New Celeb Thread. Kick back and enjoy your Sunday edition

New Celeb Thread. Kick back and enjoy your Sunday edition.

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hangover edition

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she is fine as hell

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I kind of thought people would post their own versions

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I wish you all love and radiance, my dears.

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got a template for us to use?


lily makes my heart hurt, but i need to see her pretty face..what am i supposed to do

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I hope she gets some real work when Riverdale ends, preferably something European to increase the likelihood of nudity

i remember thinking the book i read in school was better than the movie, but she was perfect for the part..such a sad story

i think she has a little patch of hair down there

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Uh... here, I guess

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Yeah, I'm 28, but this song makes me cry every damn time.

I hate you all edition

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I think she's a professional who'd do whatever the role demanded

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go eat kateanons ass

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I can see her titties

I think I'd go down on her even if she had a massive bush

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i came so many times the week when that last movies came out

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that sideboob my god

I know this feel all too well anony. we just have to take it one day at a time D:

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let me get some gatorade and maybe i'll add to it

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something possessed me to make this, you can have it

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kek'd tbh

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my rager wont go down now
being male is a curse


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Cutest partisan

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I haz an anger

theres something nice about bonding with your Cred Forumsros over a pretty girl like asr, feels good

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I want to fuck a celebrity :3

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>being male is a curse
the patriarchy will be destroyed once and for all, bigot

she's a qt

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i dont, that sounds too scary


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I don't even know who Right is but the other two have great asses

i str8 up play with my doodoo2nut

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All of the pretty xD

Looks like dual leaper

Sarcasm! Sykes!

Why partisan lol?

A kind of love, I think

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Which one?

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i love everything about margot

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Berets mean French Resistance in my book. Also I wish she was talking to me here

i need a nap

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My man

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>she's a smoker
as if i didn't like her enough already

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Uzi what the fuck nigga

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just take one

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noot noot

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the middle all day every day

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> Berets mean French Resistance in my book.

Ah, I see.

> Also I wish she was talking to me here

So am i, bro, so am i.

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Someone likes blondes

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What's the fucking miracle?
How did this thread poster get so crazy?

you shoosh

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>emma watson

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She's regularly dirty blonde


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they're all dirty blondes at best under those dye jobs

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My god....those legs

you had me crush over her hard last week

I just bought Kesha tickets, so I'm pretty excited.

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She has fans?

A fellow Jayden fan, eh?

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Ha, ha. I like her, and her shows are really fun.

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JJ nudes when?

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For me it's strawberry blonde

froot froot

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fan yeah that's what we'll call it

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shes a heart breaker user, but also a cum swallower so I guess it evens out

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She's objectively talented, not personally a fan of most of her stuff but that's because of personal taste.


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i wanna hug her in the rain

Her last album was really good, and I'm excited for the next one that's about to come out. Also her concerts are great.

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She got some DSLs.

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It's a good word ;P

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works for me

Yeah. Cum sure is messy for the woman!
Either swallow or don't cum at all. Modern day good genes explained! Don't breed and be pretty

I'll be honest, I haven't listened to anything by her since like Take it Off so I'm not really informed

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I am so fucking done with this world

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why do you think a bunch of rich jews chose to make a random blogger famous? it wasn't out of the kindness of their hearts. it's those fucking lips

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Dumb samefag. It was some edgy gif, nothing to do with celebs.

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Synthetic opioids are you doing

biggest fag in the thread

i only do drugs from mother nurture

Mother nurture is even plastic and everything

Don't blame 'em.

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post backs plz

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she looks like when she gives head she doesnt skip the balls. a pleaser

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not it fucking isnt you complete idiot plastic is artificial 1/10 for reply

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she's so cute it hurts

Who dat
Me in the middle

women dont know their true power

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i like the way you think

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Nigger you are retarded.
Dinosaurs were molten plastic u fuckin cucksucker
Obviously dinosaur is natural
Shit the fuck up Ariana or I'll run away
>Inb4 how did u know

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captcha is being a butt today

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Yes please. Emma’s preferred

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I know just how you feel :)

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ITT nonsense

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Lets' get this straight. Fibres are not natural and healthy
Fibres are just unmeltable objects in your system

Built for facesitting ass

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No I agree!
Weed is faggot

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waiting on the warm weather to bring short shorts and tiny tops

thats lust user, lust can be a brutal feeling
when you lose control of yourself from an earthly pleasure/feeling its a sin in christianity, because it detaches your soul like substances do

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god tier

such a shorty

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did they?

this is margots behind

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schmi Skywalker

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watermarks are gay right?

idk. she was taylor's pet for awhile

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oh if i could afford the originals i'd buy them. theres too many

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Kendall, Best Jenner

Come here and give me drugs - BABS

Oh yes!
She loves shorts

I wouldn't say I lust after her but I certainly love her

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there is a pussy shot in this movie.....anyone have it?

It needs my tongue

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so hot and small

He meant to say baths as in bath salts

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yep, Jessica is an ass slut

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Tay can already see this new fresh meat is going to be better specimen than her fisicaly

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birb trap?

Hehe I know right?

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I do know that you can make a movie.
user has a lot of things to remove


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is it weird that i want to smell her?

Hello, how are you?

You're already smelling her in a way

>kendall will never look at me like this

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I started Ferrari, corly, thicc, smol and other things

pretty underarms

Total egghead

Not sure what you mean lol

Not weird at all :D

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I'll do anything for your smile

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how so?

Oh come on.
How does wifi work then?

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It's all a big smell

you're killing me user and im loving it

id tongue her too, user...believe me

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Can we not plan how to kill me for a second. Ik i don't like to live anyways and he didn't believe I was babs

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Ari is going to want to breed me once she sees me

We can tongue her together, then

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Goodnight bozos

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She is stuck and is going into the machine herself in awful ways as we speak

I'm here to please, my friend ;P

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She saw I 404'd on bleach.
She put herself in the machine

Goodnight qt. Ily.

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Well since you asked for it

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breaking me

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where on her would you like to begin?..

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;P ;P

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Attached: 1501932829838.jpg (1000x1517, 690K)

id start to kiss her..believe it or not

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oooooooohh yeah

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Ariana is dead!


Attached: TeleTubby.jpg (1280x853, 79K)


I believe it, that's pretty good actually

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>why are you drinking on a sunday user, is everything okay?

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Moar pls

Eminem, I am your rectal cancer

should i not be?

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the best

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holy hnnnggg

then id kiss her neck..then right for her breasts..

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Maybe you should all escape your country because that how much they will hate you for hating me. -spilled milk
Also I like art. I consider myself Arty, artlike



Glad for all the Jay love

Working your way down, I see

for the love good keep posting in the next thread

Why don't you all come here and I can do all the drugs you want me to?

>those feets

Why do we have two brain halves? You fucking absolutely disgusting barbarians

So what do all the celebs do with all their money? They castrate a random guy and brainwash him!
Guess who that is? Not me? What is GHB? WHAT IS GHB??? A TUMBLR REJECT ASKING

The bee's knees freeze of cheese and teasing ease and we's the e

Visit ur fucking dead nigger, maggot shits

Why do you faggots continue to post these threads when you don't even bother to post nudes? I could understand if you were posting hot celeb tits or something like that but instead you post like a bunch of 14 year old girls about your favorite celeb crushes.

why on earth would would you want rehashed nudes posted every day all day. if that's what you want just come by less often and wait for the next fappening