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Because might be refugees from a website

Let what in?

How many are you going to let live at your house to support?

Shh don't question it goyim

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coz all humans deserve a good life

I would like to open my door to a family, let them get a glimpse of what life could be if they work and get an education. Although, living in squalor for that amount of time has probably molded theses people to a survival lifestyle and trying to integrate into modern society with those psychological deficiency is very difficult likely totally impossible except maybe for very intelligent individuals. With that in mind, no I don't want any if them in my country unless they already have an education and or experience in a field which is in need of manpower.

retarded logic

The majority who come don't end up with a 'good life'.

They're unwilling to work to make their home country a better place. They're useless.

>implying niggers are human
>implying that niggers are incapable of creating a "good life" in their own nations (you're as racist as I am)
>implying the good life won't devolve into a bad life when there are enough niggers to collapse white civilization

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Or incapable?

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What's retarded about it? Saying let them in and going home feeling good about yourself? Take a couple with you and put your money where your mouth is.

it is not responsibility of a common person to take care of other prople, if you do, great for you, but if you live in a country and pay taxes and shit, the goberment have to respond to the inmigration with good social laws.

How about no immigration you fucking dunce?

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Probably heading straight to Canada.
I hate being a leaf

where exist poors, theres exist avaritia.
africa is rich in gold and diamonds, but the bad goberments andhunger for wealth is oppressing the most of the people who just want some dignity in his 10/day job, check your first word privilege.


It's nature, not nurture. They will never assimilate.

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Tell that to Israel.

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Your mom lets you live at home for free lol

>durr durr israel
is it just me or are there a lot of anti-semitic jackwads here at Cred Forums?

>muh anti semitism

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are you consider the fact that not all the people of israel aproves that?
the the decisions of the authorities of the country, does not represent in the ppeople in the majority of 3word word countries..

Except I dont' see hate for Israel.
I see anti-semitism, as if there is literally something wrong with being Jewish.
You don't fool the smarter people like me at Cred Forums so easily user. :~)

Hating the State of Israel isn't anti-semetic you fucking retard. There are a lot of Muslims, Christians, and non-religious people in the country.

I don't see hate for Israel user.
I see hate for Jews, calling posters "goyim" and shit.
Shut the fuck up. You're one of them.

I'm still correct though, aren't I? Hating the State of Israel isn't anti-semetic. Right?

If this is wrong, is the left anti-semetic?

>as if there is literally something wrong with being Jewish.

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oh goody
a stormfag chart

Even if it is anti semitic, who cares? Jews and Israel both deserve to be hated.

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Nice argument kike

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Sure if we legalized slavery again.

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>durr r the left still the real racists
>the left
When you start agreeing and fighting from the position Ive been posting in here I'll give you legitimacy, ok? Because so far you're still being a huge faggot.

>durr jooze bad durr
user whatever stupid faggotry you're posting
no one's clicking on it lol

>Except I dont' see hate for Israel.
Here ya go

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Then you need to start lashing back at posters that use "kike" and Nazi nomenclature in their posts. Starting now.

I never claimed 'the left are the real fascists', all I did was point out that if hating Israel was anti-Semitic, it would render the left hateful and intolerant, which is obviously something you guys claim to steer clear from.

As for your point, there is plenty of reasons to dislike the STATE of Israel and the Jewish people.

Again, nice argument

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Keep posting what an utter failure of a human being you are user. I'll be here to remind you of it. :~)
inb4 ironic, etc
you are an anti-semitic dipshit

>as if there is literally something wrong with being Jewish.
there is as long as you keep cutting of pieces of small boys penises.

Why? Those are just words. Israel is the one actually committing violence and evil across the world.

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Reread my post faggot. This is not proof that you aren't a pathetic frogposter like the rest of them. You need to start fighting from the proper perspective, not just merely explain to posters who call you out.

I wish I had a submarine. I would slam torpedoes into this floating cesspool and laugh about it

>durr jooze jooze
user nobody's clicking on that cringing faggotry

.Then you are a stormfag. You are not anti-Israel

*Counter semitic

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They will if you keep bumping the thread newfag.

