You have a free pass to smell the feet of any fictional girl you want. Who do you choose? Evangelyne here

You have a free pass to smell the feet of any fictional girl you want. Who do you choose? Evangelyne here

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my pic is related

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no question about it

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damn I might change my answer

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Evangelynes probably been wearing the same boots without socks for months straight, even while she sleeps. Imagine what it would immediately smell like after taking off those boots

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change it again

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adolf hitler

Which one?

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Good pick!

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Smell fags need to be lynched.

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b-but imagine the smell

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you haven't lived until you've made your gf wear the same socks for a whole week straight and then give you a foot in face handjob while telling you how fucking disgusting and weird you are while she's doing it
literally prefer it to sex

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mommy raikou feets

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melony feet :)

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My asian gf’s feet don’t ever smell.


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Have made her wear socks that’ve been in her vagina and I’ve cum in.


yes but
>not posting a pic of her with her teal nail polish

she's hot

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how often do you think jinx changes her kneesock?