Need the next president of the United States of America

Need the next president of the United States of America

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he will outlive blade

I just made this, I think it's appropriate.

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He never blinks so you know he always has his eyes on the country's best interests.

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Pussy Grabber

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This is now a hood nigga thread.

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Times they are a changin.

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Kek it’s funny because he is sad because he hasn’t stolen anything in a week.

What no nigger hate on Cred Forums?
I am ashamed of what you people have become.

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Only if he/she/x is a democrat. Democrats are our Gods.

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Why have your gods forsaken you?

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Also dubs

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Which hat are you?

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Cool. But guess what. She is still your superior.

retards in large numbers can elect a chimp mayor, it by no means makes her superior.

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since they're making the laws that you will obey, yes, it does.

hey shoenice. come back to LL bro


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>>Obeying Laws

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democrats rule the world. You are ruled over weather you accept/like it or not

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regardless, they are your rulers.

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this dude would eat the declaration pf independence or some shit

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you're supposed Savior has been fucking impeached by democrats. Fucking KEK

Fuck off all you stupid nigger faggots. THIS guy will be next president!!!

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those women would all b speaking russian or german without that guy

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Saggy ho dog tiddys just like saggy old man trump

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White downboats

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> Implying impeachment means anything
> Implying he will leave office
> Implying he won't win 2020

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Based on the thumbnail I thought this was a turtle with a UN helmet shell lol.

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Africa Now

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how many "corrupt" democrats has he sent to prison in the past 4 years? How's the level of that swamp lookin? How much have your taxes went down? Which unconstitutional laws has he thrown in the trash?

Fuck off..

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haha thought so.

I bet your a fan of those big nasty breast implants

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Never said the man was perfect.
But considering the alternative...

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When your squads out in force.

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Clicked the wrong person

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Abe knew.
Do you?

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Bernie Sanders is the next President. He is polling high in states that voted for Trump.

Everybody saving it until tomorrow's national nigger day.


Trump has the largest Republican held percentage of black Americans since Lincoln.
AOC smears against Trump toward hispanic voters is somehow raising even hispanic poll numbers for Trump.

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