Why are left wing men usually effeminate, feminine and weak looking? What causes this trend?

Why are left wing men usually effeminate, feminine and weak looking? What causes this trend?

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So effeminate

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Mental state affects physical state. They have deep set feelings of inferiority

Probably because they don't care about projecting the image of a "manly man" that people on the right are so insecure about not being considered

That shit is a west coast thing, I live in the midwest and the average blue collar Democrats are good sized, beer drinking, football watching, gun toting men. Even the east coast left leaning men are normal. Head to the west coast and shit gets weird, even hard right guys are effeminate. Does ben Shapiro look like the epitome of manliness? He looks like a stubbed toe would make him cry.

drugs that did damage to man bits in the 60s-90s, and mama bits
hormones added to hen & cockfeed
by the food industry
soy too,
some fem attributes get imprinted on males who are otherwise straight,,lithpy speech,, fem sybillance in pronouncing esses,
entertainment and pop music culture recognize all this,so they hire fem speaking 'men' to announce and read news,
some have sparse bod hair.some appear straight & are gay as hell
,,oh,another thing,,pop bellies,,chicken that came from hormone fed farms,are fattened up and mature earlier,,boys n 12 year old lollies,,same,,man boobs,,blame the chicken & soy

It's pretty ridiculous the whole soy thing has actually stuck around and is considered scientifically accurate, Asians have been eating the stuff way more than us for longer and they're one of the more conservative on our planet

Chinese won't touch soy

confirmation bias on your side

any statement made without corroboration can be dismissed without cause.


>Now, in 2018, not only does China use one-third of every acre, but its imports represent 62 percent of global soybean trade. For the 2018/19 marketing year, USDA projects Chinese soybean imports at 3.5 billion bushels, and global soybean trade at 5.7 billion to 5.8 billion bushels

Why are libtards and conservacucks all such beta white males. No thoughts of their own. Just blindly following other ppl. Fucking embarrassing.

As a society gets richer, there is less death. Thus, people are able to live on while having less and less children. This ultimately means that less and less masculine men, with lower sex drives and less children, are also able to exist without driving society extinct.

It's purely evolutionary. In a sense, the feminization of men is a sign of wealth, even though it can be deleterious.

It's a sign of wealth and power the same way SJW culture is. The US has legitimately moved past government-sponsored racism and popular racism. So, now the virtue signallers of our country have to target smaller and smaller grievances in order to continue their schtick. The fact that they exist here and not anywhere else is proof that our society is simply more civilized and less racist than others. There's no point in complaining about microaggressions in Iran because there are real, obvious 'macroaggressions' that everybody agrees is racist, sexist, etc.

U can't be serious

central difference if you do not wish to see differing opinion,is orientals ferment the stuff,,nutrient content vs american processed soy

chinese have used it for ks of years,,FERMENTED SOY not the stuff american food corpses sell

That’s because weak men are evolutionarily going to choose an ideology which benefits all of the tribe so they can get some of the reward.

correction,,,'pot bellies'

the chad/alpha male attracts women by signalling how manly he is. what if you're not a chad by any means? what if you have low testosterone and low aggression? you can't signal how manly you are, because you aren't at all, so instead you signal how safe you are. How you are like a woman, sensitive like her, want romance rather than sex, want to talk it out rather than fight, love nature, love animals, have her sensitivities towards immigrants, etc. They have to flex really hard on the 'safety' meter in order to have a chance against the alpha males that flex on the 'masculine' meter.

Probably the same reason that all right wing conservatives look like pasty old men who are likely to die soon.

dumping the true master race

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why are the warriors of trump so strong and masculine?

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breeding material itt

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tbh i'd fuck her

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m a s t e r r a c e

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pic related: OP's mom

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no seriously look at this picture OP

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America was a mistake

Why are right wing men usually malnourished (either obese or anorexic), without any sex appeal and still dress like their mom buys their clothes? What causes this trend?

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Like these guys?

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What the name of that porn?

i'm not even halfway done

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ok I'm bored, it's clear OP bailed as soon as he saw his propaganda bots aren't backing him

see ya

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So you're saying it's better to be an out-layer. You know, the ones that have no voice.

We re over here screaming red or blue, and this niggas screaming chicken

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Post a pic of your face with timestamp so we can see what a real man looks like.

lack of testosterone

weird cuz in college it was the other way around, the lame preppy conservative kids were the ones preaching while all the cool liberal kids played football and fucked hot chicks and shit

imagine being this fucking dumb