Incest Story Thread. Share all your incest related stories and pics

Incest Story Thread. Share all your incest related stories and pics.

General growing-up, non-incest sexual stories also welcome.

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unfinished story from 2 days ago:

I'm pretty much fwb with my sister (siblings with benefits?)
>2 Years ago
>Be me
>Be 17
>Sister Sarah 19 is home from uni
>Parents out of town for some second honeymoon or some shit
>Sis out with some mates
>I'm at home playing Xbox
>Set up in the living room with the big TV and a few beers
>Like midnight sis gets home
>She's pretty drunk
>We end up sitting on the sofa chatting and drinking for ages
>"Screw this, I'm getting changed"
>She heads off upstairs
>Reappears a few minutes later
>She lies down with her back over my legs and her head on the arm of the sofa
>Don't really think much of it, she does this all the time
>She's wearing short pyjama bottoms and a t shirt
>Keep on chatting and drinking
>Sarah's clearly not wearing a bra
>Her nipples are showing through her shirt
>And they start to get hard
>Really obvious
>Try not to stare
>She notices
>"What it's cold, stop staring, ya pervert" she jokes
>Pushes her chest out a bit and pulls her t shirt tight
>This makes her boobs really obvious
>I'm awkward as fuck with all this
>She notices and just laughs
>"Ya like them, user?"
>I instantly turn bright red
>"Umm y-yeah, I guess" I reply
>"You guess, want a better look then?"
>She makes as if to pull off her top
>But just stops and laughs again
>This teasing goes on for a few more minutes
>After a couple minutes, she shimmys up so she is sitting between me and the arm of the sofa and I'm under her legs
>She makes a point of grinding her ass against me as she slides up
>I'm getting hard at this point

Guys pls share some good greentexts, my dick is throbbing

Incest Cuck Fetish

I have a little sister who I love and care about. However, I also think she is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Well a few summers back, I saw her get out of the pool in a white bikini and the bottom was practically see through. She has the most perfect innie cameltoe. Ever since then all I can think about is how bad I want to lick those thick lips. But for some reason I think it would be so hot to watch someone else get to lick her slit right infront of me.

Would love to rp this if anyone is interested.

>Pretty sure she could feel it
>She's just sitting there looking at me mischievously
>I look into her eyes thinking I can stare her down
>She just lifts her arm up and around my neck and pulls our faces together and into a kiss
>We are both into it instantly, I can't remember either of us hesitating
>At first I have no idea what to do with my hands
>I end up with one behind her head and the other on her shoulder
>She moves her shoulders and lifts her arm a little so my hand slides down so it's on her side
>Then she turns her torso into my hand and I feel her breast slide into my palm
>Her still erect nipple brushes against my hand, which is still barely resting on her
>Sarah breaks off the kiss, but keeps her face close to me
>She's breathing quite heavily and I can feel it against my face
>"Fuck" She whispers, "Keep going?" she asks, still in a whisper
>My mind is screaming at me to stop, she's my sister for Christ sake
>But I'm a horny teenager so my brain should know better than to try to reason with my dick
>"Yeah" I whisper back before pulling her lips back to mine
>I move my hand on her boob round to that I'm cupping it properly now
>I give it a gentle squeeze
>Sarah lets out a soft moan as I do so
>We keep kissing as I fondle her breast
>Eventually I end up gently pinching her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and rolling it back and forth
>She moans louder at that
>Breaking off the kiss again
>"That feels... really good..." she's practically panting now "I'm still cold though, wanna go warm up?" I could hear the smile in her voice now
>I agree and she jumps up and almost drags me upstairs and towards her room


have you thought about visiting a psychiatrist?

When I was a teen the only computer in our house was in my sisters room so I only got to use it whenever she wasnt home.
One day while I was browsing the documents folder in her pc for my Witcher 2 saved files I stumbled upon several face and dick picks labeled snapshot1, 2 etc. Turns out Skype snapshots were being saved there for some reason. Scrolled down a bit and stumbled upon "pic related"

I knew those were hers because I have the same birthmark on right tit, when I realized what I was looking at I lost it, I know you guys will probably thing they ain't much but it was the whole taboo aspect of it, I was seeing my big sisters boobs!

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been on here before with the whole story but I dont feel like typing so here is the short version.

>last few years tease my gf with interest about her younger sister be 32 gf 26 gfs sister 23

>one thanks giving after we are all drunk and go to bed my gf pulls out a pair of her sisters dirty panties.

>we both sniff and masturbate she gives me handjob with them best nut i have ever had.

>sister in law returns home after long weekend
>about one week later tells sister about chlamidia she got from fucking around to much.
>gf and I freak out for about a week until we both see doctor and all is good. very embarassing moment when telling the doctor about what happenned

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Not going to greentext cause phone but been sleeping with my cousin's, my nieces and friend's sisters. Always feel bad about it after sex but still end up doing it again

Started posting my chronicles yesterday. I'll continue them today if this thread stays alive and if people are interested.

>11 year old white male with slender build, slightly above average height, handsome face, pitch blue eyes, living in the mid-2000s
>10 year old white female with a mostly slender build, but slightly fat/thicc thighs (probably inherited from our father), blonde hair, 9/10 face, stunning when fixed up right. also very athletic and plays tennis
>both of us right in a period where sexual curiosity is abnormally high
>even the fucking scooby doo movie from 2002 makes us feel funny down there during certain scenes
>had always played kissing games and other minor stuff, including with friends, but now beginning to discover things like sex and other forms of intimacy through movies, reality tv and limewire
>one day, decide to try french kissing
>for the rest, see next post

Also pic related is a somewhat recent photo of her, (heavily blurred for obvious reasons).

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i seriously never gonna understand how some ppl want to sniff/etc panties, bras.. guess whatever floats your boat, but still, the closest feeling i would get for sniffing underwear would be puking up my innards ... i guess your story is at least believable.

>12+ years ago
>i'm 11 years old, younger sister is 10
>she is a cute, really good looking blonde with naturally thicc thighs
>watch a lot of movies and tv together
>we end up becoming increasingly interested in intimacy and sex from movies and tv, and rewinded to watch the notebook sex scene several times with rachael mcadams and ryan gosling
>also watched porn together, downloaded from limewire. i specifically remember one 5 minute german porn video we watched weveral times
>one day, we're both in her bedroom, parents downstairs, i suggest 'wanna try kissing?'
>we're both laughing about it and how it would be gross, but our curiosity builds
>eventually, we start by just pecking our tongues together, still laughing around hysterically as raw instinct begins to set in
>after about 30 minutes of several attempts, we both sit on the side of her bed, side by side, staring into eachothers eyes, position ourselves right, and go for a full on french kiss
>first one lasts about 3 seconds, we both riposte in embarrassment and laughter, i get a massive hard-on, but conceal it
>keep french for the next 40-50 minutes, trying to see how long we can keep one kiss going for
>we also try it standing up while hugging, kind of emulating what we're used to seeing in movies
>eventually get called down for dinner by our mother
>this was the start of something that would last 3-4 years

true story, I enjoy the smell. I find it intoxicating. cannot explain why but I do also understand your feeling of disgust. gf got into it over the last few years but alcohol really helped. we mostly usually would smell her own panties

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ye again, i guess there are more insane stuff around, just saying in general, not this thread or even Cred Forums. At least i can say with a straight face when some idiot bring something like this up how i don't care.

