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Hey Cred Forums
First time user here
I'm high, drunk and have taken more pills them I should have. 30mg of valium, 150mg of Wellbutrin, 40mg of Celexa a 1500mg of acetaminophen. Plush im smoking and vaping. Check in for updates

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I hope that is the last update we get.

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careful now

kys faggot

hurts my liver just thinking about it.

That's the attitude I wanted Cred Forums

Oh yes yeah I took only 1 vistaril just for that added spice

You should add a dose of vagisil, you fucking pussy.

According to the CDC, acetaminophen is toxic at 150mg/kg. 1500 will be fine, though mixing it with booze is terrible for your liver.

add a few beers into the equation to spice things up a bit. keep doing what you're doing big guy

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It comes in 500mg pills so idk about 150mg being bad

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If I had them I would lmao

Nigga got vistaril. That doesn't do shit, throw it away. Everything you did ain't even bad. I used to take hydrocodone with beer back when they were still green beans with 500mg tylenol in them.

Starting to sober from weed and vodka, time to take some more

This is my first timing doing this, wanted to start off slow before going hard

It's my fist time doing anything like this, trying off slowing them going hard

Wow, you must have one hell of a headache!
I hope you feel better, user!

Thanks fren

Drink some more, a mixture of 15% cheep shit, 35% vodka and 80, proof southern comfort.

Can't smoke till gf gets home from work

Makes me sleepy so it should make me drowsy with the rest

You need some grain alcohol