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fuck her face

Ass pics of her please
GF or wife ?


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here's a good one

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Oh wow
Does she like to be rimmed

yes but she cant take the whole dick yet, we're still working on that.

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I love to rim
She could tie me up and sit on my face for hours and hours or till I pass out while I'm rimming her
Would she be up for that ?


lmao guys dont get that thic

she would probably cry of pleasure, knowing her she'd want nothing more.

Punch her face 10 times and then fuck her face for an hour. She'd cry, puke, bleed and cough nonstop, just destroy el throat. Take a small rest to smoke a joint making her mouth be my ashtray and then go back to fucking her throat another hour but choking her every 10 minutes until she passes out. By the time I'm about to cum she's literally puking blood. Cum down her throat and kick her face, drag her unconscious by the hair and throw her into the basement stairs down. If she's alive tomorrow, there will be more...

damn dog how does someone end up like this? did shit happen to you as a kid or does your dick just get SWELLED at the idea of abuse? you see a movie or something, where did it start??


Just have a thing for horror movies and shit, started watching them probably at 7. Then I started jacking off and I guess one hobby leaked into the other. I'm actually a pretty normal dude in everything else, and even though it's obvious I'd never do anything like that in real life, some ex's actually got off to reading or having me tell them some fucked up shit like that, bit I'd never take it into the real world. Guess I'm just weird.

nah dude she saw it and loved it.

kek, some bitches won't admit it but they get wet as fuck at the thought of getting beat up. I never actually do it but I've had bitches whisper 'kill me' in my ear and just cum buckets together without even fucking.
Bitches be crazy.

I didnt even know she'd like it as much as she did. you can keep it going if you'd like

shes got snapchat too lemme know of you want it

Next morning go down and drag her back up, bruised, swollen, drag her out to the backyard and throw her facedown over the grass. With a knife cut up her clothes and leave her completely naked, kick her in the ribs until a few crack and then grab her by thw waist and begin raping her ass, and I mean really fucking it brutally, feel the tears start to bleed and her screams get louder. Start punching her sides, 10, 20, 50 times, meanwhile my cock coated in blood just keeps thrusting. Grab her by the neck and begin choking her stopping as she's about to pass out and feeling her clench her broken asshole on my cock. Grab her by the back of the head and start bashing her face onto the grass, but it's too fucking soft, grab a rock and lay it before her face. Now it's going to get good bitch, start bashing her against it, first her forehead a couple of times, then her lips breaking and bleeding, then I fucking bust her nose too. I feel her start to tremble and cum in her asshole as I toss her aside and take a piss over her convulsing body. Drag her inside by her ankle and throw her back down the stairs barely breathing.

dude u just turned my girl in to a freak wtf

Incel detected

Save to fem boi folder

What about this one?

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She's called Mae. Use and abuse her

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>Doubt (x)

lol nah, shes right here. shes into this shit, we come on here sometimes to have people hype her up or degrade her. but we've never heard anyone get so detailed. I was thrown off at first but she surprised me when she admitted how hot it was

Proof? I hope it's true, enjoy

More of her ? no the OP of the responses but she's hot

Kinda hot TBQH.

wrote it with eyeliner cause all I had but yup it's me. now tell me more dirty shit.

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Skype or discord please

I'm taking over this shit btw n my name is Rose

I'm the one who asked about you tying me up and sitting on my face to rim you
You have Skype or discord ?

Does no response mean no ??

Replace with poison ivy.

nah just snapchat
I only have discord for when I'm gaming, I'd prefer to keep the two separate lolol

That's to bad
Sounds like you also like to control

depends. I just like to please

what's your skype?

Do you know about male chastity devices

[email protected]

I'll turn over any ounce of control if it means user keeps degrading me tho.

Did you get my Skype

Add me if you want to hear my idea/offer. Up to you

I gotchuu

I'd fuck her stupid earlobe holes with my fat cock until her shit tore

Different user, but if that's true i'll write some detailed WWYD's, usually in the threads when they get going.

I'll be waiting

get this pit started lul

okay that's a start lmao

Been cut short half way through typing it out sorry user. What time do you usually post threads user, I'll have to catch you another time when I'm not busy. Freaky girl love it.

well it's almost 9PM here rn n I usually stay on till I pass out so I'm sure you'll see me around

You going to add me Rose?

Get called a mysoginist, then get false rape charges.

beat the feminism and communism out of her

I'd only send a man to jail to fulfill the similar kinks. but instead you've got a beefy security guard wearing his uniform tailored just tight enough to show off his fat bulge but not too tight it rips when he has to force your face into the ground so he can shove that same throbbing cock in your virgin ass. but dont worry, you're not alone. hes actually raping you in front of all the other guards and a few other inmates. they're all gonna take their turn on you. kicking you in you ribs, beating their baton on your stupid fucking head, ect. once they have you bleeding, shaking and begging them to stop they all jump in one more time, hold you down and take turns filling every hole with their steaming cum and make those other inmates I mentioned lick it all up.