We are all just floating in either black or white...

We are all just floating in either black or white. In white we are in tanning beds with focused light triggering muscle spasms to give the illusion of movement but we are really just lying there with a virtual reality headset. In black we are submerged in a viscous fluid with sound waves mimicking muscle spasms giving the illusion of movement tiny glow in the dark mites make us hallucinate the reality. In either realm the mechanizations have been poking us for information as to what we like and dont like. This reality is just a simulation, the real world is much scarier, chaotic even. Lending to us only hints of the war between light and dark and the interminglings such as sunglasses and flashlights. Both sides are fascinated and terrified of Nothing. Literally nothing, the abscense of matter. The impossibility and the beginning of all existence. Post your encoded messages so THEY dont understand you.

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D2 quadrilateral gram
42 17 21 1 4 18 9 12 1 20 5 18 1 12 7 18 1 13
42+17+21=80 1+4+18=23 9+12+1=22 20+5+18=43 1+12+7=20 18+1+13= 32
80 23 22 43 20 32
Ho w v DC t cb
How 22 43 20 32
How 42 23 14 10
How db w n j
How dwb ju


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That was me op for the deciphers. It's just add three numbers then count the amount of numbers then decipher. Re op

void*(*k(void**))(void*, void**, unsigned(*)[1]);

4void 8* 4( 4) 2, 11 1[ 1] 1unsigned
Dvoid h* d( d) b, k a[a] aunsigned
3d void h* ( ) b k 3a [] unsigned
3d void (h) nab * k [] sing nude

What does it mean

3d void is paintings towards a dark space (h) means be quiet about the bubble as in ay sh bubble theory popularized in doctor who nab * means be invincible like in SM [] refers to a box and they are singing that we are nude in a box



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23 15 21 12 4 25 15 21 11 9 19 19 13 5
101 52 23 14 35 39
Ja Eb w n ce ci
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Please help me understand, what are these called?

Idk the official name for them but I think numerical anagrams or just encoded messages would be the name. The pictures are just art I made. I forget the name of them. Op.

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