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>I'd commit mass murder and laugh about it
how's being 12?

user you still keep posting faggotry nobody's clicking on
You are an anti-semitic dipshit.
Admit it.

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I'm anti circumcision. I think it amoral to perform unnecessary surgery on an infant.

fake quote

This is flat out wrong. There are more genetic differences between individual humans than there are between different races.

Race is a social construct we define by arbitrarily categorizing different populations of humans with varying phenotypes into rigid categories. The fact of the matter is that the environment you grow up in has a very significant impact on your behavior. Genes have an influence as well, but not along racial lines. Even then, the impact of genetics can be mitigated given the right influence.

>repeats himself

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if i live in europe and im white and rationalist can i invade some richer country to live there ?

Imagine the smell.


nothing stopping them from doing that in their home countries.
the cunts are just too lazy to plant crops and create industries. they'd rather sit around and get freebies from the UN, or from whatever country'll take them in.

You are absolutely retarded.

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The issues here is not with being Jewish, it is the cruel displacement of another population by force and the arbitrary creation of an ethnostate.

hmmm, seems to be in good shape
dump all that garbage inside and i'll take it

look at all those women and children

Post more uncited pseudoscience.


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I'm a circumcised white man who grew up catholic. I don't see frogposters like you going after my demographic.
You are a Jew hater user. You need to admit it.

it's from the decent of man
Darwin's follow up to origins of the species focusing on how natural selection affected humans

Kike detected

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I don't live in America. It's not normal to circumcise your children as a christian here. I do think it wrong of American Catholics to circumcise their children.

Circumcision isn't a Catholic practice you fucking idiot, maybe that's why?

I'm still waiting for you to actually admit your anti-semitism, user. You keep posting as if your beliefs are rational, and not a factor of racism. You need to admit this.

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Then stop calling people "kikes."

Being a jew hater is a badge of honor

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IQ doesn't take socioeconomic background into account.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the environment one grows up in can cause a change of up to 30 IQ points.

What's more, even IF intelligence was definitively determined by race (which it isn't), it wouldn't be justification for discrimination. I still have empathy for people regardless of their intelligence, because they still have emotions and goals and loved ones.

I'm not a sociopath, like you.

No date....fake and gay

Who are you talking to? Yes I hate filthy jew vermin such as yourself. So what?

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Still, your issue appears to be with Jews, and you're clearly obsessed with penises.

>Then stop calling people "kikes."

>Multiple studies
Where are they faggot? Am I supposed to take your word for it?

no it really isn't frogposter
it's cringing

>Still, your issue appears to be with Jews
yes, and anyone else who willingly circumcises children.



Kirp, David L. "After the Bell Curve." NYTimes.com. New York Times, 23 July 2006. Web.

Johnson, Wendy, et al., "Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Verbal-Perceptual-Image Rotation (VPR) Model of the Structure of Mental Abilities in the Minnesota Study of Twins Reared Apart." Intelligence 35.6 (2007): 542-62. ScienceDirect.com. Science Direct, 14 Dec. 2006. Web.

Deary, Ian J, et al., "Genome-wide Association Studies Establish That Human Intelligence Is Highly Heritable and Polygenic." Molecular Psychiatry (2011): 996-1005. Nature.com. 9 Aug. 2011. Web.

Lang, Kevin J., and W. John Livesely. "Heritability of the Big Five Personality Dimensions and Their Facets: A Twin Study." Journal of Personality 64.3 (1996): 577-91. Print.

Bouchard, Thomas J. "Genetic Influence on Human Psychological Traits." Current Directions in Psychological Science 13.4 (2004): 148-51. Print.

I am not Jewish. I am a white male who grew up catholic. I am now an atheist like most rational thinking people.
And nobody's clicking on that stupid faggot anti-semitic shit frogposter.

>obsessed with penises.
Like Jews?

Attached: RABBI SUCKS the BLEEDING PENISIS of an infant JEW BOY - on behalf of a BLOODTHIRSTY G-o-d !!!.png (640x578, 389K)

Anti-semitic hate speech laws are coming to the US because of you neo-nazis
you do realize that?
You made it necessary.

