Why is the DNC trying to fuck Bernie over again? Why are they so afraid of him?

Why is the DNC trying to fuck Bernie over again? Why are they so afraid of him?

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Hes a Jew.

They’ll never let a Jew in the White House.

First of all who is "they"?

is that a problem Noah?


trump is a jew

That's what the said about blacks only a decade ago.

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>trump is a jew

It's because Bernie is a cuck! I wish he would be the dnc nominee, so I can see trump destroy him on a debate stage.

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Because it's impossible to win an election in America if you're as left wing as he is. You were all brought up on "communism bad!"

fuck the communist

>Dnc fucking over Bernie
>Implying he's not in on it

Because they dont think hes electable and they want Biden to get the nomination. Also Wall Street Dem donors want no Bernie.

because he is a degenerate communist kike

Honesty at this point I think he is in on it. They're making it even more obvious than last time he's getting fucked over.

Lol..like Warren or Biden would fare any better!

one of his cronies who would be in his cabinet has said anyone who is not a socialist (communist) will be sent to reeducation camps

Because he is a fucking communist

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That's because they're right, he's not electable. Half the shit he says is retarded and would turn this country into a 3rd world shit hole.

>communism is good fren
>just ignore all the times it failed
>and how the governments of today are oppressive regimes

>let wang gang elect their king
>open liquor store
>call it wang liquors
>all the poor people get $1k a month
>they're poor and stupid and voted for this anyways
>they give me their money
>literally profit


the left today are too far left to be realistic, they are screwing their own cause by being too unrealistic

You are correct. Warren talks a similar game to Bernie but she's full of shit. Hes a real deal Commie. None of them beating Trump anyway....

He has no establishment connections and cannot be controlled by the same globalist shills who are backing Biden (and HRC before that).

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No they are just revealing what they really are this go around. Wont work

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You maybe right about that, but I see it as the most funny debate, but don't know let's see what happens

I'm sure him being senile and incompetent has nothing to do with it

What happens is Trump getting reelected. Throwaway year for Dems lol

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Warren is just another pro-corporation retard that PRETENDS she's against big business, to appeal to gullible college kids. Also funny how she wants to make college (((free))), gee I wonder why? Oh right, because people like her would benefit the most from it, where professors will make $2,000,000 a fucking year to teach 2 classes a semester.

What has he done that was incompetent? I don't even like Bernie but come on, it's so fucking obvious Warren and CNN set him up.

What saddens me is they wont be as shocked when he wins again. That night in 16 was glorious.

he is "anti money"

that means if you are a politician that prefers pays outs from rich group of people/corporations. He is the enemy.

It won't be trump

Of course they set him up. Mainstream media and the DNC compare notes and what talking points to put out everyday

These people have their heads so far up their asses, it wouldn't surprise me if they're shocked he wins again. They'll just blame Russia and Jewbook like they did last time, and their retarded base will eat it right up.

Because he’s an independent socialist billionaire Jew and has no personal gain to be president.

Are you serious? Most of them are so delusional that they think he has no chance of winning. Look at It's going to be 2016 all over again and it's going to be fucking glorious.

Exactly and yet people will STILL deny today that CNN is biased. I mean at this point you're just choosing not to see reality if you think this. People have been saying this shit for years now. They don't even bother hiding it anymore.

Who do you think it will be? A incumbent has about a 60 percent chance of winning anyway. The economy is on fire. None of the Dem candidates have charisma and the Dems have spent the last 3 years doing jack shit besides...impeachment.

Lol..they even use the same key words...Today let's use railroaded..


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No..they dont hide it at all. The montages where you see all of them saying the same thing word for word is hillarious

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I hope he doesn't win because I can't imagine putting up with the deafening whining and screeching from the right for 4 years.

I know a lot of SJWs who say they will vote Trump if Bernie is running for the democrats.
Why do they hate him even more than Cred Forums?

>I can't imagine putting up with the deafening whining and screeching from the right for 4 years.
You mean like what you faggots have done literally every fucking day since Trump won?

