I wear tight girl hot pants to show off my smooth legs, what do you think?

I wear tight girl hot pants to show off my smooth legs, what do you think?

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What do your parents think?

My dad no longer thinks anything, my mom did indicate once that my shorts were too short

Dad dead? Or

Yeah and back then I was still wearing men's shorts so he didn't really have to think anything

Lookin good honey. Nice lips.

so, was your dad gay too?

I don't think so, why?


Cute little fag. I'd hit on you and try to get a bj if I saw you out and about.

dunno, was wondering if he ever did a move on you.

No, never

u sure?

I'd remember if he did


Well yes sure but, think about it, there is no way you were awake 24/7.
Maybe he got his way when you were asleep.

If he or someone else did, it wouldn't have taken me 21 years to get my virginity taken

maybe you lost your virginity before, you just weren't aware.


so anyways, ever did it with a woman?

Neither with women, nor as a top with dudes

at what age did you realized you liked cocks?

At around 16-17 I started fantasizing about a younger dude (whom I knew from primary school and who used to bully me when I was 14) tying my down and raping me

lol, you were kind of old yet, your fantasies were kind of advanced...

And all this came from watching straight porn where often 3-4 guys used one girl as a fuck toy

aha! that make sense.

I loved watching the girl being passed on and constantly having at least two cocks in her. It became clear to me quite early that this is sex to me and what my role is. I never liked cuddling and this kind of stuff

ever did it with more than one guy?


how many?

You look completely worthless

Two. It happened when I was still careless. They did a2m on me, one fucking my ass, the other my mouth, and switching a couple of times

so no double penetration?

No, not yet

so u wanna try?

I enjoy being treated as a fuck toy so yeah


But much more than that I'd like to be bukkake'd

I don't know why people always respond to threads with pics of this guy when it's so obviously fake