I want to climb pic related but probably cant foot the whole bill without the wife divorcing me

I want to climb pic related but probably cant foot the whole bill without the wife divorcing me
How can i fund it Cred Forums?

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divorce her first


I do plan to come back and would be nice for someone to be there especially if a lose a few fingers or toes

Climb from China. It’s cheaper.

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Only by about $15,000 i still need $45000

kill her for the insurance money

Kill your wife, save money on divorce, flee to mountain, die trying to climb.

Partner with twitch. Be the first person to livestream your entire climb. Let them front the bill.

How is it that much fucking money?

Just play a mountain climbing simulator on VR. I mean it's gotta be a lot cheaper and less dangerous.

Err... not the worst idea user... who’s gonna carry the satellite equipment?

sherpa phubar hes the best

Your sherpa.

Getting a personal sherpa costs an extra $10000 tho

Gonna need two. One to carry equipment. One to respond to the chat.


make her cheat on you and record the evidence so you can legally divorse her

Before you try to climb Everest, why don't you fly to Los Angeles California, drive up to Bishop and climb Mt Whitney? It'll cost you less than $500 and you can do it in a 3 day weekend. It's a good test to see if you'll enjoy mountain climbing. It's a brutal hike, but still achievable for a highly motivated noob.

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Thats dumb user

I dont wanna take up mountaineering tho I just wanna climb Everest.
I’ve been told i need to do one or two others first before they consider me, those are cheaper but Everest is pretty expensive. Highlander tours does it for $45k and you climb a 6K peak as practice while you’re there acclimatising.

Have you ever experienced high attitude user?

So you don't like climbing mountains, but you think you'll have a good experience climbing the hardest hike in the world? I doubt it. That's how chicks think. No logic.

You want to spend 45k and have a good time? Go to Thailand and live like a fucking GOD for a year. You can fuck a different 9/10 every night for 365 days.

Okay fine only one sherpa. I mocked up something for the investors.

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This is about ego user not enjoyment

Looks great but he looks a little too happy