There is nothing you can do about it

There is nothing you can do about it

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Winning at being a twat

Impeached = Winning.

Learn something new everyday.

lol low selfesteem depressed stupid faggots

There is nothing you can do about it


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trump plays fortnite

2020 and still not knowing what "impeach" means. You're what's wrong with this country.

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No No No! Drumpf is finished!

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Try again asshole!

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He can't win the election if there is no election

winning what?
being a fucking inbred retard?

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Trump is the alpha snowflake

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*heart attack*

I'm sure you're too young to remember, but I'll give you some wisdom.

A long time ago Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for lying to them about getting head with an intern. The sentiment of the general public was "so what, it was a BJ." Bill Clinton wasn't shamed by be impeached, it just made the Republicans look like asses.

History is about to repeat itself. Trump won't get kicked out of office, and he'll get re-elected in 2020. History will judge Democrats as being stupid the same way history currently judges Republicans for being stupid when they impeached Clinton.

But nobody can really tell you who the key players were in impeaching Clinton unless they look it up because it doesn't matter, There have literally been over 10,000 people in congress since the USA started, Congress isn't that big of a deal. Just like nobody remembers who it was that was instrumental in impeaching Clinton, nobody will give a damn that the dusty old bones of Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump, as proud as she is over the the scarlet letter she thinks she gave him.

History will remember Trump as a shrewd businessman and an effective president whose presidency caused discord in the people, but Nancy will just be forgotten.


Oh well, good for him. At least Im not american.

So, what's your point. We will win in 2024.

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You say that, but there were plenty of non-americans in that plane that was shot down in retaliation for Trump's missile.

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nope #TRUMP2020

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That's a peculiar way of phrasing it. Top kek.

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so now it "no election" game ... so socialist

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I see a lot of failure coming from team trump. not much winning.

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This was beautiful and spot-on.

aids hes got aids

very well said

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Flynn is in jail?

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well said user.

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Yup. Trump is WAY ahead.

So far ahead you probably don't even need to show up to vote.

Stay home and watch NASCAR or whatever. It's all good.

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No, still not in jail. hum?????

Fucker literally hired Jeffrey Epstiens attorney to defend him.

She is inviting everyone to grab her pussy

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Yes there is.

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Technically, this one ain't a Trump support photo as even the "libs" y'all hate so much are still 100 percent American

As long as you encourage your kids to LIE their way through life. Keep winning.

>I didn’t learn anything from 2016

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but that's wrong

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How dare you slander butterbean's image this way.
That man is a nation treasure!



Yeah, this time we look for cheaters


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At being orange....


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Lol. Ok boomer

It's really this simple.

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be sure to vote DEMOCRAT

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Sure, kid.

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I’m laughing unironically


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Fuck Democrats

Actually He said "It's your job to say if he's guilty or not. Not mine niggers"

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Well fuck him I rather eat his shit than stay in tune

Who give a fuck? This country is so fucked up. No fucking jobs billions going to the military when we have cities in ruins homeless in Ca...


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with who, kanye west or akon? look, i read all the bullshit MSM and they are celebrating trump's ACTUAL impeachment like just getting 100 dipshits to vote for it is enough to sweep over 400 in the house but it doesn't even matter... it's like "we all signed the complaint so WE WON!" but... then they sat on submitting it and were scared of what they were doing, or something. that bitch literally embodies being a dumb pussy by not immediately submitting it.

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Yes. Vote for them. In order for us tackle these issues that right wingers refuse to do anything about.

I am.

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Seems accurate

it's about time.

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You didn’t actually polls did you.... Trumpet.

Trump is not a billionaire.

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No chance

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Yeah, so much winning...l

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no shit. the top 1% love him. where have you been?

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I do.

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Those captions really need to be switched if you want to accurately portray the way the right went off the edge on both of those

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Put him in jail with Hillary.

>>defend America

Choose one fool.

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>in jail with Hilllary

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>Choose one fool.
I choose you.

