I sold my soul to Satan after learning what "Infinite Jest" is actually about and then 2 and a half years later the...

I sold my soul to Satan after learning what "Infinite Jest" is actually about and then 2 and a half years later the other Satanists kicked me out of the hive mind for being toxic (having incessant negative thoughts about Hell).

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Lots of people won't understand this.

Do you?


How so?

I don't, but I want to. I haven't finished that book, I'm not a fan of it's structure.

How far did you get?

Can you get them to take me back?

Satan is fake and gay so

>too edgy for satanists

What does Infinite Jest have to do with Satan though?

Satan is living through all of us. The people in the know are favored.

"I don't have to sell my soul/He's already in me." - Stone Roses

I'm not quite sure, maybe first 200 pages or so? Length isn't the issue, or complexity. I liked The Tunnel a lot. I just couldnt connect to any of the characters because each point in their stories ends like a vignette before I can get invested.

Most books, movies and TV shows have esoteric meanings that teach you what the password is for joining Satanists in a competition for Satan's favor.

Have you read Gaddis?

It's a needle in the hay type thing anyway. Only one of the characters matters.

It's Mario.


But Mario is the best character

I'll narrow it down. It's a female.

I thought this was /x/ for a second

Cred Forums seems to get more traffic.

JVD, Kate, Avril, USS Millicent?

I wasn't edgy. They're a positivity cult because this world is all they get. It's hell after death. They hate negativity.

>the other satanists kicked me out of the hive mind

It's sentences like this that keep me coming back to Cred Forums

Humans are Satan's meat puppets (muppets). He lives through us.

True Satanism is about developing your soul and gaining spiritual knowledge. You don't need to fear the afterlife once you equip yourself with a proper understanding of spirituality.

more traffic. retarded traffic. but more.
>not more retarded than /x/ of course

The first one.

Start with reading the Joy of Satan websites and looking into Satanic meditation.

Explain why

The people who identify as Satanist don't believe in Satan. Satan is real and he's the father of lies. The real Satanists will never tell you they're satanists. They lie.

I did the work of reading the book almost twice. Why don't you tell me what you know about her.

She appears in the titular cartridge as some kind of mother figure, dates JOI, possibly slept with Himself and Avril and hosts a radio show that Mario enjoys listening to.

The first part.

No one has finished the book.

How ironic that a book about the ultimate form of entertainment is essentially unreadable.

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Your reading is not as comprehensive as you believe it to be.

the first 500 pages suck. it gets good after that.

it's gay bowser

I have.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm right.

ya well, i guess you're probably not very food at video games and jerking off then, cause those two things are way more interesting if you're good at them.

I got bored of both. That's why I started reading difficult books.

She's the most important character because she was in the entertainment?

can I see you naked? Im the catholic Pope. We need to judge your ass and/or Vagine. Order of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, Thank you son hope those photos show up on this thread. As long as youre 18 or over!!!!!!!!!!!!

Correct. Also she represents something outside of the book.

Which is?

I don't see the point of dancing around the information. You would think something like this would be cut and dry, instead of some awful esoteric circlejerk.

It's an exclusive club. They only respect people who figure it out on their own.


She actually represents two things outside of the book. I'll tell you about one of them. What do you think DMZ is a stand-in for?

I'm not larping. Eyes Wide Shut is real.


Which one, though? (This parts easy)




Provide evidence.

Correct. Have you ever listened to anyone describe their DMT trips?

Machine elves

That's what I'm currently doing.

There's another entity that they sometimes mention.

Seriously this sounds like a joke but around page 700 (fight scene with Bruce Green at Ennet House) it becomes a great page turner, plots start converging and stuff goes crazy.

So the PGOAT is the physical manifestation of God?

Close. We all can access her/it.

This works in very broad terms. Filmic representation of the PGOAT is the intrinsic object of the Entertainment, and DFW would likely argue the virtue symbolized by her beauty is ruined by her becoming the subject of the film, metaphorically. Virtue turned into an Entertainment Monster is the ruination of the face of God.

