Big mac or whopper Cred Forums?

big mac or whopper Cred Forums?

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whopper. mcd's fries are better though

whopper, just had 1 today

Double Double.

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shutup garbage

everybody talks about how great in n out is on the west coast but i dont get it,their menu is is it any better then mcdonalds or burger king or any other chain you can find somewhere this just a product of douchy liberal attitudes in california

Neither. Can’t believe people eat this garbage


I u want a balanced sandwich go Big Mac. If u want half a gallon of warm mayonnaise and some wilted lettuce get a whopper

the whole point of n and out is the secret menu. It’s a gimmick restaurant

either way,maybe im biased because i think fast food in general is shit,or at least burger rather just buy a pack of hamburgers at the grocery store and cook it on my grill instead of contributing to some high school dropout getting paid to much money for the job he's doing

>balanced sandwich
>no veggies

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fuck off you beyond meat vegan faggot

burger is not just meat and bun you fucking loser.

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Straight garbage

bigmac is bigger but whopper is tastier, and i prefer flavour over quality


>fast food resturant

pick one

mac. i like the whopper taste but i cant hold it down. anything cooked at bk, fries, burgers, chickun, it all makes me vomit it must be the oil or grease or something i dunno

either way,i think the big mac has to much bread.and ive always liked burger king better anyway

It can be in fact at some places that’s the only way they serve it. Maybe w some cheese too

>McDonalds>Burger King
>Whopper>Big Mac

You are objectively incorrect. Ground meat and a bun are the only requirements for a burger. Everything else is a bonus that increases it's deliciousness.

Impossible whopper

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go back to your soymilk soyboy

s0yb0y. enjoy your man tits.

The beef is waaaayy better. Fresh and less processed. Toasted bun and fresh veggies are better too.

It's like night and day compared to burger king and mcd's trash.

Lol, I knew this would trigger you faggots.
Nothing you do can stop us. Might as well kill yourself.

If its a good restaurant then whopper but McDonald's is more consistent so the bic mac wins

No one wants to take a chance at buying a shitty whopper when they know they can get a decent big mac most of the time