Astro awoke from a heavy, dreamless sleep. >She sat up cautiously and swung her legs round onto the floor

>Astro awoke from a heavy, dreamless sleep. >She sat up cautiously and swung her legs round onto the floor.
>She was sat on a metallic platform, and around her the room buzzed and flashed with numerous pieces of scientific equipment.
>Astro regarded each item in the room methodically, trying to get her bearings.

>She knew her own name. And that she was a woman –
>a female of the human species, aged in her early 20s.
>She could recollect these facts as if looking them up in a book.
>But she knew nothing more about herself, her past life, or where she currently was.

Roll a 1 and the story continues.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

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>inb4 Astro is a trap

Attached: cloud-atlas_2012-1-1800x1198_scroller.jpg (1800x1198, 177K)

Really, it should have been "roll a 1 or dubs"
Sorry user
I will implement that for the next part of the story
Assuming Astro doesn't die first...

>Astro lies back down and feels depressed
>only some kind user can make her life continue

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Bumpppp fuck these nigger scientists astro

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It'll be fun anons. Just roll that 1 and she lives.

>Astro can't back to sleep
>she's afraid of the 404
>will you let her live anons?

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>Astro wishes to get lewd anons
>only rolling a 1 can make it happen

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Here we go longhorns here we go get up astro
before they do more tests

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These fucking nigger scientists are going to win before the game is afoot.

Fucking roll

>Astro manages falls into a fitful slumber
>She has nightmares of death by 404
>only the prince's kiss of GET can awake her

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Goddamnit astro

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>In the corner of the room was a viewing window.
>Astro walked over to stand in front of the glass.
>Peering through the floor-length glass, she could see that the laboratory was part of a spaceship.
>They were moving at great speed.
>Countless stars zoomed past, like scattered confetti caught by the breeze.

>As Astro considered this, she also caught a glimpse of her own reflection.
>She had dark hair – poker straight - sitting just above her delicate shoulders.
>Her fingers ran through it, feeling it for the first time.
>It was sleek but voluminous, and tangled up in her fingers.
>She tucked a strand behind her ear innocently, turning her head slightly.
>She caught the side-profile of her pale, slender face.

>Astro now regarded herself eye-to-eye.

Roll a 2 or dubs and the story continues.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

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Astro a clone

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I’m just glad to see there are still biological females in the far flung future of the year 2000. Rollin’ for story.


>She realised she had some background knowledge on human female physiognomy.
>By such standards, she was an exceptional example of a young woman.
>Her eyes were bright and inquisitive – they smiled warmly, welcoming the viewer into their enlivening gaze.

>Her mouth, however, did not smile.
>It was fixed in a serious expression as she examined herself.
>It was a full, lightly pink mouth.
>She experimentally ran the tip of her tongue across it.
>She enjoyed what she saw.

>According to accepted human standards, she was a highly attractive woman.
>She met almost all the usual criteria of classical beauty and of masculine desire.

>Was it strange to think of oneself in that detached manner?
>She couldn’t help but do so, as she observed her pale young skin –
>pale and completely blemish-free, just a slight colouring in her cheeks suggesting the youthful energy of her body.

>She was wearing a plain, white gown with no shoes and no underwear.
>Perhaps this was a hospital.
>Was there something wrong with her?
>She certainly felt fine. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever feeling better.

>But then, it was impossible to remember anything prior to this day.

Roll a 3 or dubs and the story continues.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

Get in here anons. We need death or lewd wins.

>forgot to add a picture

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Woah, who’s that biatch? I recognize Astro, but not this other one. Is she an interloper? Hmm.

That's Astro looking in the mirror
We are working figuratively user

Where are my decisions to make


>She ran her hands across her torso, checking for any injuries.
>Her skin felt supple to the touch, giving way softly to the press of her fingers.

>Her inspection reached the upper torso.
>She felt her small breasts shift freely under the gown.

>No visible signs of injury could be found. >However, something had changed in the reflection.
>Her rounded, pink nipples had hardened under the brush of her own fingers
>They were clearly visible through the thin fabric.

>Not only that, but there was a sensation of pleasure accompanying this biological reaction.
>She continued to glancingly caress her breasts.
>She looked on at the change in her reflection with detached interest, wondering what other new surprises her body had in store.

