Is this peak white women?

Is this peak white women?

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Too fat, 4/10. Would not bang with ops wiener.

I think she's nasty. Maybe it's just me.

I think she’s gorgeous. Also has what seems to be a fun genuine personality. 10/10 would bang.

Millie > Jennifer.

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Stupid ass,

no this is

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If it ain't, it's pretty damn close!

k pedo

This is peak white women

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Found the virgin

Made for bbc

Not really. Shes a dumb whore who traded her pussy for fame and still lost in life because shes a stupid retard who no one gives a shit about. Might as well be a nigger loving fat white whore.

Youre a delusional retard

No, peak white women are like supermodels of Polish/Czech/Hungarian heritage. Literally factories designed by nature to spit out perfect children.

Jennifer Lawrence is fucking hot tho. Very accessible, doesn’t have to try too hard or rely on makeup.


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source me homie

> annoying loud mouth cunt
> born good looking, extremely wealth, but still complains about privilege
> Demands non stop attention, while demanding privacy
> insufferable human being pushing white men to date asians

Yea...this is definitely a peak white woman

Negative the virgin is the one with no understanding of standards due to the desperation of being a virgin. Go fuck a pie you American faggot.

Sorry to let you know this, but you are a homo.

Because if what you like has a weiner attached to it, that means you are gay. SO you aare robably in denial. Faggot.

"she" doesnt even shave her pits. Also looks like a dude in a wig.

You are not into trannies, you're a full blown faggot.

That’s a MAN you shithead

7/10. Would bang if I had the opportunity


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What happened to her was sickening. Those pictures were meant for the special someone in her life, not for everyone in the world to see.

And you care why exactly?

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Post her nudes.
I'm someone special in her life.

Apparently five guys have been imprisoned in connection with the fappening. Wonder if they think it was worth it.

>average breast size in america is DD
these fags post these small titty bitches with below avg tits

the peak white woman is a white man

no, her brain is rotten... she is post peak, throw it back where it came from.

No, but in Oregon it is

DD? Maybe on fat chicks, but...

Never mind, just remembered I'm in America

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thats cause yall got fat titties. DD back titties and these inner knee titties. these be fit titties that wont kill you if they roll over on you in your sleep.

I want to be forced to be someones slave boy on kik by being shown pictures of girls to be made horny and vulnerable.

For back story:
Few months back, i was looking for pictures of girls on Cred Forums as I was horny and i added one guy on kik who was willing to send me some. After he sent a few pics he asked that I take off my shirt and take a picture, which i ended up doing as I was horny and didn't think much of it. After I did that he just started forcing me to do more as he got me more horny. He would send me like 4-5 pictures of girls and force me to strip down. He made me strip one piece a time, slowly exposing myself, from my pants, to my boxers, and so on. Long story short, he kept sending more and more until he had me naked and exposed, my balls and dick tied, me gagged, toothbursh forced in me and cumming for him.. even when i tried to resist him he would send more pics and just kept using degrading words till he broke me down. Anyways at the time it was super humilating and degrading but for some reason im craving this feeling again and now posting on her..

I will show live picture of myself doing what i'm told.

My kik is: ronlans

I really don’t find her very attractive. Hearing her political opinions doesn’t help.


simp harder user maybe she'll never even fathom that a sad pathetic creature like you even exists

No this is

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She has fat wrists

Getting fucked by black men!