleti)
> maybe Denver will get Foles or Cousins

This is going to be a long year for the Orioles

NASCAR, Winter Olympics

Not really except all the front office moves


Who /heldbackbyterribleowner/ here?

Hockey and baseball once it starts
Got rejected by a head coach in embarrassing fashion but somehow managed to hire a better candidate on the second try

I think what Fergie did during the national anthem yesterday was far more offensive than anything the blacks have done.

I like he says “no problem” like he’s not assblasted and didn’t throw a hissy fit that embarrassed us on the international stage

Fact: Jaguars and Cowboys wanted to draft Johnny Manziel in the 2014 draft, but didn't. Both teams have had terrible QB play ever since.

Being in the NFC is Hard Mode. AFC is easy mode with a New England Patriot boss fight at the end.

>Gearing up for meaningful warriors basketball
>Jimmy G (obviously) really, really want a true number one wr this offseason, we haven't had one since T.O. (is it a curse?)

>Browns draft Manziel
>have had terrible QB play ever since

Browns ruin everyone with talent

Fact: The Browns drafted Johnny Manziel and have had terrible QB play ever since

Wasn't Vick a lefty?
I can't think of any other lefty in recent memory

Browns are where players and coaches go to die.

They should genuinely be ashamed they’re ruining so many lives

Same with Shaun/Shawne/Sean White. Fucking morons

>Romo was a second team all-pro and dak had one of the best rookie qb seasons ever

Because like it or not Brady is the only real dime drawer in the NFL.

Forgetting about Jared Lorenzen? This isnt even his final form.

>Dak procedes to follow up with a terrible year and get exposed and Romo is a commentator

Tim Tebow and Matt leinart and Kellen Moore are the only other 3 lefties of the 21st century.

>having a cannon arm
>Decent qb play
>Could've had millions being an NFL back up
>All he had to do was lose weight

MLS, unironically. And basketball when the playoffs start.
Won the fucking super bowl. Also, they're all set even though Reich is gone.

>yfw da bearss win da superb owl

Lmao every time you post this.

I love this

Y’all did good finally getting rid of that weasel. Now don’t fuck yo Titties, get some better pieces and just maybe, you’ll be able to be killed off in the first round if the Playoffs.

Oh hai Shawne

gib mcphee for cooks

>two first round and second rounders for Foles
the absolute mental state of Bill Polian

Please add Jacksonville to your news posts in the future, Carolina-kun.

>winning less is better

Fine, but Carolina gets to be the guy in this relationship

Why does that Black cat have spots?

You are so god damn stupid

Panthers aren't a unique species but a black phenotype of either jaguars or leopards.

Meant to tag

i'm going to miss him bros

Who would you say has a worse Curse out on them?

Vikings or Lions? It just baffles me how so many big shot names pass through them and yet they can’t have any nice things.

Of all the good teams(because almost all losing teams are nice), the Panthers, minus that one extremely butthurt fan who posts about how the Eagles Super Bowl is illegit and the Panthers deserved to be there more because Kuechly
>Meanest team
lol, ain't nobody care about some bitches

They should keep him and tell Sam and Teddy to fuck off.

Most fans would rather have the suffering of the 2000's Eagles than the 1990's Bills

Where’s he going?

Just for the sake of conversation, what determines that refs won’t help you?
>Gronkowski always held
>Newton getting head hunted
>Julio Jones always held
Pic related wasn’t a flag despite the ref being right there

>[citation needed]

fans of the NFL

He's right

I agree with the other guy. Your are painfully stupid.

I guess certain players break the game and so the refs let things slide. Gronk and Newton are genetic freaks for instance

Should the refs do this? No.

Brees is the best QB in the NFL.

Source? Also, this smells like samefriending.

>College basketball, NBA, and NHL once their respective playoffs start. Also, MLB
>won the fucking Superb Owl


>what are post times?

Also what the fuck do you mean source? Its a question rearding our opinion you brain dead mollusk.


>Your team
>Sports you’re watching in the offseason
NBA, MLB, and if I remember Hockey
>Something interesting your team did so far you’d like to share with the class
Well, in 19 games last season the Eagles gave up a combined 0(zero) points during the final 2 minutes

>what is having multiple browsers?
Also, opinions can be polled you dumbass. When someone makes a claim that "most" fans think something, it's not unreasonable to ask for that to be backed up with something.

Stop being a fucking retard.

With the compensatory pick for Malcolm Butler, Josh McDaniels will draft Hunter Renfrow in the 4th round.

*throws the ball down the field, but not too far*

>reddit bay

Wonder what Brady's rating would look like without Gronk

Dougie P is absolutely based.