>With the curiosity of an alien visitor, Astro moved one step closer to the reflective surface of the window.
>Her face, though still delicately glamourous, was set in a quizzical frown.
>She lifted up the front of her short gown and peered downward at the faint image of her own crotch in the window.
>Astro and her petite frame stood still against the backdrop of a thousand fleeting solar systems.

>The skin below her gown was smooth and alluringly pale like the rest of her body.
>There was no trace of whisped, soft hair which she understood to be characteristic of the adult pubis.
>She could see no signs, nor find any recollection, of hair removal.
>Perhaps there was something abnormal affecting her?

>With an air of scientific enquiry, she ran two fingers along the outer surface of her vulva.

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Here we go user...

Will Astro...
A) Continue the inspection of her vulva?
B) Go looking for another human?

Roll a 3 or dubs to decide.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

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Sorry, that should be "roll a 4 or dubs"
I am not accepting a 3 for this decision

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You got a 4 OP. Now what happens. This is quite a pickle.

I abstain from the decision. Someone else needs to decide what happens.

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Astro was just born

if we play our cards right, there will be raep and coom


>Astro ceases the inspection of her vulva.
>If she is to find out why she is here, she will need to search for other humans.
>She exits the room and heads down a long, spacious corridor.
>She looks into dark, empty rooms until she finds one occupied.

>Dr Harvard was sat in his laboratory.
>His lunch break had been interrupted by a young colleague’s subspace email from a different research centre.
>He had answered with as much grace as possible their rather rudimentary questions about positronic brain design.
>The doctor felt mildly irritated at having overrun the normal hour of respite, and was brushing crumbs off his white coat as he strode into the room.

>He was a tall, broad-shouldered man who always entered a room with a natural confidence.
>He swept back his dark hair, which was starting to be peppered at the sides with a lustrous silver.

>Although Dr Harvard had spent much time in complete solitude on the ship, he always maintained himself in both appearance and decorum.
>He held it as a principle that a respected man, hugely successful in his field of science, should in every way be the figure of a gentleman.
>He wore a crisp white shirt underneath his laboratory coat, and a carefully knotted silk tie.

>He turned sharply as he heard the door opening.
>His surprise turned to recognition.
>“Ah, Astro!”, he remarked, looking across at her with genuine surprise.
>“You’ve woken up. We weren’t expecting you – or, that is to say, I wasn’t… – until later this afternoon.”

>“You were expecting me,” Astro stated plainly, as she faced the doctor.
>“But I am early. I can come back at the correct time.”

Does Dr Harvard...
A) Send Astro back to her room?
B) Continue this conversation?

Roll a 5 or dubs to decide.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.
OP's roll does not count, unless bumping the thread.

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Op stop being fgt

What, you want me to kill her already?

Doc is busy man

No I want you to pretype goddamnit

It is pretyped. I'm just a faggot user.

Rolling/bumping for A


How many pictures of my dick I gotta post to get dubs around here

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>Dr Harvard asks Astro to wait back in the first room until he is ready.
>She heads back along the corridor without further discussion.

>She uses the time to resume her inspection.
>Looking at her bald pussy in the mirror again, she decided it was the most mysterious feature of her body
>It hid itself away tidily beneath her gown, waiting to be disclosed.

>Still with a quizzical look of concentration, Astro guided the two fingers inward and parted the labia
>It accepted her advance.
>Her body gently sprang back to envelop her touch in its impeccable self-containment.

>Astro was growing in confidence, and proceeded to more fully investigate this part of her body
>Her mirrored self curiously watched as the fingers moved in and out, and the tight labia sprang back to envelop them.
>Together, they continued further in, feeling the unexpected wetness with an irresistible frisson.

>Astro brought her fingers slowly upwards until the tips of her digits pressed firmly at her clitoris.
>As her expedition made more forceful inroads, this hidden part of herself opened like a flower under sunlight.
>She glimpsed the light pink of its inner sanctuary, sent back in soft-focus by the reflection.

>It was almost identical in glistening colour to the pink lips of her mouth, which she found herself probing with her spare hand.
>She bit down on her own fingers, and stopped expending mental energy, instead allowing the bodily instincts of self-discovery to take over.

>At this moment of puzzled bliss, Dr Harvard entered the laboratory.

