Have you figured it out yet? Trump could introduce faster-than-lightspeed travel, cures for all known diseases...

Have you figured it out yet? Trump could introduce faster-than-lightspeed travel, cures for all known diseases, lasting world peace and the end to global poverty and liberals would still hate the Orange Man. Having at this point no relevance whatsoever on the certainty of Trump's re-election, when did you realize the left is simply no longer worth anyone's attention?

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We don't like him because it has been proven time and time again that mega tax breaks don't help anybody at the bottom, and in fact only benefit the top 0.1%.
Deregulation of environmental protections is just ignorant and dangerous.
Inflaming immigration fear is simply bad economics AND social policy, again proven countless times throughout history.
Oh. And he has spent more money on golfing/holiday than any other president in history, and it has only been one term. OH, and a lot of that money is going to him through his properties, which is literally against the constitution.

He's lucky the dems impeached him on some BS though, he will get away with all of this.

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sure genius, all the jobs created through tax breaks for companies aren't helping the 99% in any way right? Keep your socialist shit, we don't want it. "Inflaming immigration" by simply wanting to reasonably control it in a manageable way that protects Americans a bad idea? Go back and study social policy again with your book the right way up. You're not fooling anybody about the only priority you have.

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This post was gayer than 9 dudes blowing 10 clowns.

Nothing to see here, folks. Just another trump chump baitings libs to distract himself from the fact that he's 33 and still living with his parents. I guess hate feels better than loneliness, but personally I'm getting tired of seeing all these magats crawling around the decaying corpse of the once Grand Ol' Party's carcass. If you want to suck little orange mushroom dick because that's what makes you feel like a big boy, fine, just keep it to yourself. No one needs that image in their heads...

What is it with lefties obsessing about gay shit?

He doesn't believe in science, so he could NEVER do any of that. Plus, he's just too stupid!

he hasnt and couldnt do any of these things

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Posting trump memes to these threads feels better than squirting cum up a dozen blonde 18 year old Harvard students, try it and see.

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> feels better than squirting cum up a dozen blonde 18 year old Harvard students
I'm going to need to establish a point of reference for that user.

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shut the fuck up asperger

OP is a massive lying faggot. Internet is full of evidence of complete dumbshits admitting that they don't pay any attention to what is going on and they support Trump NO MATTER WHAT,


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>73-year-old bankrupt con man
>now they expect miracles from him

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samefagging so hard...kys

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Let's just get him to spell correctly first.

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The depths of muriKKKan stupidity is unfathomable.

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ok memelord, time for youe semen diet

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if he win again the libtards will never recover from this

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It'll be epic. Also, they will riot and burn everything.

>>if he win

ok boris..learn english

Trump didn't say that Abraham Lincoln said that

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These threads are useless. Facts and logic aren’t processed by conservatards. It’s all about “muh gun rights,” “USA USA USA” as a reply to anything, and it’s all about helping the top 1% while they wageslave like the cucks they really are. Even their so-called “family values” aren’t their core value anymore. They’re perfectly okay with their Orange Man committing crimes while they apply their hypocritical double standard towards a liberal person doing the same thing.
In terms of economic development, placing tariffs isn’t enough by itself, since that way you screw businesses who can buy goods from other countries for lower costs than they would take to produce here. However, god forbid subsidizing your own producers to make it more profitable for your own manufacturers to purchase local materials they need to keep manufacturing.

The alt-Reich can't tell the difference between an editorial cartoon and a meme.

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not boris, but close, 1300km/807 miles to the west

All Trump supporters are retarded fags that know fuck all about anything, just like your leader

GOP - the party of traitors.

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Null and void.

But it's got one of Donny's bestest buddies!

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We'd kind of settle for him not breaking any laws for 2 consecutive weeks.

The bar has been set kinda low at this point

I like how you have to resort to a "what-if" argument because reality doesn't support your position.

You make less than your parents did at your age, muffler installer.

