Have the racists on here ever felt shame about their racism...

Have the racists on here ever felt shame about their racism? Even if you do believe in different races having different traits, are such differences really warrant of hate, prejudice, and/or discrimination? I think we should just treat individuals as individuals.

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fuck off jew

*do such differences

you're jewish aren't you?

Not at all. German/English/Scots-Irish. Blond and blue eyes. I'd post myself but it's Cred Forums so fuck that.

Go back Jew

I'm not Jewish. The fact that you can't even fathom the possibility that I'm a gentile just shows how uncritical you must be in thinking about these things.

Fuck off, i earned my racism.

How does one "earn" racism?

“I’ll tell you what’s at the bottom of it, if you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

you disappoint your ancestors then

For simply saying that individuals should be treated as individuals? I think not.

Why would I go against every instinct millenias of evolution have resulted in? Social animals form groups, intelligent animals identify patterns, successful animals make use of both.

Your point? None of what you say requires hatred and pain inflicted on others.

being pacifist is the most pussified thing a man can ever do
join a side or you will be forced to side with the winning force

ok bro prove it

I would like to tell everybody in chat what I'm working on with my animation skills.

I'm making a tornado completely made of black people. The lightning and thunder is a combination of black hood gang members shooting at each other and black singing church women padding their weaves. there is a black woman consoling screaming about how she needs an EBT card while constantly giving birth to a little niglets. The black Jewish Israelites screaming about how their day original Jews. in the eye of the storm is LeBron James remake do you want a Sprite cranberry. At which point everyone inside the tornado starts to turn in to chimps

Thanks for reading

call me when the first black couple adopts the first white baby jamal.

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I feel no shame I hate nigger. Why? The short story is I ended up in bad part of city and was robbed and I expected i was going to be killed.

Yes I'm a racist, not personal just as sweeping generalisations an yes my ire is warranted as long as my voice is ignored by the electorate who continue to tell me I need to change: for niggers sake. And that I'm evil if I don't want to..

I overheard a teary lady on the phone yesterday at the mall "...I didn't want to be racist..." Guess what? Her car got broken into by two Somali niggers and her stuff stolen because she didn't trust her instincts and relaxed around blacks.

Do they have black people in whatever slav shithole you come from?

I kinda wish I didn't hate isrealis, but I despise anyone in the elite or anyone who promotes isreal. Don't care about judaism, but the isreali elite.

The barely literate replies from the racists tell you all you need to know about them. Their tiny brains can barely muster up enough energy to blame someone else for their shortcomings in life.

Proof that diversity doesn't work, simplified so small-brained individuals such as OP can understand.

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>Even if you do believe in different races having different traits,
kek lazy bait but have a (you)

As sweeping a statement as me saying "all niggers are rapists”.
Just saying.

Pretty sure you need to prove your statement first. My ancestors are dead, so they can't say shit. Or would you like to ask my mum, who is a stark non-racist?

Well, I live in South Dakota so there are few blacks here. I was on a business trip to Atlanta and got lost and ended up in Bankhead, nigger.

when you wipe out an insect colony i bet you leave the eggs intact because "they are individuals" and "they arent even doing anything"

by fucking your mom

W. A. R.

what do you mean?

>comparing humans to insects
>doesn't think their argument is a bigger stretch

All anti-white niggerloving liberal cucks should read Turner Diaries. That's pretty much the future for all of us, back then it was just a "nazi" fiction, now it's reality.
Fuck niggers and fuck race traitor liberal scum.

thanks for the arguement, tyrone.

Sweeping statements aren't necessarily untrue.

All living people need to breathe - true.
All black people are rapists - false.

If you're from SD then don't talk like English is your 5th language you brain dead fuck rod.

If it's fine to hate other races due to a few instances of hatred, then it is fine to hate white people based off of just this thread

All black people are hood criminals, even if they're kinda successful - true.
They all even talk like a niggers. Just put 2 nogs together, one is a hood rat and the other is rich successful fag, and by the way they talk you won't see the difference, both are just niggers.

That's fine, but if you hate white people why not move to a country that already isn't white, such as Africa? You can literally enjoy life a shitload more if you just follow your dreams.

You have an IQ of 72 - true.
I listened to you talk and you sound retarded.