If that bothers you,Imagine 93 percent of all the news calling you stupid and trying to convince you your guy is bad. No sympathies from me. Tweet on Trump

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DNC = Politicians working for rich donors

Bernie would raise their taxes, basically.

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This faggot anti-semite shit is so 1930's.

It's not even edgy or creative. It's the lowest bar.

Edgeless faggot.

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That wasn't anti-semitic, it was just a statement of fact, you retard.

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Bernie Miller is not a Jew, why do you think he is? Texley Cruz is a Jew, but Bernie Miller is not.

>Why do they hate him even more than Cred Forums?
Dude is in on it. Anyone who thinks Bernie is sincere in trying to win is delusional. This is just another way for the democrats to band together a bloc of voters, in this case young college students, and get them to vote for the chosen candidate because they're "on the same team" or whatever. Last time it was Hillary, now this time they're doing it for Warren. Then she'll drop out and everyone will be "encouraged" to vote for Biden. Problem is this time it's not working. People are finally seeing through the bullshit. But watch, Bernie will get screwed over, he'll take his money from the DNC and tell his retarded followers to vote for the turd sandwich that "beat" him, because they can't let drumpf win.

trumps a Muslim

It's easy to promise free shit when using other peoples money

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he 100% cant win


Because even they know he will fuck up the country .

>muh boy

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Lol I remember hearing about this. What made it even funnier is that after he started paying them more, he cut all their hours. So they ended up making the same or less.

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Just like those greedy business owners he likes to shit on

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>trump is a jew
>posts someone else

>muh champion of labor

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>Last time it was Hillary
Then it didn't worked out.
Bernie would've never lost Wisconsin or Michigan.

He's a fucking hypocrite. All of these people are in fact. It's the classic, "do as I say while I do otherwise". Just like how these people love bragging about how much they "love diversity", but live in 95% or more white towns and send their own kids to almost all-white private schools.

>takes supporters money
>gives the dnc nomination to clinton
>no refunds
>buys 3 mansions
>buys an R8
>i swear im running for real this time
>same fucking morons donate again

Of course. Bernie is worth millions

>muh workers rights

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None of this shit is even true.

Post sources faggots

#Bernie2020 #Bernie2024

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My ass it's not true. If the left loves illegals so much, why don't they live near them? Why don't they live near black people? They all love bragging about diversity so what's the problem? It's only good as long as someone else's town has it?

You do have to love how he use to rant about millionaires, until he became one himself. Now it's only billions that are the problem.

You prob right.. Bernie drives a 94 Pontiac and barely makes his rent right?

Well he is a communist at heart.Its fun to be one if you are at the top of the heap with money.

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Short anwser isn't a democrat, he just caucuses with them. The Democratic establishment doesn't want bernie to win. Mark my words they'll fuck him out of the nomination again even if it's at their detriment. Bernie prob would've beat trump, he atleast wouldve stood a better a chance than hillary. Thats the Democrats biggest weakness though theyre too far up their own asses to see the big picture

>muh personal sacrifice

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The corporate donor class that runs the DNC will never elect someone who isn't part of their club or someone they can't control. Enjoy giving your vote to "the candidate".

I agree with alot here except for the beating Trump part. Hes too far left. A few more election cycles of Obama types running the show maybe...But not in 16...or now

That's the whole point. These people want this leftist bullshit so badly because they're the ones who benefit the most. Like Warren wanting "free" college for everyone, when she got paid something like $650k a year to teach one fucking class. If college were free the costs would skyrocket, where these assholes get paid $5 million dollars to teach a fucking English 101 class 2 times a week. And guess who's going to pay for that? Nope, not the "rich", it'll be the fucking middle class paying that bullshit. Which is the point by the way, when the left says the "rich" will pay, what they really mean is anything who works for a living will pay more.


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Why is op trying to stir up trouble? Oh, because big daddy Pootin' pays him to

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That's just reason number 1048 why I dont vote for any cuck with a D behind their name.