What I'm saying is that we can all access each other's minds and the password/nickname for this ability is the name of what Joelle van Dyne represents.

Feel like im listening to two people who watched their first episode of psychedsubstance

"I don't have to sell my soul/He's already in me." - Stone Roses

Satan lives through us. We are his entertainment. We're also his puppets if we join the club.

I feel like I dodged a bullet by deciding not to bother with this secret club nonsense. It's always the same thing with these types.

Using your imagination is what attracts them to you and makes them chose you.


is this like in the tv show sense 8?

I've taken DMT a few times but I never found any other humans there.

What else would get you noticed in the hive mind?

>the virtue symbolized by her beauty is ruined

DFW killed himself because he believed bullshit like this.

In reality, nothing is ever ruined. Nothing is ever lost. Everything has its time to exist. It's our clinging to past states that creates the illusion of a "fallen" state.

How do they kick you out for having negative thoughts about hell? Its fucking hell.

I don't know what sense 8 is.

The machine elves are the other humans. The ones in the know.

>positivity cult

Some wanna fucking help me out here? Am I just drunk or stupid?

A curse, that's what.

DFW isn't dead. Neither is Epstein.

cool. how did you find out?

If you knew you were going to hell you would want to enjoy every second of this life and not be reminded of your impending doom.

The entities I encountered on DMT were these spiraling dragon things that went into my chest and felt like pure joy.

Can you describe the elves more?

The title "Infinite Jest" is from Shakespear. The world is a stage. They script a lot of it.

the dragons looked like this, but less scary.

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so are you just guessing or do you actually know?

what was the process of bargaining with the light bringer? was it some kind of grimoire, a kind of complicated summoning/binding with whatever protection possible, and an offering with some bargaining? Did you have to bind some entity ahead of time? what kind of ritual was involved?

I actually know. But I couldn't contain my fear of hell and couldn't stop using my imagination to think about it so they deleted me.

but of course you can't explain how you know? ie it's a GUESS?

I was chosen by them when I was young. I was constantly living in my head and when the video for "Frozen" by Madonna came out they used it to hypnotize me. As I got older and more negative they simultaneously gave me depression and suicidal thoughts while helping me notice the signs that would lead me to learn the password.

This thread is me explaining how I know. Just read it.

Guys 666 is www (internet), xxx (porn) and 555 (fake phone numbers in movies). Everything in media can lead you to it.

You sound identical to every other kook on the internet. I can't tell what's wrong with you but please do a bit of self-reflection so you can figure out why those satanists kicked you out.

i mean more specifically the act of selling your soul to lucifer (satan, or the devil seems pajorative, and i dont know the entity, so i try not to judge based on 3rd hand shit). what you are describing is on point with a lot i know, but sound more mkultra-ish, certainly very culty and in line with what the elite families are into, im more curious about specifically magic oriented aspects. have you done any specific form of magic, chaos magic, blood, sex... ancestor alter even? have you performed any grimoire?

I know why they kicked me out. They made it very clear. My toxic thoughts.

I see you right now indulging in toxic thoughts. Resign yourself to hell if that's your desire, but stop spreading your poison to other people.

You can't really sell your soul because you already belong to him. "Selling your soul" is what they call the process of learning all of this and then, finally, the password that lets you join them and no longer be psychically tormented by them with mental illness/suicidal thoughts. I was an mkultra victim because I'm not from one of their families. Magic is when you override another humans free will and make them do or say things they aren't aware that they're doing.

Isn't the whole bargain that they think they will rule parts of hell by buddying up to Satan, not be completely doomed in it?
>Better to rule hell, than be a slave to heaven.

just fyi, in the age of nearly universal information, it is entirely possible to do your own research into these types of fields, even perform your own sorts of magic, or more technical things like remote viewing. you dont need to form an allegiance to advance in esoteric fields, and certainly the heaven/hell allegory is simplistic, i am sure it is a great deal more intricate.... nothing is so black and white. the highersidechats is a great podcast that has a lot of mystical guests. they get into ufo shit and all the other esoteric angles as well. one of his most common magic guests is gordon white of rune soup... so his material is all directly magic focused.