What kind of mollusk? Cephalopods are the most intelligent invertebrates and may actually be self aware.

h-he doesn't want to hurt the feelings of the defense too much

He's an unrestricted free agent you idiot. And even if the Patriots were stupid enough to draft ANY offense this year, it would probably be a guard.
t. Pats fan

Rae Carruth is getting out of prison. Wow.

They’re gonna do it again and you know it. Brady needs more weapons for that perfect season run babeeeee

He'd still have Danny "Suction cup" Amendola

>your team
>Sports watching
Divegrass and hoc
>something interesting your team did
They fucking got rid of TT and le scheme man after years of people saying they were the problem.

Good. Those posers have abused GOATgers for too long.

>I change gear to hockey. Go Devils.
>We won the FUCKING SUPER BOWL, and we have two QBs that are great dudes.

Did he died?

Every single year they had an excuse ready to keep le scheme man. With Godgers hurt everyone saw how shit the team was and they couldn't deny it anymore. Godgers getting injured was a blessing in disguise.

He proved that against a top three defense he has all the tools he needs, other than a single elite olineman.

Nah, Carson is just giving him a neck massage.

I really hope Patsfags aren't thinking that the Eagles defense they played that game was anything near top 3 when they were leaving receivers open by 10 yards

Ok good. Otherwise I'd think he was a animal murdering monster. His wife would be cute if she was 2d too.

Why they kill a doe?

Oh, and Sud the Stud seems like a good dude too.

Sike, he popped that mark-ass bitch.

Gotta kill something why not a deer?

Antlerless Deer License is a thing.

They sure looked top 3 in the other 18 games, especially when two weeks before they kept a team from scoring on every drive but the first one of the game.

The difference between the Vikings and the Lions is that the Vikings implode on the big stage, while the Lions implode before they ever get there.

I’ve got family that hunt so this kinda bugs me

They were doing their job for the first half, except for the last couple of minutes, and not doing their job in the second, except for the last couple of minutes.

We started a black in that first one, no chance really

>make fishing thread on Cred Forums get warned by the mods

Someone explain this shit

All I know is that whenever I bother watching the lions, seeing them lose a game they’ve could’ve won (which was a lot of them this season) felt like a kick in the balls and I’m not even a Detroit fan. Hell I hate the redwings. That Falcon game for example at the start of the season is a good example of that feeling

True. And they actually played pretty well, but kept giving up drive extending deep passes on broken coverage.
Brady did not look good on most of his passes, but hit the wide open guys a few times, who added yac.


Some states you aren't allowed to kill a buck in certain zones until you kill a doe. A lot of zones in northern Wisconsin have been doing it that way for years.

>the Jacksonville Jaguars have existed for 23 years, and over that time period they have more than twice the number of playoff wins as the cowboys
The cowboys haven't been relevant in a long time.

Just let them have this as they cry into their broken VHS players.

Blame Jerry “look at my waste of Tax Money scoreboard “ Jones

>They'll even shit on their god QB if he dares do something against trump

literally who? I live in Wisconsin and I never hear that shit. Maybe bandwagon fans from out of state and the occasional old fogey but most people seem to not give a shit.

>haha tom brady doesnt even win the super bowl EVERY single year? what a choke. the thread

Fishing is an activity, not a sport

Who would you rather enjoy a beer with, Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre or Peypey?

Brett Favre because he probably has Vicodin too.

Id rather not want to chat with someone that had the nerve to put their balls on a doctor’s face.

Brett seems cool doe.

Brett Favre. I helped rebuild his moms house after Katrina and she was really nice. Probably a good dude to have a couple brews with.

They have fishing tourneys with prize money and trophies too.

I gotta go with Bradshaw even though he was a steeler. He is one of the funniest human beings I have ever seen. Guy always seems to be having a good time

haha yeah what kind of pussy throws to wide open WRs? lol. but no eagles have a better roster across the board expect QB. tom was missing is top 2 wrs. it was him and the remaining non dead manlets. he is constantly making chicken salad out of chicken shit. patriots roster is below average in terms of talent, as they were in their last 3 super bowls

Cred Forums mods are autistic when it comes to the arbitrary divide between Cred Forums and /asp/. Fishing isn’t Cred Forums in the same way Paintball or Surfing isn’t Cred Forums.

Unless he's talking about how Noll never hugged him.

NFC defense is a joke compared to what Brady faces in the AFC

Numbers don't lie. I'd say they were worse off talent wise in 2011 as well.

And that describes a lot of things that are also not sports.

they have tournaments for RPS

Nigger, we have darts, betting and fifa video game threads up. Those arent sports.