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Anyone running at any level of government with a D behind their name wants that and a thousand other things I dont agree with.

Because he's actually a real Democrat instead of just a psychotic. In other words he's actually interested in things like healthcare and education instead of furthering the tranny and female agendas.

>muh white socialism > muh brown socialism

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Back to the Russia shit that went nowhere are we? Cuck.

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Norway doesn't have a nigger problem, and until recently, they didn't have an immigrant welfare problem. Who you have in your country can be more important than your style of government and economics.

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It always amazes me how brain washed some people are

Wow, a country with an incredibly homogeneous population is doing better than one with a very non-homogeneous population.

I'm glad you could provide an excellent argument for ethnic cleansing.

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I wonder why Bernie doesn't like brown socialism anymore?

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Warren is trash, but is 10 times more likely to be the nominee over Bernie.

ROFL, you're joking right? Bernie is probably the biggest SJW cuck that is running right now

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You forgot the large amount of oil, metals, and other resources that Norway has in spades and in a high ratio to their low population. They were poor as shit before the oil was discovered.

Bernie is just more honest about his intentions on making Venezula work here. The smart lefties know you have to hide your long term plans


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Damn, we Americans fucking stupid.

Actually Andrew Yang is gonna destroy all of the democrats, then obliterate Trump.

>"age 4o"
>"hello, he's WHITE"
This is who you're referencing?

Because he would actually try to change the status quo. DNC are power hungry capitalists too, although not as public about it as the republicans.

He's gonna destroy the democrats? He wasn't even in the last fucking debate. Are you high or something?

It is retard

All of these candidates are too old.

Trump is too old, the Dems are putting up a wall of too old. Fuck 'em all.

I actually agree with you. There should be an age limit to how old you can be in fucking office, president and congress. I'm sick of seeing Pelosi's old ass everyday.

I am amazed that this is what the Dems think has a shot. Weak ass field. Extra funny is after all the talk of diversity....white people

Love Pelosi.

They nationalized the oil, which is such an extreme socialist move that many nations have been invaded and toppled by the USA for enacting it (because it harms Exxon Mobil's profit margins). America could nationalize the resource base too, but you would oppose that, because that's socialism. The success of Norway is always pawned off to other external causes, but all of those causes would've been negated by capitalism. They would just be like the African banana republics if it weren't for those socialist policies. They were also freed from US tyranny by their NATO status, which helped. Otherwise they would've just been overthrown and turned into a dictatorship like the CIA did to Iran when they tried to nationalize their oil.

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no shit, look who we elected president

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Why? That old cunt would step right over you if you were dying in the middle of the street. She wouldn't even fucking look at you.

>Why are they so afraid of him?
He's not establishment.
He also ran as an independent repeatedly so he's "not a real democrat".
He'd probably raise corporate taxes and taxes for the rich and the wall st democrats certainly don't want that.

You guys know Joe Biden will probably end up winning right. He's the most fit for president unlike those 2 old cucks
Andrew Yang? With his ching chong bing bong ass nobody wants a fucking technology guy as president.

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>A bully

Imagine being a grown ass man and referring to other grown men as "bullies"

Why should the US nationalize oil, so Tyrone and Juan can sit on their porch all day, that they don't even own, and sell drugs while everyone else works?

>Wall Street Dem donors want no Bernie
That's the main reason.
>they dont think hes electable
Also a factor.

He doesn't want actual communism, he just wants the social democracy that Scandinavia runs on and which makes them basically the best place to live on the planet. It doesn't benefit the rich though who can already have equivalent lifestyles, it benefits everybody else who doesn't have what the scandis have.

Under fucking rated. That comic could not speak more truth.

>america doesn't deserve to be rich because that would mean black people would be rich too

>imagine being a grown ass man and being too stupid that republicans are fucking you

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How are they "fucking him over," OP?

