Anyone ausfags tell me how fucked i am? Was doing 160kmph in a 100 zone. Pic related. Anyone been through similar?

Anyone ausfags tell me how fucked i am? Was doing 160kmph in a 100 zone. Pic related. Anyone been through similar?

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They will probably just set you on fire or feed you to drop bears or a billabingabonga.

you got done .175 + 60kph over the limit?

Get a lawyer for this one. Will set you back a few grand but if you front up to court on your own, you may get a custodial sentence.

Get a lawyer. Wtf man.

I dont have a few grand and i cant get anymore loans, should i try legalaid or something?

Don't do anything. If you don't go to the court date they won't bother chasing you down.

Im stupid but im not that stupid

Pull some sad shit and confessing to being an alcoholic.

Feel like that will just make me look unremorseful

These are my first ever driving offences and i was on green p plates. Anyone have any idea of the outcome or should i just kill myself

If you can't get a lawyer accept you're probably going to jail for 3-12 months depending on the state you're in.

Im in vic

Definitely give legalaid a call they'll know more than fags on b

Jail for a first time offensce?

Lol here in good old Germany that shit costs round about 100 euros.

Get a lawyer and maybe get away with an interlocker and a fine, otherwise enjoy getting bum raped in jail

Interlocks are mandatory for any drink driving offensce in victoria now anyway im pretty sure. Im not a guy

Yup, I blew a .14 and they popped me at 40kmph over in a 100 zone. Had a decent lawyer and a squeaky clean record, but still got 12 months. I got out in 7 for keeping my head down and doing my time. It sucked, but the fines once I got out were worse. I had no job and they wanted the 4,000 I owed the court immediately. They were threatening to hold me in contempt and send me back in for not paying. Thank god my parents helped me out.

Been done a few times, and tried with and without lawyers. Did you have any passengers? Was it in a residential area? Where were you coming from and going to? All these factors can aggravate the charges

Prepare your anus.
Get a Lawyer

Look into alcohol rehabilitation programs
Defensive driving/speed kills kind of bullshit.
Get them done before you get to court

Only way you're staying out of gaol

Where are you from? I know here they do payment plans for fines. Its not the fine that im worried about really

No passengers. Was on a rural highway at about midnight, there were no other cars around.

Very similar here. I was grabbed for swerving over the median. Blew a .10 and got 5 months. I was out in 3 for not being a shit head. You aren't kidding about the fines, they were way worse than the jail time. Cunts tacked fees on to of fees on top of late fees. It took me 2 years to pay it off.

Oh and enrol yourself in a traffic offenders program. That's the first thing a lawyer will tell you btw

Im already doing outpatient rehab, i havent drank since it happened

They have mandatory programs you have to complete here to be able to apply for your license back after the cancellation period. Should i just see if i can do them before my court date?

Bellevue Hill

You've gotta show the judge you understand what you did, you're remorseful, and you won't do it again

Fuck. How long ago was this?
Yeah i get that just wasnt really sure how to go about it

I'm in Byron Bay and was pulled over for speeding after a night of drinking. They got me at 10kph over the limit. At the station the machine showed a .011. I was able to get a good lawyer and still ended up doing 5 months on a 12 month sentence. I'd never even had a parking ticket before. I was able to get it expunged after doing some intervention classes and had to have a interlock device (that I fucking had to pay for) installed in my car for 24 months.

It's all a fucking racket.

This was in November of 2018 I did my time from March to October of last year. Shit worked. I don't even drink anymore :(

You should have shot to cop dead.

>should i try legalaid or something?
They're utterly useless. They'll just tell you to beg the cops to let you plea down but I don't know that that would even work in this case.
Find the $2k or so for a lawyer, you very, very badly need one.
Not that you losing your license is a bad thing apparently but maybe you can avoid some enormous fines and jail and shit.

>and i was on green p plates
Oh boy, it just keeps getting better.