>implying jews are just a religion, not a race

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i clicked on it

Attached: 1504229183899.jpg (249x156, 6K)

You never mentioned catholics until it was brought up.
You are lying frogposter. You hate Jews.

They are rational beliefs tho... Try stepping outside of your thought bubble and consider the possibility that his posts are accurate rather than assuming they aren't...

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Attached: 1522519674165.png (602x555, 145K)

Do you have the one that includes reasons for their exile?
Really shows you how they're pieces of shit

if antisemitic hate speech were just a bunch of lies laws wouldn't be necessary
they could just be countered with the truth
it is quite telling that in countries where antisemitism is explicitly illegal, the truth is not a valid defence

>You hate Jews.
What's not to hate?

Attached: 1578414630465.png (1000x500, 41K)

I have it, but the file size is too big to upload on this board.

Is this /b or /pol. I'm kinda of confused rn

nobody's clicking on your stupid faggot memes frogposter :~)

Nazi is a made up kike word to make the National socialists sound like a Boogie man

Keep saying that faggot. Every time you bump the thread more will see it. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube kike. The whole world is waking up to your schemes.

>racism is rational
lol no fropgoster
just no

90% of the expultions in that pic were from fucking with coinage to the point that the nation's economy was on the brink of collapse
>coin clipping, cutting the edges off coins, this is why all gold and silver coins from the 1700s on have ridges along the edge
>sandwiching, cutting the faces off coins then putting a base metal between them
>extreme usury, interest rates of >1000%APR
>straight up forging coins out of base or lower purity metals

My wife thinks we should let them in

Attached: Apex1.webm (1280x720, 1.94M)


I clicked on it, too...
And I fact-checked it...
And it was accurate...
So I saved it...
And I will spread it...

Attached: 1557594142435.jpg (223x226, 10K)

Anti-semitic hate speech is actually proving to be a threat towards the Jewish people
and racists like you have made it necessary for it to be treated as an enforceable crime in the US.

The whole internet will be Cred Forums in 10 years time. That's what kikes are afraid of and why they want to shut it down.

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Attached: hiroshima-detroit-1945-2015-comparison-its-easier-to-bounce-back-from-a-nuclear-holocaust-than-endur (735x850, 298K)

>Anti-semitic hate speech is actually proving to be a threat towards the Jewish people
This is only the beginning faggot

Attached: 1530835928027.png (604x555, 258K)

That means shut up frogposter.
Shut up.

Your mom will be paying upwards of $2000 per infraction in fines and you may be sentenced to do community service in a Jewish community.

You have empathy because you have Neanderthal dna
Niggers did not evolve from Neanderthals
Their frontal cortex did not develop like ours
This is why without mixed dna they are like violent beasts

I'm glad that you agree that Judaism is irrational...

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What I dont understand is why dont other majority Muslim countries welcome their displaced Islamic brethren with open arms? Why does it always have to be Europe and the US who is expected to assimilate them?


Attached: ZBig4.jpg (1924x1494, 350K)

I agree to nothing frogposter.


they challenge us to accept new and interesting odours
i feel enriched as fuck

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It's all according to plan.

Attached: 3992367c3a06b9ab41ba71c20e4b9e3c--big-picture-illuminati.jpg (736x658, 133K)

No thanks

Attached: 21l4b2.jpg (736x709, 53K)

They do dumbass. That's how fucking many there are because of mostly US military aggression. Refugees go everywhere.

I read all of it and saved the image

Attached: 1574665862439m.jpg (1024x785, 183K)

ok frogposter
you tried

Crop and post 2 halves?
Resize image?
I had the image before but lost my old phone
It's huuuuuge
It actually surprised me how many places have kicked the Jews out yet today they have somehow gained direct control of the globe

Judaism teaches that the Jewish race is above all other races...

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My friends brother was the biggest counterfeit currency producer in British Columbia Canada
Guess what
Not Jewish

>hey goys check out this hip new needle in the haystack!

Attached: 1577891447938.png (493x719, 92K)

My friends brother was the first lady of the United States

>starts drum n bass from a dj setup
"Yall ready for this?!"