Does Dr Harvard...
A) Continue his medical examination?
B) Take that bitch on a date?

Roll a 6 or dubs to decide.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

OP's roll does count, because I'm bored of waiting.

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Let's get to the raep and coom anons.

B, and he takes roofies with him


>Watching Astro finger herself in the window reflection, Dr Harvard didn't want to interrupt.
>Eventually he cleared his through, once she had climaxed, and she turned around.
>Astro looked at him unflinchingly. “I was running a full inspection, Dr Harvard. It was necessary to ascertain my operating status."

>“Please, do call me Charles. There is no need to be formal,” he replied.

“Thank you, Charles. Please inform me of my duties. I am ready to fulfil my prescribed function.”
>Charles faltered at this point.
>There was no need to be prudish with a robot

(cont below...)

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>certainly not with a robot created for his own pleasure and companionship.
>However, he felt the need to set the mood, if only for his sanity.

>he decided to skip the medical exam
>“Why don’t you get changed into some nicer clothes, Astro. Then we shall sit down and talk about your duties.”

>Half an hour later, Dr Harvard was sitting in the lounge area of his staff quarters.
>He had poured himself a glass of whisky and removed his coat and tie.
>The plain fact was that he felt nervous. It was absurd, he knew, to feel nervous before a date with a perfectly submissive android.
>But he felt nervous all the same.

>After a knock at the door, Astro entered.
>She greeted him politely, then occupied the sofa opposite him when invited to sit.
>Charles had shown her to her quarters, where a fully fitted wardrobe was ready for her to choose from.
>He noted to himself that she had chosen one of the more innocent outfits.

>It consisted of a grey pencil skirt, which tightened above her knees and accentuated her curves.
>On top, she wore a tight-fitting white blouse, which revealed just enough cleavage without ceasing to be demure.

>He had become especially aroused when pre-selecting this outfit for his new doll.
>As she sat, Astro crossed her legs gracefully. >When given a drink, she sipped it as casually and coyly as a Hollywood starlet on set.

>Charles wondered if she had been studying female behaviour and mannerisms prior to their meeting.
>She was equipped with internet access, and was capable of handling huge amounts of information in short spaces of time.

>She put down her drink and re-crossed her legs, this time giving Charles a tantalising glimpse up her skirt.
>The white of her knickers was visible to him for perhaps a fraction of a second...
>but it remained in his mind’s eye throughout their conversation.
>Was that another move she learned, Charles wondered.

>“Why am I here, doctor?”, she asked.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_00.26.58_[2013.04.20_02.14.34].jpg (1920x804, 249K)

Does Dr Harvard...
A) Answer her question and ask what she desires;
B) Give her some orders.

Roll a 7 or dubs to decide.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

If anyone's still lurking, post so I can finish this and go to bed.

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Rolling for B

Ignoring the entire premise of the thread, cloud atlas was a pretty ok movie, think i'm gonna watch it again later.

Yeah, it was decent, and I got a major hard-on for the disposable sex-ready clone girl, even the bit where they mechanically slaughtered her


>get through the boring shit
>let the thread 404 before she gets fucked
Not On My Watch

Rolling B

give orders get

Reroll for B

Off by one


Come on dubs, B.

All the fucking 8s we will need for the finale

B get


>the truth was, Astro was not programmed straightforwardly to fulfil one function.
>She was engineered to have android desires imprinted, which guide her behaviour.
>She was designed entirely to take pleasure and satisfaction from being his submissive companion.

>he had planned to explain all this slowly and carefully
>but he had waited long enough to put his design into action, and he had no need to explain it all to Astro.

>He felt his formal trousers restricting his cock, where every drop of blood in his body was now collecting
>Using his spare hand, he flicked open his trousers’ fastenings.
>With one swift movement, he yanked his enraged penis out, with the sense of bringing months of half-spoken desire into the open.

>All the energy he had spent daydreaming about Astro, all the cum he had spilled in her bedroom, into the soft fabric of her underwear drawer, came back to Charles with full force.
>He was ready to issue his real orders.

>“Kneel down in front of me and remove my shoes.”

>She did so automatically, lowering herself to the ground in front of him
>bowing her head to his feet in wilful surrender to her own submission.

>“Now open your mouth.”

