New Celeb Thread

New Celeb Thread

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i fucking hate canada, worst country


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tltr yAww

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is this what heaven looks like?

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Sodom - shit eating, fucking and penis enlargement. Existent in Central America. They bred the horse out of people.
Gomorrah? Worshipping of the horse as a god.
No new words were invented in Gomorrah.
The flood of fourth days? A comet hit the earth and caused a flooding!
Dinosaur skeletons? The ancient gods

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Please tell me that Tofu is not her name

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Jeanne d'arc was a female horse!

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no, it's just what people call har, her real name is Kim Dahyun

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>Sadie Stanley
ty dovey qt. I was wondering who that little vixen was :3

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The Asians are Muslims, tribes of gypsy that traveled to asia
Jews were gypsy too!
We're all gods, dinosaurs

People a weird, I would call her Kim

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fuck off nigger

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Would be her slave

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Celeb is a good word! Good job

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Oh my dick.

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check my dubs y'all

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are you okay buddy?

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Post feets for me please

Absolutely beautiful.

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brie's tits are incredible too

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look all the jj posters are good, please don't sully them with your presence

Mmm, alcohol. :3

Everywhere I go I must also sully.

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i breed this

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Step on me.

she's so goofy sweet and sexy

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Thank you user


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MmmMMmmmMMMMMmMmmmMM, fuck.

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>get pegged by brie larson
>fuck alison brie's tits
yes plz

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should have been clearer that those should be happening simultaneously

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I'm going to see Kesha *and* Halsey this summer. :3

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Based af

I miss alcohol.

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beautiful post

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WAIT, that's my Kitty! ᶘᵒ . ᵒᶅ


And this gives you... power, over me?

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i'll never be so lucky

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I saw Paramore and No Doubt play together one summer
Hayley AND Gwen in one night :3

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i miss meth and coke

you deserve that strut Cred Forumsro, ill eat kiki up

Kesha and Halsey are two different events. I saw Halsey three times in one week on her last tour.

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those eyes
those trips

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I miss the feel of a 15-year-old's mouth around my cock

*sips brewski*

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Yummy feet

Sorry, l'll go away

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you must be circumsized then

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>followed by dubs

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Are you sure?

I don't know, does it?

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turnt up

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So you're partial to hal?

NU, stay! n u n

I miss alcohol too. Did you quit?

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you should! as much as i like black and white it's a crime to post this girl with out showing the true glory of her hair. shame on you.

i will do it, thanks for ur blessing

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mmm fuck...that cleavage

it is her blessing

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ironically thats the same face she makes when she does anal

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I didn't deliberately quit, or anything. I'm just too busy to partake. I mean, I could start showing up to work drunk, but I've decided I'm saving that stunt for a special occasion.

I have my doubts, but I won't question it.

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I suppose so

You're right, I'll solve a very hard sudoku just for you

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she might have the hottest mouth but for sure the best smile

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>2020 AD.
>Still calling it cleavage and not cleave.
Hello boomer sir! Forgive me for not showing RESPECTS to my elders! o - o7

lmao, I think that would be for the best yeah. The trick is to show up to your new job drunk that way they think that's how you always are and they never notice.

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no doubt, even a simple/subtle smile is super fucking cute on her

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It looks like her bellybutton has a brand new gasket in this pic :o

That's what I like to think too

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>Pretends to be a good wholesome girl.
>Is actually a demon.
Top 10 Celeb Thread Betrayals ; ------ ;

lmfao that pic haha, saving that and gonna pretend I found it myself. :>

She gets her bellybutton licked so much she has to change it out every now and then. c:

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it's a silly phrase but she smiles with her eyes

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That's genius. I'm gonna start looking for a change of work right now, so that I can try that out.

