Prostitution is human trafficking and people who run the rings should be put in jail for life

Prostitution is human trafficking and people who run the rings should be put in jail for life.

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prostitution is cool + fun and pays the bills

Ehh, depends on how you view it. Probably the majority of humans being trafficked are done so for prostitution.

But that's outside of the business of prostitution itself.

anyone bang these border rats?

>white knee socks
>skirts and jackets

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How about the ones who work for themselves? Should they be punished for offering themselves, too?

Tijuana so yeah. Make sure you're covered though. And testing a week or so after.

The customer base for cheap hookers in a border city is disgustingly ugly

Wow what a controversial opinion here have some gold op you deserve it for being so brave


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¬°Ay caramba! Esas si son prostitutas

Japan in a nutshell

You talk like a shithead

First of all its only trafficking if the woman is not voluntarily selling herself.
If it's and independent on snapchat or instagram whatever the case may be it's not trafficking

Capitalism is a system that forces the non Capitalist class to provide labour so they can buy back their own shelter, food, etc. or else face death by starvation or exposure to the elements.

For this fact, Capitalism creates the scenario where prostitution is necessary for the non Capitalist class for the exchange of money for the buy back of shelter, food, etc. when workers have been forced into poverty.

Capitalism creates poverty. First, and foremost, all the surplus value a worker creates with their labour is stolen by the Capitalist and is called "profit".
Uninformed people will say that this is equal because the Capitalist "provided" the tools or equipment or building or products for the worker to create this surplus value but here's the thing. All those tools, or equipment, or buildings, or products, are made by other workers.
So the Capitalist is simply a middle man in the creation of value. And here is where the poverty creation comes in. The Capitalist steals all this value and hides it away in offshore bank accounts or useless opulent trinkets they can play with.

Then, using a monopoly on violence the Governments create borders for the Capitalists. These borders prevent workers from creating a free market of labour, while Capitalists let capital and money flow freely through borders. This allows Capitalists to exploit artificially cheap labour so they can extract even more value from the workers labour. This is next level poverty creation.

TLDR Capitalism creates human trafficking.

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I went to a putero once
The girls obviously were in there for their own, bitches were just chilling, smoking pot and watching tv, one of them was even talking about how she didn't wanted to go home and shit.
BUT, I wouldn't deny that there are places that are deep in human trafficking and it's nearly impossible to know which ones are.

People don't "traffic" themselves, dipshit.

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Prostitution is a pre-capitalist profession, therefore invalidating the core of your argument and proving to all of these nice people that you are autistic.

>TLDR Capitalism creates human trafficking.

Everyone has a choice. You can sell ass, or not.

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The unequal distribution of wealth creates the conditions in which forced prostitution can thrive.
Capitalism is just one [highly successful] mode of unequal wealth distribution

You have a Choice Bill Gates, To sell your stock or not

>Everyone has a choice

lol is everyone in the first world this stupid?

Yes, Capitalism is just Feudalism with extra steps.


Everyone does have the choice. Yet the only people who have the choice to not work at all are the Capitalist class, since they simply steal the value workers create.

If instead, all the value workers create was put back into the workers lives there would be no need for prostitution or human trafficking, all workers needs would be met easily. People would have sex just to have sex.

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Prostitution legal everywhere except US...

>Capitalism is just one [highly successful] mode of forced prostitution



I had a cam model friend who lived in the Ukraine and she told me jobs were hard to get there. She had a 4 year university degree. It was her choice to spread her legs on cam for a living because she told me she specifically didn't want to teach.

Choices, bitch. Everyone has them.


it depends

on what?


It's actually illegal in Thailand and also the Philippines too I may laugh but it's definitely true on Thailand. They just don't enforce it.

It's illegal in Thailand actually...they just don't enforce it.

Prostitution should be legal and regulated. Why is it that if I pay a chick to fuck me it's illegal but if I pay a chick to fuck me and film it and then distribute that footage I'm just in the legal porn industry? Its fucking dumb. Make it legal and it becomes infinitley safer for the girls and the John's. There are literally no downsides.

You never heard of Nevada?

Without people like us people like you would never get laid, mate

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I know that street corner. The girls haven't dressed like that for at least a decade. Real shame, I enjoyed it.

That's because government officials and the police get a better deal from complex bribery-that's-totally-not-bribery operation that supplements their income.

They enforce the law when someone doesn't pay the for protection or steps out of line.

prostitution is prostitution and human trafficking is human trafficking you mongoloid.

>Probably the majority of humans being trafficked are done so for prostitution
No, it's not even close actually.
Farm labor is probably #1, some types of fishing is big.
A lot of middle-eastern construction is done by trafficked labor too.


Prostitution is sex warfare.

Since the beginning of the species females have chosen and males have competed. This resulted in sexual dimorphism where males are larger, stronger, faster, and more resilient.

It got to the point that males could simply rape females.

Then we invented civilization and decided rape was wrong. So rape was made illegal. But we didn't balance the equation. One side gets sex whenever they want, and the other has to simply go without. Equality would be each side compromises but instead all the costs of living in a just world were offloaded to one sex.

Women use male desperation to avoid working and supporting themselves. And they realized that if they withhold sex, then they can sell it. Imagine that. Sex is supposed to be something two people do because they both enjoy it and get satisfaction from it.

Imagine if Christmas were to roll around and you exchange presents with someone of equal value. And then you told them, "Remember now, you owe me!"

Centuries ago prostitution was outlawed and so was polygamy. That was men taking back what rightfully belonged to them. It was a flattening out of society where every man got one woman and they compromised on how much sex they had. The resurgence of prostitution is women enacting sex warfare on men.

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Foreigners simply can not stop thinking about the USA

Have sex incel

I do have sex. Do you think everyone who criticizes Capitalism is broke?

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Yes, actually.

Hey nigger, if the worker class has the resources and wealth that the so called capitalist steals, then why do they bother working for them? Why not labor for themselves and create their own wealth? The simple answer is that they don't have the resources on their own. The capitalist class provides the materials, and means to produce the goods. They also sell those goods to customers. All workers have to do is show up and do one job, that's why their cut is smaller. You are a nigger. Please go and commit die.

To make prostitution illegal is to say the government has higher claim to your body than you do, aka, a slave.

muriKKKans are pretty submissive scum, that's true.

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Congratulations, that's the dumbest thing I've read this year

>...should be put in jail for life.
You sound like a limp wrist bitch. Why do you want to to continue sucking in air?

some girls do it by choice and like it

Well prostitution and pimping is illegal in most of the world.