>maybe get away with an interlocker and a fine
user has lost their license, either the speed or the alcohol would do that on their own. Being on Ps will do it double, all together....they're super fucked.

user really, really needs a lawyer.

>Im not a guy
Are you at least a 6/10? How about a slut?
Go look up legal brothels and work for two days and you'll be able to afford a lawyer. Otherwise, try waitressing for two weeks and hope they don't rush the ticket but you probably have time to earn it in normal work. Eat ramen until you can, I can't emphasise how much you need a real lawyer.

Great so im fucked then
This even happening has made me stop drinking. I cant believe it even came to this and i feel like ive fucked my whole life now
Oh yeah

if your not a guy you prolly wont go to jail for this

Yes. Some are registered with the courts, others are not. Make sure you register with the right one. If you have an alcohol problem also lie to the magistrate and make a commitment to treatment and that you won't drink again in any situation where you will have to drive. I did that upon advice from lawyer and the magistrate put me on a good behaviour bond which saved alot of shit. It was my third offence and apparently very rare to get a suspended sentence. The fact you have no aggravating circumstances like passengers, school zones etc is also.good news.

Hope you rot in jail for endangering society like that. Selfish prick.

i got caught for drink driving in Aus and they gave me the death penalty, i had to escape jail and hop onto a passing sailing ship and move to the colonies.

tits or gtfo

I dont even care that ive lost my license i just dont want to go to jail.
I dont live anywhere near any legal brothels. Im on centerlink and i can hardly afford to live as it is. I was already scared of the consequences but now im terrified

I was visiting friends in Bondi and ended up crashing into a parked car. LOL. Police came and I was a jack ass, refusing testing. I ended up taking a chemical and was at a .09 something. I ended up getting community corrections. 500 fucking hours of community service. I would have rather have gone to jail.

This was in 2003, people I know who have been grabbed recently say it's much worse now and incarceration for some period is guaranteed.

Research online some other people in same predicament. Gender will make a difference as you know. Girls will always get off easier.

>Find the $2k or so for a lawyer, you very, very badly need one.
This. Really though, I don't know if you've been in trouble with the law before, but the police fuck up their documents and make everything look worse, and if you're in Vic, home of most of the progressive faggots who have strictest dui laws in the country they will slam you over the table and split your pussy in half. Honestly the public prosecutors are scum.of the earth and unfortunately you get the justice you can afford, not what you deserve. Think very very seriously about this.

I am in treatment though and ive been sober. Thanks dude.
Yeah alcohol makes you do dumb shit, go figure

Ive never been to court before but ive been in trouble a fair bit for drinking related things. Yeah i thought vic was the worst state for it, thats why im freaking out. How would i even know who was a good lawyer? I dont live in a big city and i dont really know how to navigate tjis even if i did somehow come up with some money..

Possible, but enroll in in a Alcoholics course and or other things NOW, before court. May help. Even just a little can save you a month or so off the Jail time.

if not aus I'd call bullshit as BAC/BrAC>0.16 means you have almost no motor control

Haha, I broke my good behaviour bond and then they dismissed any extra penalties and dished me out the minimum for my original charge. I hope that makes you feel better, pussy boy.

plead guilty and ask for the maximum prison sentence
you are obviously incapable of taking care of yourself

Just look up the law.

"Sentencing for first time drink driving offenders in Australia is comprised of fines from $1,000.00, mandatory imprisonment for a minimum of three months plus a mandatory driving disqualification period of three years"

So, you are looking at a minimum fine of $1000, a minimum 3 months imprisonment, plus a minimum 3 year license revocation.

They don't fuck around. I'm sure it's worse if you have other offenses on your record.

Okay ill do that
Im in aus

>i just dont want to go to jail
Then you need a very good lawyer.