>not a complete joke.

Fishing is more of a kinda thing.

When did I say those are sports too? Although I'd say darts is in that baby-sport category, along with bowling.

It’s honestly more
>Look at me! I’m Carolina! Whoopdeedo!

Anything that can be done physically and competitively is sport. The only distinction is “mainstream” sport like soccer, football, hockey and “alternate” sport which is more niche or doesn’t require teams. There’s also e-sport that technically counts (although I think it’s a ludicrous concept) because it’s about reaction time and hand-eye coordination which is physical.

Games like Chess aren’t sport because it’s about the mind.

You still play chess physically. Chess isn't a sport.

This tbqh. NFC is a bloodbath. AFC is fodder for NE

You can’t win chess by using your body. Its not physical. It’s 100% mental, but I think you know that and are being difficult just to be difficult

You still have to move the chess pieces. That's a physical act.

Im an avid dart player, and it is not a sport.


I have great respect for the game so I’ll concede that it’s a mental sport. But it’s not a sport sport

The combine starts Feb 27th, as a first time watcher, whats it's structure like? How many days? Is it a different position every day? Do we just watch clips or is it an all day viewing session for fans?

Watch bench press for o and d linemen
40 times for everyone else

Someone post the webm, you know the one

>t. Loki demigodlet

If you have NFL Network you can watch it all day. The position groups are mixed somewhat. And not every athlete will do every drill.
>He doesn't R8 the shuttle drill
Holy shit Al Davis came back from the Dead.

This one?



its a week long
things are done by position groups, example all O line will go run the 40, then as a group go do bench press then whatever together
obviously different tests are more important to different groups, O line generally isn't too worried about 40 times like a WR or DB would be and to a WR or DB or even a LB vert jump will be more important than for a QB or a kicker or whatever
not all athletes will do what you'd expect them to for whatever reason, like a WR might skip the 40 because of a hamstring issue and run it later at his pro day
it can be entertaining but its not something most people will sit and watch the entire thing
also they only show the physical tests, nothing from team interviews

>>He doesn't R8 the shuttle drill
>Holy shit Al Davis came back from the Dead.
short area quickness and change of direction is huge in the NFL

Who the smol boy in the back row?

He's so handsome bruvs...

Russell Wilson

Imagine being as chad as him, bruhs...


t. assmad his team doesn't have a handsome person on his team

fuck off with your homolust you queer

you're gay




Yeah, I gotta admit, watching harrison smith cover Ertz is pretty cringeworthy. Ertz simply couldn't be denied


yes that's what we all do every time you post so please stop

I miss him.

Minnesota has "DA BESS SAFETY IN DA HISTORY OF DA NFL", and that's okay. I'll take the consolation prize

how's he git so wide open?

Harrison smith thought it was a good idea to leave Terrence Newman on an island with Alshon Jeffrey

rhodes was injured

His defense can't recover from injuries!

yeah, zimmer doesn’t know how to rotate the defense, this lost was on him.

and was on Harrison Smith being completely unable to diagnose an offense and leaving the slowest DB in the NFL on an island

yeah, that was probably his worse game of the year, what are you trying to prove here?

that Smith is the most overrated player in the NFL because MUH PFF

so, 1 bad game and he's overrated? okay...

hey look, is Mr Muh PFF. Harrison Smith is better than Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, and John Lynch combined!

I'm going to laugh my ass off when the Eagles lose this O-Line, Kizer would be elite behind that great wall

>Peters 35
>Vaitai 24
>Wis 28
>Kelce 30
>Brooks 28
>Johnson 27

Literally every member of that OL is under contract through 2018.

>Brwons fan talking shit

is he really? damn.

>>Brwons fan

Hi Skip!. Did Jerry give you a break from staying under his Mahogany desk after you sucked him off while mumbling “muh Sean lee” to shitpost om Cred Forums again?

>Jets willing to pay "whatever it takes" for Kirk Cousins
Will they get their man?

poor McCown

>Cousins take league minimum to play for the Patriots

probably... cousins is all about that dough

Why are patsfags so fucking salty?

It's not like you haven't been on the receiving end of some bullshit in the superbowl. Multiple times. Just the fact that you have been there multiple times should be enough to stave off this much salt.

>Path to the Draft still not on

But I need my endless Rosen vs. Darnold vs. Allen bickering NFL Network style.

They have no patience. They have a good opportunity to develop a QB while McCown plays out his career.

McCown is unironically just as good as Cousins.

shut up pussy


I'm on to 2018.