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are you gonna spam when ems starts postan jj?

that girl is going to be a danger some day soon

>gonna pretend I found it myself

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cleave is a word you dumbass
even if it wasn't calling cleavage cleave is retarded

>No moar kitty. ::o

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i dont think jayden poster is coming back

Wow that's crazy, things were different back in your day huh grandpa? Up hill BOTH ways you say?! ,':-]

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NO, she is a good wholesome girl :c
don't doubt Kat so quickly

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no u

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>JJ belong to me now
But it's alright if I borrow her from time to time, yeah?

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my pants feel funny

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she needs to change out her bellybutton o-ring monthly, and the one for her asshole weekly

i like this

What an absolute TREASURE


Moar Bebe

i LOVE this

Do you share your girls? Last I heard, spitroasting Jane with the boys was off the table :(

I love Halsey. She's one of my favorite singers.

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It would be a shame if that suspender came loose and her top fell down... but I'd stand in the way to cover her up so no one can see! :>

Hmm... how much is from time to time we talking about here? (;^.^;)ゝ

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NO, JJ is a god fearing woman and sodomy is SIN, she's vaginal only. Her booty is just for something to look at and squeeze. :3

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I'm sure we could work out an arrangement. You know I get a little greedy, tho, so you'd have to let me know if you thought I was getting carried away.

Well, that depends. I'm adaptable.

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it's not for entry, but it is for licking
god wouldn't have given her a butthole if he didn't want it licked

>coping this hard


i see ya

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You're gonna use her all up! :<

Imagine her little giggles. :3

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>Well, that depends. I'm adaptable.
What does it depends on?
Are any of your waifus off-limits for that kind of stuff? I'm assuming Juno would be fair game.

I hope she's ticklish there.

man bd is being especially annoying tonight

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You'd assume so, but you'd be wrong. I keep her all to myself. The rest depend on how I'm feeling, and who I'm talking to. It's all very variable.

You can trust me, I'll be gentle. I mean, I'll *try* to be gentle.

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Nice tits

>No more Kitty.

Pour a little lube down between her cheeks and swirl your thumb around her butthole and see if she laughs. :3

But no penetration remember, The Lord is watching. T ^ T

Don't be mad BOOMER BOY.

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No Kitty I gotta get outta here etc etc. See ya.

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>No more Kitty.
I'm phoneposting and my Kat pics are super far back in my camera roll :c
also I'm busy lewding jj's qt butthole, cut me some slack

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Love horse riders.

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her leaks make me leak



roll niggas

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This is your daily reminder that Jordyn Jones is not a celeb

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that is massive amount of hot for such a tiny girl

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That does surprise me. All things considered, I had thought Pixie would be your untouchable waif.

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she is so nice

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That'd probably make more sense, but, well, you know. I never claimed to be sensible.

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No qt elle poster ):

V nice, she gets my peen hard


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fuck me...

That ass

low key halsey looks like a tan MBB

there is nothing about this girl i dont like. slim pale body with great EVERYTHING and that fucking hair!

Of course she is, she wore a pastie. A bad grill would let that nipple fly

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Oh my fuck!
How does Millie keep getting better?!

there is one of her that i save just for me
also redhead thread?

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She's an Israeli jew.
You are her slave.

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Hard af

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still here and saving these you later research

I miss Knight Rider.

If I ever found out that Kat has a lewd piercing, I would exile myself to the ocean with no boat or floatation

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Who is MBB?

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She definitely has a clitoral hood piercing

unacceptable, such a whore

millie bobby brownies

Dirty whore

a young retard. nothing next to halsey

NO don't say that

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Halsey actually makes good music, imho.

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and looks so good doing it. i have a thing for tiny girls, dyed hair and tomboys and she is all three

MMMMM dat Kat and my cock

where my frens go

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who dat?

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still here just waiting

it's ded

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she ded

Beating my dic to this

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stop it

Going to cumm to this Kat

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I will when I'm done.

Did you make that?

done with what?

Ana O’Brien, former jockey and daughter to a famous trainer

can we get a new thread?

Just finished making yellow ropes for Kat user


ty anony

Nu - you lazy fucks