You don't have confirmation of the afterlife until after you've joined them. Otherwise you would have no interest in joining them.

It's not black and white. There is no heaven (heaven is a place on earth). Satan is god.

no offense, but it seem like we have different understandings of small parts of the whole thing. i would encourage you to research as much as possible, from as diverse sources as you can manage. def do not rely on a single group of the 'illuminated' for all of your information. i have heard of MANY accounts of a literal meeting at a crossroads at midnight for a faustian pact

>difficult books =/= boring books

Magic isn't real.

>hearsay is evidence
Yeah I believe in this "intelligent" group that doesn't even seem to know basic debate rules.

>> its not black and white
>> this is exactly how it is, this one is black, and the other one is white. and this other thing doesnt even exist.

talk about cognitive dissonance

I was about to write this.
Fucking hell lmao

No more research is needed. I was one of them. My fear ended my access to them helping me by manipulating other people to help me. Like cars pulling over to give me rides even though I wasn't hitchhiking.

super helpful. glad you cleared that up for me, ill just take your word for it, you have clearly studied it far more extensively

>> nom nom yummy {you}'s

>no more research is needed
You're absolutely right, everyone ignore this book and thread.
Anything that can dismiss without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

I wasn't talking about me, I was talking about them, why would they be so concerned about hell being bad if they get to rule a corner of it helping satan instead of being subjugated like the others in hell.

Also, according to multiple religions, the Bible and other religious texts, prayer, and miracles are all confirmation of the afterlife.

Magic is not real.

I'm not debating. I'm telling you about my life.

You make positive statements, your life can and does affect those around you, your beliefs are dangerous to science as a whole.
I should have to provide evidence for that claim right? Apparently not.

They don't get to rule hell. They get to rule earth. In hell they're the same as everyone else.

A lot of science is math and narrative. The narratives about the true math aren't always true.

obvious adherent to the prussian based educational style. even beyond the esoteric, quantum physics could easily be considered magic. on the macro scale, black holes, dark matter, dark energy could easily be considered some kind of magic, but they are probably just errors in our understanding of physics. There are things we do not understand, and we could all be in a simulation, which would make everything just code.... but code can have 'magic' in the form of backdoors, debugging tools, vulnerabilities, admin access. maybe that is a stretch, but i doubt you think we are in a simulation.

Magic is when you hack into another humans consciousness and make them do or say something without them knowing.

>absolutely false statement again with no evidence
Right, you can write "I'm not very smart" a lot of ways.

They think they will though, otherwise what is the point of their common saying:
>Better to rule hell, than be a slave to heaven.

Like how I made you repost that nonsense and will probably make you do it again ITT?

>errors in our understanding of physics
And therefore, magic is not real. When you have to bend the definition to explain away things that we can easily refer to as physics, or impossibly complex and yet unknown phenomena, then you're making it clear that these things are not like trying to transmute dirt into gold through sheer willpower alone.

Or healing crystals.

A simulation changes nothing.

Hack how? Subliminal messaging? Coercion? Compartmentalization, what? Certainly not putting a hex on someone.

We are inside of Satan's world and he is inside of us. If you learn the password you get favored in this world by other Satanists to the point of wealth and being above the law. But when you die you go to hell.

that might be a form of magic, or astral projection, or can be done with chemicals or technology. but that is only a small aspect of it. magic has been in use since before farming, and it takes many forms.

You are not your name. You are not your likes and dislikes. You are not your thoughts. You are not the mind.

You are the background. The ever present NOW.

‘You don’t have a life, you ARE life!’