>new day, same year
>monday, approximately 9:40pm
>parents think both sister and i are going to sleep
>we both decided to get up to watch big brother uncut, which starts at 10pm
>literally uncensored boobs, penis, vagina on television
>we both get excited watching it with the volume turned down
>contestants talking dirty as fuck, talking about things like blowjobs, anal sex, eating girls out, etc
>also lots of french kissing, playful groping and of course, they all shower together
>it was shows like this and stuff downloaded on limewire that gave us all kinds of ideas
>sister and I also start trying french kisses again during the commercials, but keeping it as quiet as possible
>show ends, and we go to sleep for the night

I too like to make up stories for virgins

more pics?

Incest update 25: totally not improvised

Wow I have done literally every single porn scenario with my sister and/or mother, what an eventful life I am living!

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t. complete idiot who hates himself for never having an experience

Did you ever find anything else?


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Did it feel weird playing Witcher 2 knowing your sister had blown a guy on cam right where you were sitting?

>new day
>sister and i watching some movie in the afternoon during school holidays, but can't remember what exactly, might've american pie
>talk a lot about sexual lingo throughout the runtime
>already used to kissing and mildly feeling each other up at this point
>talk about it a bit more, decide to try a blowjob
>late in the afternoon, we both go upstairs, to her bedroom, put a towel at the bottom of the door to prevent any sound from leaking out
>still talk for a bit, both of us laughing quietly about it and very embarrassed
>finally get started, i pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles, sit on the side of the bed, sister still giggling from before and still standing
>eventually she squats down to her knees, still giggling and hesitating. i'm kind of already getting a boner just from being in that exact position
>she starts licking my cock, and playing around with it in a circular motion
>*hardon intensifies*
>i asked her how it tasted, she said wasn't sure
>finally get her to start properly sucking
>heartrate intensifies, hard to keep quiet
>end up coming in her mouth, which is the first time i've ever come
>she is grossed out as hell and runs straight to the bathroom for the tap
>can't fucking believe what just happened, dick feels like an erupted volcano
>quickly pull pants back up, cue to semen stains all over my pants, underpants and a bit on the carpet
>spend the next hour cleaning up as thoroughly as possible

Let's just say I didn't play at all that day

When I was younger, I used to steal my family friends daughter (parents were close enough we called them cousins) panties all the time. Clean, dirty it didnt matter, I was a horny fuck. The clean panties were just ingrained with her smell, and that was amazing, pretty much got high off of it. The dirty ones were different. I was both turned on and disgusted by it. Little girl smell combined with little girl butt smell was really something else. I think it was the taboo of it really. The only thing between my tongue and her asshole was this very thin piece of fabric. Blew so many loads to and in those panties.

18 sister 16
Know she’s outside my room, i’ve Left the door open on purpose
Lying on the bed pull down my boxers and begin to beat the meat.
Cock longest and hardest it’s ever been knowing she’s watching.
Making sure I feel my balls so she can see how big they are.
Use two hand to stroke the shaft so she can see how long it is.
Moan loudly, “feels so good” “ohhh yes” “mhhhmmmm”
Moan more “that’s right suck it” “open your legs” “take that thick cock”
After 15 minutes blow thick streams all over my stomach and let out a pleasurable moan.
Here hey scurry to her room.
Creep up to her room listening at the door
“A cocks a cock”, “it looked so big” she’s saying to her self.
Go back to room and jerk off again.

Let this happen a few more times, letting her watch gives me the strongest cock.

A couple months later

Sister smoking cigarette out of my window, we’re talking about sex.

She blurts out “you have a nice cock user”
“How would you know?”
“I’ve seen you masterbating”
“Lol, don’t think so”
“I’ve seen you a few times”

“Well when do I get to watch you?”
“I don’t touch myself i’m not a lesbian”
WTF... retarded

“So when’s the last time you’ve had and orgasm” I ask

“Never had” she says.

“Pull your pants down, I’ll give you one”


Of course not, you rubbed yourself raw and filled a garbage can with wet kleenex.

Yes please!

continued, but before resuming the story:
>back then when I was a kid, i had a massive cunnilingus fetish
>that one scene where tara reid was being eaten out in american pie always made me hard
>always searched for cunnilingus videos on limewire (and later, megaporn), more than anything
Taking that into account:
>obviously i was super keen to do it myself
>kept asking my sister several times (still 10, turning 11), but she was obviously too reluctant and embarrassed, even though she was happy to kiss and even suck my penis
>eventually managed to made a deal: she would let me do it, but i had to walk up to classmate she chose and ask them on a date, which i really did not want to do
>anyway, we go upstairs again together, her room as usual, heart racing fast
>she is wearing a yellow singlet and short green dress with thicc thighs exposed, heart beating fast just thinking about what's about to happen
>close door, put towell at bottom to block sound escaping
>we're both giggling, she's asking how she's even meant to start. i tell her to lie down on her bed on her back, which she does
>i move to the end of the bed, and climb on with my knees, moving up
>she retracts her legs back out of embarrassment, still not sure if she should do this, i keep egging her on
>eventually she lays down properly again, covers her face and eyes with her hands, as i lift her skirt up, further exposing her super smooth thighs and yellow panties
>tug on the left and right side of her panties and start pulling them off slowly, she's making embarrassing noises right until i pull them away from her feet
>i'm now lying belly down with her vagina right in front of me
>both of my hands around her juicy thighs, i start licking her opening
>hear slight moans and she moves her hand to my head, kind of ready to push me away
>keep licking and slurping, especially as it starts to get wet, not swallowing though cause it tastes kinda bad
>she kept breathing heavier and heavier

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Yes pretty much, I'd go to the bathroom every 30 min to clean up, parents thought I had diarrhoea

She said no. Greatest regret of my life that I didn’t just rape her. I did say she could come and watch anytime she wanted I jerk off every night. But she never did

Not exactly fitting the thread but it made me just think of it after 20+ years. When I was around 9 and my sister 7 we used to regularily look at each others bits. I used to do a thing where I could push my penis inside and it would stay like that and she was mesmerised by it and always said she wished she had a penis to play with lol. Also at the time she thought her clit was a mini penis and thought it was going to grow larger when she got older.

Also we used to have baths together when we were like 5-7 ish and I discovered I could stick my finger up my bum when soaped up and could feel my poop in there and then she did the same and we thought it was hilarious. I might remind her of this next time I see her and see if she remebers it lol.

Dude keep goung

few years ago
>be me
>summer break
>went on vacation with lesbian aunt her partner and cousin
>cousin was 14yo small tits but fat ass and way nicer body for her age
>apartment was small and cozy we shared room which was incredibly small and we had bunk beds
>she picked the top one i picked the bottom one
>2nd day it was late night
>wake up horny
>made sure everyone was asleep
>took dick out and i started beating it
>i was so into it that i didnt pay attention to anything
>"what are you doing user"
>heart instantly dropped and i put my dick back in my pants in half a second
>"huh nothing why"
>"bed was moving a bit and you were breathing funny"
>i told her i was just itching and overheating
>she said ok and went quiet
>3 minutes later or so she said "i dont mind what you were doing you can keep going"
>autism kicked in and didn't know what to reply or do
>waited a few seconds and said ok
>pulled it out again and kept going
>i heard her giggling very softly
>situation got me diamonds


nice larp

Keep going, user.

