Suicide/Self Euthanasia methods?

Suicide/Self Euthanasia methods?
I will not give an explanation.
No discouraging. No sob story about how I have a reason to live. No bullshit.
Just give me the most painless methods available.
Would wrist slicing be too painful?

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Hang himself ?

if you really wanted to die you would kill yourself no matter how and you had already found your answer on x search engine. Just pass over it like an alpha, stop being a niggot gay ultrabirdsadistic shit attention-whore.

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Slice your wrists in a hot tub. Quite painless and fast since the hot water makes your circulation faster.

For a pussy like you? Yes.

Look up 'exit bags'. Definitely the best way to go. Insert helium gas from party city and you will be on your way to 'party city' in no time.

Death by snu snu

Dont do it. Perhaps nothing has gone your way lately, perhaps nothing has gone your way for years, but this doesn't mean that it won't change. Call a suicide hotline or just talk to me, if you're gonna kill yourself what do you have to lose by just talking?

If you're gonna do it anyways why not go out in style? Run in front of a big turbine engine

Helium or Carbon Monoxide inhalation. Helium is preferable since Carbon Monoxide causes nausea. Jumping off a high building is effective but those last few seconds won't be too happy. Make sure you're above 7 stories up as theres a decent chance you'll survive anything below depending on your size.
This too

But just in case:

If it concerns people like you? Time, energy and brain cells.

You should know that it would be impossible to remain depressed for too long. Your body is constantly striving to a point of equilibrium.

pentobarbital from mexico

You're retarded. Depression comes from a messed up chemical balance. You cant fix that shit with some wooey gooey talking about it.

Why do you value time if you've chosen to end it? The truth is you haven't. You want to live. You know that there's more to life than suffering. It's never too late to try.

You're absolutely right, but by killing yourself you eliminate all chanses to get back from depression. Suicide is never the answer friend.

You're absolutely right, but by killing yourself you eliminate all chanses to get back from depression. Suicide is never the answer friend

Next time you don't want any of that just use google or another search engine, they have all the answers you could possibly ever need, entire websites dedicated to it, charts that show you common methods versus painless methods, yet you decided to instead talk to people directly about it.

So, NEXT TIME, because there will be a next time just like this isn't your first time asking, just use google.

For now
>Morphine is the least painful suicide method, you just take too many pills and it slowly slows your breathing until you fall asleep then don't wake up.

You're a fag

And so are you

I'm not op. You can't even recognize someone emotional/mental state, wtf are you going to do for him? Just piss off already.

Well, perhaps I can't. I don't know you. We will probably never meet. But I still care for you, as strangers can.

I don't know what you've done in your life, or what has happened to you. But just in case you need to hear it; things can and will get better, and maybe you or anyone else reading this needed to hear this today, as cheesy as it sounds.

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