Favourite pornstar thread

Favourite pornstar thread

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kristin melba

loved her latest blacked one

Who is this?

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I'm old so...
Annette Haven
Silvia Saint

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Jada Stevens

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This x 1000

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Oh yeah. Thank you.

Not everyone knows who she is; alas, she is a favorite of mine. Also, Baby Jones.


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I made a list.

>Kenzi Reeves
>Ariel Grace
>Hime Marie
>Chloe Foster (Chloe Cherry)
>Jaye Summers
>Riley Reid
>Willow Hayes
>Silvia Beel
>Tina Hot
>Katerina Kozlova
>Naomi Woods
>Angel Smalls
>Staci Silverstone
>Kiara Cole
>Olishka Daniela
>Kleio Valentien
>Nikki Heart
>Amy Frost

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Queen AJ

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Jenny Hendrix

Pretty sure i met her once.

Halle Von

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Must have been amazing

No. She was crying about her mom dying. She was really fucked up something too

man I love midgets! care post more?

I googled this and got shit. More info plox.

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Hey oldfag, there was a blonde pornstar in the 80’s with small tits and a tiny mole on her face. She was insanely hot and I can never remember her name. Any ideas?


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Having a "favorite pornstar" is pathetic.
Porn stars are slutty abused and broken toys. You should never know the name of any particular porn star, much less seek out her videos specifically.
Porn is there for you to bust a quick nut to in a pinch when you can't get laid, and then get back to whatever important shit you were doing before.

Erica Campbell
Easily my favorite, although I don't know if you'd consider her a pornstar.

I worship a long list of porn Goddesses

Found the scat fan. Go eat more shit faggot.

Oh man I remember jenteal. Ofc also Silvia saint.

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Nice unicorn

hate that she fucked herself up
she was fucking perfect

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Luna Lovely or Jada Stevens

Legitimately beautiful

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She’s also weird as fuck.

Y’all got poor taste

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Cadey mercury

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Dolly little

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liz methious

You're a madman...and I salute you.

Sorry user, we can't all worship twitch streamers and give a shit about the Grammys. Maybe you can tell us about stuff youre interested in so we can all blast it with hot foamy diarrhea

another fallen angel

/ watch?v=TP_0ig0TJx8

she fucks niggers though

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LIKE WHY?!??!?

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So do 99.9999% of pornstars

from the old days : Sophie Moone
these days : saya song

Bobbi Starr, too bad she stopped...

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Sophie Dee

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Old school. I like it.
Good call.

Love this broad

How so?

this one is pretty hot

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Her solo vids are great

oh i know her, she'll fuck your little dik dik off

Well, used to be Eva Lovia, but then she did blacked shit, and now I have no one. Monitoring thread for decent whores...

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I love her blacked scene, so hot

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Guess I got trolled, well done user...

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Which one is the best at ageplay or realistic incest roleplay? Help.


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She was so much hotter before all the surgery and modifications...her first two years in the industry she was a fucking filth goddess

Eva taking BBC makes me very weak

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You were weak to begin with

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As it should

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True, Eva owns me though

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She's perfect

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even though i got not pic atm

Sheri vi

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>fucked a shit ton of guys
>only 1 black guy

Wow, I guess once you go black...

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Got a lapdance from Dani Daniels once. I wore dress pants and silk boxers and she let me suck on her nipples as she grinded her pussy against the thin smooth fabric.

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I don't know this one. Name?

dude you need to get a girlfriend and stop fapping.

Dakota skye

Found her today. Sophoulla


yeah i loved watching her shove a soda can up her cunt

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Kenna James

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>Having a favorite fake plastic ugly whore instead of watching vastly superior and free amateur porn


Lucy Doll. She’s legal, but sounds like she isn’t

She is an angel.

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She fucks everyone in every hole. Love to see it on such a proper looking asian woman.

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fuuuuck yeeeess

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yeah, she got me into joi and gebtle femdom, now I am full blown addicted.

My new favorite(because active) is Goddess Julia

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Keri Sable

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Based fellow Keri appreciator. Any favourite scenes of hers?

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It was Remy Lacroix
Then it was Gina Valentina
Then it was Cadey Mercury
I can't decide on this shit

she does porn again


Lily Rader has a lot of pretty decent incest vids. Look up her Family Therapy ones.


Reminds me of my sister and our time together up to our 20s.
Don't judge. Most of you have a porn star favorite that reminds you of your mother.