>pussy was hairless, whole slit fully visible
>a bit of her thigh thiccness kind of carried over to the cheeks
>i also started rubbing her slit up and down with my right hand while rubbing her smooth juicy thigh with my left
>it's the middle of summer and always gets hot as fuck where i live, so sweat started to build up, which also meant stronger body odur smell
>of course, that makes me even hornier and harder, feels like there's a chinese dragon in my belly or something
>tempted to stick my finger up the hole, but refrain
>after about 15 minutes of moaning and heavy breathing, she says she's tired and we stop
>the area on the bed where her vag was is quite moist, had to change the sheets afterwards
>we both change our clothes too
>when school started again, I fulfilled my end of the deal, which wasn't fun

Sister gave me occasional handjobs when she was 12 and I was 14, went on for a few months and we both enjoyed it at the time although I’m not sure how she’d feel about it now
(Pic is of her now at 19)

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>thought that she fell asleep
>this got me calmer and less tense
>then she dropped the bomb
>"can i watch you"
>i said no
>"okay sorry"
>heart rate spiked again x20
>thought about what she asked for seconds
>"okay you can watch but dont tell any of this ever"
>she climbed down and sat on the side of the bed my chest height
>turn alpha for a few seconds and asked her if she liked it
>ask her if she wanted to touch
>she said "i don't know"
>held her hand and drove it to my dick and she shyly grabbed it
>told her to stroke and guided her with my hand
>she stroke it for 1 minute very soft and awkwardly on her own grabbing kinda hard onto it
>came everywhere shortly after
>bed was stained my tshirt was stained and her hands were also stained
>post nut clarity hit and i panicked
>we cleaned up the mess and i sent her to her bed and then stayed paranoid about it for the rest of the vacation
>we never mentioned it again or repeat it after that night

felt amazing and i wish i pushed it further

that's alright you can cry larp all you want
just because something like this wouldn't happen to you on any alternate reality or life does not mean it doesn't happen to other people all the time and often

pic related i took this that same night

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>still that same summer
>i'm still 11, she is still 10
>still engaging in sexual exploration (kissing and feeling) with sister, but no oral sex since those two times
>we both come up with the idea to try having some fun in the pool (our family is pretty wealthy and we have a pool+spa in the backyard)
>usually we couldn't go swimming without supervision, but we're both old enough now and can swim
>i remember we joke about how we won't have to worry about leaving stains
>sister and i jump in
>first 10 minutes is just splashing and swimming around, making extra sure nobody is watching
>we both move to the shallow end
>start making out, only heads bobbing out for minimal exposure
>for some reason feels hotter in water, crack boner easily
>we both take our bathers off, now completely naked
>do a lot of skinship swimming and the like, quietly laughing along
>picking her up by the thicc ass in the pool feels crazy
>she also starts giving me underwater handjobs, while i'm rubbing her vagina, all while we're staring at eachother face to face, laughing in embarrassment
>after some time passes, we move into the spa
>so nice and warm
>continue playing with eachothers private parts and french kissing
>eventually i get her to sit on the pavement on the edge of the spa while i'm still in it, her lower legs are submerged
>make sure she's behind the hedge, obscured from our house's windows
>swim over to her, proceed to open up her thighs and begin eating her out
>the thrill of doing this outside was something else. dick was already starting to feel sore from being hard all afternoon, and now i was more excited than ever
>she lets out heavy breaths and slight moans, all while her whole body is still soaking wet in open air
>i also rub her thicc wet thighs a lot
>at this point, kind of really want to try inserting my hard dick, but shut the thought down
>eventually sister hops back in the spa, we make out one more time before leaving
low on text space


>make sure she's behind the hedge, obscured from our house's windows
>swim over to her, proceed to open up her thighs and begin eating her out
To better demonstrate this, it was very similar to this .gif, except she was sitting down.

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A witcher needs both of his hands, of course

I’m 18 and I wanna fuck my sister whos 2 years younger than me but I just don’t know how to go about it

>flashback: i'm 6 and sister is 5
>these two girls lived across the road, whose ages basically mirrored ours
>girl1 was 2 months younger than me, had shoulder length curly blonde hair and a qt face. looked a lot like kim clijsters (tennis)
>girl2 was 1 month older than my sister, had shoulder length dark hair, very pretty face with well defined lips, and kind of a raspy voice
>for simplicity, i will call girl2 Melody
>used to play kissing games with them and my sister at that age, especially kissing tag. remember one particular instance where my mother took me, sister and melody to a chinese restaurant, and played it there
>their family ends up moving after 2 years, but sister remains friends with melody, and she often comes over for plays and sleepovers

>flashforward to me being 11-12 years old again
>melody coming over for sleepover
>don't play kissing games anymore, but is it just me, or has my sister's sexual curiosity rubbed on her a bit?
>most of the day sister and melody are just playing together and i'm not interested, but later at night, they both come into my room looking to watch my limewire porn videos (which my sister probably told her about)
>had my laptop on the floor, they were both lying belly down in front of the screen, both wearing summer t-shirts, short shorts, and in bare feet. i was sitting to the side, also watching, getting new videos up
>they're both watching intently, going ewww a lot, which i find funny
>don't know is siter has told her anything about personal intimate relations
>eventually time to go to sleep, sister and melody leave and both sleep in sister's room
>i go to bed too
>for some reason i don't remember, i take my shorts and underpants off while i'm under my covers and throw them to the wall
>it's unusual because 99.9% of the time I always wore a top and underpants to bed
>go to sleep

morning next day
>i wake up, or maybe i was woken up
to be continued

I'm '18' and my sister who is a few years younger than me (12) still sits on my lap every now and then like she is still younger. She sat on my lap the other day and basically rubbed herself on me made me hard and rub till I came very gently and then got off straight after. Also watches movies with parents in room, same lounge, blankets and then rest her feet and plays with my dick with them.

Probably impossible unless you know her well enough to know she might be interested.

If you're very desperate and want to throw the hail mary, just sweet talk her a bit, give her a few drinks, try to get her in the mood and see if the wheels start turning. Make sure to start off with kissing if you reach the stage of intimacy.

also this is a pic of girl2(melody) + sister, taken a couple months ago.

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my younger cousin, been saving her stuff for a while, she just got to me when she was younger and always thought she was hot

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This is hot



>sister and melody are standing right by the side of my bed, smiling mischievously
>like 8am in the morning
>still gathering my senses, thinking "what the fuck are they doing here?"
>feel covers brushing against my penis, then see shorts with underpants inside near the wall where I threw them
>oh god
>start small-talking a bit, ask them why they're here, they're obviously messing around, beating around the bush
>i'm still in my bed wearing only a t-shirt, making sure bottom half still covered
>keep talking and talking and talking, don't remember about what exactly, but i really want them to leave to save myself being exposed
>don't give two fucks about sister, but melody a completely different story. yeah, played kissing tag when younger, but would really prefer to avoid exposing myself in bottomless form
>end up showing them my toy train setup on the other side of the bed, which they're probably not interested in
>at this point, it's becoming more and more obvious they're aware of my predicament, and were likely aware before I woke up
>try asking them to leave
>"no", "why do you want us to leave?" - something along those lines
>try to say i need to get ready or something
>"user, why haven't you gotten out of bed yet?"
>against my will, i start smiling a bit in embarrassment, keep telling them to leave
>they start trying to pull the covers off, i try to fight them off
to be continued.