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Like a lib would actually wear the hammer and sickle

"Rich" my ass. Because we should just trust your team will do the right thing with all that money. They'll just waste it on more SJW and leftist bullshit like they always do, everytime they put in more taxes. Then they wanna complain about their slaves living in poverty and getting arrested for stealing and robbing people, even though those same monkeys walk around with brand new iPhones and Air Jordans.

Because putting them through college might give them jobs worth doing instead of telling them to just slave away at a poverty tier job for some rich white guy who earns 300x their salary off their labor.

One of the other things about Norway is the much smaller difference between lowest and highest salaries, it means there's actually a large middle-class instead of working poor.

>Like a lib would actually wear the hammer and sickle
Not him but you do realize that up until the USSR collapsed, liberals would routinely wave around their flag right?

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>If you keep raising my taxes because of racism like mine I'll get mad

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They still do, he's gaslighting.

Bernie is for socialist losers that think they know more than anyone twice their age


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93% outside your echo chamber tells you something.
>No THEY'RE wrong!

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>Because putting them through college might give them jobs
Right, because them studying Afro-History and blunt rolling is really gonna land them a nice paying job. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Those niggers can't even do basic fucking math and they go to school for free. Now you idiots want to turn college into the same joke that public k-12 is at the moment. How about you retards fix that first before fucking up college education and making 4 year degrees even MORE worthless, shoe horning in dumb niggers who don't belong there?

That's just straight up not an argument against resource nationalization. If I could propose a bill in the senate which would nationalize the resource base, and that bill explicitly stated that the money must only be used on general public services like the police, fire department, healthcare, etc, would you support it? Pretending that proper economic planning isn't possible is not an argument.

No argument, what a surprise, not. You can fuck off now while actual intelligent people are talking.

>I don't know what socialism is
no shit

thank you Cred Forums, you make it so easy to see which candidate most scares the right at any given point in time

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Isn't that dangerous?

>intelligent people

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It's no secret which way the media largely has swayed and their goal is to persuade public opinion. Been going on long before we were here..... Yeah...they are fucking wrong.

Pick one, amirite?

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And how are you going to verify that? Who keeps the democrats accountable for anything they do, the fucking media? Nope. The media never calls out the democrats on their bullshit. They don't even ask these motherfuckers tough questions. You watch any interview between a democrat and republican, it's only the latter that get asked real questions. And that's even if the democrat does an interview at all. When was the last time Pelosi gave an interview? How about Schiff? Yet nobody says a fucking word about that.

Nice, now show me where your pets live that vote democrat. At least this dude owns his own home unlike those niggers you love so much.

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The law would verify that.

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Not OP but such a Bill would never pass if it was that air tight. Hypotheticals can be fun, but that one sounds pointless.

That's how you can tell how much money a liberal has. Their definition of a rich guy is usually 10% higher then what they own.

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>your pets
it's this dipshit again

rage harder as full social diversity becomes the next paradigm without your blessing

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What law? What are you even talking about?

>Start treating them as equals
How about they start acting like it then? Why don't you ask them to do that? Instead your team just wants us all to allow your pets to do whatever they want, stealing and breaking all the laws without being arrested. Then when one of them gets their monkey asses put down by monkey patrol you all want us to cry about it.

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Don’t look at me, I hate the whiny liberals just as much as the next guy

>your pets

>is afraid of looking like the moron he is
>r-r-rage h-h-harder

It's okay kid, I don't mind pwning your bitch ass again

Hes trying to say that if this magical Bill was to pass involving spending and someone didnt abide by it, they would be punished.

When your "logic" fails be racist. Classic republitard.

fucking hypocrite
you trumpers are the biggest whiners in modern history

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Which is literal fantasy because that NEVER happens. The dems love saying 'hur dur we're going to use it for X', then turn around and waste it on more gibs and programs for their pets.

>Can't refute what I said
Head on back to kikebook bud. We don't have safe spaces here.

I am a communist

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This is level of thinking of cucks. They are swayed by a substance-less cartoon and feels. Good job, conservatard.