The goat. Best looking girl to do porn imo

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Lana Rhodes. She is looking for a sperm doner to knock her up. Looking to be a mommy.

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So much nut blown to her

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current fav

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Most of the sluts on Premium Bukkake.

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S tier body but imo she's either not into it or can't take most dudes to the balls. If she was more aggressive she'd be S+

... they get stained indelibly.
It's like she's fucked a dog, or that she once used a frozen turd as a dildo.

She's great

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charlotte sartre

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lulu chu shes fairly new

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Kianna Dior lately since she used to be such a cum dodger and how she's doing bukkake scenes to stay relevant.

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I do have a girlfriend.


What type of asian is she? Is she chinese or one of the other ones?

half chinese

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So is Liz Vicious really doing porn again or not?

She’s also trying to reduce the size of her ass apparently...

You people are absolute scum. I hope your wife or girlfriend realized how much of a pathetic faggot you are and finds someone better.

Eva Strauss

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Does he have a tattoo of his own face on his body?

She went too far with the plastic surgury


>because she did blacked shit
>not because she had shit work done on her face

God, I love her!

Jada would be 9 out of 10 is she wasn't such a disgusting whigger. Don't get me wrong, she could even still fuck niggers... but that haircut she's been sporting more often than not lately, muh weed leaf tattoos, she's fucking gross when, if she would have just stayed a normal, natural bodied brunette girl she would be great

Needs more love!

>Kenzie Reeves

worst tattoo currently in porn. every single company she works with makes her just use the shirt raised above her tits method to hide that utter trash. plus her awful fried bleach blonde hair/bangs resemble a literal mental patient.

but then again most all these porn whores are just abused runaway drug addicts who are recreating their traumatic molestation abuse on film

I wish she didn't. She's fuckin vile now.

Don't do it man

"she" was before "she" fucked up "her" face with bad plastic surgery, just like Chanel Santini has. I only pray Khloe Kay doesn't go down the same bad surgery route regarding "her" face and tits, but who are we kidding, we all know "she" will too

Melissa Ashley aka Anne Howe

Then the retard shouldn't have augmented it to begin with. Another mentally ill whore (look into her fight with Adriana Chechik, assaulted her out of nowhere just because Lana didn't win best new startlet or whatever) who was literally fucking perfect, face and body, before she started trying to look like a Kardashian.

And somebody brought up Naomi Woods earlier, another awful case of girl with severe mental issues apparently, because only an absolute retard would go from an adorable blonde girl next door to... WHATEVER IT IS she's trying to be now, oranger/browner than Trump with dyed jet black hair.

Well, yeah. I watch them to bust a nut, not because I want to build a personal relationship with them. Any women that does porn is trash anyway.

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Ava Dalush is *chef kiss* especially in this vid

I get it. Just saying, it's bad enough that some of these porn whores are not only ready to ruin their life doing porn in the first place, but then ones like Kenzie or Emma Mae back in the day also ruin their already limited adult modeling prospects with the awful tattoos. Because in their cases, they're supposed to be the girl next door teenage jailbait category, so companies begrudgingly use them because yeah, they're hot, but the tats are such fucking giant eyesores the companies try to hide then with the shirt over the tits method, or in Emma Mae, Sydney Cole and other cases, making them wear the giant thigh high stockings or socks all the time to try and cover all the ugly tats.

Like Kali Roses should be another fucking 9 out of 10 girl next door high school / college age jailbait knockout model, but the retard had to go and get her fake name tattooed on her thighs right under her as in GIANT CURSIVE LETTERS what the fuck is wrong with these morons. Oh, right. Molestations + drugs

Chloe foster and chloe cherry are 2 different girls m8

she's does it all

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hottest faketaxi girl


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japanese penis is very small

except breastfeed

She's trashy hot though watch her do anything with no shame.

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this. He was thinking of Chloe Cherry/Chloe Couture

Okay. My mistake. No, a site had her listed as "Chloe Foster (Chloe cherry)"

Aw come on. It can't be that bad. I'm sure much worse has been posted in this shithole.

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I'm going with remy

Attached: Bubble-booty-in-blue.jpg (600x825, 35K)

and Jessie is a close 2nd

Attached: jessie_rogers_ass_parade.jpg (350x400, 69K)

Little Caprice

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she's my no.2 but i still bow to our one true queen

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didn't Charlie Sheen give her AIDS?

