What the FUCK gives Walmart the right to check my bags as I'm leaving?

What the FUCK gives Walmart the right to check my bags as I'm leaving?

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You could always just say no


It's private property.

>walking towards the exit after paying
>notice all the brown people getting checked before leaving
>be white
>the greeter just says "have a nice day, sir" and doesn't check my bags at all.

feels good, man.

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>that time I left Walmart and my only purchases were condoms and a Lego Friends set and they searched my bag.

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Bingo. Also they have the right to refuse service to anyone, so if you make trouble, they can just ban you.

I was having a bad day the other day. They didn't check my receipt when I walked out with my brand new PS4 or any other big stuff, but this joker wanted to check my receipt for a gallon of milk and a hand of bananas. I just said "No!" with as much aggrivation as I felt and pushed my cart out the door. Felt good man.

Nothing at all, they can't stop you they can only Walmart employee told me way tmi about theft in their toy section dude grabbed a garbage can from another section filled it and walked out. All they can do is call the police.

You are on their private property, they can do whatever the fuck they want. On the other side of this, nobody is forcing you to shop there.

the law, feel free to shop elswhere, maybe theyll get the point

The task that you consent to allow them to as part of your membership... Fine print is a motherfucker. Implied consent could also be argued...


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Pro tip, as soon as you get outside the doors the legality of a lot of the loss prevention gets really shady. Most big chains like target and Home Depot have a policy that once you’re out the door they won’t chase you down out of fears of lawsuits. I used to steal paint from Home Depot like a hundred cans at a time, just gotta know what you’re doing and what they are and aren’t willing to do to stop you.


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. Walmart used to be a club, sams club and only a club (like Costco) can check receipts. Now electronic stores are different where they need to log model numbers walking in and out

I worked at a different chain grocery store and they train you not to do anything and not to say anything. Even if its blatantly obvious.

that faggot thinks walmart is sam's club, because they're owned by the same company.

how do you steal that much paint at a time? Serious question, they have to mix it for me if I don't want white,

Just tell them to fuck off and keep walking lol.

State law, probably.

I never show my receipt when they ask. The door guy gets so fucking mad. He radios for the basket kid to get my license plate number as I drive off.

On the other hand, that shit is bought and paid for and is MY property. They have no right to rummage through my shit no matter whose house I'm in.

Doesn't matter/not true. Unless you are a part of some membership thing like what Costco has, you made no agreement to let someone check your bags before leaving. As soon as there is a transaction with an exchange of money for goods, what was once the store's property is now your property just as much as what was your property when you entered the store. This means that the store has no right to look at your bags, and you can just leave.

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just ignore them and leave what are they gonna do assault you and get sued?
pepper spray any attackers then receive your half million out of court settlement

they only search homosexuals and trans shoppers, just don't dress like such a huge faggot and you won't have to worry about it

just call the cops on them if they don't have a warrant damn

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This happens to me too. Goddamn I love being white.

There's plenty of videos on youtube about this.
So they can only detain you if you are under suspicion of shoplifting. Otherwise, keep on walking.

they can ask you to stay while they call the cops but they still have to have a warrant to search you or it's a crime and you should call the cops.
nobody other than your stepdad can force you to be violated without a judges order

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you don't have to shop there.

what about your uncle and the creepy old guy next door?

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just don't dress like a queer and they'll leave you alone