look at this faggot

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if you want to send kind words

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i think he gets hard from dicking down ignorant local management to save a few shekels

poor girl :(

not your personal army faggot


Those numbers don't work.

>save me anons

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he has an email if you can break the code.


But the price tag clearly says Display. So just sell him the display for a penny

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>cant afford a dentist
>can afford to sue a company for trivial shit

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I want to help destroy this faggot. Beowolf cluster is humming will have doxx soon.....

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firin my lazor user

place your bets on whether this guy is a pedo

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I mean I'm white but thats the whitest thing ever

>That face
Diamonds. Reminds me of a similar retail coworker i once had.

Smelled like sweat and the shame after was crushing. Always worth it.

user you've got a lot to learn
that man is a jew

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did he wait until the guy died to comeback?

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Up to this point I liked that guy.

tell him how you feel with the publicly available information above

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>pricetag is just a suggestion
u can die, wagecuck. Price is a price and laws a law. U sell it for the price listed, or u face charges

found a wild jew

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>items should cost as much as it says on the price tag
>thats greedy
said a jew, who makes price tags and then charges more than written down

nigga every store has prices on dummy models for stocktaking purposes, the actual toothbrush will have a different sku code

What a sociopath, he's playing it off like he's forcing the company to do something but he's just being a nigger to the employees who have no say.

The non working display on the shelf is always marked as a penny in retail, does not reflect the price of the actual item. This thread is fucking gay.

make him feel like a big man

Do you think so? I think he probably doesn't feel anything about it.

Someone needs to molotov this faggots house

dummy model is representation of what u buy. Price on it is what u buy the item for.
i take items off the shelf and bring them to the register. If u r not selling a demo dummy broken display, u cant price it at all, so u r still wrong

I would have sold him the item. Because fuck your greedy ass company.

then you'd be back in the breadline. fuck off.

Taking pictures of people and putting them online so you can shame them should be punishable by getting your knees broken.

You never worked in retail, did you now?

i have. it sucks. get another job. don't assume my resume.

Then why do it?

he's just a slimy litigious jew rat

Of course he did.

Fuck off, samefag

>don’t assume my resume

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using the R word. you're brave. get canceled, bitch.