All cultures are equal and wonderful but yet most cultures want to come here to the USA. WHY?

All cultures are equal and wonderful but yet most cultures want to come here to the USA. WHY?

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Because their countries are burning. They have been milked like cows and their women have all been raped and forced to whore for the sake of the capitalistic ideal. You can't hold back the russian and the Chinese bears

Because we’re an oppressive patriarchy full of racist white men who will probably put them in concentration camps

They bring aids and disease with them. A wake up call for many

All about the cash and opportunity. People come to the US to get rich, it's why I came.

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Because not all cultures are equal nor wonderful and it is fucking delusional to think that way.

Not sure what you mean by that, I'm legal, my man.

Not nigger culture, retard

in a land without a culture, you can keep yours?

you dont emmigrate to another country because of their culture dumbass, you emmigrate because of economic conditions. Are you 13 years old or something?


A wake up call for few*
The majority choose to "see no evil"
They are literally blind to what is before them, willingly

>USA don't got no culture

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Because they know how easy it would be to exploit people dumb enough to vote for plumpf.

If that were the case :
why the fuck are they pouring into Europe so enthusiastically, before trying to get into the UK at all costs ?

Get real, those that actually DO get into the UK:
seem pretty damned reluctant to get into Heathrow Airport & stowaway onto a flight to America, any time soon.

Because what ever place they're coming from is an even bigger shithole than the US. Just think how bad their own country must be if they see America as a step up.


Because they're dumb spics that fucked up their own countries, so now they want to ruin this one next

Because they dont?

So people don't move to the US every year? You're really this fucking stupid huh?

>All cultures are equal
You know that's not true.
You must know how stupid that is

Because of all the white bitches

>all cultures are equal and wonderful

Even the ones where raping little boys and throwing gay off roofs, burning a woman's tongue with a red hot iron poker to see if she cheated cause god will protect her if she's innocent?

Ya all cultures are great!!

Some cultures are just more equal than others

Because you did the same

Your ancestors already did

Free welfare and gibsmedats.

Same old story - free money.

Embarrassing post. Coming to an established country to leech off of government handouts is not the same as arriving in an uncivilized land and building a nation.


Because in America we know how to fuck people out of their resources.

Good point, user. We're also constantly told that there is a "racism" problem in America. So why are all these browns and niggers coming to be victims of this "racism?"