Greta giulia teen goddess

greta giulia teen goddess

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I just checker her insta and she is 14 and has a picture of her in a string as her profile.

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Don't they know camera have timers?

You have more? Her insta is private.

too busy making cocks hard I guess

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This fucking pose.

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Imagine this is your daughter.


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Where do yall even find these?

her insta

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Is she worth making an insta account?

I wouldn't make an insta acc only for one thot
I keep posting more pics here anyway

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God bless you!

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Is this the same girl?


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How many men do you think jerk off to her?

many , she has almost 50k followers and its getting more

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And do you think she is aware?

those thots always know what they are doing

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How about her family? Are they aware?

whore since 14 is kinda sad but cant blame her with that fucking body

don't know, her dad probably jacks it to her too

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try to be less of a bitch, little jealous bitch

Can you blame him really?

With that body you automatically get pushed in to such things in today's society.

Is this all?

cant blame him she is a cocktease

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Glad to have you back

where the hell did her tits go?

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So you think the nudes will 'leak' before or after her 16th birthday?

>no bra, bro

not sure but I think before she is 18 there will be something

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mnah, phone is different too.. some other chick.

I think 15. Just like Madison Beer.

oh... yeah...
that's potentially not her... or old, maybe

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It's her IG profile pic.

>old, then

More pics?

she will keep growing those things for sure

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That's the best part of it all.

Also I'm following her on insta now.

raging boner

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Please continue

Oh my god, 14 yo, dude

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You got more where she's barely dressed?

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Yeah true I guess, it really is free money literally for existing

hmmm fuck

God damnit, people bitching to me that Tifas chest size is justified because no woman has that figure, fucking 14 year olds exist with that figure.

Legit, know 3 people under the age of 20 with Tifa's boobs.

jealous femnazis

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tifas *reduced* chest size

I think they just gave her a sport bra

Yeah, I was at a small town cabaret thing yesterday, where there were these dance acts in between acts. And there were 2 random teens in those acts with a body similar to this (not to quite this extreme but close), just perfectly thin and yet non-hanging breasts the size of a childs head or something.

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My friends' sisters' wedding was a few months ago and his 15-year old cousin from France was also there. She had amazing boobs and even got to slowdance a little with her. Too bad there was so much family nearby cause she seemee to be down for more.

Lord have mercy

Sometimes, jail is worth it.

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Wtf is that on her ass? Anyway do you think she is really 14 or is it fake like Kalysta Mallory?

the dots? its from a story she posted. nah she rly is 14

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bust a nut in her twice
feel how big soft and perfect those massive tits are
bust a nut in her twice more

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Fucking hell where did you get these? And who do you think takes the pictures?

Look at all that sweatermeat.

sometimes she is posting pics and then takes them off again after just a few mins

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Even the thot realizes she goes too far sometimes.

but she cant resist those yummy likes

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where does she post them?

Nobody's blaming her.


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anyone have a mega of this slut?

Those with her almos bare ass as well?

Finally someone is asking the real questions.

nope not yet if someone has something post it

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Damn. Just waiting for her to accept my follow request.

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whats her instagram handle?


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https colon slash slash thumbs dot gfycat dot com slash HeavyDisfiguredAidi-mobile dot mp4

Keep posting user

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show me her toes

I refuse to believe her father hasn't installed a hidden camera in her room and bathroom

Good job!
Be gone

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Girl like this must have serious daddy issues.


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I want to sniff that so bad.

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Just imagine you're going to work to feed your family and your daughter is dressed like that for school.


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She's gonna make one hell of a porn star, though

onlyfans inc

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She has the fan base for it now lol

lol, she is still a child

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then this is further proof the age of consent should be lowered to 14

has anyone told her that as soon as she turns 22 everyone will drop her?

Doesn't mean she's not sexy, knows it, and uses that knowledge to its potential. It's only a matter of time before she starts profiting from it. Don't be a fucking idiot, user

Ssshht just let her enjoy the next few years.

cp!!! bla bla bla mods!!!!! bla bla bla feds dia gonna get you !!!! bla bla bla bla bla. you can clearly tell that this young maiden is years away from taking a dick or showing her huge tittys!!! bitch be 14 and clearly a young innocent child whos not supposed to be sexualized!!!!! you should all be ashamed you pedo fucks!!!!

seriously someone link the nudes already.

Not if she keeps raising the bar, doing more and more HC stuff. Why else do you think porn stars start doing things like massive dildos, gangbangs, ect?

Rest assured, she's already getting dicked down by anyone she wants

I bet this bitch is getting dicked down for sure

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Honestly if we lowered the age of porn to 14 girls like her would be less sexualized.

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Not all 14 year olds are this developed...don't be a weird fuck. There's a huge difference in being attacked to her and being attracted to children. She could pass for 18-20

Now that I think about it that was pretty fucking pedo of me. Sixteen is alright though. That's when women are biologically mature.

this, she could be 25 with this body
my cock knows no age she is hot

>being attacked to
Being attracted* to

the world is filled with girls her age ripe for a dicking

Make it so a girl is considered a consent giving adult if she is either
A: 16 and older
B: 34DD cup or higher

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That's also a pretty good idea

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too old

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That girl is perfection tbh

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Don't care about her age. Would plant several baby's in her.

who could say no to this?

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She ain’t all that. Just big tits.

Faggot detected

closet faggot detected


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Are 14 year olds in high school or still in middle school?

typically highschool... (13 is the youngest I ever saw at my HS)

Would love to pick her up from her high school.

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I wanna put a baby in there so badly

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Would love her to sit all the way down on my cock

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it would be extremely painful

What makes you say that?

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You're a big guy.

I would obliterate her, I wonder if she’d be scared of it. I would cum as deep as I could inside her pussy

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>thread went from 10/10 godess posting to dick posting
gay. I#m out

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>posting your own dick
that's kinda gay



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So what the most naked picture you can get?