Attached: 2737363.jpg (458x620, 73K)

obvious bait to trigger racists to react
good job OP, you got them all to come out of the closet

No I was just saying where there's money to be made somebody is going to make that money
I hate Jews myself don't get me wrong

Attached: 1574542540123.png (824x1568, 416K)

I'll grab my cracked bic lighter

So does every religion
Your point?

Attached: 1575589028353.jpg (636x552, 70K)

they don't do it illegally anymore
bc they own every central bank in the world and print all the money except for (iirc) 5 nations
guess what
they used all their tricks
all modern coins are sandwiched coins
all modern coins are made of base metals
all modern script currency is fiat based on "faith in the government" instead of rare metals
they become such good counterfeiters that they convinced everyone to pay them devalue our currency

No it doesn't frogposter.
Jews are not a race.

Attached: 20200119_121231.jpg (1080x1423, 517K)

Did you ever see their naked penis down on Wreck Beach?

Lol rekd

nobody's clicking on your anti-semitic faggot shit frogposter


Attached: merchant x.png (782x782, 627K)

your antisemitic faggot shit is cringe
grow up frogposter

low rent shill, get a real job



I have a good job frogposter
But your hatred towards jews is because of your indoctrination. :~)

lol no frogposter
pls go

That IQ graph is retarded: the integral of both curves must be equal for you to be able to compare them.

id love to throw grenades into those things lol

Your statement is obviously inaccurate...

Attached: thisisbait(1).png (625x626, 66K)

Your stupid faggot christfag shit says the same thing, that white Jesus freaks are the only worthy people on Earth. Look how you reeee every time someone says they're an atheist lol

Handling live grenades is terrifying but yeah

They obviously are...

Attached: images.png (209x241, 7K)

Attached: 1579253092614.jpg (600x904, 66K)

I'm a stupid faggot racist dipshit

they're not, they're a species

We do not welcome the weak or the timid. Fix your own country.

>the weak
You're here somehow. You haven't been kicked out.

you're a fag

You're grasping for straws and building men of them...

Attached: f05(1).png (5000x5000, 412K)

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore

you're a tendies suctioning ballbag

Attached: 1244557878.jpg (960x540, 62K)

frogposter pls
you had your ass handed to you
all religions think they're the end-all/be all
not just Judaism. You just hate jews because some stormfags told you to and you stupidly believed them because you post frogs
frogposter ;~)

you grasp for nazi penis and suck it


>no u
I am actually a grown adult. Grown adults don't hate on people they've never met or interacted with. Frogposters do.

I'm a grown adult, and I do. but, I rarely post frogs.

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Yeah if they're white.

QUICK! Pull the plug,

Attached: jc1IhDP.jpg (750x398, 41K)

It's disappointing how dependant on bait and logical fallacies you are...

Attached: 1506643844483.jpg (321x328, 24K)

Attached: 8F1B1CD6-9156-4294-90DF-602F8732CC13.gif (538x298, 1.69M)

Only the women and children who need help that aren't religious freaks, the rest can fuck right off especially the men

Attached: 08-Sophie-Turner-Sansa-Stark-Leaked-Nude-Tits.jpg (1280x1280, 88K)

like your thread faggot
>logical fallacies
that refugees as pictured above are somehow inferior to whites?

Attached: cum3.gif (500x240, 878K)

why does the left take advice from a 12 year old swedish girl that won’t even stay in school

>all science is "the left"
rape yourself faggot

anyone who supports this has no right to bitch about the slave ships from the 1800's.

They are packed in there just about as tight only they are exposed to the elements so its worse.

>refugees as pictured above are somehow inferior to whites?

Attached: 1501442060254.jpg (599x394, 67K)

But who will make our appliances for cheap?

science that says there are only two genders ya?

Christianity teaches to break away racism, whereas Judaism clings to it...

You mean the jewish owned slave ships?

Attached: 1509025936089m.jpg (1024x1023, 238K)

It's an emergency transport you fucking semen encrusted faggot.

>Christianity teaches to break away racism
Wrong. Not one word in the bible about racism you fucking shill.

Attached: 1577131825704.gif (320x228, 1.78M)

Attached: 1488 this faggot.gif (444x238, 1.9M)

I didn't start this thread...
Why do you have a gif of a cumming dick on your phone..?

science doesn't actually state that frogposter
why do you frogposters always have to post shit you fap to instead of touching a real girl?