Still waiting for my new white Brady with LII patch, but right now just letting things slide until the draft. No reason to get into all the details since Bill will be Bill about it.

P*ts shouldn't even have been in the Super Bowl. Myles Jack recovered a fumble and clearly was not down. Had a clear path to the end zone and the refs blew it dead. I'm a Clotsfag and I hate the Jasg but they got hosed

>lives in California
Sorry, he said "Patsfags". Can you read?

says the future Rams fan

This is a stupid meme. Sure, Irsay made a bad call with Grigson and Pagano but he's FAR from a terrible owner. Everyone who's worked with the guy absolutely loves him.

>drug addict
>multiple DUI’s
>throws his franchise QB under the bus by saying his injury’s all in his head
>more concerned about guitar collection than running a football team
You’re the definition of a shitty legacy owner, Jim. Get outta here

Look up some live Patriot fan reactions from the Super Bowl on youtube or talk to some IRL Pats fans. Its nowhere near the levels of salt being displayed here which leads me to believe that most of them are just falseflagging

for a while there yeah but looks like he finally learned his place
his uncle probably came and told him to stop fucking around and acting like a little faggot

suck a dick faggot

He’s an apathetic moron. I simple as that. If you’re willing to through your QB under a lineup of busses, you deserve the same amount of respect that’s usually reserved for dirt.

>2016 was a bad draft class for quarterba—

>>drug addict
>>multiple DUI’s
Ok, so basically a substantial portion of the players in this league. Nothing to do with job performance.
>>throws his franchise QB under the bus by saying his injury’s all in his head
He told Dungy that in confidence, it’s not like he went to the fucking media
>>more concerned about guitar collection than running a football team
Yeah man fuck him how dare someone have hobbies and interests

He still makes me think of a cheapsake version of Dan Snyder. How he got his hands on Jimmy G baffles me.

what if NFL teams were only allowed to draft from universities in their state?
Would the extra attachment cities would feel to their teams make the NFL better, or would the probable decline in team qualities override that and make things worse?

>tfw new good players soon

feels good

The parity would be NBA-tier. Horrible idea.

>How he got his hands on Jimmy G baffles me.
he didn't do shit, Lynch made the deal. Helps that Belichick was under pressure from Kraft to get rid of Jimmy, though.

The struggles in NE are real
>Tom Brady’s witch doctor becomes Persona no Grata at the offices
>Belicheck is forced to let Jimmy go

i seriously think his uncle told him to back the fuck off and find a decent GM and HC and let them do their jobs
also the 49ers had the 2nd most cap space if i remember right, close to 100k free space and the the NFL has a salary floor so the money needed to spent eventually
yfw they wait till the 6th round to draft o line

York is actually a very laissez-faire owner I think. TOO laissez-faire and that's how Baalke was allowed to really fuck shit up. I can't think of a worse GM with more power than Trent Baalke. Most of the successful roster when he was gm was actually drafted by his predecessor. Literally the only good thing he did was land harbaugh but then he ran him out of town so Baalke as a whole was a complete negative for the franchise.

>Vikings with basically only Gopher players
>Chiefs with basically only Mizzou players
>Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Oregon, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma sending no one to the draft (or all UDFA's)

The Saints with all-LSU DB's and Packers all Badger O-Line would be interesting. But not interesting enough.

CIN:Report: Vikings to 'consider' A.J McCarron
good. more the better. I like AJ. he wont set the world on fire but he's equal to case or bradford at this point.
whichever is the cheapest option.
I say take Bradford. let him die on the field. draft rudolph.

but Im glad cousins and AJ are being looked at.

>I can't think of a worse GM with more power than Trent Baalke.

Have you thanked Big Dick Doug today for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us?

California, Ohio, Texas, and Florida franchises would be the only ones to win owls.
>New England restricted to drafting ivy league

should i be worried about downing? i know fillipo is legit if we can get another good recieving TE and a decent qb, maybe 1 more elite O line player we’ll be fine.

Baalke unironically hired that man in a flailing attempt to save his job. Fitting.

>Wentz is better than Gof-

AJ McCarron almost lead the Bengals to a post season game against the Stillers before Jones and Burfict decided to keep it real gangster and sabotage the team.

I’m just grateful that he took all his teachings from Andy Reid but doesn’t hvr the choke factor deep inside him.

People underestimate what stability can do for a team and the boys were diffenkt short of it when Reid left

49ers get to pick from
USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford and bunch of other random places like SD State, UCSD, Sac State, UCD
mite b cool, could put together a strong team for sure

>Brady spends his significantly shorter career with the Lions
>Peyton Manning plays for the Tits and has two AFC South showdowns every year with Drew Brees and the Colts
it could never work irl but it makes for some really interesting what-if scenarios which would be fun to try out in Madden.

all of those states have multiple teams, though. the draft talent would be split two, three, or four ways.