>as left wing as he is
You got it all backwards there, Chuck.

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The way the Dems have acted since they lost? Trump tweets cant compare to that.

What was reason about that statement? Are you saying they're not sitting on porches all day and selling drugs? Is reality racist to you?

Fwiw, a lot of the left doesn’t want open borders or illegal immigrants. They aren’t a majority, and they’re not stupid enough to believe a country can survive with a policy like that in place. And most of the white liberals out there are full of shit and have their heads up their asses. They’re just a reactionary groupthink mob

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Fossils twice our age already fucked living standards. So...

No, they didn't. Are you a retard? Nowadays Iibs would sooner gobble Trump's cock than embrace leftist ideology.

Refute what? That you're a cringing dipshit afraid of non-whites? It's plainly obvious.
racist has a little pottymouth lol

>Fwiw, a lot of the left doesn’t want open borders or illegal immigrants
Sure, that's why they're all so upset about sanctuary cities and state policies. Oh wait a minute, they're NOT upset about that and continue to vote for those assholes who want it. Funny how that works.

Sure, kid.

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So much this. He’s a complete threat to their party. They’re squirming in their seats because the old neoliberal politics is dying in front of them. The younger generation wouldn’t live with their shit for a second

>No, they didn't
Actually they did and still do today, same as the Cuban flag. But I understand the true hurts your feelings.

We've actually gotten over it and tried to get legislation passed. Your other Russian Asset in the Senate blocked any attempt at progress.

>s-s-stop being r-r-racist

Is kikebook down at the moment? Is that way you refuse to fuck off back there?

He’s gaining popularity, and has introduced a lot of ideas to the party that are now on center stage. Even if he doesn’t ever make it, a lot of the younger generation are now behind the cause

That is literally how the government works. Do you idiots know the difference between mandatory and discretionary spending? Two thirds of the federal budget is set in stone, because it is literally the law that X amount of dollars be sent to Z department for reason Y. This is how the entire budget system works. The ‘budget’ that the government passes every year accounts for the remaining one third of funding that is left flexible. The democrats can't just wake up one morning and decide to redirect half of the mandatory budget towards welfare without abolishing several bills first. Your argument could literally be applied to any spending bill at all.
>you can't pass that bill to give money to the military so that they can fight that war, what if the democrats spend it on welfare instead?!

Is this really the level you have to be on to be a Trump supporter, literally not knowing how the government even functions? You just use sarcasm and quantitative arguments (read: making lots of shitty arguments rather than one good one) to cover up the fact that you have no idea what you're talking about.

ok boomer

yeah I think you'd better retire that meme from now on lol

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Nah. He would’ve already bowed out. He’s an old white guy, the antagonist of all SJWs.

Nobody's stuttering user.
Do you have a stuttering problem because Trump's cock is wedged up your ass?

It's just amazing how much Tweety Amin acts like a chemical reagent. He's so effective in attracting all the most hateful, ignorant, and useless members of society that we might as well build the Golgafrincham "B" Ark for them right now.

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Lol have you seen any of the polls? Or watch the crowds at rallies? He has a small, dedicated group that makes a lot of noise. That’s it. And they’re all dreamers who don’t hold any influence. Most don’t even own property. They’re college kids. He made UBI a popular topic, but no one’s taking him seriously.


user I've been on this site well before your mom let you start using a computer.
There's nothing to go "back" to.
It's fun watching you scream like Trump here.

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Can't wait to get taxed to hell so some loser snowflake can go hang out and party for four years for free to get zer (did I use the right pronoun?) Women's studies degree. What a benefit that will be for our country.
You do realize that we have a much larger difference between lowest and highest salaries because we have more millionaires and billionaires . That's actually a good thing but you won't know that until you commies force them out.

Ditto. They’re not going to be around long enough to see the impact of their decisions. Like...go retire. Fucking boomers

I miss the days ( not long ago either) that the Dems loved the Russians...still do and russiagate is bullshit but no matter....Anyway..No you haven't got over it...And finally passing the new NAFTA (after Peolsi sat on it for a year ) doesnt count as turning over a new leaf.