This is my older sister. There's a two year age difference. From the ages of about 5-10 we used to play a game where we'd get in bed and kiss, because we saw people do it in movies. At some point we started masturbating while doing it, but never thought to do intercourse because neither of us knew what it was. We stopped when she was 12 because she learned what sex actually was in a sex ed class. We never did it again after that. We still have a normal sibling relationship.

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It's stories like these that make me regret not saving boner reaction images

she's hot as fuck

I fap to my cousin's modeling pics. I want to suckle and fuck those DDD tits.

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i know, she was always super fucking cute too when she was younger but even now she's becoming a real woman and its not fair. Always wanted to really get a feel for her..

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Yeah, you probably never will. You'll just observe as she becomes a super hot slut that's always out of your reach. Having hot relatives is tragic. More of her ass

Jesus fuck

show more of her

please go on

ya its actually brutal, been watching her from the sidelines for ever now. Just gotta keep playing with her panties when ever i get a sneaky chance. Even when she brings friends to camp im always eyeing her

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Only got pictures from her social media

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You got kik or discord?

samn, she's fine

I fixed up a buddy of mine with my little sister when he broke up with his gf. It ended with me watching him as he demolished her.

>struggling to hold onto my covers as sister and melody doing their best to strip it away from me
>they succeed after a minute
>now covering my flaccid willy with one hand, and make a dash for my shorts
>both girls laughing as they run over to grab me and prevent me from pulling bottoms up
>they might be able to pull a cover off, but nowhere near strong enough to completely immobilize me, at least i'm pretty sure
>physical struggle ensues, lots of grappling and giggling from the three of us
>melody ends up mounted on my belly grappling for my arms, sister grappling my legs at the bottom
>underwear only half-way up, penis exposed, now starting to feel tingly
>they're wearing the same clothes as last night, probably slept in them
>melody's short shorts rubbing against my abdomen
>oh fuck
>she stops to look behind
>both girls staring at the now erecting 11 year old's monument
>melody gets off me and is like "hoho oh my god!"
>both of them laughing hysterically
>i kind of stop struggling because my primal instinct kind of likes where this is going
>i still grab for my shorts to pull them up, expecting them to try and restrain me, and i basically let them
>embarrassed, i rhetorically ask "happy now? you've seen it, what now?"
>they're still giggling away
>i'm just sitting there, they're stupidly talking about my boner
>melody asks "hey, wanna do it?"
>heart "ba-dump"
>melody "just kidding" while grinning
>heart still beating fast, probably cause i kind of had a crush on her, not to mention we've kissed each other on the cheek many times
>at this point the wheels start turning
>melody starts fiddling with my penis with her hands
>i let her do, sister watching and giggling, going 'oh my god'
>then starts holding it in her palm, jerking it around a bit, we're all laughing but pretty embarrassed too
to be continued

yee got disc, kinda like spreading her here though and talking about her. Any other interest or anything you wanna know?

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Growing up I had pretty regular sex with two of my cousins, and occasional hookups with three more that lived out of the country.

Post your discord. Is she a slut? Definitely looks like one. Show me more of her ass.

Attached: 1413632405354.jpg (3200x3000, 1.12M)

Anyone got mega of incest stuff?

I think she can be slutty sometimes, I'm sure she's spread her legs for shitty guys. I've been to many parties with her and seen how she can be when she's getting drunk

Attached: 56746867d4b82ae29fd5.jpg (1536x2049, 367K)

She sure seems like she fucks douchebags. More ass

Attached: IMG_8174.jpg (960x960, 157K)

>so i am sitting my ass on the floor with my back facing the wall, wearing only a t-shirt and my wiener being grappled by a hand
>melody sitting on her spread knees to my right, and her right hand is playing with my wiener
>sister is sitting in same position to melody's right, closer to my feet, watching on and laughing
>door thankfully closed
>penis super rock hard at this point
>melody asks "so you like this? how good does it feel"
>reply something like "pretty good, yeah"
>continues doing what she's doing
>we're casually talking about it and giggling
>i ask her "why don't you try a blowjob"
>she goes "ewww no way"
>hand off my dick for now
>keep trying to persuade her
>sister does too while laughing, probably hoping she gets splurged in her mouth like she did
>after like 10 minutes of persuasion and hesitation, finally convinced melody to try it
>i open my legs up like a triangle, she gets on her knees right in front of me and bobs down
>only starts licking around the tip, gently holding it in both her hands
>thinking 'oh my fucking god' and exhaling like a gattling gun
>penis jerking on its own, feel like i could cum any second
>she is still hesitating and grossed out a bit, but starts getting used to it
>eventually starts actually sucking the head of my dick with a bit of force, bobbing up and down
>in her mouth
>melody immediately jerks her head away and i start cumming upwards like a fountain
>she runs straight for the bathroom, sister laughing hysterically
to be continued

ya she's def had a few douches hang around her before. This is the kind of stuff she wears around me and the fam sometimes and it drives me absolutely nuts, i just wanna feel her skin and ass against my crotch

Attached: 8520_725067830674759891_n.jpg (1080x1080, 241K)

Upstate in my uncles remote cabin with the Mom, older Sister, and Moms then boyfriend.
Middle of nowhere, No internet, nothing to do outside because shitty weather, just the mp3s we have on our useless phones.
Mom and her bf decide to go out to the bars leaving us to die of boredom.
Weather gets worse, power goes out start looking for candles, find bottle of peach schnapps along with matches, candles, and a deck of cards.
Light candles, and swigging drinks.
Play cards, drink more.
Cards start getting boring.
Bring up strip poker to make things interesting.
Sister is hesitant but agrees.
Start playing.
I'm losing big time, down to just my shorts, she still has top, bra, and panties on.
I fucking lose my shorts, cock is out, she wants to keep playing but I got nothing left.
She suggests if she wins she gets to see me hard. I agree.
I win the next two hands, she only has panties on. Things are turning around.
Fuck I lose the next hand.
Start stroking, get hard even over her giggling.
Ask her if she's happy now, she wants to keep playing.
For what now?
If she wins she gets to watch me cum.
What the hell, I agree.
Win the next hand, now we're both naked.
Keep playing same stakes.
Win the next hand, she fingers her pussy until its wet. I get hard watching and start stroking.
We both keep watching each other.
I start cumming, she keeps fingering herself until she cums, her asshole must have pulsed ten times it was cool to watch.
Felt retarded, and wanted to die afterwards though. Things never felt right since kind of awkward, even though that was a long time ago.

Oh fuck, I'd get so hard just by looking at that ass. Please add me on discord and send lots of that ass moses6582#8397

More please I want to fap

Also another pic.

