I'm a white guy who regularly sexts with multiple black girls. AMA (Pic not related)

I'm a white guy who regularly sexts with multiple black girls. AMA (Pic not related)

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How do you feel about Millie Bobby Brown?

She's pretty cute, but I never watched Stranger Things.

they send pics?

yeah, but I'm not going to post because they don't want me to, and I don't want them to stop messaging me.

Let's see your white dick

fair enough. whered you meet them?

no, I don't even send it to the girls

hahah gay

reddit, we mostly chat there too, but I have their snaps so we can arrange times and send pics

What a waste. Bye

which subs? all the ones i know are all filled with bots :(

let me check. I got very few responses. I'm pretty cure I only found these girls because black girls are mad horny.

fucking reminds me of my crush. op source?

same girl??

reddit, probably r/tinytits, r/aa_cups, or the like

NSFWchat I believe

I don't get your stupid skin color obsession. As if that would be such a huge thing.
Just have fun and sext with whomever you like as long as everybody involved is having a good time there should be nothing wrong about it.

When will you commit suicide?

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I do sext with anyone, it's just rn the only people I'm chatting with are black.

shut up race mixer

everyone report this video. fuck these streamcucks self promoting in Cred Forums.

which subs

NSFWchat is where i think I found the girls I'm chatting with now. I'm pretty sure I found one posted her own thing I responded to. The other responded to mine.

How often do you get tested for aids?

>AIDS test
>No sexual contact
user, I don't know that you understand how this works

>tested for aids
>from sexting

are you actually legally literally fucking retarded?

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