>Tweety Amin
my sides

To that I'm thankful most will outgrow it when they become productive members of society

I love how you just automatically assume since I don't want it to go to welfare, that means I want the military to get more money. Classic "if you think X then you are Y" mentality from you morons. But I don't give a shit what excuse you make up. I'm not going to agree to pay more taxes just so they can hand out more gibs to people who do nothing but make life worse for everyone else.

Bernie would melt Trump on the debate stage as soon as he starts framing the conversation around policy. Literally nobody agrees with selling US Soldiers to Saudi Arabia to protect oil wells while they go full jihad on the yemenese with our weapons. Trump supporters exist in glorious ignorance of policy substance so sometimes you have to force the issue.

Which is why he won’t make it. He’ll make the rich elite lose billions, and what’s worse, he’ll give it to a bunch of poor people and colored folk. They’ll shut him down or take him down

lol. Sounds like the perfect leader for his followers.

You're already being taxed to hell, Sparky. You just aren't aware of it because of all the synonyms.
And to make matters worse the people who could most easily afford to pay their fair share are getting off tax-free thanks to your GEOTUS.

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LOL Biden isn’t even coherent any more. It doesn’t inspire confidence. Sure, they’ll all gut Bernie before he can become anything, but I think Biden will only hand everything off the the nominee

They're not afraid of him, they know he'll lose by a landslide in a general election.

Doesnt take away from the fact your hypothetical original argument would never pass. But you go right on giving us a education......


Sure kid, I bet you were in fucking diapers when Obama was elected

I used the military as an example because I thought that fighting a war was the most obviously good use of spending there is, but you assume I hate the military. Classic "if you think X then you are Y" mentality from you morons. Also I'm not talking about raising taxes at all, you didn't read my post. Good job, moron.

President Donald J Trump wins by a landslide. DNC is being exposed after that last Warren Sanders ploy on national television. And that's coming from the fake news fake media commercial coverage that Liberals and Democrats follow to the T.

they are watching

>.No you haven't got over it.
Yes we have trumpshit. We were going to let the 2020 Election decide it. That's literally where it was headed.
Then your President did One Crime over the Line and that's why he's being impeached.

But they do. They also have Che stickers on their Macs. Doubt they’ve read any theory. It’s all to look edgy, anyway.

The question was, "would you vote for it", not, "would it pass." Have any of you fucking retards actually read a word I wrote? Of course it would never pass, Exxon Mobil are one of the largest campaign donators; they practically own the RNC. Are you just pretending to be retarded at this point?

Probably because they don't want him to destabilize the economic backbone of the developed world.

Nope. Trump will lose badly.

>Sure kid

ok boomer
yeah that meme is backfiring
I'd retire it

That’s a really lame trope that doesn’t mean anything any more. Find a better argument

Yup, it's always someone else's fault.
We have too many perpetual victims in this country.

I like yang but I have to break some tough news.
Bernie has far more support, money, and favorable polling. Many yang donors, like myself, are also Bernie donors and have yang as a second or third choice. He really needs to try to endorse a candidate in hopes of ending up in a future administration.


Are they actually scared, though? And Cred Forums sure as shit isn’t a good litmus test. All the comments are “lol Jew”

NAFTA2 still isn't a done deal.
Mexico ratified it before the House fucked with some provisions that offend Mexican sovereignty. Mexico has already said that it won't ratify the version that the Senate just passed.
Infinite do loop detected.

Alt righters are so angry that a repeal of the 2A is coming along with socialism.

Aw yes, the classic oil companies are evil card. Funny though how you liberal pussies say this but refuse to stop fucking using gas and driving cars. Any reason you people are such fucking hypocrites?

Someone else likes to call him Agolf Twitler.