>I dont live anywhere near any legal brothels. Im on centerlink and i can hardly afford to live as it is
Man; you're massively drunk, way over the speed limit, 18-19yo, unemployed, living in the sticks, apparently already in debt and with no family or friends you haven't alienated...I don't have words for how much of a loser you are.

Decide just how far you're prepared to go with this.
If you are the willpower to go far enough, call some brothels in Melbourne, get an interview lined up and find out what they want in advance. Tell centrelink you want to move to Melbourne to improve your chances of finding work, see if they'll give you any one-off emergency payment or assistance in doing that.
Got any friends in Melbourne you can crash with? You need a place to stay.
The gumtree shared room places are shit but they have the advantage of being furnished and sort of cheap.

If you're really a slut and it won't drive you to depressed misery; there are usually guys advertising for fuck-buddies for a room. Assuming you're decently hot but you're young so they might not care.

I have looked it up. I couldnt find anything specific to my circumstance. Where did you find that?

It's a garden variety traffic offense, with minimal aggravating factors. You don't know who's good but you don't need a QC either, just go to a large firm with criminal lawyers and chat with them first (it's free of charge usually on first contact). They then outline what they think will be the best angle and course of action and if you proceed you pay a retainer and then usually pay the balance by the court date. They can adjourn your matter and may even be able to fiddle with the dates to try and have the case heard by a softer magistrate. They will never admit this to you as it is illegal but you can't know any of this stuff without their advice. Call around, it won't cost you anything to get an opinion from a mainstream firm, and they may even do pro bono considering you're on fucking centrelink. If you're good looking and have a sexy voice request a male. Use your power imbued by your gender

That's what my lawyer told me when I feel asleep at the wheel. I got the best DUI lawyer in Newcastle. They wanted me to do 12 months due to the high BAC (a .11), but he got me back to the minimum. I was given three months I was out in a little over two. Find the money unless a few months of your life isn't worth a few thousand dollars.

>Im not a guy
this changes everything

Tits + Timestamp. Then we talk business, maybe help you out a bit.

>>Tell centrelink you want to move to Melbourne to improve your chances of finding work, see if they'll give you any one-off emergency payment

no. It does not work like this.

You won't go to gaol for a first time offense. No fucking way in hell...people need to be caught many times before the magistrate imposes a custodial sentence or have a ridiculous amount of aggravating factors to get a gaol term. Community service maybe, not gaol though.

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ironically she will be eligible for an emergency payment when she gets out of jail.

no more replies until this is fulfilled

Youre gonna be disqualified from driving for at least a year, at best, car usually gets impounded for anything above 54/km in the zone, fine of probs 3k depending on your state laws. Unlikely you'll go to jail

did you miss where they blew .175

My car was already impounded, i had to get a loan to pay the inpound fee thats why i cant loan anymore money. I know the fines gunna be big i was just hoping maybe someone in my state had been through similar and what the outcome was cause i cant find anything online and ive been reading about this shit for weeks. I just want to know what to expect

you have gotten ample advice

Im aware

tits + Timestamp and you can start getting donations for your fine

Ohhhh you fucked cunt.
Kek I hope your mum have you a bike helmet for Christmas mate

calm down hotshot

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I guess i wont need it if im in jail right?

Kek please tell me you’re a coon as well then I know you’re going inside for the rest of life or some shit kek

Nah not a nigger

how the fuck are u cunts getting a yeat jail time. i got pinged 50 over the limit and 6 months licence suspension only.

it was a genuine offer

.175 on the bag

you still need to get to court mate
Best thing to do is tell the judge you were mentally ill at the time. Go to the doc and get some nerve tablets and make up some shit about how you are better now and how you re really sorry and can’t believe you committed such a terrible offence and eel terrible about it. Judges eat that shit up. You’re probably still fucked by maybe not as badly fucked. You probably won’t go to jail u less you are an abo, you’ll get probation, no driving, community corrections order or some shit.

Were you also partaking in high range drink driving?