I don't hate white people, just saying hating an entire group based on the actions of a few is retarded

Different environments (climate as well as culturesl) have put different selection bias on us. Some benefitted from developing more pigmentation and others less, some benefitted from tolerating lactose and for others it didn't matter.
Some genes create better athletes, some better thinkers. We ARE different, none is better than the other everywhere and modern technology puts previously "good genes" in the shadow put it haven't earased our unconscious bias yet and it's unclear for how much longer we can rely on the modernities we have today.

no you nigger lover black cocks sucker faggot

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I think not, after all Cred Forums is a good Christian place known for straightforward sincerity

Blacks will never forgive whites for the sins their ancestors committed, whites will always hate blacks because of the disproportionate amount of crime they commit. This should will never be solved and we should stop trying to solve it.

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things white people have done wrong in the past on a large scale:
>official wars between nations
>hating niggers

things black people currently do on a large scale:
>crime against unarmed citizens
>like a SHITload of crime
>ask and receive free shit due to other people's work
>incapable of being productive on their own
Yes there are exceptions on both sides, there always will be. But when the worst thing your race has done is have a couple wars (one with itself), I can't see why people hate whites.

I'm not a nigger, nigger, so my IQ is something about 130.

>calling yourself a gentile
Yeah, you're a jew

Ok nigger.

>and it's unclear for how much longer we can rely on the modernities we have today.
F-fuck... did I just became a racist?

Fuck you Tyrone/Shlomo.

Fuck off Golenbergenstein.

A few? A few white people doing shit like crimes and stuff, but THE MOST of blacks are a criminals. Most of them are robbers, rapists, killers and all that. So your point is invalid. You can't hate all white people because like 2% of us are bad, but you can and should hate all blacks since like 96% of them are niggers.

Please post when it's done!

I will

We all know your mom loves BBC, no need to tell us that.

The idea that this is something people have to win is max retard

Are there any good neo-nazi rock bands? I tired of listening to classic rock and grunge songs because literally all of those musicians are a brainwashed liberals and I'm a hardcore racist so all their songs about multiculturalism and shit are meaningless to me. I remember only one right wing rock dude - ted nugent. All other liberal cucks musicians are hate him.

American slave offspring doesn't represent the whole black population of the planet, Bob...

The first slaves were slaves to African owners before whites bought them. But at the same time have Afro-Americans had time to distill the ones able to live in white American culture. Bringing the average African to Europe is not the same as bringing the average Afro-American to Europe. Even white Americans and Africans will experience a cultural chock coming to Europe.

We are shaped, by every generation, by our ability to attract a partner. In some cultures it done by being ruthless and others by being welcoming.

> is genetic disposition to crime something to hate?


honor, konwista 88

Hitler 4 lyf!

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Most probably aren’t even racists. This is just a place they can come and “act” racist to be cool and edgy

You mutts don't know shit. You all talking about your black people, but I'll tell you something. There are people that way worse than nogs. The muslims.
I live among them for a long time, it's just... I can't even describe how dangerous, frightening and overall different they are. Blacks have different skin color and maybe different manners, but they still can be assimilated. Muslims on the other hand, they are completely DIFFERENT and that shit is scary.

hope so... what does "racist" even mean?

Kek, it's completely opposite to me. Online I'm more like a liberal, but when I go outside and meet them, well, you can't hide from yourself forever.

The only thing about being a racist is it hurts your social score here in jewnited states but my racism is based on logic and reasoning so I don't have any problem with it

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>commit ridiculous amount of crime because guns are freely available when gun laws were designed around whites
>euro-niggers (also sand niggers)
>commit ridiculous amount of crime because of the proximity of their homeland, where what we consider crime is simply every day living
>openly murder whites in broad daylight, force whites to leave and then succumb to zero productivity
Yes I agree whites are in the wrong

I know you know what you said is retarded, but think for second that you're also saying those are the only groups moving things along. What was the last peaceful country that made major contributions to the story of mankind?

I mean for real, the largest death toll in history was by a bunch of atheist Chinese


GET the fuck off /b if you like it ... fucking FAGGOT

It's weird, if you can isolate nogs they can be assimilated, but as a group they'll ruin a whole neighborhood with their lack of comprehension for maintenance. But at least they're not blowing the damn thing up

I'm white.

