Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread
Church Edition
First 24

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Jesus Fucking Christ

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Dlanor A. Knox

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Richard Rawlings

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City after this


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The Arbiter

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Jamie Vardy

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(Yes they're different)

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a flame-breathing demon

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Shiny Braixen

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The Better Arbiter

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A very depressed Kizuna AI

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Baby Kengaskhan

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Bush Dog

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Divine Cat

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Hegemonic Brute

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A True Alpha

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Everyone ready?

You're in

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Martin Shkreli

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we got this domeshit

Didn't see who the new IPs were, you can take out one of mine (Vex)

Already did

Ü‚Goodluck Megumi!
D10 got this

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how many characters do you have?


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I am prepared.

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Ready, let's go!

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Let's roll!

>Jesus dies first on church code

Almost as many as me

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hopefully i can salvage tonight with fidning jesus, and destroying him.

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Locked n' loaded.

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Never mind

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Good luck

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too bad, god called and wanted his son back

you look like an anti-wetfat

Beep Beep, motherfucker
Wait, Jesus lived? Of course, he resurrected!
You could at least tell them what to protest Aki
It might not be Pence, but Trump takes him like he was
Richard's bringing the wrath of god on these nonbelievers!
Megumi has a stony little friend for the two of you~
Respect your dad!

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Second fucking time he's pulled this shit.

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just becuase god demanded a sacrifice doesnt mean devine cat managed to do it yet

Wait, wut? And no. He's a dick. This had is dumb.

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Chill out guys, what's so bad about that pew?
Richard's been taking the spot of Grand Inquisitor this game
I dunno if you're legit, Nepeta
What are YOU preaching? The Gospel of Redd*t?

Mission failed, we'll get em next time
>This had is dumb.
What did he mean by this???

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Both died on the same day too

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>i'm retarded and drinking

>slaps Meg's shit.

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Both have been seen wielding an axe..

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Sorry divine cat
RIP you and Orinrin

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I teach ass.

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Sorry about that whole stocks thing, I thought I was buying you shares of my empire

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this is why you got locked in the stocks

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Does he also have an alternate mobster version of himself?

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Can you even play chess like that?
You're just gonna make her more depressed like that, shyloh
The Grand Inquisitor gets a new Challenger
What did Binyop do this time?
A lot of arse kicking today

Like poetry, it rhymes
>i'm drinking
Are you ever not?
I doubt this has to do with God, but please, do go on.
Better question: Does Hegemonic brute have a vampire gf?

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And a single F was dropped

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not yet at least...

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dude weed lmao

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>well no. not really.

I'm bout ta carry out a MASS fucking shooting. - JFC

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I don't think the pope needs multiple copies of undertale.

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he fucked up the first one doing genocide route and needs a fresh copy to do pacifist

What about a harlequin

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I knew something was off with that baby
Seems like in this timeline Jesus got Soylent, a small loan of a million dollars, and pussy
Arbiter 2 is gonna need another exorcism now
The Grand Inquisitor takes a break for once
The Arbiter is JEWISH???
Kizuna gets her chance to kill god, will she make it?

"Local deity fucking kills everyone" More news at 11

He's a big fan of Sans

I see, very interesting gospel too be sure. I can't be too sure to convert yet tough...

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Every hear of John Henry, bitchtits?!

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These are all forms wetfat must achieve. so far king of games has been his most intense transformation
it's like looking in a mirror.

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is there a cute girl version of wetfat?

holy shit lmao

No wonder you're fat
What's the difference though?
A true alpha and a true man of god
This shit again, Arbiter?
Woah, The Arbiter has some real power now...
I don't know Richard, the God you've been Grand inquisitor this time?

Actually, no

>The Pope did genocide run as his first

Alright, I'm starting to get convinced...

You'll have to steal it from the great vault of foreskins in Tel Aviv

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wetfat is becoming overwhelmed with ideas.

Ideas he will certainly use.

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Pay respects, everyone

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Just join the church of ass everyone, learn to let go! :33

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god is dead

this night is officially unsalvagable

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Bye, dad. Ya fuck.

The fuck am I doing here?
>J lights a spliff and passes it

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What's wrong kizuna? Anything that can be helped by an user?

>Jesus event
I hope she at least killed them with the booty
How are mormon hell dreams any different from normal hell dreams?
My dudes, the Church is supposed to Host the holy spirit right? Of course its haunted!
And we killed him
There's a game after this one to have another go
Sounds tempting? What's in it for me?
Your Dad is trump? No wonder everyone hates God nowdays

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I think Chester A. Arthur triggered her last night

its nothing thst you can help with. judt ruined my pillows by getting chocolate milk all over them and am on the bus tk go buy new ones.

My ex wanted to invest heavily in apple back in 2006
Constantly made comments about it, like daily.
Being a PC guy I figured she was crazy and ignored her....

