Any anons ever find their moms dildos? If so any stories with them?

Any anons ever find their moms dildos? If so any stories with them?

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I found my sisters when I was 15ish. I went to town on my ass with it.

Used it, it ended up smelling like shit and I freaked out because it wouldn't wash off the smell, I put it in dad's drawer after washing it a thousand times. They had a huge argument and divorced a few months later.

What an absolute faggot. You need help dude. I did the same thing when I was 17 when I found my older sisters vibrator. I came so hard with that thing.

Big rip lol that sucks


Found my aunt's vibrator and fucked myself with it while she was out
May have to buy one one day

Nice trips

Yeah probably am. It felt fucking amazing though and opened my eyes to dicks in the butt

Sharpie in Pooper.

Found my mom's, got confused and scared by it so I threw it out the window

By that I assume you fucked your own ass with it like the rest of these queers in this thread?

I found my moms vibrating dildo a year or so ago and I used it a few times and had some of the best orgasms I've ever experienced


No, I had no interest in such things at the time.

>"the rest of these queers"
>keeps reading about guys finding and using dildos
>part of the rest confirmed

Ever since I found my moms I've really been considering getting my own to use whenever i wanted

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I loved the excitement and taboo feeling as i used them knowing that i could get in alot of trouble for using them

At my girlfriends house when i was 15. she was 13 ... we found her moms dildo in the bathroom. It was big and fat and blue ... looked uncut. She tried to use it ..
but it wouldnt fit, even with 1leg on the bathroom counter and 1 on the floor. She tried to push it in so hard, she broke into tears and gave up.

That's hot! I was at my friends house in high school and his family was gone and he went to the gym and i found his moms buttplug and it was giant I.tried fucking it but it was way too big lol

Please help populate this thread

Yes i did find your moms dildos.

This just looks so perfect

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I was something like 16 year old and decided I was done with life.

I knew where the family shotgun was hidden but I didn't knew if there was any ammo around, so I searched my parents wardrobe, only to find a weird thingy under a pile of clothes.

I take the big thingy off the pile of clothes and it's a fucking big dildo.

I instantly forgot I wanted to die and put the thing back and went to wash my hands a thousand times.

Suprised you didn't wanna die more

Not my mom, but a friend's. We were snooping through her room and found a drawer with a bottle of lube, a vibrator with no batteries, and a sizeable solid hidden in a sock. We messed around and threw it at each other but that was it

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Found my sisters that she hid in her makeup bag and decided to use it in the shower a few times

omfg is that poop??

Big chunky logs

I did both several times just to make sure I wasn't gay

my mom found mine...

Should have went to town on your sister's pussy.

yea when i was like 14 i found a big stash in my mothers wardrobe, like 30 items ranging from normal to massive. i used to play with them everytime i got the chance to. sadly we moved 2 years later and i was unable to find the new hiding spot

No. I have own dildos though.
>2 12 inch
>1 7 inch
>1 5 inch
>1 extendable
>1 medium butt plug
>1 large butt plug

found my aunts dildos both were big black ones

My dick kinda looks like one of those dildos keks

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I did use my mums till i got my own hers is 7 inch mines 10

This pic is a fucking meme at this point

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Are you gay?


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Why do you post your dick all over then its like 95% guys

Don't feel bad that relationship was clearly in the shitter.

thats so fucking funny, i wish it was true

lol i found my moms vibrator and just smelled it and it didnt smell like anything. all these faggots that just defaulted to shoving it up their ass, what in the fuck?

Kek true

oh i also forgot to mention i held them on my dick for the vibes. i never once thought 'i gotta shove this up my asshole, before mom finds out!'

Hahahaha first reaction from a Cred Forums faggot when finding i dildo.. drive it upp your ass

Yeah, same here. Fucked myself dozens of times in the ass, often times for an hour or two at a time, watching porn and imagining myself as the woman getting fucked hard. I've never been as confident in my heterosexuality since.

what the fuck is a sizable solid hidden in a sock? you don't mean a piece of shit, right?

ahhh.. the true plot of After Life

wow, apparently this thread is either proof of samefaggotry, or the idea that single moms breed faggots.. that crave dicks in their ass, somehow.
thank you dad, even though my feminist mom divorced you, you still tried as hard as you could to stay in my life.

