Have you seen the new victoria justice leak? that's definitely victoria justice. she has very unique. that's her arm

have you seen the new victoria justice leak? that's definitely victoria justice. she has very unique. that's her arm

if you look at the other nudes, she has a not on her boob. in this pic she has that dot

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very unique arms*

Not her.

It’s her it’s from her original set that was not leaked she has about 130 something pics

Selena Gomez nudes next

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No it’s true I heard it from a trusted source from the original Fappening that is from a video she sent to her boyfriend not a FaceTime call

Then why the shitty screenshot?
When will those pics come out?
Because this ain’t the bf at the time

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Someone took a screenshot shot of it off their computer. The rest is coming soon

Soon as in this week, this month, this year or this decade?

2-14 next month

Valentines days? All the set?

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We’ve seen that one before

Yes its time

130pictures and some videos?
Details my friend

Watch for on here on 2-14

Well one is a bare vid, another is one with her boyfriend

No sex videos? Or sex pics?

There is a few sex pics one with cum on her face

I call BS. Why wait? Everyone is focused on awards Eason now. This is the best time to drop the , they won’t even cause that big of a deal.

Full penetration, face pics?

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post 2017 victoria justice looks busted. she didn't age well

you know this how?

shut the fuck up you samefagging shitcunt. she's still flawless

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Trusted sources

her face got too thin for my liking

so fuck a plate

And how have they earned the trust?

They have sets they are traders

wild claims user wants to be true

And why would they release it?

nigger you be trippin. do you like maddie?

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I’ve actually fucked maddy


How was it

The tits are shopped onto that pic
It's literally one of the old pics badly shopped onto another image

Pretty good a smelly pussy but very good

Her set is coming soon as well

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Gross her body is all cut up and there is scars all over plus she screams


Alison Haislip nudes please

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More Vanessa Hudgens

proof or kys

Selena Gomez needs nudes released

It’s a crime we haven’t seen her huge tits yet

Best we got is a peek at her cute little pink nipple

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Any other set going to leak?

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You can believe me or not, I don’t have to prove anything to you.

I’ve seen them.

More Watson when?

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She has a better nip slip in a white top

The one from the side? I think the nipple peak through the rip is better


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You can ask for details or you can ignore. Your choice.

Who is this ?

VJ's half sister Madison Reed

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Did these just leak ?


na they're several years old IIRC

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Sexy at least hers had more than Victoria

when's that lesbo Miley set coming out?

Want this

for sure. they're both hot as fuck but vicky is on another level imo. but we got pussy shots from maddie

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the fappening is done
there are no more pictures
anyone saying otherwise is full of shit

Angry trader identified

yessuh. last one I've got here, mate

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