You come looking for democracy?
Here's your fucking democracy!

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The Secret Pedophile.
A new reality show on Fox.

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The alt-Reich can't meme.

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About June of 2018. I was watching Owen Shroyer owning leftists with facts. And that's when I woke up. I'm also a avid believer in the Q movement. The globalists wish it was a conspiracy theory.

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Aww poor Trump. Such a victim snowflake.

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Keep posting fake memes, nobody believes your bullshit. TRUMP 2020!!

Why is muriKKKans soooooo smart?

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>Trump could introduce faster-than-lightspeed travel, cures for all known diseases, lasting world peace and the end to global poverty
Yeah no. He's too incompetent to even build one simple wall.

No meme can be fake. By definition.

>This is how the Right memes.
>Still thinks they're superior.
My sides may never come back from orbit.

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>fight and die in war ostensibly against regal tyranny
>immediately create caste system based on money
>end up with whole political process subverted by both money and the desire of low-self-esteem men to worship a king
fuck this i'm out.

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(What the ersatz memer doesn't know is that the guy in the KKK robes is black. Yah can't meme if yah don't got a sense of humor.)

This thread is one big circle jerk.

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Your political cartoons suck too. Probably because they're rooted in lies and intended to fearmonger. Your memes suck because they lack a shred of truth or humor.

>Why do you hate this dumb crook? You're being unfair.

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You are just terrible at this.

was it worth it

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Tax breaks didnt create shit, it all got funneled into the investor class. All my portfolios record higher dividends. Keep your head in the sand.

Only the first of those three is a political cartoon.
Can you ask your educational system to give you your money back?

lol. and you post that drivel with a shitty lefty meme. This is some legendary stupid shit right here.

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>All my portfolios
Individual investors only have one portfolio each, genius.

Heavenly trips are writing the legend as we speak.

I didn't really spend that much time examining your fails. You just aren't worth the effort. You still suck at it. Post more unfunny, untrue garbage. Please!

>He's too incompetent to even build one simple wall.

So, you're 14, you want a cellphone (or a newer, better one than you already have). But since you don't work, you HAVE to ask mom & dad for the money. You ask them multiple times, and they tell you no each time. Question, is it YOUR fault you didn't get the cellphone? Is it your parents' fault? Half & half?

Trump is not King or dictator. To get a wall built, he needs Congressional approval -- EVEN IF MEXICO PAID FOR IT. No okay by Congress, no wall. Congress is like mom & dad deciding which things their kids get or don't get. Presidents are the kids, always asking for things.

Trump's a fucken broken, empty person, but his mother never said this. He was elected, however chicaned that process may have been.
>mfw it doesn't matter which lizard gets installed, the same people keep doing the same shit and people are living long enough to see through it all now.

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I voted for Trump. Not because I like him. I don't. Not because I think he's going to do anything special. Idon't care. I voted for Trump because he REALLY pisses off liberals. I really hate liberals. And SJW's. etc. So that's it.


>Presidents are the kids, always asking for things.
Except when it's time to trigger someone about some retarded thing he said or did, then he's a god-emperor, right?

You've basically got a dog's brain, and the people who pushed trump forward know that about you.


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Says the cuck obsessed with making laws about them.

This is why democracy is a joke, childish fuckwits waste their votes in greater numbers than responsible adults who use their status.

citation required


I love how unironically elitist you lefties are. Completely unaware of things outside your bubble.

You looking down on anyone is a fucking joke. You're a stupid leftist, in spite of all the evidence of the evil done by leftists over the last 100 years.

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You know what an assumption is, don't you?

I have no power to do anything to change my world. I know that and really don't have a problem with it. But I'm smart enough to know what pisses off the left and will do anything I can to do just that. My hate is fun to me.

>Trump supporters are actually this delusional
Propaganda is a powerful thing.