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>leader of the kkk

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imagine losing to a game shot host

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Except he was disbarred. It's not just the BJ, it was an intern and the most powerful man in the world.

nothing compared to all of trump's crimes

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Case in point

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50 years... lol

Which is none. Well done dummy

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I'm a simple person. I see a Trump thread on Cred Forums, I post memes holding the little bitch to account.

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In reality the Republicans are holding Russian flags and suitcases full of lobbyist cash.

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My boy just got paid... fuck you CNN!

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That's hillarious!

Why would anyone want to do anything about it? Trump wins=the world wins.

I'm sure you're too young to remember, but I'll give you some wisdom.
>A long time ago Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for lying to them about getting head with an intern. The sentiment of the general public was "so what, it was a BJ." Bill Clinton wasn't shamed by be impeached, it just made the Republicans look like asses.
>History is about to repeat itself. Trump won't get kicked out of office, and he'll get re-elected in 2020. History will judge Democrats as being stupid the same way history currently judges Republicans for being stupid when they impeached Clinton.
>But nobody can really tell you who the key players were in impeaching Clinton unless they look it up because it doesn't matter, There have literally been over 10,000 people in congress since the USA started, Congress isn't that big of a deal. Just like nobody remembers who it was that was instrumental in impeaching Clinton, nobody will give a damn that the dusty old bones of Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump, as proud as she is over the the scarlet letter she thinks she gave him.
>History will remember Trump as a shrewd businessman and an effective president whose presidency caused discord in the people, but Nancy will just be forgotten.

Is Flynn in jail? Barr is asking for him to be, when he wasn't last year. What changed? Did his bond get revoked for failure to cooperate under his plea deal?

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Reminder: Jews will win no matter what happens.

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I'm not sure what your point is here the popular vote is irrelevant

this is true.

when hillary was running, it was all about minorities and women. they demonstrated what utter shitheads they all were and they got crushed. women really had their dicks cut off and niggers are failing to see daily sympathy stories about them and mexicans know they're shit. faggots and safe space sjws are played out and no one has any time for that bullshit anymore.

then, on the other side are republicans who have stood strong and are trying not to smile at how the left has completely fallen apart.

Who is that blonde bitch in the bottom frame?

Sorry, MAGAfag, it's been pro-impeach since October. Nice try though. Lie harder.

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This is absolutely the worst thing about Trump. He's treated vets like shit and it's going to bite him in the ass like nothing else.

frogposter pls go

Dissing veterans is why the parade didn't happen, and you know how much he wanted that parade.


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He's shitty to vets and Tillerson called him a "fucking moron" for the same reason: he thinks the military should have figured out how to end and get out of Afghanistan a long time ago. I agree. But I think he should have been able to figure it out too. It just makes him look weak. He's not getting a second vote from me.

Trump's gonna become president again 2020

Honestly I couldn't care less. I'm the only one on Cred Forums who likes Trump and all the Democrats.

Except Biden. Fuck Biden.

How does that benefit you

Being impreached and having one of the worst approval ratings in history is winning?

Where are you living that the is no jobs? Here in Texas the are fighting over employees.

You think were gonna liberals become president, user?

What do you want to do about it? Steal people's money to give to them? Dems are the ones that shit down the mental hospitals because it was discrimination to lock them up for their own safety.

according to cnn he is expected to do 6 month

In California we have giant shantytown tent cities miles and miles along the highway when it was just a few isolated enclaves back in the 2010 "depths of the recession." But the buses have cancelled major routes because they can't hire drivers, like the the line between the haves and the have-nots used to be working-vs-middle class but now it's like, half the poverty line. I guess that's okay because I have a GED, but if I didn't I'd be terrified as fuck.

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The only thing more limp than this fallacy are your wrists. I actually read your post in a whimper, that's how feeble it is. Please stop embarrassing yourself like this, the cringe is beginning to make me uncomfortable.

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Republicans are blind, dangerous and ignorant and there is nothing you can do about it. Trying to reason with a Republican is like trying to reason with one of the suicide bombers during 9/11. They think they are doing the right thing without even questioning what they are supporting. Republicans are extremely dangerous, maybe even more dangerous than the Nazis, because Trump wants to destroy our entire planet by screwing up the environment.