I think that was Bree olson

oh dear, yes

I don’t know if that’s something I wanna see. She used to be my favorite but she fell off hard.


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Tory lane before she got fat

Her in anal expedition is one of my favorites of any pornstar ever

Excellent taste. It's great to see how the scene builds up and then eventually ends with her getting all three holes stuffed.

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Dakota Skye and Monroe were my obsessions as a teen, they come to mind as blond ageplay queens. I don't know about more recently.

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I'm just a fag and I love bimbos.

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Not a fag... but bimbos ARE great!
Aletta Ocean was perfect, but since she's bound and determined to "augment" herself I say the more plastic the better!

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>worst tattoo currently in porn.

Kira Roller has something to say about that...

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I love all kinds of bimbos anyway, Aletta is one of my favorites too.

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Proxy Paige

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Skinny Tory is hot but make no mistake, I'd dump so much cum into fat Tory she'd probably perish from protein poisoning!

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>Juelz Ventura

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Samantha rone

Sophie dee
Love her voice

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No Rachel Starr, Rachel Roxxx, or Jayden Jaymes? Fucking plebs

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Janice Griffith

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Lol. All these anons posting and literally not one filthy gorilla-looking nigger bitch makes anyone’s list. Hmm... wonder why. Oh yeah, that’s right, niggers are disgusting animals. Hence, why even porn whores charge 2x per scene with niggers. The bbc meme is funny after all considering the biggest dicks in porn, and in history are all white guys’.

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the nostalgia is strong with this one

amaingly hot pic....that bbc looks incredible with her

Happy MLK Day!

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SO HOT....I want my gf to be blacked BAD

I'd love to kiss her cheek while thats in her mouth

thick cock...I love when she slaps it on her hand to show how heavy it is.....fucking sexy girl

A perfect match

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Kylie Freeman


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Attached: BBCcuckBjKissesCheek1.webm (768x432, 1.9M)

Good choice mate.

she is perfect

Siri, Brittney White, and Gianna Michaels

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OH and Dylan Ryder


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Attached: Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 6.53.13 AM.png (996x1290, 1.34M)

More like this


Attached: 08.jpg (3000x2000, 1.05M)

Vicky, Tara, BabyJ, April etc. Lots of good ones.

Real talk though, always been a fan of Ava Devine, Velicity Von, Gianna Michaels, AJ Applegate, Sophie Dee. Like 'em thicc.

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Aka Lil Anne, aka "but I poop from there"


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Anyone else like Sadie West?

Attached: 6C2C0B21-C92D-487E-A75E-150A367BA368.jpg (411x320, 22K)

Attached: 9386B320-1D47-48E4-9AC4-F2BDA1284BB2.jpg (933x1400, 137K)

Sasha is also hot!

Attached: 3734988-t1.jpg (448x336, 20K)

How did she fuck herself up?

Attached: Petite-Blonde-Ivy-Wolfe-with-Small-Tits-Giving-Blowjob-13.jpg (1024x683, 171K)

Attached: 1566364811712.webm (960x540, 1.24M)

She’s amazing!

Attached: F5680773-2988-4861-9259-CDC522B74593.gif (500x335, 1011K)

Im more
Bev Cocks
Sarah Young

Attached: 1575841651592.webm (720x1280, 876K)

Attached: liz_vicious_and_her_toy-010.jpg (2304x3072, 735K)

Yeah, probably Jada. I know a girl in my neighborhood who looks exactly like her. Same fit body, ass and height. What really drives me crazy is that her face is identical. Shit, it's like a fucking Doppelgänger. I'm scared.

Attached: Shaved-Blonde-Lily-Rader-13.jpg (1635x1203, 306K)

Teri Dolan. I used to pop my copy of Coed Fever into the VCR when my roommate was out for a quick fap. Her blow job at the start of the movie was the best part.

Attached: terri_dolan_coed_fever.gif (500x375, 707K)

Attached: Jessie_Rogers_066.jpg (1600x1067, 440K)

Attached: 7CDAA051-EA0B-448C-9482-3A88700D4FA9.jpg (350x500, 32K)

Gabbi Carter is fine as hell too...

Attached: 006.jpg (533x800, 98K)

Goddamn, that's a sad before-and-after. It's like she subconsciously wanted to ruin herself. What makes them think those pumped-up lips are attractive?

+1 for Dakota

pic related is another fave of mine

Attached: vixen2.jpg (640x964, 71K)

That's like spray painting your initials on your new Mercedes....

