Why do Republicans want our economy to fail?

Why do Republicans want our economy to fail?

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Cause millionaires and billionaires susceed when others suffer, poor conservatives are some of the biggest idiots out there and will blame the blacks and browns for their troubles while getting fucked sideways by their politicians and their masters.

Why do liberals vote for Bernie?

> mfw 50 year record high economy

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Yeah thanks to bush crashing it then Obama reviving it and making it grow, now the idiots who support trump credit him since they’re racial hatred of Obama has no bounds, trump is taking credit for what Obama did and since conservatives hate looking up info they eat up all of trumps lies.

Nigger what?

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>obama reviving it and making it grow
Ya okay buddy. How can you be so stupid?

Looks like he is smoking a blunt. Time to edit

>doesnt know how stock market works
the numbers people use to say the stock market is "up" is just a small sample of the biggest corporations (mcdonalds, walmart, etc.). So if you give a MASSIVE tax break to the biggest companies and they end up buying their own stock (which is exactly what they did) then the stock market goes "up". It's a trick to catch more republitards.

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Don't try.
The amount of Ameritards who vote without knowing the basics of how our economy currently functions is only rivaled by the amount of AIDS cases in Africa.

We spent 40 million dollars on a space force


Rather it go there than your dumb ass

You are clearly missenformed.. obama didnt do anything for our economy. He didnt even think it was possible to bring companies back to operating in the US from china. Trump did that. I dont even like trump, but you guys are fucking stupid for trying to say he isn't doing a better job than any liberal would. You think socialized systems will help the economy? Kill yourself. You clearly have a an IQ lower than dirt

>obama didnt do anything for our economy
he pushed the shit out of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
stimulus package that was aimed at helping regular citizens rather than billionaires. naturally not even a handful of republicans supported it. It brought us out of the recession and benefited regular americans in every metric. Republicans are cancer.

bush and kerry saved the economy dude

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wow 92 is so long ago, that pictures so old lol, why are there so many current pics of epstein with democrats?

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obama stopped caring and made the gen xer pay for your tax plans

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Time to let go Hillary

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magatards getting fucked in thread. damage control to the rescue.

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They don't give a shit whether the economy fails or not, as long as they are rich and get to impose their outdated and retarded beliefs on everyone else.

>Why do Democrats want our economy to fail?

Fixed your propaganda

because they hate trump and they hate America

Bad economies make great excuses to go to war.

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No just in control. Gonna be another long for years for you

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>Gonna be another long for years for you
>Gonna be another long for years
>long for years