Waifu lazy baker

Waifu lazy baker

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I miss the days kyouko would insta-bake lol
thanks for the thread

Depends on the program I'm going for, but I've always been a fan of stacks

pointers are all I have when it comes to programming with LC-3, which I have the most experience with (sad, I know)
I can't wait
I live for that kind of stuff

he definitely does have that appeal lol
how have you been doing?

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well, this place looks as good as any to post some cutes

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Or rudes.

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or dudes :^)

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I prefer Gunbun because pup gives me bad memories

I'm doing great because someone released another yandere trap doujinshi

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That's good
Do you like King Gizzard?

Also we finished the movie. It has some odd similarities to the story I was putting together a few months ago. Kinda weird how simi,ar the aestetic was to the one I imagined.

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not gonna lie i had to look that up.i was imagining something like a plc or microcontroller or something
well Id say with asm and c++ under your belt you'll be ready to tackle anything

Or lewds.

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damn boi can I get some sauce on that new doujin?

lol I dont blame you for not recognizing it
it's such an archaic language

btw are you by chance familiar with arduino?

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Nice teeth

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Did Someone say ludes?

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Or prudes.
Yes, the rudest.
Nice hairdo.

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The grind is almost over

Hmm. Which oldfag are you? Amatsu?

things bad

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Yes they did, butt slut.

Because why not

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For u

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Salut cher.

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nope, I'm pretty sure amatsu hates me

I'm gard if you rember me

What's king Gizzard?

Also, dont worry too much if the story has similarities, I remember something about how there's only 5 types of stories in existence. It was really interesting.

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Strawberry jam.
Are you playing vidya?

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Someone call Doom Slayer

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King Gizzard.

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That's king Gizzard

Yeah just had a similar setting and aestetic.

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Sachiko claimed

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I love ludes

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I'm amatsu

bonsoir chérie. what's good?
I lost my 2 best MechWarriors in BattleTech, feels horrible

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ah, thanks

they've got an interesting sound, not something I'd listen to regularly though

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Mabey you would like their faster stuff
They also have a thrash metal album they reliese recently

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nice cheek

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You say Charlie should die? You make fun of me for liking them? Tell me I'm stupid, turns out you are the stupid one. I wanna be different. I'm sick of being what others want me to be. I wanna dance out of nowhere, sing in a different language. I wanna dance any beat :joy: . I wanna be kawaii. I wanna hug and snuggle my only friend because you two-face-frick-frack-tick-tack idiots are scared to be my friend.

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Yep. How's the voyage for food or becoming a chef?

Temprarily or permantly on hiatus due to nonfunctional PC

Good to know

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Tiny niggy.
So sweet. Not much, gotta pull an all nighter.
F for your battletoads.
Np, you're welcome.
Who's the cute anyway?

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used any new french on the gf yet?
why, another sentry dusty or something?

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oh yeah, that vid you posted is good
I'll keep an eye out for their faster songs, they sound good

never really wanted to be a chef, but I think I've gotten better at cooking

made a whole christmas dinner over the holiday starring a beef wellington, definitely looked impressive and my family enjoyed it

However, I'm also almost done with my 3rd year in college, it's a 5 year degree with the 5th year spent fully abroad so I'm pretty stoked for that

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Why do you show up whenever I post hentai

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Cuteness at every size

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Here is the whole album

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I don't date.

Yeah, more or less, just looking over the conscripts.

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Blood sucks

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I have been lied to and deceived
sucks to suck. hang in there

don't bleed

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Does boomer remember this goldmine of a "show" ?

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thanks dude

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Not really. Didnt watch a lot of normie shit.
I cant really not bleed rn.

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that's beautiful

I've never had the best choice of words

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Quite the smooth talker.
I do have my sweetheart. I'm not dating.
Yeah I know, whatever though.
Try not dying.

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put a band-aid over your gut hole :)

I don't get it but I respect it
will you re-enlist

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wink wink
lick it off

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nor the best choice of targets

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You could say that again.
Days against last teamkill: 0.
This time he shot at me first by mistake, though. I didn't miss.

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Days *since last teamkill. I'm a sleepy duck

You'd need to get laid to understand.
I'm already a pro though?

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yes hello

self-defence. justified if you ask me

so just a girl you're seeing then, the way you talk about her looks like you were emotionally attached so I assumed
I'll take that as a yes

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Im not
>surgery today
>not over gut hole
I cant lick there

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She is a good girl.
I guess so, yeah?
Have you tried licking before?

