Well, about three months ago I told you faggots I was in line to inherit about 742 million dollars from my caribbean cruise ship liner crew who molested me as an eagle scout.
After a good lengthy amount of legal shit and signing papers and waiting for shit, it's official. A lot of you were begging for shit from me last time, but now shit is settled and i may just make some dreams come true right now: ROLL QUADS: GET $20,000.

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the fuck does that even mean


I got 750 for the same thing so fuck you

full send

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Check em^

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Cashapp --> $cowbite
Quads motherfucker

Cashapp --> $cowbite

I"m literally living in my car.
Cashapp --> $cowbite
rollin. I"m sure this is fake but fuck it

funny meme

damn, getting molested as a kid is the new bitcoin

I need this for medication

Fuck niggers, roll

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Never lucky but k

Can I just have $120 to pay my car insurance for the month?


Good shit op
Live a happy life.


Cashapp -> $cowbite

op prove to me you're legit.
put $5 in my acccount and I'll post screenshot

$cowbite cashtag

Fuck you. Nobody cares

gib moneyz for cats

if i win roll contact my discord Tomoko#4043 for where to send the money

congrats, my dude. enjoy the money!

I wish you all the best, enjoy your winnings!

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you know this fag posts this every other day right?
op never delivers



thank you, and thanks for the tomoko reaction my friend

yeah, i know... my friend rolled quads twice in the same thread and when the money transfer was going to go through, OP asked him to send $50 before just to confirm they were a real person or something

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Roll I guess

Rolling stones

Cash app me loser $0000MarquisM

Say, “shit” one more time, faggot.


gimme gimme plz

Fag won’t come through



Gimme gimme


Por favor señor

Just a crumb of money is all I need.

fuck off

Roll come here fake(?)money!


you're all a bunch of loners


Contact me on discord @ Duck and Lean #8884 if I win



20+ minutes later and OP still has not delivered, nor have they even contacted me yet.

fake and gay

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Wow, it's been a good 7 years since I've seen this