Attached: 1574092729847m.jpg (683x1024, 71K)

Based af, that's how a girl like her should be treated

What kind of beta fuck is this. She has a chest like a 10 year old boy that can barely hold up her lungs. What a pigeon chested bitch.

Attached: horsepussy.jpg (620x414, 21K)

pornhub has some


Attached: LizViciousYoungNow.png (1440x1080, 940K)

After shes sucked him I want her to kiss me with her hot wet mouth....long deep kiss, lots of tongue

Attached: BlackedTrombone1.webm (850x461, 1.81M)

user .. I ..

I know what you mean. I think they think they have to do that to stand out, get noticed, etc. Sometimes it IS an improvement, but often they were gorgeous before and it makes no sense.
Granted, pornstars aren't known for their superior mental health.

Attached: NskZoRq.jpg (1968x1500, 438K)

Maybe have her spit in your mouth too

Attached: 1570111693329.webm (600x338, 228K)

What a good filthy whore

So hot

Attached: 1576020815882.webm (1280x720, 1.71M)

Dawww isn't that a good girl

Well, at least she's all right. I was worried about her when she disappeared.

I'll forever remember her for the Godess she is.

Attached: liz-vicious.jpg (1280x853, 316K)

Attached: 1545425157619.png (750x1334, 1.27M)

Jenna Haze

Attached: jenna haze.jpg (1485x4032, 1.11M)

Very good girl

Attached: 1568963756880.webm (552x426, 628K)

never forget

Attached: liz-vicious-2.jpg (720x960, 226K)

Agreed - if I could fuck any one pornstar from any time in their career, I'd go for young Gianna.


Attached: liz-vicious-3.jpg (300x300, 26K)

wow good whores

wasted on nigger porn

All of the this. Proxy was such a hot slut and then she gets fat and a giant ugly ass tattoo. It's a shame.

Attached: 52.jpg (990x660, 98K)

>now play with your tits
>what do u mean?

who is this?

That's STILL not Jenna Haze.

Attached: 1569172976993.jpg (854x1280, 184K)

Sarina Valentina

Attached: C1FBB668-6C5C-467E-AD32-73B7914168D0.jpg (320x480, 40K)

She was so hot

Fucking whore!

how's this thread still alive

Cute face, great small tits, nice ass, squirts during anal
My perfection.

Attached: Casey Calvert.jpg (800x1200, 139K)


Good whore

Attached: samantha-saint-2.jpg (1500x1000, 303K)

Samantha rone

Attached: MV5BMjQ5ZWZmM2EtMWNiZi00MmMzLWEzOTUtM2M5NzZmOGJjZmUyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzM4MjM0Nzg@._V1_UY1200_CR85,0,6 (630x1200, 64K)

Her Latina and I struggle to find her regularly

Attached: Screenshot_20200102-124223.png (2560x1440, 1.75M)

Who is she

yeah, I want to taste it

The best anal girl. She was a champ.


is doria her mother?

Yes. I could imagine her as my girlfriend or wife.

Attached: ftop.ru_127675.jpg (2560x1920, 1.18M)

Hot and same

Attached: 1552484551171.webm (1280x720, 590K)


Who is she

One of the best ever. Every scene she was in was made better by her.

dang, I member this girl, what was her name?

Umm...Jenna Haze.
It's written on the picture.

Attached: f2.jpg (1147x860, 176K)

Kimmy Granger

Attached: 18290020345_6342f7eb8a_c.jpg (533x799, 74K)

Such a great ass and pussy

They love to lick it

Anyone got an post-baby Piper Perri?


Did not see that

I hold his cock for her to suck on

The best!

Attached: 12235753.gif (460x256, 983K)

Attached: bdvm (122).jpg (891x1320, 214K)

Great scene with a great ending
Imagine how amazing it would feel to cum in her asshole

Love to taste it

Attached: 1568755004089.webm (1920x1080, 1.48M)

Probably feels like a wet sock at this point.

How nice of you

She absolutely devours it like the filthy dog she is

How does anyone sink this low, even for money?

shes such a cute whore slut

this is so sexy. I'd love to have a woman tell me to watch her do this and to tell me to massage his balls while she does it

The only thing lower than this is to eat shit, or fuck a dog.

Says the fag with no taste.

She’s a good whore. Doing her job.

Why does she keep saying “seven.”