Any medfags on Cred Forums today that can help me get rid of this rash on my inner thigh near my scrotum?

Any medfags on Cred Forums today that can help me get rid of this rash on my inner thigh near my scrotum?

It doesn't itch terribly bad but it is quite uncomfortable. I don't think it's a basic fungal infection like 'Jock Itch'.

I've been trying to use antifungal (Athletes foot) cream for weeks but to no avail.

I've also tried some triderm which is I believe a steroid but that also hasn't seemed to improve my situation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I really need to get rid of this shit.

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It's jock itch, similar to athletes foot

Get a basic anti-fungal cream and apply that shit morning and night until 2-3 weeks after it disappears

If that doesn't work, try another brand with a different active ingredient

Did you even read my post?

Looks chaffed as fuck. Is it possible you react allergic to washing agents?

Its scabies, they will live there for months and can spread.

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I read the first line

I've had the same thing before, original cream I used didn't do shit, so the next cream mixed with a steroidal cream worked

So treat with some Permethrin cream then?

could be a common rash that can be treated with some dedicated mosturizing cream, but if you have been having unprotected sex you should go to your doctor.

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It's jock itch if it was some other kind of fungal infections it would have a different shape for example ringshaped. Keep using the cream

Looks like Ligma

It's jock itch

as others have said, it's most likely jock itch. buy Lotramin spray, the kind that sprays dry powder. and spray your entire crotch (pubic area, thighs, taint, balls, ass) twice a day. really coat the area with the spray. it might take up to a month or two to fully clear it up. if you just put cream on the couple of inches of affected area, you'll never get rid of the fungus.

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“What’s ligma?”


not jock itch.
not eczema.

Likely fungal if it doesn't itch much/at all. At this point it's subdural, so you'll need an oral medication, likely over the course of a month or two.

they'll need to take a biopsy of some skin to confirm, don't panic @ the word "biopsy" in your dermatologist's office

Op here. It doesn't itch!!

Darth Plagueis

Thank you very much. This is the only reply that seems credible tbh.

I've had jock itch, it doesn't itch at first, but it gets dry, red and flaky just like that, it's likely jock itch

Thanks, you'll be fine -- don't panic, easy treatment

Just see a doctor

Had the same. Changed soap for bodywash and it was gone in 3 days.

Talc spray, new undies (a jock strap is best) everyday, don't use creams or shit that will just make it worse. You need to keep it dry

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there are different types of creams for different types of jock itch. try active ingredient: clotrimazole if you haven't already

Looks like chafe mixed with tinea versicolor.
Get this shit, I used to have the same thing.
Buy this foaming solution, apply the 3 sachets over three days.
Buy it again and apply 3 months after your initial application.
Then 3 months after your second application.
Also, practice better hygiene, and keep that area as dry as possible.

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Shower more often and keep that shit dry during the day. It's pretty easy to take care of yourself dipshit

You can get an STD while wearing a condom

jock itch... keep using the antifungals. Keep it dry and cool.

yes I read your post.

you're chaffing because of friction and because you don't shower. go and take a fucking shower, scrub your nuts, then put some baby powder on your balls and your inner thighs.

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It looks like a heat rash, I get them on my back sometimes they go after 3-5