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_00.27.48_[2013.04.20_02.17.18].jpg (1920x804, 155K)

>Charles stood up from his seat, kicking off his trousers as he stepped forward.
>Astro knelt obediently still, her hands behind her back, her mouth passively open.

>Her eyes, though, were not still. They looked eagerly up and down, taking in the naked body of her creator and captor.

>For a man of science and intellect, Charles was in very good shape.
>He was slim throughout all of his tall physique.
>But his muscles were well defined, and they rippled with dynamism as he hurriedly undressed himself.

>Astro ached with great anticipation of this new experience – of being fucked by this strong man who now towered over her.
>His dick was the only one she had ever seen. The only one she would ever need to see.
>But it struck her as perfectly proportioned. It was thick and hard, with a few prominent veins pumping it full and giving it the solid definition of a clenched fist.

>She now felt deeply and wholeheartedly how she had been designed solely to please this cock.
>At the prospect of finally accepting it into her own newly-formed body, she began to get excited.

>She felt as if the wetness between her legs would become a torrent at any moment, dripping through her underwear and onto the floor where she remained in total submission.

>She needed Charles to fill her up and stop the very essence of her being from dissipating.

>Charles could now wait no longer.
>Grabbing the back of Astro’s head, he pulled her open mouth closer.
>With no more hesitation, he slid his thick penis directly into the warmness of her pink little mouth.
>Meeting no resistance, he grabbed her head more firmly, and pushed all the way into her throat.

>She was designed to have a very mild gag reflex.
>He could have left it out entirely, but the thought of her choking on his cock was one that he had savoured for some time.

>Astro allowed her head to be pulled back and forward along the full length of Charles’s shaft.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_00.27.45_[2013.04.20_02.16.50].jpg (1920x804, 156K)

Does Dr Harvard...
A) Ejaculate in her throat;
B) Try out her vagina.

Roll a 8 or dubs to decide.
Roll trips: Astro dies, the story ends.

Let's finish this.

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Trips get. Slaughter tiem.

Quads = death, and then ejaculation.

dubs but no decision

I vote A


trips or a

>the girl an heros
>the doc is forever alone
>blames women for his troubles
>posts on 4chins

or A

puke writing
try sucking dick instead

Roll for B

Reroll for B

>Charles himself was completely lost inside the sublime experience of Astro’s custom-made throat passively fellating him.

>As he got caught up in the ecstasy of this wished-for moment, he grabbed her hair with extra force, making her scream with pain through her mouthful of sex.
>He knew very well that her body could withstand as much pain as he cared to dole out.
>In fact, she would thrive on pain and readily accept its sadistic demands.
>Far from slowing down his thrusting, Astro’s squeals made Charles renew his cruel attack on her pretty orifice.
>He wrapped his left hand around her neck, holding her head completely still as he pumped deeper and deeper.
>The sight of her full, inviting lips, accepting his cock over and over, was almost enough to drive Charles over the edge.
>Not wanting the pleasure to end just yet, he decided to try something else.

>With his left hand still grabbing at her tits, Charles plunged his stronger hand under her skirt.
>Parting the soft fabric of her underwear, he entered her cunt swiftly and steadily.
>Feeling his two fingers inside her for the first time, Astro pushed her hips downward to meet his hand.
>The sensation was indescribable, the physical pleasure being augmented by her primal need to be penetrated and used.

>“P-please,” Astro managed to stammer.
>As Charles overpowered her, she looked up with glistening eyes and a wounded expression.
>Charles wondered if she were about to cry, or even ask him to stop – though he knew that was impossible.

>“Please fuck me,” she finished.

>Without any need for further prompting, Charles grabbed his prototype and roughly pulled her to her feet.
>Then her threw her into the chair where he’d previously been sat.

>“Kneel up and lift your skirt,” he commanded.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_02.00.37_[2013.04.20_02.27.15].jpg (1920x804, 127K)

>She obeyed, pushing her pert bum up, and hiking the wool fabric of her skirt up.
>She was wearing plain white cotton panties with a little lace frill at the edged.
>These had been one of Charles’s favourite pairs to release his hot cum into, as he longed for Astro’s arrival.
>However, they looked slightly out of place with her skirt, blouse and heels.
>Charles himself had left out some lace lingerie and stocking to match this particular outfit.
>“Why are you wearing these?”, he demanded.
>She turned her head to see Charles, who stood admiring her firm behind.

