Hey lads, my neighbors never stfu while having sex and literally can be heard from a block and a half away...

Hey lads, my neighbors never stfu while having sex and literally can be heard from a block and a half away. Can you's give me music to play threw the wall to kill the mood? Appreciate it.

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baby shark doo doo doo doo doo




Solid pick lol

pink guy - STFU

Don’t. Just tell em you jack off to it and they’ll calm down.

This. Or blast porn as loud as possible every time they fuck

That literally was my first pick.

Lol great suggestion.

I'm currently on the 20th rep of "easy street" from walking dead. hopefully this works.

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Azrael, Marduk

If they can be heard from a block and a half away, then walk a block and a half away, record it and call in a noise complaint. Also, stop being a faggot.

Just play any rap song.

Just play one of Hitler's speeches

I'm an adult generally when it comes to this shit, couldn't care if it happens from time to time, but they literally wake me up from the noise, and reporting that shit doesn't fucking work.

I like that Idea

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Ram Ranch Ear rape

tinnitus sound effect youtube.com/watch?v=NVWtYTXb9BQ

Pretty much anything by butchers harem

Jesus christ I hate myself for never thinking about this. Thank you good sir.

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I bet you haven't 'reported' it a single time. You prefer playing passive aggressive games. You're just like your mom.



I sorta just like the song in general lol.

Well I don't know if they're just tuckered out or not but Easy Street from walking dead seems to be working wonders.

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