>at the time

>thank you dad *chokes on dick* for staying in my life

Found my mom's dildo when I was a teen. 7 inch clear white silicone. It didn't smell of anything but I fapped to the thought of her using it. I came buckets and covered and rubbed the entire dildo with my sperm up to the last crevice.

I knew she used it later that night because I could listen to her loud moans from my room.

I also left my cum in the seams of her white panties by the crotch area so she walked around with my cum in her. So fucking hot.

Gotta put it in a plastic baggy with some of that sodium bicarbonate.

does wearing moms lingerie when losing my virginity count?

I never found anyone in my family's but I have found one of the kids I use to hang out with's moms... I was using the toilet ran out of tp and went looking for it in the bathroom, went under the sink moved some bottles of cleaning fluid around and found this black dildo! just sitting there in the back of the cabinet .. well needless to say I left it where I found it. and continued looking for tp... I also helped move my friend from his basement apartment to his new apartment and his girlfriends nightstand draw fell out , was taped closed and a bunch of sex toys fell out... we both looked at each other I sad im not picking this shit up and continued walking away, he has his girlfriend come out to pick it up, she was all kinds go embarrassed red lol...

Dude your spending a lot of your time on Cred Forums don't be thanking a lot of people just yet.

sure rabbi

I found your dad's dildo

Uncut dildo.....stop with the lies asshole

No, but my mom found my stash of dildos and plugs

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Fucking loled

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my sis have a nice collection

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you should try the one on the right with her

amateur collection here. ;p just messin with you but this suddenly makes me look at the quantity of stuff I’ve bought over the years

I did... It was one of the first anal things I did... Found a small dildo and some lube deep in the back of her closet... Played with it for the first time then after put it in my ass... Used to wait for her to go out then go play with the dildo. Later she bought a bigger one that vibrated. I loved that one more and had my first anal assisted orgasm with it. Then started dressing in my mom and sisters lingerie and fucking myself silly with the dildo

Welcome to the club. It’s a slippery slope lol hows your personal collection now?

Found my moms one day, curiosity got the best of me and I tried it in my ass, learned that I loved it. Grew up to be a sissy

I have fone this lots of times with my suction cup dildo. Feels amazing to have hot water run all over you and get fucked hard till you cum

I have the two flesh coloured ones too

I have a large double ended dildo, a big dildo with a suction cup, a large black rubber buttplug, a prostate massager, anal beads, a small prostate vibrator and some cock rings

Are you a girl? If so why do you think it was to big?

>Be 15
>Live in a small town
>Get offered to live alone at my grandmothers large house for the year on the deal that I clear out all the rooms
>Be told everything that they wanted to keep has been taken and to not worry about keeping anything
>Spend days clearing room after room.
>Get to my aunties walk in wardrobe
>Find a very large locked trunk neatly hidden under a shoe rack.
>Break open the lock and find probably about 60 articles of different lingerie
>There's five different dildos and 4 more in sealed packaging.
>Throw everything else away but leave the trunk
>Maybe it's curiosity, maybe it's the fact I was Bi and didn't know it.
>Finish clearing the house out after 2 weeks and didn't think of the trunk
>One night invited my friend over and show her after it came up in conversation.
>She asks me if i tried anything on
>Didn't cross my mind, but i was insulted she asked.
>Spend the rest of the day trying on all lingerie items
>Just under half of it actually fit me
>By a month later I'm exclusively wearing lingerie around the house, growing my hair long and shaving my body
>A month after that i'm using those dildos every couple of days
>Gayest fucking year of my life

I have this one!

Sounds sexy af

She probably knew you were messing with them. Usually women keep them in the same spot unless they have reason to move themlol

I house sat for my sister at her house one weekend... Went through all her drawers and found like 6 dildos of different sizes and shapes. Used all of them by the end of the weekend. My fav was one that had a rotating head, it was my first anal orgasm

Found a small vibrating dildo in my mom's bottom drawer a few years ago. I put some vaseline on it and tried it. Got hooked and now that I have my own place I'm after buying a nice collection.