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put a band-aid over where you'll be operated on then.
I forgot I had a loyalty mech, so I put 3 20 rocket launchers on a BJ-2(L), a MMR 30 and 2 MLasers. pretty fun build tbh. I stick with the assaults and soften the biggest target in front of them

I'm sure she is

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How weeb is it to replace your desk with a kotatsu?

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what sort of cafeteria food are you being subjected to? salsbury steak? playdough Mac n cheese? fruit jello????

I promise to be rough
super glue it

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i lost your discord what is it again?


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Hirasawa Yui

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is a cute


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i want to be

Yeah, but I almost had to kill the entire team before I said "That was me numbnuts!". It would've been a massacre. The word of the day is communication. Always know where your team is.
Depends. Are you doing it to up your comfy levels or because you want to be more japanese?

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who this

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Quite much so. Those are coffee tables pretty much.
You, I like you.
Yes hello, when's the wedding?

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Calling it now. Sop's the bottom.

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you could've use that as an excuse to steal your friends' gear

question mark (?)

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wink wink

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Ah, yes. I am enlightened.
Y'know how they always talk about how warm they are in the animes? I was very confused by that because, I mean, look at all the cracks around the person where heat can escape
Then I learned that they attach heaters to the undersides. That was a gamechanger. I sit in front of an electric heater whenever I have the chance anyways. tl;dr def comfy factor
Also I'm saving that image
That's true but uh
See above, I guess.

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I'm more of a switch. But I tend to drift off the far ends of both sides.
Wink wink wonk
Fair enough, but you mean as in, for a computer? Sounds odd in that case, due to heat and all that stuff, you get me?

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you're welcome

never ate one

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That's a little direct, dontcha think? Best to just let em get headshot by a scav and then take the igolnik out of their mags. "You won't get it back in the insurance anyway". N-not that i'd do that to my friends, of course.
That does sound pretty comfy. Save as many as you like, comrade.
How was your day by the way?
Half right.

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1 want the woman in the relationship to make all the decide everything, except in the bedroom *wink*
and for the fucking captach to work!


Sounds like a lazy neeto, are you a lazy hiki?
Eh, I'll grant it.
They're healthy. What's your favourite dish?

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>I'm more of a switch
most ppl are usualy the opposite in the bedroom of what thay are in real life. ie. The slut I bad as sex but the inanest Liberian knows what she is doing

>Sounds like a lazy
no I want to come home form a long day at work to have food made for me, and then tell her how thankful I am for making me food


I suppose the comp could be separate enough there wouldn't be any problems. Between the blanket canopying and appropriate spacing I don't see many problems
Also liquid cooler lol
Bretty good overall. Slept an extra 3 hours. Drank some cran-grape. Watched lots of anime. Lived like a neet for a day.
Do anything interesting today?

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lazy rude~

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You might get strangled if you piss me off though.
Mmh, I like cooking, it's fun, and I don't really mind cleaning and tidying.
Do you have a job?
Then that's fine! All I'd worry about though would be the back support a chair would provide, in that scenario your back support would be null.
What are you a goose?
A rude cute.

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funny for you to say, as you took my VSS
ah, of course of course, you would never do that. you have my entire trust

I'm torn between spaghetti and shepherd's pie, both has to be home-made though or else they're disgusting
what's yours?

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I hope you have a pleasant day!

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It's already been well established that i'm a genius. How was your day today Soppo?
Lived like a neet, but I am one. I just listened to music and played videogames as usual. Might watch some anime tonight if I can decide which one. Vinland Saga or Planetes, do you think?
I'd have been able to give it back if you weren't afraid to go into a raid with me again. I still have it.
Er.. I think I still have it.
Okay, I probably still have it.
If I don't i'll just buy you another one.

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Last month got hurt on the job site, fucking newbi forgot to nail the steps on the stars right. Im on payed leave until I can walk agin


thats cool but i dont remember asking

not yet
hi how goes it

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You broke something? Yikes.
Dun dun duuuuuuuun

Attached: 1579280173265.jpg (2159x3356, 427K)

Not in that area
Band aids a little small. Operations done.
Give it 4 SRM6s. Be a little shit.
Im at home.
I cant see it and I just had it surgeried.

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I should probably worry about that but I don't lol. I sleep on the floor a lot(Not just for weeb purposes though) so my back health isn't the best. I suppose you could do like a banana chair or something lol
Vinland is supposedly top-tier but I'd go Planetes because space is cool

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Now u am half man half car

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get a big one
so remove my rocket launchers? F
I'll become the most annoying mechwarrior on the battlefield

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Sleeping on the floor should actually help with back issues...
Don't have one.
Eeh, it won't be over till morning.
Poor you!