>It does not work like this
You need to clear moving with them though or they'll cut payments on the grounds that you might hurt your chances of finding work.
I mean, you don't hurt your chances by moving to Melbourne but you need to clear it with them anyway, it's bullshit.

>She's ugly, no-one will pay to fuck her
Probably, I think I'll wait for her tits before I judge.

ever been aggressively fingerbashed by an angry tattooed dyke?

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>drunk driving
I hope you get raped in prison, then shanked. Cunts like you deserve death for being a menace to society. Do you need to hit a kid before you realise how much of a piece of shit you are? My advice: an hero ASAP.

If she was anywhere attractive she wouldn't have been driving at .175.
A nearby chad would've been stretching her asshole.

Fatty drives home alone

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Yeah im so fat and ugly cos Cred Forums said so!!!

We're open to proof to the contrary.

Have another glass of that goon fatty.
You wont get another chance for 8-12 months

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mid range

we’re awaiting to see.

Don't listen to them. You're beautiful. Believe in yourself!

How long ago and what state?

No i am actually fat and ugly

tits + timestamp

even better, your bac ticket

Vic, rural > SA hwy
2011 was my first offense though

Youre fat and ugly cause youra sad cunt hoon driving like you dont have anybody to go home to.

Retarded slag

The picture is the ticket i got

Yep u sound straayan as fuck love

exactly. now put it in front of your tits

and unemployed, now and forever with that record
and about to be in prison
and paying off a massive fine for the next 5 years

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Haha oh no the user on Cred Forums is insulting me

haha enjoy jail dumb cunt haha

you're a stupid fucker

all you cunts taking the bait should have paid attention

Show us the fine? They wouldn't have just given you that.

You don't get a written fine for those offences, you get a notice to appear in court.

you don't get that until your court date

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I didnt get a fine, i got my license suspended on the spot and my car impounded. They gave me an impound notice. I have to go to court and im waiting for the paperwork to get sent to me

LMAO. You're sooper fucked OP.

Yeah pretty sure thats been established

he's not wrong though

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Either post a picture of that BAC ticket with your tits or you are a massive faggot and probably also a coon.

I sure am


Fine here’s my pussy you dirty cunts. Remember me when I’m in jail ;)

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It's aus, so probably fuck all. They might can your licence for like 8 months

Looks pretty close actually


Lol dumbass, it's your own fault for getting done.

Oh no shit

the fuck for you tell him to get a lawyer ? theres nothing to prove or disprove in court

why would you do that op?

Here’s a pic of me from a while ago when I wasn’t quite as fat hehehe

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Fuck you must've drank a keg by yourself to blow .175 with that bodyweight

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Yeah thats actually me

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>finally posts pic

get peer-presured dumb bitch

give us a show

I could but it'll be as dissapointing as everything else ive done in my life

wont be disappointing for us

Become an ethot. I pay good money for videos of crying naked girls.


I'm low IQ, fuck off

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you're both fucked and a fuckwit, mate

You need to post tits, well that or get the fuck out. It's up to you really.

At least show us some panties, got good advice mostly

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Alright bye. Im leaving Cred Forums forever!!

youll be back, check out pol its got great statistics and better advice

Or you could sell them tits.... Just saying.


> let's kid roam the streets at night
> gets hit by drunk

What about shitty parenting?


Haha have fun in prison faggot. Dont drop the soap

This is why there are taxis. It's $100 to get your drunk ass home safely. Or you can uber for $80 + rape tax.
You're risking other people's lives otherwise. That's the message you will be told in court.
You lose your car, lose your license and get a moderate fine of a few $Gs which you can finance at least partially by selling your car. Don't cry to anyone that your car is precious and you need it blah blah blah. Catch transport or ride a bike. That's reality so just stick it out and move on with your life. What will be will be.
A car costs about $35 per day just to maintain so you're better off ditching it.

There arent ubers here. I understand what i did. I was already planning on selling my car. I dont live near any public transport lol

What car costs $35 a day to maintain?

