Is possible to save b? How can we unfaggot this place?

Is possible to save b? How can we unfaggot this place?

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what is
who is
what is this ?

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Need to remove 99% of faggot mods who delete non-porn pics.

You can leave, that'd be one

I'm not a spic, so I don't runaway. I stay and solve problems.

>save Cred Forums
We can start saving Cred Forums by you deleting this thread and leave this place alone that's a good start

Nevermind i figured it out.
God has been found
Its this cosplay girl
God:1 Atheists: 0

>how can we unfaggot this place
Stop being a faggot is step 1. Let me know when you're ready to start.

It's too late

You seem to imply that bee wasnt a hive of faggotry from the get go.

The celeb threads will be punished for this death of OP

make it a blue board

How do I unfaggot my phone?

Its an iphone so should be unhackable and yet. I just have this feeling.

buy an android phone and degoogle

Deal with it

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Bring Moot back

I have some android phones.

Throw in the deep fryer and eat it

the same way you can save this planet.
oh wait, you can't.

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you're right. at this point there is no way we could kill ALL the jews

only china /taiwan has cute cosplay

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Increase the minimum age on the site to 50

undo decades of social engineering that has brought us to THIS being "cool"

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>I recongize that bulge!

>implying Cred Forums was ever good
>implying Cred Forums was never full of faggots
>we do not forgave
>we do no eat beakfast
>autist unite

Fuck off dude. Cred Forums was always a shit hole. That's it's whole fucking lore. Just because you don't like the current shit and want to go back to the old shit... doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day it's still shit.

Go from top tier security to faggot androidville. You sound like a poorfag to me.

>How can we unfaggot
There is a reason oldfags are called oldFAGS.