Alright, I tried this last night and ended up giving a $25 Amazon gift card for this video:

Alright, I tried this last night and ended up giving a $25 Amazon gift card for this video:

I'm looking for a music video that was taken down by youtube. Here's the original link:

It was a Pumped Up Kicks music video using clips from Elephant and audio from a LIVE SHOW. It meshed together so beautifully.

If you can retrieve this original version, I'll give you a $50 Amazon gift card (or something else, whatever your preferred payment is. Venmo & Paypal are fine).

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You're looking for this?

Paypal: [email protected]

You're looking for this?

Paypal: [email protected]

thanks, sent;)

I'm OP, and that dude wasn't me.
This video is dank but it's not the same. The reason why I'm asking for a specific video is because they used a live version of the song and made it match perfectly with editing.

you are not me, this is the video I wanted and I already sen't the gift card, tyvm other user

you're so funny, haha get out of here redditor. leave me and my school-shooting vids in peace lmao

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is it this one?

what about this one

or this one?

No, this is not it, but this is also great. Leave some kind of identification so I can give $10-$25 cards to people who find awesome vids that aren't what I'm looking for.

send it to my mail [email protected]

Alright, let me be clear: It was NOT a remix. The audio was a live version of the song.

that's not me


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I know exactly which one you are talking about. That vid is long gone.

u lie, kike, while you rub your filthy hand, fukin hoarder

I emailed you a $10 code. If that isn't redeemed in ~30 minutes I'll just post the code here.

These are great, but they aren't the video I'm talking about. The music video I'm talking about uses a live version of the song.


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I'm not fucking around, guys. I *NEED* that video. Fuck. I guess money can't buy me it, so can anything else? Raising the price to $50

Thanks user.

Nice trips.

Sure thing. I fucking need this video. I'm at a writer's block right now and I used to use this video to get inspiration. Currently, I'm at a fucking brick wall. I can't get past it. If I can find this exact vid again I'd be so happy. $10 ain't shit compared to how much this music video inspires me.

Writing about a school shooting?

No. I'm writing a poetic anthology on being suicidal. I would never shoot up a school, though when I was in uni, I did wander it later at night/morning with a kitchen knife in my pocket. Idk why. I think being in prison was a better lifestyle for me at the time. AT THE TIME. Obviously, I love freedom and being able to take little adventures with my current salary.



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Erm, might this be it?

These are remixes. I said LIVE versions of audio...

Come to think of it - those guys are a rare exception as school-shooters. There are two of them, usually its just a weird loner.

No, but still dank. Again, this video used a live version of the song—not a studio version.

I'm searching without sound. That's why.

Bump. $75 now.

Great mix, but again: this video didn't use the studio version. You can hear the crowd in the background.

I bump with small hopes. Anyone got this vid saved?

bump for my hope

last bump for tonight. i may post again, but for now, it seems like no one here has the original video.

bump i guess joining in 2

Hope that's what you're looking for

ah fuck, skipped over "live". sorry mate

Again, this guy is right It's dank af but not the same.

saged so no faggots take over.
how can i pay you? this is exactly the video. if you want the money, post something that ican you money to. maybe an email i can give email code to? dude, you have no idea how happy i am that you found this

Fuck I was so close ! Went on bing and started going on with the columbine keyword. Damnit

$50 amazon gift card or anything equivalent. i'm just so happy you found it. let me know. again, i sage'd so i hope no faggots take over and steal ur credit

Hey if he doesnt claim his bounty, i'm down for some of that sweet amazon. Did spend an 1hour on it but not faggoty enough to claim it was me

Check Your mail Cred Forumsro

Sure. I emailed him but if I don't get a response by the end of the next hour, i'll hit you up with $25 amazon code (i guess this has to be US only because i tried giving a $25 amazon code last night for a good-but-not-quite video to a british guy but he couldn't redeem it).other forms of payment are fine, but you need to hit me up fast if you want paypal or something because i don't want a freeloader to steal your effort.
i'm sage'ing this post. let me know. again, i'll pay out to you only if the guy who found the exact video i'm looking for doesn't respond within the end of the next hour.

Sent mails with screenshots if You didn't saw them.

trips of truth

I got in contact with the original poster and gave him $50. thank you everyone else who tried to find this lost art.