Attached: 704c43b9b6a675ead362bfca2c433a14.png (720x386, 24K)

I am sorry for your loss...

>fuck yea!

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Are the two arbiters settling their differences?

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in mormon hell there are catchy musical numbers abojt how you deserve to burn.

Will the priests play in their robes or wear sports outfits?
Alpha, we needed those!
Guys, I dont think any of you should sit on it
Hey Jesus, Keep an eye on Aki, he's out for your ass

>/biz/ moment

Peace on Earth and all that jazz, right?

Fuck, that sounds pretty nice ngl

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What's an Arbiter, and why are there better versions of them??

holy shit

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Bought $50 worth of Tesla stock on a gift card last year, it's now worth $80

This code is pretty funny.

>High deathrate has same # of kills as Very high
Wat means?

Also pay respects

I have no idea what the OG arbiter is, but the other one is the dudes from halo

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So it happens again? Shit.

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Those wafers must be pretty damn tasty if everyones eating them

We ride together, die together


Nepeta's been busy introducing younglings to the church of ass
I have my doubts about how Christian consulting the spider queen (?) is
Guys, I think Alpha died
Wow Stuart, you're pretty fast
Jesus, watch out for Aki and his Jewish tricks
God is pretty tasty ngl


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>picks up the dreidel and smashes akari's face with it
>proceeds to cheese it.

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There are never enough members.

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One arbiter is nice and angelic, the other one pisses all over. Guess wich one got a taste of JC's boot
I'm skeptical about Aki's sudden holiness
I doubt it's just tea she's offering
A lot of water at the bottom of this slide

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Quit "fiddling" arround, guys

Now ass sounds great and all, but what's the catch?

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It's not really much of a catch. It's just a give and take system. You have some of my ass then I have some of yours.

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>using the shovel, J whomps the pisser in the head.
This is MY house.
Fuck. Wrong instrument.

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Ah, nothing like an arena event to thin out the herd...
Many F's are in order today


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I thought it was Georgia, not Texas.

At the very least I won something

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Last slide, I was just about to say that there haven't been any deaths recently.

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fiddles in F major

I mean, just how fucked are you guys?
AH! Someone Help Megumi! She got the stigmata in the wrong place!
I'm surprised a demon has gotten this far tbh
Interesting Ideology, I'll have to consider it
Nice one

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Oh hey a fe- wedding?

Attached: 1.png (568x454, 145K)

MASSIVE F for the overlord, lads

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Yeah, how did I get here?

Attached: ...---....png (143x145, 33K)

Oh, so close

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Time for bets!
>Literally a fucking demon in church code
>Richard Rawlings
>The better Arbiter

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Rawlings third victory...I can feel it in the air...

+nom, so cute

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Placing my bet on Richard, with him being Grand Inquisitor and all.

Attached: 376cc844ecc65e8fac81190401abfe78.jpg (650x916, 494K)

$5 on the beta orbiter.

Piss offender

Attached: babyG4.jpg (225x225, 7K)

my bet's placed on the chad arbiter

Attached: adolf-hitler-9340144-1-402.jpg (1200x1200, 124K)

The arbiter

Attached: HB Radio.gif (270x450, 8K)

Do it Richard.

Attached: d513519e6eb6fab20afe40fbce767e6c.png (932x1000, 1.93M)

Thanks boys, I'll do you proud

You gotta be fucking kidding me

I've decided
Gimme more ass like that instead of last one and i'll convert

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Congrats! This might be even better than Jesus winning it!

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Attached: ohSHIT_but_in_a_window.png (175x204, 38K)


Fuck me, I have an energy shield tho so I technically still win

Unironically a Father Ted fan, do I get to live in that comfy house with the dumbass and the drunk?

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Thanks for hosting

Attached: 1468378889531.jpg (1280x720, 67K)

Congrats demon.
Thanks for hosting.

Attached: 5bccc248607389cee1dca68cba5cc22e.jpg (780x800, 142K)


Thanks for the game, hoss.

Attached: BloodyJC.jpg (640x428, 202K)

Guess i'll take it! Thanks for hosting!

Attached: 480.png (500x500, 14K)

Anything for my host.

Thanks for being you.

Attached: file.png (598x712, 46K)

I want my money back

Thanks for host

Attached: wetdrown.jpg (800x600, 32K)

Thanks for hosting

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Grats demon and thanks for the Church game Rigs

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I know right?

Yeah, kinda, but you still lost

Thanks for playing yall!

City code game soon, so stay tuned

Also Dianor, Richard Rawlings and Wetfat if you can make it to next game that'd be great

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I'll be sure to stay tuned.

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Hunger Games Thread
City Edition
First 24

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was going to go to bed early, but if you need me I'll be there in at least some capacity.

What the fuck

Attached: ....jpg (960x960, 29K)

new thread maybe?

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