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You lucky fuck

I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun

These are great user. Please keep going!

honestly, when she comes to camp and im there, i always have to go and have secret jerk off sessions. She leaves her clothes on the floor after changing into her bathing suit so i always keep an eye out for a pair of her panties

Attached: 7897e288049.jpg (1728x1296, 240K)

Attached: 1536677190067.jpg (640x640, 59K)

Hot as hell

I fixed up my little sister with a super hung guy I met online

Attached: 11326377.jpg (1080x1350, 106K)


Attached: 32443594_190077615145201_4795304717964017664_n.jpg (1080x810, 82K)

Attached: 1463114568964.png (500x656, 148K)

god damn

Attached: 32135685_179952935995747_3642413995387781120_n.jpg (1080x1350, 217K)

More ass. And add me on discord please


She’s gonna make me cum

yeah moar user! you're a great story teller and I want to nut.


The fag is away prob fuck don't fucking blueball me like that

Attached: 31920836_1340944199384003_5690502848798785536_n.jpg (640x640, 52K)

yeah come on user! Finish up this part of the story. I want to nut to this one.

Why do you guys want to fuck your sisters, that's just sick?

Attached: 18811453.jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx.jpg (495x321, 25K)

Don’t stop

My wifes bull fucked our teen daughter. I was fuming when I found out, but my wife actually wanted them to continue seeing each other occasionally. After a lot of pressuring from the girls and him I allowed it to happen.

>I had to help my 11yo niece bathe/shower several times and it was honestly pretty fun
For her, or you?

>hear tap, melody washing out mouth
>comes back into my room after 5 minutes of washing
>still completely grossed out and baffled
>sister literally then tells her the same thing happened to her when she did it
>kind of baffled she just did that, but heartrate still too high to properly register
>it actually turns out sister has told her we do naughty things a lot
>melody asks if we have done it, we flatly deny it
>start talking in more depth about these things, like kissing and groping
>end up french kissing with both of them a few times, and they french kiss each other too multiple times
>crosses my mind that melody just had my cum in her mouth, but thankfully didn't taste it
>eventually we all go downstairs to eat, i still hadn't had breakfast
>kind of a weird feeling in their air for the rest of the day, i got a few boners recollecting what had happened
>later in the day melody's mom picks her up and leaves

I just did?

that's it? nothing else ever happened?


>nothing else ever happened?
Not on that day.

Keep in mind, I've only described events that occured within the first year this started. Things get much more extreme in the next 3 years as puberty starts to set in more for us.

I'm all ears user

what was the end of it? What was the farest it went?

As i get it, you are still intact

Damm dude she's super hot

Wow you're a lucky duck, she's gorgeous

im lurking......

I'm getting to it, I'm trying to get through these in chronological order, at least how I remember it.
It's been on my mind heavily lately, and it probably has something to do with being a sort-of neet for a year (already finished uni). Never thought I'd tell anyone about this, but have a desire to now.

Attached: IMG_1663.jpg (900x1080, 428K)

When was like 5 brother who was around 9 had probably seen parents doing or watched smth similar on TV and wanted to do "what adults do" as he said. he d convince mom to let me sleep in his bed during our midday naps. He d tell me "this is what and mom and do" then lie on top of me and try to kiss me by hovering his mouth over mine. he d often ask me to stick my tongue out and suck it or we'd twirl them together. This is the part I most vividly remember and my first sexual awakening, I could even say these are fond memories, but there was also the humping part. I faintly remember him telling me to spread my legs and grinding against me when face up or face down. I don't know if it hurt because he was older and heavier or because he was hard while doing it but it certainly wasn't pleasant. Also faint memories of what his penis looked like which was quite different than mine. I always maintained that these were just false memories until I found out by my mom that brother had been circumcised when he was 3 due to urological problems.

I remember having quite a few fits of rage and anger back then which stopped in preadolescence, everyone attributed those to my endocrinological issues(could have been a mixture of both these causes I guess)
Don't know if it had any other long term effects on me (apart maybe from my sexual development) perhaps indirect ones that are quite difficult to trace back to that incident.

Nutted to your story. If you share some of the puberty stories I'll get hard again and nut to them too. Also, my GF is a functional pervert and likes reading these things as well. When she gets home from her shift I'll share them with her.

Black people smell bad

Jesus Christ, how powerful was your sister’s computer. Witcher 2 STILL is a bitch to run, nearly as much as 3.

Ok? Everyone in that story is white. Melody had a slight tan.

Had the cracked version which run great but kept crashing after you escaped from jail.
I have Witcher 2 on steam on Current computer runs in choppy mode no matter what settings I use, its unplayable

For me at least.

tell us the first time u had sex in

Most of us don't really have sisters so we vent our pent up sexual frustrations on here

As I said here this all started in the mid-2000s when I was 11 and sister was 10, and continued for the next few years. Everything I've told up to this point is just within the first 12 months. There is a lot more from this period, but a lot of it is samey to what I've already told. For completion sake, I'll touch on a few:

>sister and i took a shower together (numerous times actually)
>made out a lot under the shower water; we both had a fetish for wet kisses
>also washed eachother's bodies, and she usually gave me a handjob

>another time, we're both in her room
>she's wearing just a light t-shirt and panties, i'm in shorts and a t-shirt
>she lies on her bed belly down, back up
>i mount on her legs
>give her an intimate thigh massage
>might sound tame, but if you ever saw and felt her slightly thicc, milky smooth thighs, you would never forget it for the rest of your life
>might've even given me a thigh fetish
>also massage her ass a lot, cue to her giggling

>one other massive childhood fetish i had was pulling down girls panties
>think it got it from watching wild things on one of the movie channels, that one scene with denise richards
>try it with sister in her room (her room was usually our go-to for action)
>she is wearing singlet and short skirt
>slowly pull her penties down a few times, having her step out, rinse and repeat
>exposing her hairless, pink vagina
>boner intensifies

A few years back, when I was cleaning up our attic for a technician to come fix our boiler, found some of my uncle's paintings who was an architect and an amateur painter. Start shuffling through them, find one that looks like my mom's portrait from when she was around 25
Thought it was weird that she kept it in the attic since it looked better than most of the other portraits and paintings hanging on our walls(also made by uncle) pull it out to reveal the rest and realize why.
moms dress was pulled down around the waist her right arm rested below her breasts pushing them upwards and making them spill over her hand.
I kinda got lost looking at the painting, judging by how detailed her breasts looked it wasn't just uncle excerising his creative licence, she probably posed naked for him and god knows what else.

How is that incest?

I dunno man an uncle can sometimes be your mom's actual brother just my guess

Lol nice

>remember here how i said two girls lived across the road
>one of them being "melody"
>i figured it went without saying girl1 was her older sister, but probably should've mentioned it
>for ease, let's call her brianna
>sister was close friends with melody, but not so much brianna because she was a year older
>i also didn't have too much "action" with her, outside of years earlier kissing tag
>also holy fuck, she's a literal spitting image of kim clijsters, just younger
>strange because she looked pretty different from melody. maybe their mother was a whore or something (got along well with my mother tho)
>anyway, the only worthwhile experience i remember with her in this entire period is when we went to their new house once, and all of sister, melody and brianna tried to strip my clothes off.
>why? i don't remember, and don't remember too much besides ensuing struggles.
>probably the least worthwhile story in this chain of greentexts, but what the hell
>she also went off the rails later in life
>drug addiction, tatoos, got depressed because one of her friends died in the most idiotic way possible, just some trivia

>sister and i also took a bath together
>used to do this like every day when we were younger, but obviously things different now
>kind of similar to pool/spa story before
>make out a lot, handjob, pussy rub, pussy lick, lots of giggling
>in hindsight, feel lucky parents never opened the door

Alright, next chapter will be year 2. I hope some of you are still reading.