Mark Brunell

i like ruduloph too. i think fillipo and stefansky can turn him into a studd

It's Big Balls Doug

>Tyrod is an awful quarterba—

yeah. TE's got youre dick hard as well?
filipino loves TE's.
I just want quit drafting nigger basketball players that dont make it past training camp.
fucking black TE's are worthless nowadays.
>just give the vikings a nine fingered white guy

he’s a better version of teddy noodlearm

What about players at schools in states without an NFL team? Go by closest team?

>a 7 year QB barely beats a young QB wuth half the starts

Minnesota will trade their first and third picks for Foles. cap it

the NFL should have a farm league with in-state drafting only, it could find a market with college football fans who want to keep watching players from their teams who weren't good enough for the NFL and undrafted free agents, and the locals-only aspect could foster fan loyalty. Admit it, it could work. The NFL could also use it to experiment with rule changes like they did with NFL Europe.

that's not saying much since teddy nigwater is ded and will likely never be unded

Severe deer problem, especially in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc. Some parts of the state have something like 95 deer/sqmi.

Reminder it's more humane to cull some of the herd so that they don't just end up starving the ecosystem by destroying all plant life in their habitat.

>first and third picks for Foles

yeah and keenum did the same. but also won those games. with about as much as AJ.
really there is not any seperation AJ, Bradford, Keenum, Bridgewater to me.
Cousins yeah but only like a little bit. the system is a meat grinder. just throw whatever basic bitch QB into it and the same hamburger comes out every time.

I swear to fucking god if 5 of 7 picks of the draft arent offense Im gonna start mailing anthrax to spielman.

Flip knows who breads his butter

That's some pretty shit negotiation strategy from the Jets

teams could buy and sell draft rights to non-NFL states to each other, I guess, with the stipulation that they have to border the state, or that there isn't any team between them and the state (so that the Giants couldn't start drafting players from Idaho or something).

You may have to a wait a while on that one, bruh.

that sounds cool, teebeeaytch
I bet college football fans would watch it too, since they're autists

>gets Wentz dubs

Right now he is the QB thar lost to a backup

No, those are Bledsoe Dubs

he used to be a starter so doesn't count

you're both wrong

literally who

Literally not me.

naa fuck off

Even if we were splitting up the draft talent the rest of the country is so bereft of talent it wouldn't matter. Carolina would be able to compete tho. The main problem is that cfb parity is pathetic and the disparity in state population and football interest at the high school level plays into that as well.


Thank you refs for not calling back all of our illegal TDs


>that gif
Aaaand now I wanna try doing that to see if it works.

shut up pussy

>I'm a cowboys fan

good post

>imagine still being this booty blasted

All Combine Team
RGIII, Matt Jones(Arkansas)
Bo Jackson, Chris Johnson, Jerick McKinnon
John Ross, Julio Jones, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Chris Conley, Tavon Austin
Vernon Davis
Tony Mandarich, Lane Johnson, Terron Armstead, Mitch Petrus, Lydon Murtha
Dontari Poe, Myles Garrett, Margus Hunt, Mike Mamula
Jamie Collins, Von Miller, Vic Beasley
Byron Jones, Domonique Rogers-Cromartie, Gerald Sensabaugh, Taylor Mays, Deion Sanders
Pat O’Donnell
How many games can this team win

Ah, Mike Mamula. A steroid filled syringe in shoulder pads.

The Philadelphia Eagles are only $6m over the cap

Can’t throw INTs if you don’t throw at all

ynr LaRon Landry

NEW in a few olympicposts

the worlds most natty man


Cred Forums spent the past 3 weeks screaming about how they're 9m over the cap. We're literally one move away from not only being under the cap, but affording the draft class as well

Cutting Torrey is $5 Mil off already.

>tfw you suddenly realize that the fastest and most efficient way to cut that last $6M is to drop one of your QB's.

Looks like that 22nd pick is coming to Philly


Buffalo needs a QB
they can't afford Kirk Cousins
They also have the 21st pick
They don't have enough capital to move from 21/22 to 3

You trading for the Studfeld? Foles isn’t going anywhere.

I hope my balticute ravens can make the playoffs next year

Honestly for the 22nd pick he may. Let's you trade down with the 32nd pick to acquire an early second round and maybe a late pick.


we're still doing this? it wasn't an illegal formation. alshon checked with the ref. you lost. get over it.