Alright b. i've been talking to i girl i like for the past few days and i want to ask her to hang out...

alright b. i've been talking to i girl i like for the past few days and i want to ask her to hang out. in her last message to me she talked about what she got up to on the weekend and such. i was thinking about saying
>hey since we've been both free recently, why don't we catch up this week
does this make me sound pathetic/is it a turn off?

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Give that bitch a cabbage, bitches love cabbages.


Just ask her and stop being a faggot. You're overthinking this way too much. If she likes you she'll say yes no matter how you ask.

It does not make you sound pathetic.
But you should suggest an actual thing to do which she can simply agree.

so what i wrote in the op is fine?

i was thinking about coffee or something. i've recently got back into contact with her but it's just that i want to make a concrete plan rather than just say lets catch up and she agrees and that's as far as it goes

pls no bully

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Yes it's fine, but be more specific. Say something like
>since we're both free why don't we do something on X day

the problem is i'm essentially a neet so i'm free all the time whereas she actually works. she told me that she's free when she doesn't work but that's all i know

Just go for it. The worse that'll happen is she'll say no. You'll survive.

>I'm a neet
Do yourself a favor, don't tell girls you want to fuck that. It dries up pussy real quick.

Ask her to do something specific. What do you know about her? What does she usually do? What's she in to on the weekends? Clubber? Go to shows?

yeah that's the thing i'm aware of that so i try to hide that. recently she asked what i did on the weekend and i said relaxing and listening to music and stuff which she responded pretty well to i guess

from what i remember of her she's definitely not a clubber type of girl. a while back she told me what kind of music she likes and stuff. i guess by meeting up with her i hope to learn more about her/remember what I've forgotten

Yea just ask her out. Do it right now in fact. Don't keep putting it off. If she says no don't sperg out, just say okay no prob and don't talk to her anymore. Unless she suggests doing it another time or something.

forgot to mention but she's an old friend (though to be honest i didn't speak to her much) from high school. so that probably gives us a bunch of stuff to talk about right off the bat

alright. you said to be specific so should i just pick any day? what if she says she has work then should i pick another day or would that be too pushy?

alright this is the message i'm about to send
>well, since we both seem to be pretty free this week, why don't we get coffee and catch up and get coffee this week?
how does that sound? i'm about to hit send. i know she's free because she said in an earlier message that other than work she's been pretty free recently

It would be kind of weird go say coffee twice

obviously i don't want to be too direct and scare her off but if you guys think it's good, i'll send it now. coffee was the only thing i could think of because i'm a neet

"Hey if you're free this week, would you like to grab some coffee and catch up?"

sorry that was a type what i meant to write was
>well, since we both seem to be pretty free this week, why don't we get coffee and catch up this week?


Send it

do you think that's better than what i wrote? the problem is i just don't want what i mentioned in to happen

Good luck, let us know how it goes

alright i will. just checking before i do though, is this week fine or should i pick a specific day?

Your good man

Nah, just leave it open as this week

Trips, and this week, shell either respond with a day or ask you for one

Don't provide some reason like "since we've both been free" that sounds beta.
Simply invite her.
She will either say yes or no.

thanks fren i definitely will

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Take the "since we're both free" out.

Fuck it, better he sounds like himself than /b

alright, how would you say what i wrote up here

False. Himself is a faggot.

If you've not sent it yet, delete the second use of the word week, past that, it's better that you sound genuine and like yourself than take a prescripted response from /b, as you may have noticed femanons are are commodity. Just be you

I made dinner reservations for Wednesday. What are you wearing?



Ffs man you should actually already know the answer before you even ask the question. Haven't you even flirted with her? Read her body language? Just open your eyes and pay attention and you will not have any reason to doubt because you will already know

already removed it and my fingers over the send button now? my last text to her was me responding to her say yeah that sounds good (in response to her week) so i guess it's okay to double text now. i just didn't want to say anything that would make be look like a beta or turn her off, though to be honest i'm trying to walk a fine line between friend and relationship which is why i guess i actually want to talk to her in person and find out more about her

Do it

Lmao just send it already

Fortune favours the bold, about half of us are rooting for you, hahaha, the other half for the lawlz

wait. so should i do this or not. half of you guys are saying to do and the other half aren't. this is the last thing to really edit before sending

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Do it, the half who do are boomers with gf's/wives

so saying since we're free is okay? i'm about to send it now, but i'm nervous as fuck

alright i sent it boys. this is what i wrote
>well, since we both seem to be pretty free this week, why don't we catch up and get coffee
how was this guys?

i accidentally sent it with a few typos so removed it and i resent it fresh. it's in the hands of god now


>sound pathetic/is it a turn off?
frog poster problems

too many words, you're fucking up.
>are you free this week for coffee? My treat.

Don't delete that second message, just wait play some video games or whatever to not stress

uh oh. fuck

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shoulda waited for the adults to show up.

yeah that's what i've pretty much done, the first message was full of typos because i was so nervous but i fixed it up and resent it. now i'm leaving it alone and waiting for her response

Atta boy, just do something to relax. You'll be fine man, we've all been there

she screenshot that shit and sent it to at least 8 friends by now. 5 of them are laughing and replying "omggggg desperate much?", 2 of them are ignoring her because of some unrelated women's grudge, and 1 of them is telling her to block you because she's a lowkey lesbian who wants to grind on your crush's musky gash.

well fuck her friends i don't give a fuck what they think of me however if she's done that then she's not worth my time

this. tug on your dick and pretend like its not going to shrivel in abject fear the second this girl gets your pants off.

