Slampig/bodies made for breeding thread

Slampig/bodies made for breeding thread.

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Only use is to be bred.

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Is this the only one you have?? Always ask and never get more.

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Sorry man, I've been working and it's one of the two I start with. I have alot.

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More ass pics of her please
GF or wife

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No worries shes hot as fuck and seems to be the only thicc metal head girl shared. Love her tits

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>thread degrades into fat fetish

My gf

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That's actually my wall flag, but she does like metal. If you want more kik me. Bbwslutus

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does it matter

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Ass please

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More of her from the front.

Legs or ass?

If it is why do you only post the same 2 pics?

My question would be why post a pic from 2015? Post an HD one from this past year

Ex’s sister

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How'd you get those?

Here's a new one for you user.

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She would send them to me once her sister became my ex lmao. She was also super “open” and would send stuff while I was with her sister since she a Feminist I guess (that’s what she would say)

A lot of my saves are when we first got together. Here's updated pic for proof

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Ass pics?

Keep posting them then!

Do you have any of her nudes? I've been looking for them but never found any

Social media pic. Ok.

Not the best but this is one

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Keep posting


Here's a recent ass pic

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keep going

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need the front

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Another recent of the wife since user feels I need to lie about who I slam my dick into

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You can't breed with fat bitches they're more likely to be infertile

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Any of her in lingerie or bondage?

just keep posting her dude,

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I like her a lot.

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Oh, damn!

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Glad you like

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Yeah, her body is gorgeous.

way too fat

nice for cuddles tho

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is she built for breeding?

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Those thighs point to a yes. Nude?

You think?

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I do. I like thick girls.


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those nipples are made to be sucked

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bet her dirty thongs smell amazing

Any of her standing up fully nude from the front?

Her hair is pretty. And that body is perfect.

Morrre. She looks slightly like a girl i know curly hair and all

She's actual perfection

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I want to bury my face in that ass.

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very nice holes

Fucking beautiful.


Night you got like 3 different stories going with her. Just post the newest pics if there's any. Love her saggers

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My wife. The breeder

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Until she rolls over on you and crushes you in your sleep

very nice

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want my nose on her ass hole and tongue in her pussy

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She’d like that

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Thank you. Im very proud of my handy work

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more with her ass hole spread?

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How about her pregnant tits

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More like this but fully nude?


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Glad you like
Have another

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its old, quality sucks sorry

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fucked this fatty as a way to set me up with her cute shorty friend. 10/10 will fuck both of them again

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Nudes or it's a lie

Wife. Wwyd

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Piss in her mouth

love her nipples, can see more ?

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What you think?

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Fuck her belly button

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any interest in this slamcow?

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like this full nude?

she wouldn't take a full nude standing. worried about the sag

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This is as good as it gets
Voluptuous, sensuous, curvy, zaftig

Any of you ever wanted to rate a pair of sisters nude? Add on kik blueblabla11
Pic related

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mmmmm dat ass
looks like she could handle a 10" BBC

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Holy shit

Same girl

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Chubby with small tits. The greatest.

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Fucking DISGUSTING, sloppy, fat ogres like this need to be put down. We don't need those genes propagating.

She easily can

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Gross. Kill that thing before it reproduces.

Hey it’s the white Haili Sanchez!

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Keep posting her

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Wish you'd post all of her pics

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gonna let someone fuck her soon

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Happily share her with you

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Looks familiar her name start with an a?

we talk about it alot it used to be only when she was drunk

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while i was fucking her last night, she told me a story about being so drunk one night she blacked out and came to outside her place on the grass riding some guy she met at a club
got me diamonds

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shes a slut

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Slampiggy is used to fucking strangers then, just get her drunk and lubed up to take us together

Do continue!

Tits on this whore?


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Titfuck those udders for sure


This was posted yesterday. Is this guy here? I want more

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like it?

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I want to cum in your gf


Holy shit I'm not sexually violent but something about her body makes me want to be. I want to slap those tits and watch them jiggle and just grab her pussy donald trump style.

She looks like the kind of girl I would love to meet at a party when she's drunk, go to town on her, get her pregnant and then disappear leaving her to deal the the aftermath herself.

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my stupid step mom, shes a teacher and tries to bring it home and be a cunt there too

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MOAR / -w- sound?

ya im on here computer now


Should I start a thread?

/B needs to fucking learn that there's a difference between a lovely chubby toy and a useless obese cow that's literally good for nothing