The same way as any policy. Oversight, checks and balances, etc. But then, we would need a responsible gov’t in the first place, which we all know won’t happen

Not an argument.

>That was a lame argument
>Because I said so
Okay retard explain to us how anyone benefits from Tyrone having an Afro History degree, or Juan studying Spanish. How is flooding the market with MORE useless degrees that no one cares about a good thing?

Got a rude surprise for you, Cletus. Two million dollars doesn't make you "filthy rich" these days.

Not a trumper, but okay.

Gasp, imagine there being more than 2 positions you could take in US politics! Fucking retard.

Kek. True tho. A bunch of neocons and neolibs

>Are they actually scared, though?
of course not, because the dude has no chance of winning. if anything we're laughing as we watch the shit show.

you literally sound like a boomer who still uses AOL

You are just attempting to stage your ideological choice in politics as virtuous while pointing out who evil Republicans are. Not taking the bait

Fucking truth.

Don't forget that his heart probably won't make it 4 years.
But yeah, everyone but leftist incels think Bernie's a bitch who took it up the ass last round, or else was in on some kind of scam. Add to that that he can't pull enough of the vote as far left economically as Obama was. It basically taxed the lower middle class to pay poverty class insurance.
People don't talk about it because the press makes it out to have "helped the working man" but aside from self employed blue collars, that insurance thing really hit the working class hard. There's no way they trust the dems not to tax the middle class into poverty.

Social Security was a fucking mistake.

Also, the entire reason the great depression happened was because the federal reserve handing out a bunch volatile loans in an attempt to bounce back the recession but just made things 10x worse.

>Oversight, checks and balances, etc
Those things only happen when Republicans are in office. When it's a democrat suddenly no one cares and the media doesn't say a word about it.

Wow..you definitely are still butthurt from 16.

There is no other position, user. You think you're above all this but in reality you're closely aligned with the right, since liberals and the good we do irritate you so much.

becase bernie jew aside is a one note loser.

warren is the one.

You kinda missed the point: the liberals who make the most noise don’t represent a lot of the real political beliefs on the left. I doubt most would broadcast anything too extreme because it means being ostracized.

True story. Social Security is like Insurance and College Loans. Once everyone has it, big business can just up the costs of everything and everyone ends up just as bad off.

Image having worse grammar than a 3rd grader.

Eliminate ice, no detentions for illegals, sanctuary cities, drivers liscences for illegals, voting rights for illegals, law enforcement not allowed to inquire about citizenship and not allowed to contact ice..... I guess it's all cool as long as you never use the words " open borders".

>People don't talk about it because the press makes it out to have "helped the working man" but aside from self employed blue collars, that insurance thing really hit the working class hard. There's no way they trust the dems not to tax the middle class into poverty.
This is what I was saying before, the democrats always claim the "rich" will pay more in taxes, but it always end up being the middle class

Then I'll give you some happier news.
Yang himself admits that his end-game is to wind up in the Administration.
He and Bernie are natural allies.

The whole trick to the primaries is not to become President but rather to position yourself for the Cabinet. Remember foolish old Uncle Ben, who's now the secretary of some bit of grift or another?

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Old trope, not a real argument, only highlights the same reactionary libtard wokies who both sides hate. Find a better argument

Social Security *is* insurance. Its primary purpose is to serve as a retirement annuity.

>I have nigger cock in my mouth
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Despite what retarded people like you believe, as a matter of fact, polls do work.
In polling Sanders has the greatest lead on Trump

You might say "Trump won despite the polls", well you are wrong.
The polls indicated Trump could win, with slim chances.
And the votes for the electoral college he needed he got by slim margin.

Reading data is hard, especially when you're a retarded right winger.


Only legislation tried that I recall was " kill the Republicans main way of financing campaigns" but im sure it had a much more progressive name.

No, I was just told that Norway’s success was due to resource wealth instead of socialism, which is entirely incorrect, so I replied, which triggered you retards into spamming me with some of the worst arguments I’ve ever seen. Now you’re all trying to avoid answering a yes/no question because you know your position is entirely indefensible and you want to end the discussion before you have to explain yourself.