>commit ridiculous amount of crime because guns are freely available
Isn't it because they don't have jobs?
Educated blacks with jobs don't commit crimes right?
If you had a better wellfare system the selection bias for uneducated people people wouldn't be their partner's ability to commit crimes.

Short answer: Yes

You are not an individual

>Short answer: Yes
Okay, good.
>You are not an individual
Uh, what?

Go ahead. Just keep in mind how silly it would look if you were not white but still lived in a white country~

The first flaw in your logic is believing that every person who says "nigger" is an actual racist and not just some edgelord. If we account for all of the edgelords then I imagine the amount of actual racists on Cred Forums would be pretty insignificant.

You are not an individual, both your body and your mind are a product of everything and everyone else. Who you are physically, your height, hair, race, it's all determined by your ancestors and the group they belong to, be that race, nation, etc. And your behavior is dictated by your community. First by your parents, then by whatever you call a community and so forth. Their actions impact your development and the development of new generations, and your actions impact your community in return.
You are not an individual

That story is totally fucked up. Seems like a mental illness issue way more than a racial issue though. That being said, black men have more testosterone and aggression, and when it's mixed with mental illness, the results are deadly. So it's a combination of 2 factors, not just 1.

People don't want to hear it, but reality is complex. You can't just point to only 1 thing to ever explain most things.

>You are not an individual
Then don't refer to me as "You", since I'm not one thing.

>Blacks are more agressive
Them get them away from everyone else

Good to know you have to resort to playing dumb to have anything to reply, fren :^)

Easier said than done. What is "black"? 50% black? 10% black? 1% black?
There's also the problem where if you try to separate certain people from society, it's less practical than the opposite, it will insight riots and just more violence, so you'll end up with more of what you don't want.
Also, mental illness should be taken seriously and treated. It's just as much of a priority.

How can I be your "fren" if I'm not an individual? What part of me are you referring to? How do you even know you're replying to anyone, since nobody is an individual?

have you ever met a nigger? maybe if a black person proves themselves to me, but they need to show how they are different instead of like the crowd. Also liberals always telling me to love diversity and it ruining White nations leads me to adopt this hatred. If they just left me alone in a majority (90%+) nation like the US was in most of it's history, I would be happy and less spite against other people.

>Educated blacks with jobs don't commit crimes right?
Correct, but blacks are generally too aggressive in general for that to happen.
>poor blacks without job
>no more welfare
>america instantly becomes a warzone
I can't say that would be bad, since they probably can't shoot either.

Do you want rabid dogs in your pack?
Removing the rabid wolves will require violence, but it'll be better in the end as opposed to letting the AGRESSIVE members around the rest of the pack.
Are you going to sacrifice the non-agressive dogs to get mauled by the rabbid ones just to not be violent?

It's proven being of a minority race is a stress-factor... Multiculti is torture for the sake of homogenizing the market so it's easier to target with advertisement...

Stay mad fren :^)

>Educated blacks with jobs don't commit crimes right?
>Correct, but blacks are generally too aggressive in general for that to happen.

Except the richest black communities do as much crime as crackhead white towns in Appalachia

I'm not mad, just confused by your nonsense.

Fuck niggers

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> :^)

Racism isn’t real nobody is judged on their melanin they are judged on their behaviour, people are distrustful of blacks in USA because blacks in USA have horribly disproportionate crime statistics

It is not unethical to dislike someone else’s culture or behaviour if you feel their actions and beliefs conflict with your own values, people are allowed to not like things, you are not a bigot for having a different worldview to other people, it is okay to like every culture or every people or every religion

Racism is literally not real it’s just a nuspeak word invented to misdirect public perception towards a particular political goal

I'm kinda racist and I believe that the races are different more than just skin colour but it's fine if races mix and I don't think anyone deserves less rights than anyone else. Hell my friend group is incredibly diverse. But the races are different more than just skin colour and you're retarded if you cant see. You know an albino nigga is still a nigga and he's white as fuck.

>are such differences really warrant of hate, prejudice, and/or discrimination?
say that to someone a pack of niggers raped

I just don’t understand how it could be inherently, morally wrong to call somebody a dumb nigger baby

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