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you never know
does it hurt when you poke it?

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Doin' alright, just chillin out in my room. How are you?
S P A C E it is
Sucks to suck I guess. Some kinda watch duty I take it?

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get one sucker

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It could happen anytime, anywhere.
But I don't wanna.

Attached: 1579139778202.jpg (1948x2284, 213K)

realized I forgot to reply
you can use it brother, it'll be in the hands of a capable shooter


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I did tern my crutches into swiss army crutches
one has a grabber arm, a knife and a bank pen
the other has hocks and clips to hold things as will as a flash light


Why did you get sad over that?!?

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I give
a sharpi and point to my cast

What did he mean by this?

Attached: 1579093642862.jpg (1890x2646, 210K)

You really think i'd TK you again that much?
"Got milk?"

Attached: 1d9173fe97daff57a866899daf188eae.png (700x700, 255K)

Uuughhhh, one of the fucking conscripts got sick. SHIT.
Such a pain in the ass.

Attached: 1578845448456.jpg (1120x1086, 126K)

I can't imagine a world where someone doesn't have a meal he loves more than others :(

paid leave user? draw a dick or a turd on the cast
someone has to make the immature drawings

I haven't been playing for a few days now

Attached: wg7JueSCN.png (759x456, 247K)

Really? That's good to know. Tbh I don't know where I got that notion but hey, that's one less thing to worry about.
The concept seemed quite interesting. I've read only a bit of the manga though
Your turn. Continue MHA or Lain?
I am honored that you chose me, kind stranger.
"Griffith Did Nothing Wrong"

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Put on the maid outfit and nurse him back to health, senpai.

Attached: e5d559543b5babf46ded697a51446d7e.png (727x1000, 698K)

You have to lay straight on your back though.
I do favour some aspects over others though, I tend to aim towards proteins and fatty/greasy components. That and also like fiber.
I don't get paid for it, so I kindly refuse.

Attached: 1578839099687.jpg (1420x2286, 158K)

Oh? Does this mean I'll have a chance to overtake you then? If I hadn't needed to buy another gear set i'd be at a million today, y'know.
Lain. Fair warning though, shit gets a little confusing towards the end there. I probably just wasn't giving it my full attention at the time, though. I enjoyed it though.
>Not just doing it out of love for your comrades
Tsk. NGMI.

Attached: gr37y26w0cs01.jpg (1280x1480, 527K)

Why would I love them to begin with?

Attached: 1578839090766.jpg (1118x1647, 77K)

After hearing all the talk about battle buddies and communal showers I figured there was a whole lot of lovin' goin on in the military.
I'm just fuckin' with you comrade.

Attached: sample_d63427928040bd67be2466d37618db56.jpg (850x638, 355K)

The cast on my right leg now says :

Got milk?
Griffith Did Nothing Wrong

Makes sense. Gotta straighten it out.
Lain it is. I'm up for it. It's a good series to watch in the dark.
Yeah I only got about halfway through. Can't remember why I stopped.

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Add "traps aren't gay"

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Attached: KIMG0028.jpg (1944x2592, 507K)

Attached: KIMG0029.jpg (1944x2592, 687K)

nice job how did you fuck your leg up?

Not quite as bad as a Pahket with 8 srm6s or a Jenner 11C with 6 x 6s. Or MG Pirahnas.
Im just not gonna poke it

Attached: tumblr_o5bzqhDxJo1sebz5yo1_500.gif (500x281, 1.57M)

who's your waifu user

I got 4 kills and 3 solo kills what the fuck is this?
I don't miss my rocket launchers now

Attached: 1570579279288.png (361x389, 163K)

Attached: 1574770323590.jpg (384x474, 107K)

refreshed by accident and replies disappeared

weird way to look at food for me, I just cook whatever I feel like eating that day

maybe, get over 3 mils then you'd truly have overtaken me


this i want to be


traps are kinda gay but i still hart them


Now put a lunch truck horn on it

Attached: __rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri_drawn_by_piro_orip__20473f48ee2a01205d4c07 (706x998, 165K)

My friends have been dragging me down and making me play passively. I'm hunting players all day tomorrow. I even built another m4 today just for it!