For some people, smell is very influential

These larp threads are honestly kinda sad
Because instead of any legit story it’s just a handful of people posting the same copy-paste
I bet it’s because they got kicked out of writefag threads on /trash/ for being such shitty writers

Yup still here . I asked yesterday why you guys do t continue till this day and you said you’d elaborate so I’m here for the stories of you guys Fucking

Who hurt you?

Yeah, we are, please user, post more pics

I grew up with 4 sisters. Never had a single incesty thought about them. My wife, on the other hand, fooled around with her brother back in HS.

Describe said demolishing, also details on sister


Attached: IMG_1286.jpg (866x1223, 455K)

Hell yeah

Any bikini?

She's 16 years old, petite and tight but has a really big ass. He started by getting her on her knees and slapping her. He then took out his big cock and made her suck on it. She couldn't fit more than half of it in her mouth, but he grabbed her head and fucked her throat until she almost puked on it. Then undressed her, got her on all fours and fucked her in doggy. He went balls deep in her and had his belt around her neck, choking her the whole time. After making her squirt three times he came all over her face.

I kept it short and ran through what happened. Feel free to ask about anything.

She has great tits


I don't know if it counts but back in the early days of omegle my brother would whip his dick out next to me in order to get chicks to show us their boobs

12 year old confirmed. Dumb and inexperienced with pussy so thinks there is any scenario in which incest wouldn’t eventually destroy familial relations. Fuck your sister when you’re 16 and watch your sister disappear from your life by 30. An awkwardness creeps in and the older they get, the shame. Life’s not a porn lil incel

How'd you end up watching?

Daughter and I were wrestling before bed one night in the basement, just horsing around, she was in one of my long t-shirts and just panties underneath. At one point I was on my back and she was on my chest pinning my arms and shoulders down. She moved up and her crotch was only like 2 inches from my face. I’m not sure why but I stuck my tongue out and touched her panties which made her giggle. I told her to let me up or I’d do it again, and without a word, she let go of my one arm and reached down and pull the material to the side. I was completely shocked and when we made eye contact she said, “do it”.

This is terrible. Like some bitch would be talking to herself out loud saying dumb shit like “a cock is a cock”. Worst 12 year old attempt yet

I asked him about it a lot. How it felt, what he did to her, I wanted to hear absolutely everything. Then he became suspicious and asked me more about it until I acknowledged I'd love to watch them. He then talked with her and got her warmed up for the idea.

>Be with my sister in her room
>Ask if I can suck her boobers
>She says yes
>I Suck the Boobers
>Ask if I can Fuck the pussy
>She say yes
>I fuck the pussi
>I blow load inside pussi
>She get mad a scrape it out with dip-dab spoon
>She continues eating pudding with it

Attached: double-dip-swizzels.jpg (720x571, 127K)

Kik? Mines ThatOneChill

Sure I bet thats her. Whatever kid

>be me
>12+ months have past since first french kiss with sister
>i am now 12, she is 11
>now know how to masturbate
>sister now starting to bud small breasts
>same events have been continuing, but my desire for more getting stronger
>really really strong urge to have sex
>both sister and i have talked about it many times before, but never really gone through with it
>had a basic understanding of incest, and that if a girl gets pregnant from her brother, your child could be deformed or something (which is true to a degree)
>we both remember that simpsons episode where it's played as a gag; homer panics at the thought of marge being his sister, and envisions bart, lisa and maggie really weird looking
>still, it feels inevitable sister and i will try it soon. already done most of the rest
>already have an idea on the how-to from watching a lot of limewire porn together

>one late afternoon, we go to her room (as usual) to do some practice
>close the door, block the floor gap with a towel
>she's wearing her purple pajamas, i'm wearing t-shirt and shorts (i don't wear pajamas anymore, sleep in clothes)
>both sister and i smiling and embarrassed, not laughing as much as usual, probably cause of higher tension
>she takes her pajama pants off, no panties
>sits on her bedside
>i bob down on my knees, face to face with her vagina, she lifts her legs over my shoulders and i start licking
>we've done this before numerous times now, but still get hard every time, and she still breathes heavily
>i know i need to make her wet before putting anything in there
>all goes well, sheets stained
>now is the time, both of us breathing heavily and nervous
>not trying to have sex just yet
>going to try properly fingering her
>already rubbed it and partially inserted a lot, but never that far
>stick my index finger in my mouth, drench it in saliva
>look for the hole at the bottom of her vagina
>slide in most of the way
>she moans, likely in pain
out of text

So you share a bunk bed with your sister in a white trash bedroom? Pic proves zero

Pathetic larper is pathetic

This bitch just some white trash with a big forehead.

You should fuck your mother.

rly interessting reading this, Could read your stories all night long, keep it up user ^^

Did you do it? What happens?

Post more

hoes mad

Not my content (also not a story). Just bump posting here in case anyone had any more info. The archives don't have it, but I saved from Cred Forums.

Attached: 1987-Summertime-my-mother.jpg (1401x2048, 824K)

Ok. I'm on kik if you're interested in that: johndough976

Attached: 12935037.jpg (1080x1274, 85K)

When I was in middle school, I came home early one day and caught my older sister sunbathing naked in the backyard. She was a junior in high school at the time. First time I had ever seen a naked girl in person. Fap fuel for months. Only caught her nude like that two other times, but topless probably five or six other times. One of the times I caught her nude, I actually had a friend come over so he got to see her as well. Caught our landscaper crew looking at her through the fence once of the topless times,

Attached: jvcyit.jpg (1600x1200, 311K)

I'm actually getting a bit tired now, i started doing these yesterday in a previous thread, so been continuing today, and there is still a fair bit more to go.

Did the guy take photos and tell you about it

Why is your mother mad now? Is it cuz she’s poor and fat?

He didn't, fucked me over about that. But tells me about it, as does she

Attached: 34507536.jpg (1251x1876, 366K)

We need more

Did she enjoy it

Yeah. It was the biggest cock she ever got and she said it was fucking insane pleasing someone like that.

Attached: 12106231.jpg (960x640, 92K)

More, did he finger her asshole

more details please. what did she tell you about it?

You got kik?

Attached: 36325481.jpg (1200x800, 105K)

No but would love an album of her to jack off to

same here.
make one on imgur or a discord

Imgur or a vola ive been masturbating to your sister since weeks ago i saw her posted before she got fucked

I spied on my sister a lot growing up, taking baths together, then we got older and I started cumming in her food, panties, lotion all of that stuff

Attached: Nw.jpg (1080x1080, 327K)


She's my cutest sister

Attached: Dg.jpg (942x1080, 509K)

More photos


if she's the cutest, your others must look like goblins and orcs and shit

I remember my sister wearing daisy dukes, crouching down, and seeing her pussy when she was about 15.
Unfortunately I was 10 and didn't know shit.
Then she got pregnant at 16, and again at 23. Now she's fat.