The truth is that you are it. You are He who is. YOU ARE GOD.

you clearly know nothing beyond the mainstream accepted reality. get with the program, things are changing. go do your research.

this fag gets it, cause he is me, and i am him, and we are all of you as well.

Magic isn't real.

Hack as in we can all be controlled by Satan. Literally. We are his puppets. Muppets = meat puppets.

It's almost like muppet is british slang.
So britbong, you know we dont call humans muppets everywhere right?
You're still not very smart.
I wonder if you are as cute as you are stupid.

>irrelevant mumbojumbo
You're a faggot.
You are a ceiling fan
You are DOG
how is this relevant fucknut?

I'm not disagreeing with you. "Magic" is basically a slang word for manipulating human bodies through the power of Satan (God of this world) to make them do things for us. For example: a blowjob. And then their memory is wiped clean.

i can do this with chemicals.

There's also a band called Meat Puppets. What do you think that term is a reference to? Humans.

>and then their memory is wiped clean
Magic isn't real.

I told you I would magically get you to say that stupid shit again.
How does it feel to be under my command?

Also, I'm American. I grew up in New Jersey.

most of you are missing the big picture. the two with opposite views are both victims of the current system, the one more indirectly through the prussian schooling, the control of the media, academia, and consensus opinion. the other a victim of a specific mind control program run and controlled by some factions of the elite cabals running things behind the scenes. i would encourage you both to open your mind further, suspend your entrenched beliefs a little, and try to get your information from multiple sources who are not so obviously out to directly deceive you.

I'm not. I chose to reiterate it because it's true.

Finally, some inherent truth I can accept without need for evidence.
What's New Jersey like?

No gods, no masters. Magic isn't real.

> (You)
>The mind races a million miles a minute. When was the last time you entered the present moment fully without thought?
>Even just a few seconds of the present moment and you will see
>The mind doesn’t want to stop thinking. It has taken over humanity
>This ‘entity’ of the mind is good in many ways, but it has taken over humanity
>Enter the present by bringing awareness to the now. Listen

Anyone else notice he thought all of this before he wrote it, making the entire thing a big old nonsense bullshit sandwich.

I don't need more information. I was one of them. But only for two and a half years that were spent failing to get my fear under control.

>a band named themselves meat puppets
Nice cool.
A band named themself nine inch nails, that doesnt make them re-
Oh shit man you're right.

Why not join the side of God? Why would one want to be on Satan's side or am I missing something?

I grew up two miles from the ocean. When the tourists come in the summer they ruin it with traffic.

surely the satanists would never lead you astray... or hide anything from you. there is no history of that right? Always completely open and honest. You were obviously never anywhere near to the inner circle anyway. certainly if you are correct, then doing a little studying would only confirm what you think.

Satan is god.

Ha! Haven’t thought of that band in a long time. It’s all magical, superstitious thinking.

Then why would we all be going to hell?

I wanted you to believe that, so you would reiterated as I predicted and engineered.

Just to prove it, I might just make you reiterate again in this thread unless I am using reverse psychology to get you to not ever mention it again.

There is no other afterlife. "Heaven is a place on earth". The people in the club have all the wealth and everyone else does all the work for them.

If he is God then why bother creating souls if there is not use for them afterwards? Unless immortality exists

Oh look. It's a mind reading Christian with the moral high ground. Father Tim fuck your little brother recently.?

Because God is evil. He just wants endless amounts of playthings. We are his entertainment.

Nine inch nails are the nails used to crucify christ. It's mocking the messiah that never existed.



Sorry but the "demiurge" is just another bullshit story to excuse how shitty humans are.

if god is evil then everything in the universe is evil, and then how does the concept of evil mean anything?

No it's not. There is only one God and he works through chosen people to keep the show on the road. The world is a stage and we are the players in the entertainment.

