Non pedo loli thread

non pedo loli thread
Keep your real shit the fuck out of here

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anyone got the sketch of the big sister and little sister fucking each other?

yuri loli a best

lolicon means pedophile

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I’m 100% pedo and I am proud.

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not true schizo when ur a 6'8 155kg alpha who bangs 55kg cutesy teenagers

these ones?

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>non pedo loli thread


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Did you have a stroke while typing this

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Yuri is for fags

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>I’m 100% pedo and I am proud.

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this one is colorless

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>non pedo
>posts loli

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genetic blacklist schizophrenic psychosis

murder on sight


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schizophrenic psychosis genetic blacklist DCLXVI

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ロリコン means lolita complex
pedophile is 小児性愛者

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true dat!
that's why it called LoliCon!

1 2
2 50

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This rape-free mintposter is pretty based too ngl

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Shōniseiai-sha is never used in modern japanese language

The people who fap to loli but are adamant they're not pedophilic are silly.

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Read newspapers not anime message boards

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Newspapers talk about lolita complex?

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it is literally not used at all
japs will call 3d little girls lolis

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that image is so adorable and romantic i love it


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About as silly as the people who go into loli threads just to argue about it.

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You're not supposed to use the naughty word in the op. You might get yourself and everyone else in the thread banned. I could do with a break from the site so I'll post here anyway.

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Child Lover is the most accurate description of Pedophilia. The next best translation would be that Pedophilia is a sexual orientation.

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"pedophilia" is literally a prefix and a suffix that means "children" and "the love of" respectfully.

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completely haram this thread!

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Old fag

I wonder how lil girls cunts smells like?
just like adult whores?

asking for a friend!

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someone posting my waifu.

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>'Did I say you could poop out the lemons? Here's some punishment.' Unzips benis.

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my waifu now bitch

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>non pedo loli thread

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>spidey's too poor to buy a pass

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My job here is done

>proud of random sex preference
geez user, you're as bad as the gays and trannies

i think it means you like the look of little girls or something like that like all pedos are lolicons but no all lolicons are pedos kind of thing i could be wrong