Watching Madrid game with gf

>watching Madrid game with gf
>she only starts paying attention when Ramos is on screen
Tell me I'm not the only one this happens to bros.

Same with my gf except it's Lukaku with her

>literally wearing a jersey as a skirt

Ramos is pretty faggy, desu.

*fucks your gf*

same with my gf except its Tevez with her

My gf unironically said Cristiado should be a machine in bed

same with my mom except its Gerald Asamoah with her

I wish that faggot would finally get destroyed by an opponent. Piece of Spaniard shit always fouling as hard as possible while refs fucking ignore it. So many red cards they didn't dare show him.

the fuck you're talking about? he's the all time leader in red cards in la liga and still has many years to play in his career

Still a beast in white.

Same with my mom except it's anyone else that isn't my father

Of course is an Amerifat with the cuck fantasies involving a subhuman. How degenerate. No wonder you reached amerimutt la creatura status

Stop larping. We know you're a girl who just wants to post her husbando.

She has alredy been inseminated by the 93' header man. Sorry user


Same with my gf except it's Salah

Was watching England v Italy in the Euros a few years back (0-0), and I specifically remember 2 of my female friends going "Well, well, well, hellooooo Mr. Carroll" when Andy was getting ready to come on. Fucking lost it. Made me realize just how differently we see football.

Did Ramos bully you in school or something?

>Gramos de coca
Less likely than an amerimutt not getting shot

>plastic surgery intensifies

he reminds me of a spanish version of shaun white

>shaun white
He looks more like Val Kilmer

>lebron james jersey

I was at a huge bar in Hawaii for a UFC fight once, years ago. There were tons of women there, lots were there only with other women.
I asked my waiter what the deal was. He goes "You'll see soon".
Two fights later, it's the main event, and the women perk up, then GSP walks out and suddenly they're all watching. WTF?
There were great fights before that and they didn't give two shits. They didn't care about fighting, they were just there to see GSP? Why wait a couple hours for that? I don't get women.

but Val Kilmer has a chin

I thought gypsies were from Romania

he's wearing it as a dress, not as a skirt. please educate yourself.

same with my lesbian sisters except its chicharrioto herenandez.

That little twink would make a world-class trap

Same with my wife expect its Jesse lingard with her.

Not sure if trolling but here’s your (YoU)

Same with my gf except its peter crouch with her

same with my gf except I don't have a gf