Bro listen up, here’s what you do. Do 15 push ups, look in the mirror and start flexing. Call her up and say the following: “bitch, I just did 15 push ups and I feel like some fucking chicken tendies. You’re a female so you are obligated to cook them for me. If you have a problem with that then take it up with God. I’m not religious but you better believe that sooner or later you’re gonna be on your knees and I’m not talking about praying. I’m not gonna ask if you’re free this weekend because I know your plans. Firstly you’re gonna cook me them fucking tendies and then you’re gonna suck my 4 inch cock. Write that down on your calendar because I won’t tell you twice. Start practicing cooking those tendies also because if they’re even slightly burnt, you’re going to be slightly bruised. Fuck you.”


>bitch gimmie some waffle fries

Are You Fucking Mocking Me? This how you perpetuate my fucking goings on? Its my same fucking clothing. I knew the frog was me but i couldnt call you on it.


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well i mean she isn't the most attractive girl (maybe about a 5 or 6) but i like her personality and i mean i'm a 22khv so i probably should get a move on with this stuff or i'll end up a wizard


You disrespectful bastard. Did you ever think to ask me commonplace questions for yourself rather than creeping around that shit? What are you fucking after anyway? dont traffic hand me whore. Piece of shit.

I tell you, the key to it all isn't projecting some fake persona, or pick up lines or some bullshit like that. It's losing the fear of rejection, once that happens your golden. Girls responses to your advances is in no way indicative of your self worth. Once you stop caring, you'll do far better. I've lost track of how many times I've been shot down over the years, it doesn't matter. The more shots you take, the more that hit. I've been in a relationship for awhile now, but fore that couple years ago I asked out a girl infront of a group of guys, some I knew, some I didn't she shot me down flat, haha, she left, we all laughed. No one cared. I'd recommend, if you need some confidence boosting, hitting the gym, and doing some volunteer work. Girls being nurturers are way over represented in volunteer work, and when you know you've helped someone out that day, it's hard to feel like shit for being shot down. So there's the solution to doing well with girls, ironically get rejected

Oh, and unless you look like Brad Pitt, a hard learned lesson for me, do not use dating apps like tindr. If you ask girls out in person you can bat way out of your league, tindr is just a recipe to feel like shit about yourself. Don't do it.

HE dont like HER. OR HIM. -HE- bout to get a letter in his local PD mailbix a foot thick

op is a pathetic bastard and i hate him. Absolutely DISPISE.

.. I never wanted ANY kind of plan i just wanted ANYONES company after being locked in that box for a decade. But that was a long time ago. This guy ACTUALLY evesdrops my grocery store cameras and sees me buy everything. He HAS A FIVE. GIG. PHANTOM. PARTITION. FULL OF BOTS MALWARE AND PORN ON MY INTERNAL DRIVE GODALMIGHTY ITS IN THERE LIKE AIDS THE ONLY THING THATLL KILL IT IS A HAMMER.

Hes got more bugs on me and MY WHOLE FAM the bug room on Temple of Doom.

If i dont do as he says this processor burns hotter than the surface of the sun.

He fucking somehow totally disabled my XBOX when i snapped at his whore GF for spying on me and tampering eith game dynamics. No not the account. The allegedly unhackable hardware so says MS. My uncle and granddad are paranoid of their phones now because somethings fishy anf they cant figure out what. Uncle is especially on edge.

OP IS RUINING MY LIFE. he tries to talk by causing notification noises in our bluetooth devices during TV dialogue [he is running a sophisticated bot]

Jesus motherfucking god fucking jesus god almighty you hysterical villain i hope you die in a god damn fire. You are infinitely past the point of redemption.


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yeah, this is why i don't use tinder. it's essentially hypergamy in app form

You didnt owe me an explanation then.. but you do now.

Please excuse the drama inherent in these pix im just differenciating myself from OP.

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Haha, that would've been an improvement for me, I got one girl I actually liked unfortunately it was while I was on Holiday, she was beautiful though but I was in fucking Chisinau, past her I got three chubby girls and a hooker, haha. I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and I thought to myself, oh I'll download tindr meet another girl, nope. Way better to meet girls in real life, and the success rate in person is so much higher than online. Plus you get to show who you are, sense of humour and all that, you aren't just a photo

Distilled autism.

Hey Jenny id like to take you out to dinner next week. How does Italian sound?

yeah you're right. i think if you want a serious relationship that you shouldn't use tinder because the girls are just judging you based off of your looks and not who you are

So did she reply back or what?

not yet. i think she's at work. i'm still a little nervous but less so than when i sent the message

uh oh. she just went online but she hasn't read my message yet

British girls are cute, my ex was from Sheffield

true, their accent is pretty cute

yikes, time to chalk up your losses fren

yeah. well, i mean i was pessimistic about this from the beginning. well to be honest more like altering between extreme pessimism and hopeful optimism

Sigh. YES I HAVE ASBERGERS clark. A totally sane person would flip just as far off their rocker.

And get it right its called a Meltdown

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Im replying right here. Youll find the "no" spelled out very explicitly in the restraining order on pages 1, 2c and 3a

Sigh.. Whats.. Is this in my actual email or what. Cause im not doing social media.

>restraining order
>over getting asked out on a text message
That's not how it works kid