I'm obsessed with my daughter (20 years old).

I constantly spy on her when she is in the bath or in her room. Ive have "accidentally" caught her masturbating a few times and have endless memories of seeing her nude. I also go through her underwear a lot and use them to jerk off with.

I know I can never act on it but it's got past the point that I can just pretend I don't want to fuck her on a daily basis.

Another random pic from about 3 years ago.

Attached: IMG_537.jpg (1828x2466, 1.8M)

I bet she's got a bunch of tattoos.

This is why I'm glad I have boys. My high school girlfriend's stepdad was a perv. She'd buy her mom lingerie and lacy underwear that didn't fit. And the 15 year old daughter (my girlfriend) would get it all as hand me downs.

When I was much older I realised that was on purpose. He knew what he was doing. No wonder he looked the other way when we fucked.

Not as many as you'd expect. One or two.
Honestly have better memories of seeing her friend's massive tits when I peeked in her room the morning of a sleepover. They were passed out, but her tits were as big as my head at the time.
Pretty sure my sister had a dyke streak.

Yeah, I kinda wish I did too. I never thought I'd be this type of person but when you're constantly around a hot girl with the ability to see her in these ways, it's hard to stop.

Also betting she smokes and is always quitting.

You really think she's ugly?

sniffed my older sister's dirty panties a ton in hs. she caught me going through the laundry many times and i always made up some excuse but i'm positive she knew. same sis walked in on me masturbating in my room once and though she ran out as soon as she realized, there's no way she didn't see my full mast boner. a decade on and she has never mentioned any of it

Yeah pretty much haha

did he ever undress you and then hump your ass? what was it like to kiss him? like would his hands wander at all?

After I was molested in my early teens, i became really hypersexual and would fantasise about family members fucking me.
At family events like Christmas, when I'd be around my uncles and cousins, I would always dress provocatively and do things like bend over infront of them, wearing short skirts and dresses.
Non of them ever took the bait and now I get embarrassed seeing them.

Post tits

Last time I posted tits, it wrecked the whole thread

Post your fucking tits bitch, it's your uncle here.

Thread's already died anyway

Post more user

What happened? Are you asleep?

If you say so.

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my mom, i take baths with her

Attached: 20191108_160550.jpg (2592x1944, 1.49M)


So several years ago in university I went to a party. I don't really go to parties, but a girl I was crushing on invited me so I figured it couldn't hurt.
Hung out all night drinking a few beers, dominated at beer pong, and chatted up my crush, who it turns out wasn't all that interested in me and who left with another guy. I was a bit pissed off so I drank more. As the party wound down and most people had left, I heard cheering and shouting coming from a back room. Turns out some lads were taking turns fucking some girl. It had been a while since I had gotten laid, and I was frustrated from earlier, so I figured I'd smash some slag and go home.
Well, when the crowd parted and it was my turn to get in, I was pretty surprised to find that the dumb drunk slag getting railed was my cousin. She looked at me, I looked at her, she looked at my cock(which is quite large), shrugged her shoulders, and I did the only thing I could do. I slammed it home and gave her a good hard fucking that left bruises. I came, she came, and that was the end of that. I left the room and didn't look back. Apparently I was last in line of about 15.
The funny thing is, she's asked me to fuck her again a few times. I always refuse.

I allowed my buddy to use my daughter as his fucktoy

Attached: 61602238.jpg (720x1280, 77K)

Post more


Not the same guy, but not bad. Cute smirk, reminds me of someone.
So you're embarrassed about trying to fuck family members? Don't feel the same anymore?


more of it!

Story time

Attached: IMG_20200119_232715.jpg (1877x1432, 455K)

No, I feel the same, I still fantasise about them abusing me. But it's just something I feel ashamed about doing

tongue out

How old r u?

She's in the middle

I always noticed him staring at her tits in awe and she kind of flirted with him every time she talked to him, even though I was there. After months of it I was out drinking with him and got drunk. Asked him if he wants to have her and that I'm sure she wants it and that I really wouldn't mind if he used her for his fun. He then approached me a few days later and told me that he does and that he probably will, that he's already chatting with her. About week after he had her.

Attached: 67085219.jpg (1080x811, 77K)

Is Cred Forums filled with nothing but pajeets these days?

Walk into GameStop
Hot ass cashier
Wercum to gaystp
Initiating farts
Are you ogay
She grab me armsss
Shart mom's painties I wear
Axe if their shitter
Hear me show now you
Leeds to crappers by handles
Uhhhhhg thenks
She ripped off my mommy poo poo panties
Cookie evwear
Bands me over and starts liking pooter with wet young
She starts moaning my name
She takes cookie and smears all over face
Two fists of poop roars at the heavens
She is now bear
Swishes brown corn poo in moth
Shitted in bear mouth
Bear roars in pleasure
Store manager yells in to see if Otay
Bear gargles poop roars
Manager unlocked door and barglerd in
Everybody walk the dinosaur

please dont derail this thread

Are you gonna get pregnant now mom?

Damn, tits, more in bikini?

Them? Like what, cousins and uncles? Or just everyone?
Why do you feel ashamed?
Also banging ass. Wow.

It is already dead

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you never wanted to rail her?

Damn tits, i would fuck her too, and cum in her qt face

Of course I thought of it, but would never act on that.
He has her as his regular fucktoy. He has so much fun with her.

Attached: 22.jpg (1080x810, 68K)

thread is on the last page, would keep it going

2/10 please be better

Retard why'd you stop

Post the pic you like the most

Started jacking off with my moms dirty panties. One time i came in a pair and tossed them back into the dirty clothes hamper. A couple days later i found the same pair washed and in my clean clothes pile. Still get little surprises in my clothes pile from her every once and awhile.

Don't let it die.

start by telling her you set up the fucking with your buddy
then invite him over for a threesome

I would start fapping using her underware, have you ever tried?

kinda into that
kik? haven't used it in years but would be willing to talk

What size were they?

Most of the storytimes have stopped, it's mostly just pajeets now. Just wait for tomorrow's thread if there is one.

Probably this one.
She already knows it was me. But yeah, I don't want to join in. Just like the thought someone I know gets to have a lot of fun with her.
Not really, not my thing to do.

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Nice story user. Well described. I was a full-on panty freak starting around age 13. Used to dig through laundry bins in friends’ bathrooms at first. Started getting more daring, and creeping into actual girls’ bedrooms to find freshly-worn panties on the floor. I would tuck them into my sock, and cover the bulge with my jeans. Walked out of many houses with incredibly sexy grool-stained panties. Did this well into adulthood, but I’ve slowed way down now. Great memories! Looking back, I realize I was a very deviant pervert, which is probably why I don’t steal panties any more.

It is great
Please dont Stoo whit pics
So your buddy has never sent you a photo having fun with her?

Women's Medium i think.


How big of an impact does incest actually have on the genetics of a child?

She is amazing

Waaaaaaayyyy too long and laborious

No. We don't speak much about it. But knowing him, he's destroying her in every possible way.
Oh yes she is.

By the way, leave your discord if you want to stay in touch.