Where are you getting this shit from. I am a vet, and happy with Trump. He put someone in charge to fix the VA and it's working.

>worst approval ratings in history
oof, bloody hell user. If yer gonna lie at least lie about something that can't be disproven inside of 3.5 seconds with a shitty voice search to Google.
>muh impeachment
that no one except the most direly of the TDS infected will ever even care about because A. It was obviously and demonstrably a partisan action, B. Had no meaningful or lasting result, and 3. Will only serve as a lasting memorial to how assmad the Dems were over losing 2016.
Think about that for a sec... No one will be able to remember a single thing accomplished by Dems in the span of 4 years, except an official and documented vote that they couldn't get over their butthurt.
And in the meantime, Trump will be remembered for NK, record unemployment, a booming economy, better US positioning in trade deals, better immigration policies...

Bullshit. Obama halved the VA claims backlog and Trump hasn't done shit.

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And commiefornia's problem has nothing to do with Trump but is directly related to your Democratic governor and legislator with all their communist/socialist agenda.

I heard the wall was completed and
Illigal immigration dropped to 0%. Just like he promised

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tfw Cred Forums turns into Bloomberg Finance Channel

He literally isnt. You are just psychotic and arent believing reality.

Get over it.

Are you a vet? Have you been to a VA hospital? I know when it started getting better. I was there under both.

My dad's a vet with diabetes and a thyroid condition, and the VA has been shit since the goddamned 2003 deployment, which as we all know had to do with Cheney and Bush alone.

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When does the winning start? I've been waiting for 3 years. That fucking criminal loser hasn't kept a single one of his promises.

I'm starting to think everyone who supports him is just a racist pile of shit or a literal retard.

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>Barr is asking for him to be

It's a modern right wing technique called "lie big and lie often". They got it from the Nazis and from the book 1984.

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Trump is a genuine filthy pedophile.

Why are democrats = nazis?

Looks like Putin is his real leash holder.

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...but Trump is still on the throne

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The FBI breached flynn's plea deal, he will never see a jail cell.

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Wow you can tell that he basically has the IQ of a stroke victim. Scary shit.

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>...remember Trump as a shrewd businessman
> and an effective president...


Your president is a pedophile.

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Go back to sixth grade and learn about objective vs subjective input and bias in reporting then. The military gives you faggots FREE education. Most people in it are smart enough to actually USE that benefit.

This is how trump will be remembered

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>inb4 Mar-A-Lago goalposts

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Awful lot of zoomers going to have bone spurs this year

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they didn't breach, Flynn is CLAIMING they breached as a last ditch effort to stay out of prison.

To hold up his end of the deal Flynn would have need to provide more information which he failed to do, so the prosecution decided to recommend jail time.

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 8.18.15 PM.png (497x608, 492K)

this should actually be a closed circuit

Even if this unthinkable crime happens, we're still FUCKING ENDING YOU. Prepare to be impeached for about 30 more crimes you've committed and once we've eradicated the enemy GOP from the Senate, you're out on your ass and going straight to prison you vile son-of-a-bitch.

No matter what, NONE of this ends well for you Trump. You made yourself the enemy of this nation and we will deal with you as such.

That caption has been every president for decades. Not so much on the current one. It really is amazing how many people asleep to what has transpired for many many years not in this country but around the world.

except he's not.

not the parent poster, but it's because Flynn stopped cooperating as per his plea bargain when he hired new lawyers and it made them lose a case.

None of that changes the fact trump fucked a 10 year old girl.

Or as the subhuman retard Trump calls it "a landslide, historic victory".

(because he's a liar and a fucking moron)

Madlad? wewsad,
Kill yourself.

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ThirTEEN != PREteen you fucking retard


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You can’t kill Lev Parnas bc you’re an incompetent criminal.

You might win 2020 but you’re going to jail the moment marine one touches down in NYC or MDL

he will be remembered as a twitter whore

6 months for literal fucking treason. What a joke this country has become.

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>fucked a 10 year old girl.

How do you know he fucked a ten year old girl?

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fucken retards lol

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I believe the kid over him.

