What kind of country tries two 16 year old boys as adults? I am beginning to hate America

What kind of country tries two 16 year old boys as adults? I am beginning to hate America.

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if you hate america,then leave.you retarded fuck

Noone cares what you hate.

well see what the fuck happens dead ass governmment cuck

depends on what they did

Thats the beautiful about America, nobody gives a shit about your opinion.
Now I'm going to order $80s worth of pizza drink a whole case of Budweiser and beat my wife and kids

I will, dumb fuck.

>BOISE, IDAHO (AP) — AN Idaho man sentenced to life in prison as a teenager for his role in the stabbing death of another teenager as part of a quest to become a famous serial killer will remain behind bars

I mean it just makes sense to me

link me please

> you're 20? Too bad, can't smoke
> 16? Old enough to get your life ruined


Premeditated murder. Fans of the columbine killers.
Fuck them niggas



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>Commit pre-meditated murder for attention

Yes, they clearly cannot and should not be held responsible for what they did.

Have you ever felt like no one payed any attention to you? Imagine that. You evil faggot.

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What are you talking about?

Former teacher here, try them as adults. The older Z’s went through a system that never gave real consequences so the rise in crime isn’t a surprise, we should just write them off as a retarded lost generation and invest in the next

>Evil psychos go to jail

You’re retarded.

No you won't you'll stay here ..complin again and again and do nothing with your life .

Yeah this country is a fucked up mess.

There a plenty of reasons to hate america,this ain't one of them. 16 is old enough to know pre-meditated murder is a fucked up thing to do and its old enough to have to face the consequences you retarded jackass.


Actually, a lot of countries would. And remember, 'progressives' want to let them vote too!

>What kind of country tries two 16 year old boys as adults? I am beginning to hate America.
the same country that cheers when mainstream media smeared a 16-year old boy because it fit a political narrative they were trying to promote

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12yo should be judged as adults, little fuckers go around killing people with guns and stealing everything in their path, police gets them and they are out 2 days later stealing and killing shit again, I hate my country.

kid is a clown douchebag

That depends on the types of crimes they committed. If they committed murder they should be tried as adults, if they committed rape same thing. If they committed theft under 5000 then that’s a completely different story. It all depends on the details

Who's the prison that? I'd give her a conjugal visit.

>I am beginning to hate America.
Join the queue, newby.

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Don't kill people and you don't have to worry about being tried at all.


They stabbed a girl to death for lulz. Fuck em.

This is always the most retarded response to any criticism of the country you live in. As if America is just some little town that you can just pick up and leave from at a moment's notice. If you want to move to another country not only do you have to save up thousands of dollars but you also have to manage to gain citizenship somewhere else which can take months if not years, find a job in that country and a place to live, and learn the language depending on where you're going. It's not like, "welp I don't like America anymore. Guess I'll just pack up and go now."

their white males who cares

>stands there nerviously as some random adult yells at your for god knows what while you're on a nornal school trip
>don't know what to do so I try to awkwardly smile like people do in confusong situations
>media says you're smerking and suddenly you're a badass/douchebag for standing there and gettong yelled at
Fuck the political theater going on these days

Same one that lets you fuck two 16yo boys. You're 20, shut up.

I don't believe they should get full adult sentences because frontal lobe development and all that, but they are definitely old enough to understand you're a piece of shit if you plan to and do murder someone, and deserve prison for it. Remember that the problems with America are usually not nation wide, and are faults in more local policy. Blaming America for these things is like blaming Europe for things Sweden does.

When is someone an adult?
Tell me its not something as shallow as "18, cuz nanny gubment says so".
Use your damned brain please.

Why does "attention"matter so much?
I'm happiest when people leave me the fuck alone.

>Have you ever felt like no one paid any attention to you?

premeditated murder or any crime for that matter, is the answer? are you retarded?

They're old enough to know what they're doing faggot.

>part of a quest to become a famous serial killer

They should give him double life for being the definition of an edgy faggot

kid was minding his own fucking business when he was approached by an activist asshole and harassed for no reason, then CNN and other news networks took just a small snippet of the video and proceed to smear him for months, all the while vilifying him and his friends, with him getting all manner of harassment up to and including death threats to him and his family, when he did nothing wrong, just because he stood there and smiled in what must have been a very awkward and tense situation.

the only clown douchebag is you.