It's my birthday... Just tried to kill my self a few minutes ago...

It's my birthday... Just tried to kill my self a few minutes ago. Turns out it takes fucking forever to die from exhaust fumes. 20 minutes in a sealed garage with the STI running and nothing fucking happened. here's to 25 /b guess I'm stuck with you all for another year at least... Maybe I'll just try it again, give it 30...

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I have been there. Trust me. things get better. People love you. Keep fighting. If depressions wants to kill you, make it be a man and shut down and organ like a real disease.

why don't you grow the fuck up maybe?

try to kill yourself by eating like 5 grams of mushrooms, you will find meaning in this life.


good point.

You didn't want to
If it's worth doing... it's worth doing right ~George Carlin

I love you user don’t kill yourself

My mom just sent me pictures of her and me as a baby... Then wished me a happy birthday. All I want is the pain to stop, but God I love her. I love everyone... I was so normal once, I don't know what happened...

Most I've ever done is 6 tabs of good acid, it was a great time... There's no meaning though, life is about love and that's something I'll never have... Acids shrooms none of it could ever help now, I know what's underneath it all...

Guess maybe it's time...

Nah, duct tape a garden hose to your exhaust and lead it through the driver window. Roll the window up as far as possible and let it run. 5-8 minutes max.

Thanks man, I'm going another year now, we'll see how it goes...

Don't have a garden hose... Doesn't matter, didn't really want to kill my self anyways, just figured I'd sit in my car until I turned 25 and see what happened... Turns out not fucking much.

If you don't commit to things you'll just waste another 25+ years.

Quit being an ass and go eat some cake.

I committed to exactly what I said I would. I hoped in the car at 11:40 ish and stayed till I was 25. Not my fault it didn't work. Guess the garage wasn't sealed enough, I thought for sure it was... Maybe if I'd fired up the 300 and the 675 it would have worked, but I'm drunk and doubt I could find the keys...

Can't argue with quads, gotta go live now

did you leave your windows down like a smart person?

Take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate and hopefully change your mind.

An hero and give me STI OP

Holy shit quad 6s, that's it then, it's decided, I live forever now. user has spoken, my life is forfeit. I'll never try suicide again, it is what it is, /b saved me

All wrong!!

Your going to get sick or brain damage
You dumb nigger

Dont fill the garage
You are fucking retarded
Hose to Window
Duct tape window so it completely seals
10 minutes tops
Your welcome

Protip... Be drunk as fuck

Well I got the last part right ;)

I am feeling rest sick now... Might have fucked up a little...

Man, if it helps...
Read Marcus Aurelius, his meditations and read anything about Estoicism, or helenistic schools.

Knowing the vision of those philosophies maybe will make you change your life in many ways...

Look life is the only thing you have certainly, and you have the power to change things in your life that you don't like... others are just impossible to change but you need to accept them, and accpeting things is something hard but practice makes perfect...

Breath, learn to meditate, do a list of things you want to change in your life and begin small, you'll see changes eventually at little but day by day you'll be closer to you dream life.

Don't commit a mistake, the only irreversible mistake, be strong and focus in your things...
I tell you this because i was there and i had nothing, the boredom make me search for anything, whatever, and i found out estoicism and greek wisdom, father of philosophy, you can do it too, i'm not perfect, my life isn't the best, but everyday i work on it and i know someday it will be different!

Obviously not, you should have passed out for 6 hours.

Either way, it's a selfish thing to do. You should probably stick around.

>buhu I don't have a mercedes and a hot girlfriend better an hero
kill yourself unironically

i'll do it if you do

Don’t do it user

You drive an STI? Maybe you should kill yourself.

you're only 25 user, I'm 28 and no better

Man, killing yourself from exhaust fumes? What a womanly way to go. Try a gun next time, pussy.

No man is an island user

what pain are you talking about?

first of all why not get a small grill and pour a lot of coal in there. light it up and you have got yourself a carbon monoxide machine that works indoors especially your room. shit you can even sleep while the fire is lit.

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OP, do you care about life anymore? If you don't, it means you are free. You can do whatever the fuck you want, you don't care. It means you can go approach any girl you want and don't care about what she says.
You reached the peak OP, you are free... now go live your life, experience the good and the bad, because in the end we are all gonna die. Good luck OP.

La nuit Porte counseil
Happy birthday, faggot. You should celebrate with a little bit of cake and take a nap before you commit, yeah? Take it easy brother, it'll get better. Usually takes a while, but yeah.

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Behold the wonder of the modern catalytic converter friend.

Almost impossible to kill yourself without taking it out.

But hey, why not try not killing yourself. Go eat some cake, play some vidya, drink a nice beer and jack off before you fall asleep.

>life is about love and that's something I'll never have

Shrooms will help untangle the knot in your brain that is preventing you from loving yourself.

You’re assuming his sti is stock bud. Since it’s an sti, likelihood of it being stock, and catted is 1/10 tops.

No one really likes being here. Those that say they do are lying shit hampers.

Happy Birthday user

now you're just trying to humble brag about cars you don't have. Stfu

Even with a cat you can get the monoxide levels to an adequate level to achieve death. 10 to 15 minutes. Tight seal and your all good

Good for you

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You have an STI why are you complaining

Happy birthday op, I’m really sorry about your struggles. I have no fucking idea who you are, but you seem like a cool person. keep going. Keep pushing forward. You never know what opportunities may cross your path this year. Things will get better

25 is young man. Happy birthday, give it a year, go into those hard things that fucking hurt. Try to heal. We get one shot at life. There's no reason to end it early. Know that we love you dude. People who say otherwise are unhappy, they troll to hurt.

bro PLEASE don't listen to these people. They are fucked up. He's a fucking loser for even mentioning this.You are supposed to be here.

What color STI? Did you do wing delete?