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I’ll take “Things That Never Happened” for $100, Alex

think he's buttfucking her?
How's her ass?

Damn i dont have
Can u still post bikini pics?

>Have close friend
>He made me the godfather of his 5 year old daughter after I helped them find a new house when his crazy bitch of an ex wife and him split
>she took the house, the car, most of his money, but didn't want their daughter or him
>Go out drinking with him last year
>I'm too drunk to drive, but he's okay, so we go back to his to sleep it off
>take off tshirt and fall asleep on couch with jeans on
>happens now and again because we like to drink and I'm a bit of a lightweight
>wake up, go to piss, his now 15 year old daughter(looks a lot like pic related) comes out of washroom
>cute as fuck, goes to get a glass of water in the kitchen while I pee
>come out of bathroom, she's leaning against the counter, offers me some water
>sit drinking a few glasses of water to sober up a little, she flirts with me a bit
>nothing unusual, she's done this for years
>noticing how cutely she's dressed, little black kimono-housecoat thing belted at the waist, grey boyshorts, thin black camisole
>she's let the kimono-thing fall mostly off of one shoulder, keeps brushing that shoulder with her opposite hand
>keeps reaching out to touch my arm or my bare chest when I say something that makes her laugh
>after a little while tell her she ought to get back to bed and I need to sleep to sober up
>she goes back to bed, I kick off my jeans and pull a blanket over myself and fall back to sleep on the couch
>wake up a little while later, feeling kinda cold
>feel a familiar sensation, can't place it through booze-fog and sleepiness
>look down, goddaughter is licking the head of my dick
>She looks up at me and smiles, then sucks on the head
>feels fucking fantastic, but wrong, but fantastic
>brain short circuiting
>getting blowjob
>Fucking GREAT blowjob
>try to sit up, she pushes me back down with a hand on my chest
>climbs on top of me

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Kik wu_chelsea (black hair chick)

Fucks her brother's bully and used to fuck her uncle

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>is any scenario in which incest wouldn’t eventually destroy familial relations
>Life’s not a porn lil incel
Why don't you tell that to the couples living in inland Mississippi and Alabama?

Thoughts on this one? Isn't it meant to be a classic on this board?

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>pitch blue
You do know that they call it pitch black because of the black product from petroleum called pitch, right? Or are you just one of those low iq neckbeards that think pitch is a descriptor of color? The only thing Pitch Blue is, is a fucking bowling ball.


He definitely is. It's fine, but nothing special.
It's really easy to make. I have some, but have to find them.

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Her eyes were neon brown.

damn, this woke my trauma from my sister who fucked my bully

Lmao I'd fucking kill myself, but this chick looks so hot

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2 day old thread, hope you are still here

>feel her rubbing my cockhead against her pussy
>brain starts working again
>"Wait wait wait, we shouldn't." I say
>"But I want to." she says
>So do I, I think
>She smiles "Thought so." she says
>she sinks onto me, bit by bit
>starts riding me hard
>leans over and moans into my chest
>start fucking her back
>pounding her hard enough that the couch is shaking a bit
>she bites down on my shoulder really hard as she orgasms
>eventually I'm about to cum, warn her, she keeps going
>cum in her really hard, jet after jet, seeing black spots in my vision
>we both wind down, breathing hard, she kisses me, gets up, goes back to her room
>Eventually I put myself away, wrap myself in the blanket again, go to sleep
>wake up, put shirt back on, put pants back on, make coffee
>friend comes out, doesn't seem to know what happened, makes breakfast
>his daughter/my goddaughter comes out for breakfast, properly dressed now.
>nurse hangover with bacon and cheesy eggs, confused emotions and a bit of guilt stuck in my gut
>she keeps giving me particularly impish smiles when her dad isn't looking
>gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye
>Friend drives me back to the bar so I can get my motorcycle and head home
>Still no indication that he knows what happened
>shoulder has a bitemark and a hickey-bruise on it for the next week and a half.

I actually think he'd be okay with it, since he jokes all the time that she has a thing for me and wants me, but I'm still scared to say anything because he's been my best friend for two decades now. Every time I see my goddaughter now there's a swirl of emotions and I want to fuck her again, and the smiles and looks she gives me says she wants it too.

How the fuck do you message chicks randomly after someone gives you their kik?
"Lol hey I herd you fuck family? lol that's cool"

yeah, I sure felt like doing it. her bro must be going through hell. but fuck yes, she's hot as fuck

How the fuck is this thread 2 days old?
I haven't been on Cred Forums in over 12 years and there used to be so many threads you'd be lucky to find the same one a few hours later

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always have the same question lol

There's a ton of larpers in these threads, and when you can make shit up it doesn't really die out

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>There's a ton of larpers in these threads
This always gets said by the loneliest of virgins like yourself. Accuse everyone of larping, but continue to visit these threads because you're desperate to fulfill your fantasies.

>> 01/19/20(Sun)17:14:06
>> 01/19/20(Sun)17:23:43"
How exactly is this shit 2 days old?

That guy is a fucking idiot.

More and story!

Just talk to em, slowly steer the conversation to a point where you can bring it up. Bitch as dumb as this one, that's not difficult

He's a braindead Cred Forumstard larper. Absolutely 0% chance that's real.

as dumb as this one
You already trying m8?

pretty sure she was abused and it wasn't consensual anyway


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do you have a high res version?

do you fuck her_


Grew up with both my sisters sucking my dad off on a regular basis. They were also naked whenever they weren't in public; we lived in the country, so indoors or out, as soon as we got home from school, their clothes came off. It was a rule; girls weren't allowed to wear clothes at home unless we had guests over. The justification for this was that girls had to air out or they'd get all stinky and gross. Somehow, even when we got older, none of us questioned this, or why mom didn't have to be naked all day. None of us realized any of this was weird or unusual until we grew up and moved out.

I can post more detailed stories if anyone wants.

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this is my incest, doesn't answer back, beloved family member, can't tell lies about me, basically licks itself clean and I can easily explain away the limp it has.

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How old are you?

Also how understanding do you think your friend is? It might be better to tell him if you think he'll understand

On another note, you were drunk so it constitutes as rape

how'd that start happening?
her hand looks very soft

she's got coons hands, look at the size of them

not wincest but would read again. 9/10

that ass is very nice

Tell us more user. don't leave us hanging

Did your dad ever fuck your sisters or eat their pussies?

I found my mom's sex tapes, nudes, and pics circa '97-98 when she was 23-24 and hot, blonde, tan, and slutty.

She's 45 now and she's always been considered a MILF by my friends.

I've been jerking off to her since I was about 14 and I'm 28 now.

Pic related.

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is there a end to the story?

You ever causally hanged out with them after they've fucked?

We have done it since i was a baby. I have never had sex with her, but she jerks me off and lets me grind on her tits. I have only once gotten a blow job from her

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Obsessed with my younger sis and dreaming of setting up a gangbang at a sauna evening (ws meet fromctime to time to spent time in our sauba) with my best friend(most of them confessed they would also fuck the shit outof her). Pic related.

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Would you participate? What do you want to do to her?

Of course fucking yes. But would be pleased even with just watching. Talked with my friends avout a lotbof things. Dp, three-way, maybe even anal dp.

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