That edgar wright movie The World's End was about explaining the way "good" and "evil" are constructs based on your relationship to authority.

great movie too

That's reality. Concepts are used in entertainment. Semiotics and the like are just for the show. Turn on the news to hear about who's bad and who's good. But that's just a show. We're all morally identical nature wise. It's just that we typically focus to much on actions and that distracts us. Anyone can murder.

>Anyone can murder
I wouldn't enjoy it.

david foster wallace is a fucking tard and someone everyone loves him. i dont get it. i read a lot of heady shit. but dfw is just trash for incels to masturbate to and tell themselves that they are special cuz they like smart people books that no one else understands... but dfw just has postmodern Marxist OCD and doesnt know how to write anything other than paranoia.. dfw is is to academics what scientology is to actors... horseshit that nobody else buys into except the elite

What makes you think people who have done it enjoyed it the first time? You can condition yourself to like it.

that's *your* reality.

there is a higher one. but you'll never get there pontificating on the internet.

now tell us what authors *you* like so we can shit on them.

Please help populate this thread

i like authors that dont suck. dfw is exceptional because he is so love and such shit. it is really really rare for authors to be so highly praised yet to be actual shit. dfw is an exception in this regard.

How do you condition yourself to like something you abhor? You're not making any sense.

>i like authors that dont suck


If that's true then what is to be done

Reality is objective. Not subjective. I have confirmation. They use media to communicate to whoever they've chosen as a way to reach them the password. They also use celebrities a nd athletes (who are both slaves until they're let into the club) to convey messages.

he has a sad life
he thinks we should all be nihilisic satanic worshippers because

You're so cool user, I'm sure you have lots of friends

If he claims Satan is God, and God is evil, why the fuck would I worship instead of trying to find a way out of the mess

it's like if all your friends like skateboarding but you hate it but then all they want to do is talk about skateboarding and over time you get used to it and eventually you try skateboarding and you hate it but eventually you try it again and you kind of like it and your friends egg you on and soon you start loving it.

No such thing as souls, gods, Satan, santa, tooth fairy, ghosts, spirit, etc..


Slow process. The end result is psychopathy. Psychopaths feel no shame guilt remorse or much disgust either. That gives you an edge over the public.

oh no that sounds awful

Cormac McCarthy

Sounds more like running away

I'm going to travel back in time and hit you as a baby. Let me know if you feel anythi

That one wasn't me (OP).

Jokes on you I already fell down the stairs in a walker as a little good, but good job I did feel it

I mean little kid

You think the people who run the world would allow themselves to have weak stomachs?

Skateboarding and murder, equal? I don't think so.

One does not simply go to murder again of their own free will, if they hate it so much. And psychopaths have their own weaknesses. They feel guilt. They feel remorse. They feel shame. Just not for the same reasons as someone who is capable of understanding what tears are.

You don't need to be a psychopath to not have a weak stomach

Pure psychopaths don't feel any of that. You can dehumanize yourself.

Nothing to gain from doing that, I have empathy but can switch it off if I needed to protect myself or loved one

>you are he and we are all together
>koo koo kachoo

there are snuff videos on this very website. Most people have weak stomachs.

Pure psychopaths hate getting caught.

And if you dehumanize yourself, then you're not a psychopath. You're a sociopath. And before anyone says it, yes, the terms are no longer used in any official capacity anymore. You would say that they have Anti-Social Personality Disorders.

is this a fucking 90s psychological thriller?

wooooah some people are scaaaaary how about that CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW BAD SOME PEOPLE ARE MY WORD I AM SCANDALISED

We're talking grand scale, though. The whole world.

Yes ik, but being able to watch someone's death by someone else and not get angry makes you weak, not strong, unless person deserved it. But it's in principle to be better than that anyways. Why would I hate those weaker than me? I only pity them

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They can't get caught. They control the whole world.

>if god is evil then everything in the universe is evil
What about the godless?
If god=evil, then no god=no evil.

That's why people who are highly intelligent but not psychos have moral responsibility to get rich then fuck them up

Thanks eggman

cope harder

It removes hangups and dilemmas from your life.

