Good alternatives to alcohol at parties?

Good alternatives to alcohol at parties?
Long story short, every single person in my family is addicted to alcohol, so I'm not even going to bother trying it. However, I also go to events where booze is basically the only drink there besides tap water, and it's also hard to be at a party where everyone but you is drunk.

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get some fucking fruit juice or tap water idk beats alcoholism tho

Don't party user. It is degenerate.

be the first in your family to learn moderation

Beet juice


Really easy to get cough medicine with strong dissociative and psychedelic like effects

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So... stop hanging around idiots, and go do something less idiotic

Alcohol is awesome, just don’t abuse it like an inbred fool who blames genetics for his conscious decision making

This is now a God Tier Alcohol thread

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>god tier
>posts basic bitch bourbon

Orange juice, put some vodka in it for shit and giggles

Don´t trust anyone who doesn´t drink.

Getting drunk improves everything in life.

>basic bitch

Post a better bourbon for $60

>protip, you can’t

God tier - bourbon. Pick one.

Butane. Alcohol is a positive allosteric modulator and NMDA antagonist and butane gas is those also.

>dub dubs of truth checked

Kratom. Make a tea out of that and sip.

When you can actually find it in stock. And when I went to Gatlinburg last summer this bitch wanted $150 for a bottle

Weed an sip beer. You won’t drink as much to get fucked up

Yeah... After studying/working hard for a week I'm going to recuperate by poisoning my body and doing shameful things giving me a good reason to feel like shit and happy for the next week to start.

Just be yourself among others who know how to spend their free time wisely. Join some clubs to get a interest to see each other over?

Not OP, but I thought I was capable of this when I took my first drink 12 years ago when I turned 21. It's still hard. I try, but I don't manage half the time. Wish I could go back and stop myself that day. OP, your best bet is to remain entertained by something else. I never partied in college because it was always a bunch of strangers getting drunk, headache-loud music, and whatnot. Go do what YOU find fun, even if it means leaving the party to watch tv or play a game with a friend, and if you need alcohol to enjoy it, it must not be worth your time in the first place.

This stuff works well for me especially with a puff or two.

Sparkling water or club soda. At bars/ restaurants it will come in a cocktail glass with a lime or lemon wedge, you will blend in perfectly. Also comes in cans you can stick in a coozie at cookouts/ sporting events. All the booze hounds will think you're guzzling the ethanol too and not ever know the difference. They won't offer you drinks as constantly either if you have one in your hand.

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Shut up faggot you dont decide the thread topic

>Join some clubs to get a interest to see each other over?
Chess is an awesome game with a neat learning curve, bicycling is great for exercise as well as transportation and can be done in different terrains for different experiences.

Seedlip is good option. Use like vodka

Thanks for letting us know you’re a fucking peasant

A buddy of mine got it for $70 after he went to Buffalo Trace, he literally bought a barrel from them to age stuff in too though

the parties you're describing, the whole purpose of them is getting drunk together. while i've gone to plenty sober, given the question you're asking it doesn't sound like a social situation you should seek out if you're not totally comfortable being the one sober guy. try to find a friend group that does game nights or something, where drinking may happen, but it's not the primary focus of the event

Get some apple juice and put it in a glass and tell everyone it's scotch. You should stay away from parties. Nobody gonna respect your choice not to drink. And they gonna whine about it all night.

Benzos, similar disinhibition compared to alcohol but without intoxication and hangover.

Alcohol is literally a retard tier drug.

This. Find other ways of socializing.

Anyone ITT who says "mebbe try a lil drinkin lulz" can go choke on a rake. I drink like a fish but if someone chooses not to as a personal choice, respect that shit.

So many beta white males here

sparking water with lime and larp your drinking or unironically sip lean because opiates and alchohol will kill u and tell them that. i know this because i hate normies obsession with alchohol

Ion get it dxm is some shit I use to do when I was 15 havent used it in a while cause everytime its being used I always regret the shit. Terrible drug. Id like to try it for pain relief I get chronic pain in my legs.

I dont drink cause its an awful useless drug I like using heroin but wont see me sip even a beer havent in years. Poison type drug.


Seedlip non alcoholic spirits

A turnip

Have you ever tried anything harder than adderall? Because alc sucks and is fucking poison you can do any drug in the world and choose the worst one its on the same tier as dxm and weed belongs with the bs class of drugs. Useless chemicals that provide bs affects.

alcohol has got me layd so many times.
i'm much more confident and charming when i'm drunk

Don’t want to look like a puss, take your a bottle of alcohol (preferably vodka or other clear alcohol), empty the contents and fill with water. Everyone assumes you’re drinking and that you’re a fucking champ. I’ve done this on many occasions or you know just drink water. No one really cares if you drink or not, they’re only worried about how shit faced they can get and wether or not they can get laid.

Nah they’re probably just as drunk as you and don’t realise that you’re on the opposite end of the scale



Forty creek
Rye whiskey