Hey mate
You been done before for drink driving? Likelihood of going to jail is quite slim. You will lose your licence for at least 17 months for dui and another 6 fir speeding. If you have been done for dui in the last 10 years it doubles. It’s not that bad. It takes fair bit to get sent to jail. 3-4 times dui.

tits already

That’s not a knife. That’s a knife

First time. The cops told me 17 months but thought that seemed too short. You from australia?

You got what you deserved. Not only fucking drunk but also breaking the speed limit. What do you expect? Us telling you that it is fine, you did well etc? Fuck you, cunt. I hope you get jailtime and won't get back your licence.

Yep and blew .176 when I got done

Obviously wasnt expecting to be told that. Did you even read what i wrote? Well i will get my licensce back...

And in vic

Is the 6months on top of the 17months? How long ago was this?

You will and have an interlock for 6 months. It all works out in the end. How old are you

2016 and lost licence for 3 this year for speeding. The judge will her right up you, wish I could help you out more but just know it all works out

Yeah i had read about the interlock and stuff. Im 23
Thanks dude i appreciate it

No I did not. I don't care for drunk fucks getting behind the wheel. You could have killed someone. Have this ever came around your empty fucking head?
>Well, I will get my license back...
This only proves you learnt shit. You will get behind the wheel whilst drunk again and then again... and one day you kill someone innocent thanks to your own carelessness and idiocy.

tits or gtfo

Yeah actually it has. Thats why ive been sober.
What are you on about?

No worries and your boobs look great.

Don’t worry about the high and mighty fucks, you made a mistake and no one was hurt. Just try not to do it again

>drunk on more than twice the legal limit and driving like a fucking dipshit

You probably deserve whatever penalty you get. It's people like you who get innocent folks killed (not that you care I'm sure).

Had a friend doing his job as a trucker and some jack cunt drove directly in to him passed out drunk. drunk guy killed instantly, friendo airlifted to hospital where he stayed for months. still will never be the same physically or mentally.

Anyways, pretty sure anything 40 over the speed limit they take your license anyway so hopefully you're pretty much in for it. Hope you find a good legal aid lawyer. They give little to no leniency to drunk drivers now, but the fact you were on a rural road with no passengers might help you a bit. The speed sure as shit won't

Hey op.
Find money for a lawyer, they'll get the sentence reduced.
Say you weren't in control of your better judgement due to losing friends in the fires or some shit.
Play up the sympathy.
Also you seem pretty hot, please post more.


Yes please post more, you are beautuful

Actually i do care.
I lost my license on the spot so.

A lot of this is just shitposting. I doubt this is legit.

I wish it wasnt

Do you have a boyfriend to have sex with. A vibrator to release some tension?

dont be a pussy and drink the beer you have brewed.


Ausfag here
Im finding this hard to fap too

More like 500+ but nothing to worry about ...

My apologies

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A bra strap would do at this point

> Hey mate
>You been done before for drink driving? Likelihood of going to jail is quite slim. You will lose your licence for at least 17 months for dui and another 6 fir speeding. If you have been done for dui in the last 10 years it doubles. It’s not that bad. It takes fair bit to get sent to jail. 3-4 times dui.

Not in Victoria Australia dude, she will go to jail. Some of the strictest laws around.

In practice everyone gets jail if above 0.15 BAC

$21,000 fine and 18 months prison

Where does it say that?

OP user in recovery here. Why dont you visit AA and at the least get the true advice you need with less of the omg omg please let me see your tits please my 3 inch cock cant handle it afugghhfjfjfjh.

Its my first drink driving offense

Your fucking gone cunt

That's like saying it's just my first murder offense.
Law is the law if they can do you for the max they will but like said on the thread danger to public was minimum but still there.
You have plus factors
+first time
But the bigger negatives are
--- BAC
-- Speed over limit.
Have to ask were you a dick to the officer(s) at any time?