You guys should watch some horror movies they are all about this stuff.

Check out Antichrist

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If you need to go to the extreme of psychopathy to simply avoid dilemmas and hangups then you are already a purposeless person to begin with my friend, someone truly put together and in a well state of being is not going to care what others think, without having to go to psychopathy to do so

There are countless diangosed psychopaths sitting in prisons being observed and studied by academics, to this date.

You can't get passed 7 figures without them.

Bullshit you can't

except what does evil mean when god is evil?

are you nihilistic? or do you believe in something else? ie you create a new god?

what does evil mean to you?

Not all psychopaths are "them".

>you are already a purposeless person to begin with
guy has been saying this literally all thread but keeps talking anyway. his purpose right now is to be a Cred Forums thread.

There's only 6 corporations.

And "them" doesn't change what was just said.

You'd think a psychopath wouldn't care


everyone cares about something. nihilism is always an excuse for people who are just doing what they want. ie they are their own gods. egocentrism.

They're not the ones in prison because they don't get caught. They are the judicial systems.

We are all brains. you talk to yourself in your head, that’s the real you. Your body on the outside is meat puppet. You can make it look however you want if you have money, you can dress it up, lose a finger and doctors can reattach it, your bones and organs are a frame and energy supply to help keep your meat puppet functional while you’re inside a skull protected and sitting watching the outside with video feed of the outside thru the eyes and sound thru your ears.

When do the freemasons and the gay frogs start dancing out on stage?

omg the authorities too?


I'm beginning to think this is just Satan's weak ass attempt at trying to make me get less sleep

Read John Hawkes, he's better than McCarthy.

What if we didn’t need our meat puppets to communicate, if there was someone that would let us(brains) communicate and live forever, I would let my muppet be controlled by someone if it meant I would feel euphoria for a couple years and my muppet dies but my mind lives forever

No there aren't psychopathy is not a valid clinical diagnosis and hasn't been since the 1940s, so no one alive in prison could have possibly been diagnosed with it.

Freemasons are Luciferian and therefore Satanists.

it has to be true I saw it on tv

I already addressed this.

Look. Right there. And to follow it up, I already had something on hand for when someone would inevitably fail to read and post the same thing I already say coming.

you're a fucking retard mate. talk to some real people sometime.

How are they not?

I've talked to real people my whole life. They take the world at face value.

Good/Evil is inherently a yin/yang thing anyway.
Nihilists aren't the only atheists.
Evil is the intentional application of pain/suffering and needless destruction.

the only one that can actually take your soul is the creator, don't be silly friend.
never read that book becuse it's not in my ntive tounge and i dont feel like sitting trough something this big in english.
ll i know is that satan is not tat strong, he is just servent of god aswell, a rebelious angel.
i've found myself in your place in bad times combined with /x/, in my last breakdown i won over the control of my body over the demons.
you can always win back control rise above the human understanding dude.

Fuckin A, right? Tomorrow is "Le Dreme Man's Day" so sleep in buddy

Satan is the creator.

it's all just names, stop acting like a child, go and take some medicne to calm you
right now you are in this world and stay in this world
you will only get hurt if you keep that shit up...

The most adult thing that can happen to you is learning what all of this is.

there is a word in the middle east (even at the jews side) taken from hebrew origins that transferred itself to the arabs and then came back to the jews
"maktub" it means everything is written already, your path exists, don't try to rebel to it, unless you feel like the entire universe wants you to do that shit youre doing right now

Satan is no king of hell and hates humans more than anything. And you take his word for truth. Ofcourse satanism is all inclusive he wants as many people in hell to burn with him.

This is some really dumb shit.

Finally someone who isn't talking like a fucking tard, the whole point of Satan is because he is the JESTER, and the father of lies. There is no truth in him, he want to trick everyone to worshipping him to bring you down with him, he knows he's already lost so he has nothing to lose, but god does, he has us.