Answer the question, and explain why.

I mean, sure. But it will take a while for them to move on— that’s the point. He still had an impact and shifted a whole generation to the left


That's how libs get things done. You cant be honest with a center right nation and just say you want open borders.

This is what america needs and what right wingers fear most. You mad white people are finished? Yeah white boi, you mad.

Hey dummy, that's why our national debt is do high. They just vote to borrow do they can spend.



>A bunch of neocons and neolibs
Neo-cons are the oldest con in the book.
Neo-libs are just proto-cons.

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And it's always the left doing it. Because the left is in charge of the biggest handouts to the poor, so the more they put people into poverty, the more votes they get for free phones.

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I love that name .

Because a lot of people aren’t really get useless degrees. It’s a trope about SJW liberals. Only the wealthy can really afford to do it, and there’s no demand anyways. Everyone else realizes they have to provide real value and is studying to join the workforce.

I am very thankful for Social Security. My employers routinely stole my privatized pension savings. SS sends me checks. FDR deserves sainthood.

There you go

That is STILL not an argument against resource nationalization. Resource nationalization is a revenue stream, not an expense. It's absolutely increadible how many replies I've gotten that clearly intend to prove me wrong yet all refuse to tackle the issue at hand. Why would you respond to someone just to dodge the question? It's like you want to convince yourselves you're correct by BTFOING the libtard, but you actually don't have any intellectual objection to what I'm saying, so you just say some irrelivent thing about da niggers being dumb.

Nah, just salty. They’re pretentious, and don’t know the first thing about what they’re on about

(oops, wrong Uncle Ben)

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Well, in this hypothetical, there would be oversight. There ya go

Throughout modern U.S. history, youth has been like that. I guess I dont see him as the guy who's going to shift a countries ideology.

Kek, I’m not on the right. Did you miss the whole point of my comment?

Science cannot survive in an atmosphere of pure capitalism.

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>Because a lot of people aren’t really get useless degrees
Bullshit they aren't. How many black people get STEM degrees every year? How many of them are encouraged to get one? People like you sure as fuck don't tell them to get one. Instead you people make bullshit excuses for them, treat them all like fucking babies and tell them to get bullshit degrees because it "looks good on a resume", or whatever the fuck it is you tell them. And are you really trying to claim only rich people go to college? Are you for real? You're not even old enough for this website, are you?

Because after 4 years of Bernie's socialism, the dems will never be in the White House again

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Again, a lot of leftists aren’t behind all that. There’s a lot of quiet people out in the states who feel otherwise

Racism isn't even on my mind opposing all that shit. You dont have a country with open borders. Not one I want to live in.

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I thought DNC was supposed to be ran by the jews?

>There will be oversight this time guys
>We pinky promise
>We totes will keep them accountable
>This time will be different
>We swearz


then you can fuck off and leave - you fucked over mexico in the past and now it's your turn white shit

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Also ITT

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the entire government is ran by jews - they own the media too and make it look like the sides oppose one another when they are all getting filthy ass rich

Fuck you, fucking leech. You're exactly the problem. You suck off the tit of the money pit known as Social Security while I front the bill, and it'll be dissolved by the time I get old enough to collect. Eat my ass.

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Well if you say so it must be fact. Notice you can't counter my point. What's your next step? Post a "you mad" ? Or call me Hitler?

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Oh yes they would. The endgame would be a majority of the voting population getting handouts to the point where they wouldn't risk losing it voting another way.

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>you fucked over mexico
No, the spics living there fucked it up. Own it beaner fuck.

Found the racist

At what point is this image wrong

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Kek. You’re mischaracterizing me, for one, and no, only wealthy people *who are SJW’s* actually believe they can do something with a bullshit degree. They’re the only ones who can afford to, anyways. When they can’t earn anything, their parents will bail them out, and they’ll go into academia or some shit. Everyone else knows better.