Have you ever talked to a loli?

Have you ever talked to a loli?

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I’ve never talked.

i have, AMA

all the time

how old and how it went?

i used to "tutor" at a preschool which was essentially a glorified babysitting job where you look after 20 kids. id say they were all around 5 years old. kids are cute and fun and goofy, but they're exhausting.

Yeah, my daughters best friend.

They are both five years old. Lots of sexual tension on my side because i think she's really attractive with nice smooth healthy silky legs wrapped up next to me on the sofa while she sleeps over. To top it off she has a really nice smile, hair and petite body you imagine naked.

Obviously though, reality is not fantasy. So the most sexual satisfaction i have ever received or will receive is her putting her legs on my knees watching cbeebies while my daughter is sat next to her.

I have no idea why she gets on with me so well, but i know her father doesn't seem to be emotionally invested in her and lets her down on a daily basis and never picks her up from school.

do you ever do anything with their underwear?

>On the train
>About to get off
>4th ish grade class around the door
>They want to press the green (regular) stop button
>Teacher keeps warning them not to
>One kid is looking at me
>Hold eye contact as I press the button
>Kids go wild, I'm their hero now
>Girl approaches me
>Whispers to me with a smirk
>"I want to get out of here"

>Did not commit a crime that day

So about a year ago I was using Badoo just looking for fuck buddies when a young girl who looked about 18 in her profile but it was set to 20 messaged me.

We talked for ages, mostly me defining upfront to her that I just want fuck buddies, no emotions and on the regular.

We share some nudes and when she sent me her pussy it was fucking baby smooth and tiny looking, was like OH DAM if this works out shes going to be tight af.

So after messaging more she asks me to meet her for sex, ask if she can host at hers, she says yes but we have to fuck in my car, I said I don't want to do it in my car as it's middle of suburbs and middle of day. She said ok then we can fuck back of house. This is when my alarm bell started to ring.

I pushed her for more info on if she was living alone, parents away or similar and she was very iffy but eventually said she lived with her aunt.

After she practically begged me to come over she called me over video call and she was in the bathroom with headphones on, she looked young af, less then 18.

I talked for her a bit, just asking where she was etc and she said she was in the bathroom so her aunt didn't see/hear, I asked her how old she was again as I didn't want to her to anything over video that was now what I assumed illegal. She said "I will tell you the truth but please don't get mad at me" and that's when she said "I'm actually 13".

FUCK ME! I instantly had visions of her being a honey pot for some agency catching pedos, I had taken the bait but all the convo would easily back me up as I instantly changed my tone/chat from teasing/dirty to straight up/inquisitive about her.

I message her a few more times saying im not mad but to not do that until your 18 as it's illegal (18 is legal age here) and to be careful as guys on the net are creepy and you could get raped etc etc and she was crying and apologising and I blocked her and deleted the app.

I tell you what if she was 18 and had a puss like that.....

Yeah one walked up to me so she could translate spanish for her cunt mom, she coughed on me so I hit her and sued her mom for assault with a WMD. Children are walking trashcans of disease, and anybody who finds them attractive are degenerates.


You are a hero.

doubt she was a honey pot if you had to prod her to admit to being underage.

What did she smell like?

Cookies and dirt

>"I want to get out of here"
That’s not something a kid normally says. She was being kidnapped and you did not save her.

There's tons of girls on hookup apps, 14,15,16, etc

Wow your a faggot. She just wanted some attention and you go ahead and fuck with her mind, conscious, and feelings.


My 5 yo son is the tall, handsome, athletic kid in his class. Girls are already all over him. I just hope it continues into his teens.

Nobody cares about your faggot son.

The only naughty thing i have done is take a picture for her mother (a legal one) in a pose i deem sexy and sent it to my wife, who forwarded it to her mother. They think its cute, but i proceeded to jack off to it in the bedroom while everyone was downstairs.

Cumming on the mobile phone screen really had me going knowing she wasnt that far away from me.

я вpoдe кaк нe oбщaюcь c мycopными бaкaми

do you ever fap over the kids pictures?

get the fuck outa here karen

You should have kept a line of communication with her. You know she fucked some disgusting 50 year old that pumped and dumper her right?

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Point is he brings all the lolis to my house for play dates. I don't care about the lolis, but it should get really interesting in about ten years.

>be in 5th grade
>me and besty sword fight
>turns into banging
>his younger sister8/9 walks in
>turns into banging
>she brings friend6/7
>turns into banging

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>be me
>on bus
>5th grade is kids behind me
>little girl says in loli voice "UwU mister can U tell me wut BBC means"
kid where are your parents?
>loli responds. "It means Big. Black. Cock."
dfuk did you need my help for then?
>its my stop
>fucking horny ass children
>mfw I'm not even black

But which ones? There are so many.

It's a lie. I've been using 6+ dating apps for years and have only ever seen a girl that *looks* under 18 a handful of times.

Does my 20-month old daughter that I'm spooning count?

How easy or hard is it to get laid on any the dating apps you've used?

Only if you have your dick up her asshole.

Hard. Everyone says how easy dating app hooks ups are but I don't find that to be true. And I'm conventionally attractive.

Yeah I love talking to kids. I like 2d lolis but real ones are gross so I just have fun talking with them about stuff. Kids are cool cuz their perspective on life is so different.

Nonononono weeb pedoshit

And one day, out of nowhere, you rape one. Y'all should be watched by a therapist.

Fucking pedo

What app do you use? I used Badoo a few months ago but it didn't go anywhere with two chicks I was talking to. I think I'll just hit up fat chicks to get my dick wet.

Badoo, Tinder, Match, OK cupid, coffee meet bagel, and Zoosk.

before or after the play ?

One of my exes had an at the time 9 year old daughter. She used to sleep in bed with us and of course I woke up to my dick being touched one night. Kids being curious and all. That night she didn't play with it to completion but I thigh fucked her a lot of nights after that. Her mom ended up making her sleep in her own bed after a while, think she started to suspect something as her daughter got increasingly clingy with me. We never talked about it or discussed it but it got to the point where she'd be sitting on my lap while I played on the computer and I'd end up getting a boner and shed be sliding her slit on top of my cock through her panties. One of the best moments was when I was running. My dick along her cunt and walked in the other room to have her mother suck my dick afterwards.

Go die

No. I can't. They are fake child porn characters, adult comic book characters that look like kids.

Please help populate this thread

Was living in an apartments that shared a pool. I finish swimming so I go to the bathroom and this loli follows me asking me if I can watch her and her little brother. Had to dip out so quickly.

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What the actual fick

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Fucked one, got probation, probably won't ever do it again tho.


FBI here. Please continue.

No get your own lolis