That directly affects citizens. Absolute dipshit

no it doesn't frogposter
some of the worst racists throughout history were christians

Judeo-satanic poster confirmed

Motherfucker go back to jewbook if you're so "offended" that people hate kikes on here

>implying racism is a bad thing

Attached: 1527123295560.jpg (678x954, 121K)

are you new here shekelberg?

being heckled for being a jew is fucking funny. all the white, black, and mexican dudes at work talk shit all day long, but we play it up really hard that being called a jew is the absolute most insulting, pin drop silence-inducing "oh no he didnt" name you can call someone.

Then we all laugh or asses off. All of us hate you.

Attached: 1577750501747.jpg (680x473, 51K)

i am a girl, you foolish bimbo.

Attached: 1564107649868.gif (200x200, 981K)


that pic gives me hope, if its true

frogposter pls go

No matter how much edge you post with, it won't change how false your statements are...
Acts 10:28
And he said to them, "You yourselves know how unlawful it is for a man who is a Jew to associate with a foreigner or to visit him; and yet God has shown me that I should not call any man unholy or unclean.
That was readily available by searching "bible verses about racism" on DuckDuckGo...

Attached: 1509143538715.png (1024x768, 1.02M)

>I gladly succumb to a culture that treats my gender like shit
lol frogpostress

>should not call any man unholy or unclean.
Niggers aren't men though, they're orcs.

Attached: 1575981083398.jpg (713x872, 230K)

What does that have to do with race?

lol found the buttmad christfag

my gender is treated equally, that’s how it should be.

>the mark of Cain was a dark skin tone, although early descriptions of Romani as "descendants of Cain" written by Franciscan friar Symon Semeonis suggest that this belief had existed for some time.

Attached: 1480718500229.jpg (2465x795, 526K)

women are second class citizens in this society dumbass

give some examples.

the incel from [pol reporting in


not that user
but religion is so fucking cringe isn't it?

lol You're probably madder right now than I've thought about being all day...
And it's been a pretty chill day...

Attached: 1576422333670.jpg (225x216, 6K)

Kill them all

Yeah tell that to my wife and 4 kids

lol You must be the same faggot that posted a cumming dick gif and the term 'buttmad'. I was wondering when you'd say 'incel'.

Attached: 1577767321481.png (552x435, 578K)

Your religion is stupid racist bullshit that killed millions.

Does your family know about your anti-semitism paranoia?
When's the last time you acted out against them?

Confirmed for mad and ignorant...

Attached: 15711333183750.jpg (640x640, 40K)

Sink the ship

My wife and I are homeschooling our children and teaching them about the evils of judeo-bolshevism.

Your religion is stupid and gay. Stop believing it.

>I'm gonna teach my kids weird stupid right wing shit
Then the chances of one or more of them getting blacked are good.

I love this...
Good job, user...

Attached: 1444698858848.gif (260x187, 1006K)

Fucking hell that boat needs to be sank

>stupid and gay

Attached: no-u-spell-card-no-u-deflects-all-roasts-29807977(1).png (500x750, 172K)

>fucking hell I approve of genocide
ok frogposter

user you keep replying
I win when this happens, it's as if you're really this insecure about your stupid outdated soldier's belief system nobody with a brain believes anymore.

On the contrary, I'm keeping a thread alive that's filled with informative memes about the Jewish problem...
In fact, You are losing, user...

Attached: funny shit tard.jpg (180x214, 8K)

I'm an atheist. Atheism is not a religion. It is based on science and reason.
Yours is based on seething drug-induced contradictions where entire civilizations were put to death by the sword for not becoming believers. Fuck you.

you're still stupid and gay KEK

Attached: self-destruct.jpg (449x1197, 216K)

I only see one problem: (You) and your whites only fairy tale. You'd better not act on it user and keep it between your greasy fist as you pound your tiny cock over and over where it belongs

Hi Mosad Agent! How is the weather in Tel-Aviv?

Where is burning? You ass or you mother's cunt? He is telling the truth and it is hard for Zionists to see people still talk about the truth!