No but they were annoyed at me for not answering the interview questions

And for not having my fingerprints and photo taken

Everyone saying you’ll go to jail is trolling.

I’m in Melbourne - got done for 140km in 80km zone. Blind drunk because it was my 21st. Represented myself in court. 6 months loss of license and $500 something fine because, A: It was my first offence B: Played nice with the cops and C: I totalled my car and the judge said that was part of the punishment in a way.

>Blind drunk
>Way over the speed limit

You should consider making it easier for everyone and just kill yourself.
No one with your impulse control and self awareness should be allowed to live.

I totalled a car and the officers said the chance of survival was so low and nobody was miraculously hurt so he lowered the ticket to a misdemeanor

How long ago was that?

What was your BAC?

If it was before 2018 or not in Victoria its completely different rules


It was on a deserted gravel road. Nobody’s life was in danger except my own

5+ years

They didn’t test it because they didn’t find me until a few hours later and a BAC that long after would be pointless evidence

That's US tier shit

>incarceration for some period is guaranteed.
Totalitarianism has become more fashionable

dial 8

Great so i am fucked then

Do Aussie jails have a problem with rape/torture like US jails?

Hah, faggot using kilo miles per hour got busted. Git gud, queer

Totaliarism my butt, you're not "free" of roaming with your car around putting in danger other lives.

Fines are still too soft.

Harsh penal laws are part of totalitarianism.

I was the only person on the road for over an hour. If anyone could have died it would have literally been me killing myself. I wish that i did.

Hail totalitarianism then, if it means bringing more people behind bars for not respecting the rules.
You own a car, you own what you do with that. I hate driving, do it from like 2007 and never even got a fine, because zi do it properly even if I hate it.
Sadpy for you, laws and rules are to be applied whether you're actively controlled or not, that'entirely your fault and you'll have to pay for that. Not hating you or anybody, it's just normal to abide to rules. You didn't.

>hail totalitarianism
At least you're honest enough to admit it.

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Im aware of that

>wahh it wuz my first offense
There is zero excuse for going 60 over and drunk drivers should be rounded up and shot besides.

>drunk drivers should be rounded up and shot besides
Are you a burger?

You're next against the wall, alkie.

I'm not an alcoholic.

Breathalizer says otherwise, alkie.

When it was pre-Uber days, lots of cities didn’t have cabs driving around to hail and if you tried to call one you’d wait like an hour and have them cancel, particularly if it was a short ride. But these days just use an app on your phone.

I do feel bad for you though, jail sucks.

(California is changing the laws to force ride sharing to be able to get your destination before they accept. Laugh as DUI increase because drivers wont pick up drunks wanting to go 10 minutes back home. Good job idiots you’re replicating the anti-pattern Uber and Lyft we’re solving in the first place)

Your idea of "freedom" would bring the world to chaos. Not that I don't approve anything of that, it would be a very more "real" world, but it also would be the end of civilization.

I only have roughly other 30 years to spend on this useless floating rock. I would prefear to do it quietly and peacefully.

Pic related: insanity

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I don't even drink.
At least Aussie jails aren't as bad as US ones, from what I've read.

legalaid will really not help. You'll lose your license, and possibly be temporarily banned from driving altogether depending on previous offences. Take the hit, you deserve it and you can't escape it.

It's working perfectly well in places like Northern Europe.

I have lost my license, the cops said for 17months

it will also help if you ask for the driving ban, and to be sent to rehab.

Hi, you know it's mostly amerifags here. They've no idea waht breath alcohol means at all as it's mostly BAC tests here. Hell, I don't even understand the 210 litres of breath either...
Where I am, fines start at .15 breath (about a beer or so) and criminal charges at .25 breath. However, it's per litre.
Honestly, I have no idea what that means. So, how much did you drink?

that bitch doesn’t know how to hold a gun, it will fly out of her arms when she pulls the trigger

Oh, those tiny, roughly >2millions inhabited, rich in natural resources, socially already tamed and peaceful countries

Yeah, it's working perfectly ok in there.
Come back when things start faring in a similar way in 'muriburgian land, so we'll apply those models in that society and have a laugh toghether.