What treason?

It's already happened. Nobody says "Benedict Arnold" anymore.

Where's the kid today?

>all this and more coming up on the next, new, exciting episode of "Shit the Never Happened". Stay tuned!


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Attached: 33DC8602-6B68-4A21-906A-D5774BD28A97.jpg (640x786, 27K)

Attached: 4EC4A4F8-6045-4452-BE74-29199D0E25B9.jpg (640x611, 82K)

Attached: F739DC69-AD3B-4D7A-8C82-186320262F2F.jpg (1079x626, 114K)

It's the same sauce as the other Flynn question

>Trump and Clinton are nothing alike.
>Trump and Clinton are both impeached.
>Clinton scorned and mocked for being a slimeball.
>Trump celebrated and praised for being a slimeball.
>The constituents of both parties showcasing where their morality lies.
>The Right still believe they're the "good guys".

Mongoloids. The entire lot of you Americucks.

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Where's the kid today?

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I despise Trump, but to be fair Geithner and Holder were bastards.

Oh really?

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Yes, he is.

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Who are their sources?

The right would rather fight anti Semitism over actual enemies of the United States like NK, Israel and Russia.

It’s absolutely unfathomable how degraded the US is

All this "Winning" isn't going to mean shit if you get overconfident like the Demo-rats and fail to vote. It will be in our court soon enough, niggers.

Her name is Katie Johnson, she filed a court case against him then withdrew it, citing threats of bodily harm from trump and Epstein.
I believe her over the two scumbags she was accusing.

>First President to golf more than 150 times in five years

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 9.52.38 PM.png (823x655, 728K)

Attached: C6FBD1F9-BE5B-46B2-BD30-11C4B730CC93.jpg (806x539, 93K)

Trump is an enemy, a criminal, a rapist, the worst liar in US political history and above all a TRAITOR.

You cannot compare him to any other president we've had (because, frankly, he is NOT a president. Just a grifting conman who was installed).

He is the ENEMY. Not mere political opposition or "i don't like him cuz his views on issues" or any of that shit. He brought NAZIS and RUSSIAN SPIES into the White House. He runs concentration camps and has DIRECTLY caused the deaths of CHILDREN.

THE ENEMY MUST BE ELIMINATED AT ALL COSTS. This country cannot and will not survive this subhuman menace.

You believe a girl who's putting other girls in danger by not coming forward and seeking actual justice because "reasons"?
That's kind of odd.

Kill yourself. And take your shitwad of lies and FOX horseshit with you. FUCKTARD.

>Factual allegations

Attached: 1563811214151.gif (352x264, 1.99M)

Wow would you LOOK at this crock of shit?

Literally not a single fact in that pathetic wall of text. You're a REAL IDIOT if you believe any of that.

Kek nice deceptive argument technique, just because she may not have perfect moral character does not mean she is lying.
What is odd is that the known pedophile associate of trump named in this allegation was mysteriously ‘suicided’.

Cool rebuttal, my sweet summer child.

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ROFL these stats brought to you by Bloomberg, we're not biased at all

Your post contains zero viable content. There is literally no way to rebut the rantings of a retard. You just call him that dumbfuck he is. DUMBFUCK.

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Cool bodyfat you tubby shitstain.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are also known pedophile associates, does that make them pedophiles too?

I'm having a hard time following your logic.
A defense lawyer defended a pedophile so he's guilty of something.

Remember when Hillary defended a pedophile?

Yeah it’s funny how all these laid-back b users suddenly become expert cross-examiners when you bring up trumps pedophile past.
Almost like the JIDF knows it’s his weak spot and are under orders to shut any debate down.
Kek fuck off kike shills we all know he’s a pedo who bends over for you.

Holy fuck the lefties really can't meme it's like reddit's frontpage here

Deceptive argument tactic.
Just because someone else is bad does not absolve trump from any blame, nor mean he s innocent.
Nice try again.

You could start by googling each individual claim and stop projecting.

That we're ENDING you? Yes. We all know and can't wait to see your demise.

Welcome, you're here forever..