>“I thought you wanted a good girl,” Astro whimpered.

>This summarised the doctor’s deepest needs so concisely, he couldn’t but groan with anticipation.
>Taking his manhood into his hand, he grabbed her ass firmly and slapped her hard.
>Astro herself felt a rush of satisfaction through her entire being, as she felt herself given over to Charles’s perverted demands
>only one further thing was needed to sanctify this complete possession.
>With his cock still in hand, Charles positioned himself immediately behind Astro.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_02.00.59_[2013.04.20_02.27.44].jpg (1920x804, 155K)

>She arched her back, putting her pink and hairless pussy on show for him.
>He continued grabbing and slapping her soft, pale ass whilst running the head of his dick up and down her dripping wet labia.
>Leaning forward, he grabbed the back of Astro’s neck and pinned her still.
>He then thrust his cock forward as hard as he could, and it entered her hot cunt with just the small resistance of her tight muscles.
>Charles was now running on pure testosterone, and he grunted and sweated as he pulled his dick all the way out, then slammed it repeatedly back in.
>“Give me that pussy, you little fucking whore,” he snapped at her.
>“It’s your pussy, sir,” Astro replied. She sounded hurt and damaged by his rough treatment.
>But he knew this was exactly what she thrived on.

>Leaning further forward, he stuck two of his fingers into her mouth, and guided them right back into her throat.
>He felt her throat closing around his fingers, just as her tight hole spasmed around his dick.
>Pressing his fingers down over the back of her tongue, he made Astro gag so hard she almost threw up.

>Just at that moment, as we felt her choke on his hand, he thumped his cock one last time into her.
>With his cock inserted to its full extent, he let loose all the gallons of cum he’s be saving for this moment.
>Once his orgasm finished, he pulled out, and sat back to watch the cum drip out of Astro.
>As it dripped onto the floor, she turned to face him, her big eyes imploring him to approve of her in some way.

>“Did I do well, Charles?,” she asked.
>“Get on the floor and lick up that mess,” he replied.

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I'm not ready any of this crap. I'm just here for Doona Bae.

Final roll...
How does Charles end their encounter?
A) Compliments her on a good job.
B) Chucks her back into the laboratory.
C) Kills her.

Roll 9 or dubs to determine the ending.

Trips = instant death.

Yeah, I wrote way too much text and I'm a faggot.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_00.26.09_[2013.04.20_02.10.46].jpg (1920x804, 248K)

Roll for A let's have a positive ending.

A is what she deserves

Reroll A


let's go A

dammit reroll

reroll again


off by one

Rerolling a

Is she marching to her doom?

Rolling A and we can go to sleep with no guilt.

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Fuck, sorry

Lmao ded

The dubs were a part of the series of rerolls and preceded the trips so not ded.


Trips checked.

>Charles sat back in his chair, spent and completely satisfied.
>He watched Astro like his semen up from the floor, and for a moment he felt guilty.
>Then he remembered that she was a robot, capable of feeling pleasure only from this kind of abuse.
>He sighed a deep sigh and wondered if this project had been the right thing to do.

>He stood over the cowering Astro, and leaned down.
>Putting his arms under her, he lifted her, cradling her to his chest.

>He carried Astro all the way back to the bedroom he's prepared for her.
>It was a small room, fitted out as a girlish bedroom.
>There was a single bed in one corner, with pink bedsheets and a scattering of stuffed animals.
>The room was an alarming admixture of the childishly naïve and the explicitly adult.

>Dr Harvard tucked Astro up into her bed, kissed her on the forehead and said "sweet dreams, my princess"

>Then he walked back down to the command centre of the ship, and activated the emergency self-destruct sequence.
>As Astro had her first ever dream, the ship tore itself apart and both Charles and Astro were scattered across the black darkness.


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trips are instant death and overrule other gets

sorry user. She didn't deserve this.

Attached: Cloud Atlas 1080p-QT3.14.mkv_snapshot_02.19.43_[2013.04.20_02.32.46].jpg (1920x804, 203K)

Now I'm going to have nightmares.

She was too kind for this fucked world.

It was fun op, thanks

no problem

I'm going to aim for less text next time I think