You're fucked in the head if you're driving that speed drunk, faggot.

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I cant go to rehab, i have people in my life i have to care for daily. Hence the outpatient program.
3 bottles of merlot over 4 hours, hadnt eaten anything.

Kinda hard to apply something like that whatsoever when you have totalitarian scumbags like you. If anything, that's the problem.


Like a huge amount, you shouldn’t even be able to walk with .175

I would guess 12-15 drinks over 2-3 hours, depending on her weight

>rich in natural resources
Only Norway is. And these countries used to be violent like the rest of Europe, back in the Middle Ages.

I could walk fine. Im 54kgs

Well in that case I wish you luck. Abstinence would be good if you can follow through, but please do your best to at learn to control yourself properly and learn how drunk you need to be before you should ban yourself from driving for the night. An ok idea is to buy some pharmacy BAC tests. They're not very accurate but you'll maybe get an idea of how much you're actually able to drink it's too dangerous to drive, and how long you should wait.

Milligrams of alcohol per one litre of breath mg/L x.xx 0.84

That's a BAC of .168

is that a lot?

Dude i never want to drink again in my life. This was the stupidest thing i have ever done whilst drunk. I just cant control myself with alcohol i cant believe it got to this point

that's fucking insane to drive after that amount of booze. Sorry, no sympathy.

btw, thx user for the conversion

This wtf. You're telling me that after 3 years of vehicle ownership I will have spent ~40k in repairs? This is the dumbest thing I've read in this thread and it wasnt even posted by the retard drunk driving OP

>back in the Middle Ages
Not relevant in any way. We don't even know what america was all about in Middle Ages. Not that america ever developed any culture of its own.

You're kinda missing the point. I will jot it down for you once more, but slowly.

Cavemans cannot evolve in human beings after you show them how to beat things with a stick. Do you catch it now?

America is too trivial and uncultured for the socialist model to be applied without any dramatic consequence. Socialism requires the people to have empathy, to be genuinely intrested in another kinsman future.

If I recall correctly, you had 3 shootings all in a single day toghether, yesterday.

It's impossible. You're too behind. Do you get it/can you accept it? Yes? Good. No? Sorry.

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>3 bottles of merlot
or about 18 beers in 4 hours. wow, that's a lot.

If we didn't have terrible gun laws we wouldn't have an issue with shootings. Americans aren't inherently violent.

>Totalitarianism has become more fashionable
Mandatory sentencing used to be kind of controversial but the public got used to it and it pops up all over the place now.
It's part of that 90s, Rudy Giuliani, zero tolerance, fuck you for not affording a lawyer, kind of wave but it never went away.
Australia pretends to be all rogueish and freedom loving in its culture but it's actually extremely conservative, authoritarian and loath to challenge the establishment.

Love to see your titd

Ive had a problem with binge drinking for years now. Its 24 drinks

australia is pretty strict afaik
new zealand has a pretty low amount maybe it was .1 and zero tolerance if you are under 20 i think, australia might be .05-.1?

This, unfortunately.

how old are you?
I was a heavy binge drinker too once. Just the weekends, fri/sat, but...I'd drink.

You bit only a cherry picked argument amongst all the pile of words I tried to use to make you understand things. I can be ok with not all american being naturally violent, but I most certainly hope that not even a half of them are so bad at reading like you are.

In any case, that's merely one of the reasons. I tried to make it clear to several americans already, but kinda like you they all seemed to vmbe smugly convinced there's bothing beyond their reach.
Arrogance is another aspect of being american that will not allow you to have any grasp of what socialism actually is.