>"Inflaming immigration"
Illegal immigrants commit fewer violent crimes than US citizens.
It's actually safer to have more illegal immigrants if you want to look at it from a safety perspective.

>all the jobs created through tax breaks
>Thinking tax breaks create jobs
lmao fucking retard.
The tax breaks are entirely being used for executive bonuses and stock buybacks, neither of which help you.
The outsourcing of jobs under the Trump admin has achieved record highs, all while corporations are receiving historic government handouts.

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He would, nor ever could do anything productive. Trump is hated because he's a complete piece of shit.

>thinks I'm triggered.
Look dude, I'm the most chill person in the thread. I've lived through REALLY BAD presidents like Reagan, Bush Jr., and Obama. And good ones like Nixon, Clinton, and Trump. I'm NOT a party sheep like everyone else in the thread. Here's the bottom line: Presidents RARELY ever do things that directly impact our lives in a meaningful, day-to-day way. So, I REALLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK what happens, but I DO think Trump is doing a good job. And that should be something that 70 - 80% of the people should admit -- even Democrats. But Democrats are so OCD over removing Trump, they cannot be reasoned with. They can't discern the simplest truths because of their intense, emotional hatred for the PERSON Donald Trump. In another time in our nation's history, you would find his opponents saying, "The President is doing a good job. We just think we could do better." It's called being a "good sport." It's called losing graciously. It's called loving your country more than you hate the president.

Congrats, this is the first time I've seen a never-Trumper say anything besides "hes mean" or "REEEEEE". Still tho, you're exagerating to justify the hate.

>mega tax breaks don't help anybody at the bottom
You say I like the rich don't get to ever year, regardless of party. This isn't a Trump issue.
>Deregulation of environmental protections is just ignorant and dangerous
True, I love the bees, but would you agree at some point there's too much red tape? Some say we've gone too far in certain areas.
>Inflaming immigration fear is simply bad economics AND social policy, again proven countless times throughout history.
Immigrants are good because we do a good job of letting the good ones in. Besides, plenty of historians agree Rome and the Bronze age collapses were caused by mismanaged immigrant crises. Open borders worked for who again?
>Oh. And he has spent more money on golfing/holiday than any other president in history, and it has only been one term.
The government that governs least governs best. Keep it up Trump!
>OH, and a lot of that money is going to him through his properties, which is literally against the constitution.
He doesn't own them rn. He'll collect his return after his presidency, like every other president. Again, not a Trump issue. It's weird you only point at him. Like it's personal or somethin
>He's lucky the dems impeached him on some BS though, he will get away with all of this.
Finally a never-Trumper admits it's just BS. Really that whole side of the aisle should be removed for abuse of power.

He would never do something beneficial to others, let alone something altruistic.

Orange man bad. Just like you were taught.

says the user who voted for trump because some faggy youtuber made an sjw cringe compilation

OMG, how did you find out about me?

>orange man lies to you every day

Isn't it funny how they ignore when Obama was doing it

You're delusional.

I would vote Trump twice
Once as a man and the second time identifying as a woman

It's funny because liberals are the ones going on zombie walks to protest Trump
It's funny because the liberals mindlessly regurgitate whatever they hear from tv or movies
Trumptards may not be the smartest people in the world but they've got you beat

Well, except he is doing the exact opposite and you twist would never cease to support him. Just today he rolled back healthier lunches for your children...

Just curious, but how many people from the Trump Administration need to be arrested, tried, found guilty and sent to prison on: Corruption, Lying to Congress, Obstruction and Treason... before you realize: The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. *wink*

Trump hired Jeffrey Epstiens attorney to defend himself...you know, the convicted child molester? Come on now! How much more does this asshole need to do to get you to see he is a world class prick?

In the future, historians are going to write articles about these threads, and I just want to say:

Fuck you, historians! Learn to code!

Mar-a-Lago baby(ies)!

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My neighbor has the best hat.

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I voted for the little bitch, but he is going down this time.

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