Attached: 1565242483430.jpg (1024x1024, 141K)

the user or his waifu?
godspeed user, hope I can be a groomsman in the wedding

what's that? the weird noise that plays when someone kills you?
I got spooked the first time it happened to me

I predict a 1-tap from a mosin :^)

Attached: 1555097537091.jpg (840x657, 443K)

The first episode of planetes was pretty decent, I think it's worthy of the watchin'.
That's why i'm kidnapping a battle buddy to hide my loot for me if that happens. There's cheeky sniping spots all over customs, you know. Gonna make that map my bitch then move on to Reserve.

Attached: sample_afc125ae12a4079a0810f46df7ad976d.jpg (850x616, 143K)

is is not he best man, it is the best SWORDS man



Attached: Komi 35.jpg (294x950, 90K)

I'm looking forward to seeing Sop in a wedding dress

Attached: 72244121_p6_master1200.jpg (846x1200, 913K)

Good to see you love. What's crackin?

Attached: 74229593_p0_master1200.jpg (847x1200, 419K)

I'm just up late watching a netflix show. How are you?

Attached: Komi 70.jpg (433x238, 24K)

He actually did it, the madlad!
Duly noted. I might pick up the anime sometime. First episode of lain was just as enigmatic as ever.
Evening. Wait. Morning.
How's it going?

Attached: 72531263_p18.png (936x1316, 394K)

Just up late trying some new anime. Just finished episode 1 of Planetes and I liked it, now i'm gonna try some Vinland Saga. What're ya watchin'?
That's a part of the appeal though right? I like shows that force me to use my two braincells to t h i n k.

Attached: 1569200086182.jpg (1668x2224, 1.75M)

lain vs paranoia agent?

~the madlad

I'm okay, just really tired.
How about you?
It is really late. I'm watching Bandersnatch. It's alright, I think.

Attached: Komi 174.jpg (656x1004, 284K)

I've only seen lain out of those two, don't even think i've heard of paranoia agent before. It looks interesting though. I'll say paranoia agent just so I can use you as a test dummy to tell me what you think about it.

Attached: sample_8b3cba63527190084187679b38cd43c8.jpg (850x1202, 785K)

Google says it's an interactive film? Sounds like a really interesting concept.

Attached: ECn5ZkQU4AE_zki.jpg (873x804, 114K)

Work work work work
Working at 5 am, on 20 minutes of total sleep.

Attached: 1578002486809.jpg (800x1131, 67K)

Yeah it's based off of those choose-your-own-adventure books. It's a cool idea that's pretty well executed. I just don't really have the time to do all of the routes.

Attached: Komi 22.jpg (462x885, 167K)

Yeah it's definitely got plenty of room for theories. Gonna be a fun watch, hopefully.
I thought paranoia agent was the two dudes with the cybernetics that always stare into lains window for a minute lol
Late-night idling is all. Do anything neat today?

Attached: 1573129579074.jpg (1423x1994, 406K)

Salut Komi!
Binge watching marathon?

Attached: 1578837897461.jpg (1500x2152, 187K)

I woke up late, went for a run, and then re-did one of my snake's cages, but that's about it.
What does Salut mean?

Attached: Komi 53.jpg (302x277, 33K)

Lain showed the ““death”” of her friend how it effected her then showed her slow progression towards {spoiler}
paranoia agent was more like small intertwining storys where in each each episode a different person fell towards {spoiler}

at the end of both I was like “what the fuck just happened?”

no it was it own thing, “lil slugger” it was on tonami at like 3am

It means hi! And can also mean bye.
Comment ça va? That's asking how are you doing.

Attached: 1578838307238.jpg (1620x2867, 212K)

Oh cool. I'm okay, Just kind of killing time until I pass out. How are you?

Attached: Komi 157.jpg (373x497, 78K)

Not quite a binge, but I reckon that will happen tomorrow.
>re-did one of my snake's cages
Woah, you have snakes? What kind?

Attached: 1572786086801.jpg (1227x2048, 285K)

Sounds like me right about now. I just want to go to sleep.
Nice doot in that pic.

Attached: 1573159428235.jpg (2362x2208, 194K)

Attached: 569.jpg (2990x3899, 1.48M)

Sorry for disappearing anons imma go pass tf out

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Yeah, I have a desert kingsnake, a checkered garter snake, and a boa constrictor.
And a gecko.
Me too, it's very late.

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i know this might sound stupid but how do i cope than there are people than masturbate to my waifu?
i am feeling depressed and suicidal because of this..........

Warhorns, yeah.
Have a French song. Use some of the phrases.

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Outfap them.

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Thanks! I'll try to.

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