I'm in Taiwan now. Here, they've started fining the passengers in the car too! (for not stopping asshole from driving drunk).

>Do Aussie jails have a problem with rape/torture like US jails?
No, it's basically non-existent. Also OP claims to be female so its less of a thing.

23. Yeah its no good hey

Actually a bottle of wine is closer to 6 beers. Obviously you can't even get nath right, it sounds like you belong in jail

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Get a lawyer. You face jail time losing your license and a heavy fine. Pony up for the lawyer now and kitgate the damage before you get hit harder. Australia is strict and this isn’t good, you better be on top of your shit for the next while

You were in jail overnight?
You threw up in jail?

how about you post a few pics of the area around where you live...just to see Oz.
I don't need to see tits, but some proof that you're acutally in oz, that would be nice.


Its 1am

No way, you were not drinking australian wine were you?
In this day and age when anyone can afford French, why would anyone drink that shit.

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> Arrogance is another aspect of being american that will not allow you to have any grasp of what socialism actually is.

K. Keep us posted.

like from your phone? anything, the neighbourhood, just anything.

You got pulled over & ticketed by not thrown in jail? At least to be processed and bailed out, etc?

that sounds like a good idea tbh you normally end up with the person who has drunk the least but still drunk enough to go over the limit being the one to be told to drive instead of everyone just saying fuck it and crashing at the place or getting a taxi or having a dd

Its cheap
I went back to the station to do a secondary breath test. They didnt arrest me

And i didnt get a fine because i have to go to court for it, i just got an impound notice

No need to. You'll come asking, as it's in the natural order of things considering how your schooling system keeps failing you daily.

My bff runs a LLC counselling in Auckland. Might get some help for you for free, but i feel slightly lesbian today so as previously stated tits or off the fuck you go.

she lives in Australia, dipshit!

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>You'll come asking, as it's in the natural order of things considering how your schooling system keeps failing you daily.
Kek. Europoors lecturing anyone about anything. Odd how anyone of means sends their children to the US for college. Odd how the US has by far the largest economy in the world. It all must’ve been luck.
Cope Moar, Faggot.

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I've drank thousands of bottles of wine from different countries. In Australia, our wine needs to be good because it's so fucking cheap, and there's a huge range so brands need to try hard to keep loyal customers. We invented the fucking goon bag for fucks sake.

Nobody sends their kids to the US for college. They send themselves, because america is hedonist capital of earth.

K. Keep us posted

fuuuccck this threads still here

>We invented the fucking goon bag
ahem, we call that a boxed wine or a cask wine where I'm from.
Taht's some cheap and nasy shit.

pic related, you

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Nobody sends ang kid in your college anymore since half the '90s, coherently with your descent into darkness.
Remember your fellow companions buildt the greatest economy in the world on the back and the money extorted to:

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan, Vietnam, basically every third world country, the entire western european block (if we see a lobely american walking alone in the night he's as good as dead in a random "theft" beating) and all the other country you properly fooled.

Nobody forgets, no worries.

What you mean to say is that cheap wine is better in australia.

Your license isn't getting suspended
You were on a probationary license, you will lose it completely. Have fun doing your learner hours all over again when the 2 years is finally up

You dont have to do that, you have to apply to the magistrate to get it back retard

You dont have to do learner hours over 21 anyway.

post feet

Not on probation you don't, you lose your license outright

Where you pulling that from?


You seem average sized. I can stagger around decent at 2 bottles in a couple hours. 3 bottles? Dafuq?

3 bottles of merlot in 4 hours, 54kg, yeah that'll do it.

Ludicrous tolerance. You have problems.

Ive been doing it for years, its progressed to that amount.
Yeah well im trying to stay abstinent

Well i do a bottle a day, sometimes two. Only been abstinent when trying to build muscle. Injuries put that on hold. Good luck .

What got you started?

P.S. whoring is a good idea to raise money, also tits or gtfo.