>muh "spying on Trump" zombie lies

Get a new line you retarded faggot.

So you agree that he may be innocent, correct?

You're a fucking moron. Dumpanzee is the worst criminal in US history and we WILL see him taken down.

Imagine supporting a traitor and calling yourself a patriot.

It's easy when you're dumber than dog shit and you think school is a liberal conspiracy, which all Republican voters are and do.

Deceptive argument technique.
Framing a debate assumption as a conclusion
Nice try again.

Ironic, why can't you answer that very simple question?

Here, I'll be the better man and we'll see if you can do the same.

Trump may be guilty of raping a child, I've never seen evidence of it but it's possible.

Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 i bet it'll get lots of h8 and that's gr8.

Trump is guilty as fuck. He commits crimes in broad daylight ALL the time. He's like a B-movie mobster but about 50x dumber.

1) Direct violation of Emoluments requirements of the presidency. [Title of Nobility Clause, Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution]

2) Felony Witness intimidation of a civilian - Sally Yates just hours prior to her Senate hearing. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]

3) Potential retaliation against a whistleblower - Same. [Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989]

4) Blackmailing a private citizen - Tweeted threat to Comey after he was fired. [18 U.S. Code § 873]

5) Felony Witness intimidation - Tweeted threat to Comey. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]

6) Obstruction of justice - Asking for loyalty pledge (multiple times). [18 U.S. Code §1503]

7) Conspiracy to commit Obstruction of Justice - multiply by the number of people who have ACCEPTED the alleged Trump loyalty pledge. [18 U.S Code §1503]

8) Obstruction of Justice - Lying about there being no Russia investigation. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

9) Obstruction of Justice/Conspiracy - Trump asking Sessions and Rosenstein (deputy AG) to create and give him the document he later cited as his principle reason for firing Comey. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

10) Obstruction of Justice - Firing James Comey while he was actively investigating Trump Russia ties. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

11) Encouraging ESPN to fire contributor who criticized him. [18 U.S. Code § 227]

12) Encouraging the NFL to fire players for exercising their twice-affirmed First Amendment right to protest. [18 U.S. Code § 227]

13) Insider Trading - Tipping off Icahn about plans for US steel [FEC rule 10b5-1]

14) Sending his personal lawyer to a classified meeting about the Russia probe [EO 12968, 18 U.S. Code § 1924]

15) Obstruction of Justice - Appointing Matt Whitaker Attorney General after giving no qualifications other than a Fox interview boasting how he would try to internally cripple the Mueller investigation. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

16) Obstruction of Justice/Conspiracy - Asked Whitaker to try to put a Trump appointed judge in front line for trial judge of the Cohen investigation in the Southern district of New York. [18 U.S. Code §1503]

17) Obstruction of Justice/Subornation of Perjury - Instructed Cohen to lie to Congress specifically to downplay his plans for Moscow-based building projects. [18 U.S. Code §1503, 18 § U.S. Code 1622]

18) Knowingly falsifying weather broadcast data [18 U.S. Code § 2074]

19) Encouraging NBC to fire Debra Messing for criticizing him [18 U.S. Code § 227]

20) Inciting insurrection against the authority of the United States calling for and vicariously supporting the notion of a civil war (18 U.S. Code§ 2383) — By the way, this one bars the offender from ever holding office in the US again.

21) Asking foreign countries to assist with meddling in the US election [U.S.Code, 18 USC §371, U.S. Code 52§30121]

22) Felony Witness intimidation - Tweeted threat/rant to Ambassador Marie Yovanovich. [18 U.S. Code § 1512]

23) Obstruction of Justice – Tweeting lies and attacks “in real time” during impeachment hearing [18 U.S. Code §1503]

24) profiting off the presidency – using official White House social media account to advertise son’s book [Title of Nobility Clause, Article I of the US Constitution]

25) Commercial use of the Seal of the President of the United States on for-profit merchandise in his hotels, golf courses and website. [18 U.S. Code § 713]

26) Appointing relatives of officials to the same agency – Ivanka, Jared Kushner and Barr’s son [18 U.S. Code § 3110]

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