I think I will cease to respond now and contribute some Jew memes of my own...
It's been fun, user...

Attached: 468px-Flag_of_Israel.svg.png (468x340, 6K)

Attached: 1577126416734m.jpg (1024x719, 122K)

Attached: 1577312455619.jpg (534x400, 29K)

How is pointing out obvious racial paranoia mean I am a) Jewish or b) not in the US?

You frogposters are really mentally baked people. I hope your mom takes care of you because you really cannot function in society.

Fact-checking here:

Attached: 15439754_265577110526058_6300183878700756461_n(1).jpg (600x419, 56K)

Attached: hahaha1(1).jpg (698x380, 44K)

kek this thread. kikes btfod. keep up the good work. stupid kikes

Attached: 1525856632330.jpg (720x960, 114K)

Attached: 1574129594432(1).png (940x300, 41K)

Attached: 6a00d83451b71f69e2017c3852c177970b-400wi(1).jpg (376x273, 26K)

Thanks Bro! This fellow will Deny it for sure! This is their new tactic: "Boycotting Israel = antisemitism" which is pure bullshit!

Fuck stabbing cats...
But thanks for the congratulatory response, user...

Attached: cat2.jpg (600x524, 39K)

Attached: 6a00d83451b71f69e201a51158d8ed970c-400wi(1).jpg (400x287, 14K)


sink the boat

Attached: metzitzah_b_peh2May16(1).gif (400x267, 52K)

Attached: 935824744133177344(1).png (1200x628, 214K)

Attached: drencrom molok-o(1).jpg (889x667, 370K)

Attached: image(2).jpg (180x180, 5K)

Attached: 1573713029009b(1).jpg (1024x759, 112K)

Attached: 6(1).jpg (360x640, 126K)

How did the 5k jews invited the Muslims in France? The very fact that jewish citizen of France are fleeing speaks against this and when they have the influence to "invite" Muslims then they could just throw them out of the country...

Really low IQ bait but sadly some people faile for this

frogposter pls go

Netanyahu wants Jews around the world to come back to Israel. Unlike the jews, unfortunately the native europeans have no ethnostate to flee to.

Attached: JEW8af_5509077(1).jpg (640x577, 107K)

Attached: 1578852242006.png (618x559, 77K)

Attached: Screen-Shot-2018-05-10-at-9.04.04-am(1).png (643x624, 414K)

Attached: 1578573332620.jpg (960x646, 145K)

Into where?

frogposter pls eat shit


Attached: CaravanFun.jpg (1280x777, 192K)

Attached: 1557989261655m.jpg (820x1024, 107K)

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lol getting into tinfoil hat shit now

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Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was half Austrian nobility and half Japanese, you fucking retard!

this is fucking retarded, you can just buy it from private companies online.


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I never said he wasn't a jewmutt.

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bait post, too easy.

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that's retarded. nobody is claiming they were all incinerated. lots of mass graves m8.

kek, you rainbowland delusional retard

>muh hall of cost

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This is what the exercise yard in the least full prison will look like in 10-15 years anywhere in the world

If I made all the kikes dig their own graves, who would cover them over after I shoot them? The very last kike would have to be left on the top soil to rot and maybe eaten by forest animals?

Hating a country based on actions the country has committed is not anti-semitic, aslong as you do not show hostility to or prejudice against Jews. you are good.

because look at all these doctors and physicists!

>jew continues to jew

how odd.

naw, fuck the jews.

Didn't he also say "You can take the bunny out of the jungle but you'll never take the jungle out of the bunny".


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Don't you guys see? These threads are supposed to shoot blank triggering images at you, just to see how YOU respond so (((they))) can use it against you later. They know we still have the majority, and that the sjws on every available media are just loud, much louder than the ones with rational mind, but that doesn't mean they outnumber us!
They will just use the arguments you make here, to get to know you. They will lead the loud people in the media to turn brainless masses against you, to make you seem like all sanity is lost, to make you give up.
Don't let them.

keep the kike hate alive

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thank you Hitler





Kill them all. Nothing but vermin.

No thanks


Shitty propaganda

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Kike cope

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